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Just to See You Smile





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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Just To See You Smile


Important Note: This story starts off at the end of Thursday (August 3rd, 2000) episode where Luis and Les are in the warehouse and Les has his gun pointed at Luisí back.

Chapter One

Luis heard the familiar sound of a gun being cocked and cursed inwardly. He hadnít checked behind him. A damn rookieís mistake, he thought in disgust. The kind of stupid idiotic mistake that got you killed. The fact that this could very well be one of those times didnít go unnoticed by him either.

"Prepare to meet your maker cop." The voice said from behind him.

He swallowed hard, hating the fear that momentarily clutched his heart. Luis knew at any moment the guy would pull the trigger and he resented the hell out of the fact that heíd let the bastard get the drop on him.

"Luis?" A voice laced with fear and uncertainty called out. Sheridan. What the hell was she doing here? Didnít she realize how much danger she was in? Of course not, he thought his hand tightening on the gun in his hand, she didnít think she was in any danger whatsoever. He turned his head slightly toward the man behind him and when he saw him shift the gun toward the direction Sheridanís voice had called out from, he used the distraction to dive for cover.

"Sheridan!" he yelled as he ducked behind one of the huge wooden crates on the floor of the warehouse. "Get the hell out of here! Youíre going to get yourself killed!"

Somehow even as he said the words, he knew she wouldnít go. He shook his head as he saw her step further inside the warehouse. Damn, he had to get to her before the bastard behind him did. He moved toward her as quickly as possible making sure he stayed behind the crates and machines that were scattered across the floor. The last thing he needed was to get himself killed before he could get her out of here. He darted across the warehouse and managed to get behind her. He covered her mouth with his hand before she could call out again then dragged her behind one of the crates. She struggled against him, but as soon as he got her behind the crate and turned her to face him, she stopped.
"What are you doing, Luis!" Sheridan hissed a little too loudly. "You scared me!"

He shook his head wishing he could actually scare some sense into her. How the woman could still think she was invincible was beyond him. Heíd saved her life more times than he could count and she still continued to believe she wasnít in any danger. Tonight should prove to her that she was. After all, his best friend had gotten shot while saving her life. Maybe now she would see the severity in her situation. Something told him it would take a lot more than Hank getting shot to make her see that though.

"Be quiet, Sheridan!" He said in a low voice filled with frustration and anger. "For once just be quiet and listen to me!"

She blinked and started to say something, but he interrupted her before she could. "You need to get out of here. Now. Donít argue with me on this. Just do as I say and get the hell out of here. If that gunman sees you heís going to shoot. You canít tell me he wasnít after you, Sheridan. We both know he was. Hank got shot saving your life. Donít make it be in vain. Get out of here and Iíll cover you."

"Luis, Iím not leaving you! This is all my fault and I wonít let you get hurt because of me."

"Dammit Sheridan!" She flinched at the anger in his tone and he softened his voice immediately. "This is what Iím trained for. Youíre not. This guy is here to kill you and if he sees you that is exactly what heís going to do. Now get out of here before he gets the chance!"

"No." She said raising her chin in that stubborn way she had. "I wonít leave you here alone."

Of all the stubborn pig headed Ė

"Hey, Officer Lopez-Fitzgerald," the gunmen said interrupting his thoughts. "Why are you risking your life for a Crane? I know how much you hate them. Why do you care whether one of them dies? I mean what the hell does she matter to you?"

Luis looked at Sheridan and saw the fear in her eyes. She was scared to death and yet she refused to leave. He shook his head. "Itís my job to protect her."

"Yeah, well I know some people that will pay you a lot of money to quit your job and let me kill her."

"This has nothing to do with money." He said not taking his eyes off Sheridanís. "This is personal."

"Personal? Donít tell me youíve fallen for a Crane?" The gunmen said his voice filled with icy laughter. "Thatís just too rich. You were hired to protect her and you fell in love instead. Bad mistake, Luis. Didnít anyone ever tell you itís not smart to mix business with pleasure? Then again, with the body sheís got I canít say I really blame you. Iíd be tempted to partake in that delicious package too"

Sheridan shivered at the gunmanís words and Luis felt the anger rise within him. It took everything he had in him not to act on that anger. He had to get Sheridan out of here before things got worse.

"Sheridan." He whispered. "Iím going to go get the drop on him and when I do I want you to make a run for it. Do you hear me? No matter what happens I want you to get the hell out of here."

She swallowed hard then glanced down at the ground. He thought she would refuse again, but instead she nodded. "Okay but please be careful, if anything happened to youÖ"

"Hey," He said placing a hand under her chin and forcing her to look at him. He was surprised to find tears silently falling down her cheeks. His heart constricted with emotion because he knew those tears were for him. He could see it. "Donít worry about me, Sheridan. Iíll be fine. You just make sure you get out of here."

When she nodded, he dropped his hands and backed slowly away from her. He hated to leave her, but he had no choice. He had to get this guy and she had to get out of here. "As soon as I have the guy I want you to get out of here and donít look back. No matter what happens you donít look back. Promise me, Sheridan."

"I promise." She whispered looking into his eyes. He nodded then turned and made his way to the other side of the crate. He slowly made his way toward where he knew the gunmen was and then once he saw him and was in position, he jumped him. Both their guns went scattering across the floor as Luis tackled him to the ground. The gunmen lunged for his gun that had landed a foot away from them, but Luis stopped him from getting it by punching him in the ribs with his fist. The guy gasped for a breath then lunged again and this time he caught hold of the butt of the gun. Luis managed to grab it from him, but he couldnít get a good enough hold on it. The gunmen elbowed him in the ribs and Luis suddenly lost his hold on the gun.

A second later, the guy was on his feet with the gun once again pointed at him. "Say goodbye, Officer."

His finger started to press the trigger, but before he could press it all the way, the sound of a gun being cocked pierced the air. He looked up and saw Sheridan holding his revolver. Her hands were shaking, but otherwise she looked as if she knew how to use it.

"Drop the gun." She said her voice filled with authority. "Donít make me shoot."

Luis saw the determination and fear in her eyes and knew she would shoot if she had to. But he also knew if she did, she would never forgive herself. He couldnít let her do that. "Sheridan, he canít shoot both of us. Just drop the gun and go. Just do it Sheridan. Now."

"Luis." the gunman said shaking his head. "You know how she hates to be told what to do."

Luis glared at the man and started to say something, but Sheridanís voice interrupted him before he could. "I said drop the gun. I donít want to shoot you, but I will if I have to."

"No, you wonít. Because unless you drop your gun, your bodyguard here will be going home in a body bag."

Fear lit Sheridanís eyes, but when she spoke her voice held no trace of it. In fact, she spoke with more calm than he could have managed if the situation were reversed. "If you shoot him, I guarantee youíll be in a bag all of your own."

The gunman laughed and Luis knew there was no way he was going to back down. "Wow, youíre taking an awfully big chance with Officer Lopez-Fitzgeraldís life, arenít you? I tell you what you drop that gun and come over here and Iíll let Luis here go. Youíre the one Iím after anyway."

Luis watched as the gunman turned his head slightly to the left to look at Sheridan and he took a chance and lunged for the gun. They started to struggle and Luis yelled for Sheridan to get the hell out of there. He continued to try and wrestle the gun away from the guy and just as he got a good grip on it the gun went off. The bullet hit him in the chest and the force caused him to stumble backwards. He heard another gunshot and then heard Sheridan scream. He looked up and saw the gunmenís body fall. Then he saw Sheridan drop the gun and run toward him. He collapsed to the floor a second before she reached him. He knew it was bad. The pain in his chest told him it was bad. He heard Sheridan talking to him, telling him to hold on, but she sounded as if she were a miles away.

"Luis, donít you dare leave me! Donít you dare leave me now. Iíll never forgive you if you do. Do you hear me, Luis? Iíll never forgive you if you leave me. I canít live without you. I love you, Luis. I love you with all of my heart and I canít live without you. Just hold on, Luis. Please baby, just hold on. Donít give up. Please donít give up. I canít bare to lose you, Luis. I love you. Do you hear me? I love you, Luis."

Luis closed his eyes, but the moment he heard her voice he forced them open again. He tried to smile, but wasnít sure he pulled it off. Either she just said loved him or he was losing his hearing as well as his blood. He heard her say it again and he knew he wasnít just hearing things. She really said she loved him. Maybe it was finally okay for him to tell her how he really felt about her. He felt her take his hand and he squeezed it in response, then just before his eyelids started to drift down again, he managed to look into her eyes and tell her what was in his heart. "IÖ I love you too, Sheridan."


Sheridan paced the hospital waiting room floor, praying Eve would come out and tell her how Luis was. She knew it was serious. She knew he lost a lot of blood. He had been unconscious almost the whole ambulance ride to the hospital. Heíd kept pulling off his oxygen mask telling her he loved her. She knew he meant it. She knew it as sure as she knew she loved him too. His trying to protect her had never just been about his job. Deep down, she had always know that but whenever she started to let herself believe it, the things he said that night at the wharf would start playing in her head and then she would once again refuse to trust what her heart was telling her. Somehow she knew there was an explanation for what Luis said. She knew he was never using her. He wouldnít do that to her. She didnít know why she ever let Julian and Alistair make her think he had. She knew Luis. She knew his heart and she knew without a doubt in her mind that he would never hurt her that way.

She walked toward the big glass window where the doctors had taken Luis just moments before and watched as numerous doctors and nurses worked on him. She couldnít help but think about the fact that it should be her lying in that hospital bed fighting for her life. The only thing Luis ever did was try to protect her, try to keep her safe, and she gave him such a hard time about it that now he was fighting for his life. Why didnít she just listen to him when he said to stay home? Why did she let her stubborn streak get the best of her? She, of course, knew the reason she wanted to go out tonight. She had thought the fresh air would help her forget that kiss she and Luis had shared. It hadnít. The only thing it had done was almost get Hank and Luis killed.

This was all her fault, she thought tears welling in her eyes, if Luis died it would be all her fault. How could she ever face Pilar or any of Luis family again? She would never forgive herself for putting Luis in this position. If only she had listened to him, she thought raising her hand to wipe away her tears, if only she hadnít been so damn stubbornÖ

"Itís all my fault." She whispered as the tears continued to slide down her cheeks. "Itís all my fault."

Someone laid a hand on her shoulder and she turned to find Sam standing there with a concerned look on his face. "Heíll be okay, Sheridan. Luis is a fighter. You should know that by now. Heís going to fight with everything he has in him. Heíll be okay."

Sheridan started to say something, but before she could utter a word, chaos broke out in Luisí room. She turned and saw them place two paddles against his chest. His body jumped once, but the monitor by his bedside still showed a flat line. Oh god, she thought as her own heart stopped beating, he was dying. Luis was dying. Her legs suddenly went numb and just before the darkness swallowed her, she heard a voice come over the intercom. "Code blue in trauma room one. Code blue in trauma room one."


Where was he? Nothing looked familiar. He turned, looking in all directions, hoping to see something he recognized, but he didnít. The only thing he saw was the same bright lights that appeared a few moments before. But then suddenly, as if by magic, a door opened in front of him and someone walked out. As they got closer, he recognized it to be a little girl. He shook his head sure that he was dreaming, but as the little girl came closer he knew he wasnít. He wasnít dreaming. The little girl really did have wings. An angel, he thought in surprise. He was seeing an honest to goodness angel. A second later, he realized it could only mean one thingÖ he was dead.


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I don't own these characters, JER & Passions do, I'm just borrowing them for awhile!

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