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Just to See You Smile





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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Just To See You Smile



Two days after, Luis was released from the hospital he and Sheridan began their journey toward the truth. It took them less than two months to learn everything. What they found through Sheridan’s hypnotist sessions and Hal’s FBI investigation into the Crane family, brought the Crane’s to their knees and his own family back together again.

Alistair and Julian Crane along with Ted Jenkins (the man Sheridan had killed) had made the Crane fortune by forging paintings and selling them as the original artifact. His father had found out about their little operation and had threatened to blow the lid off of the prestigious Crane name. Because of that, they had him kidnapped and sent to a Paris psychiatric hospital claiming he was schizophrenic and believed everyone was trying to kill him. Sheridan had played a role because she had caught Ted painting in the Crane attic. She had no clue what he was doing, but she had told him she was going to tell her father what she saw. According to Julian, who had turned on Alistair in favor of a lighter sentence, Ted had panicked because Alistair had told him never to paint in the house and because he was afraid of what the older man would do to him, he had threatened Sheridan. She was scared so she ran from him. That was what brought her into the Crane living room that night and that was what had prompted her to grab the letter opener off her father’s desk.

Julian had also told them what happened to his brother. Antonio had learned where their father was but before he could do anything about it, Alistair had him kidnapped. During his capture, he had suffered a blow to the head and as a result could no longer remember who he was or where he came from. Alistair took great liberty in ensuring he never remembered and they had been so careful to keep an eye on him that they had employed him to work in one of their business overseas in Japan. Apparently, his brother had quite a head for business because he had made some very lucrative deals and was now quite rich. Due to the fact that the Crane’s lost all of their businesses and Antonio was now back in Harmony and getting to know the family he didn’t remember.

His father and mother were making up for all the time they had lost together. They had just left for a trip to Spain… the trip he had promised to take her on years ago. His father still couldn’t remember some things about the past, but he had never forgot his family or the love he held for them.

Now that Julian and Alistair had been taken down, Ivy had finally confessed that Ethan was Sam’s son. The two were still in the process of getting to know one another. Ethan had started his own law practice and was doing quite well from what Theresa and Sheridan said. Ethan and Theresa had married a few months ago, much to the dismay of Gwen Hotchkiss. Of course, she had considered herself lucky after the truth about the Crane’s and Ethan’s paternity had come out.

Sheridan had finally laid her past to rest and was now, with Theresa’s help, planning their wedding, which would take place in the fall. The whole mess with the drug cartel had been cleared up around the same time the Crane secrets started to emerge so they now had nothing keeping them apart. The whole imposter thing had come out when the FBI had searched the Crane mansion. Julian and Alistair were now behind bars where they belonged as were Roger and Pierre. Nothing stood in their way now and Luis couldn’t be happier.

Less than two months ago, his whole life had changed – for the better. All thanks to the little angel girl in his dreams. He still saw her occasionally, but it was only in passing. She always gave him an angelic smile then disappeared before he had the chance to say thank you. But of course, he knew she heard him… he felt it every time he went to church and said his thanks to God and to her. He and Sheridan both did. They knew how lucky they were and they never missed the chance to thank God and the little angel girl for helping them find their way back to each other. And every time they said their thanks, he would hear a voice whisper…
"Finally, what is meant to be will be."


I don't own these characters, JER & Passions do, I'm just borrowing them for awhile!

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