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More Than Friends
A sequel to
A Kiss Among Friends &
Sweet Kiss Of Revenge












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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories of soap days gone by


More Than Friends



His heart thumped erratically in his chest and his palms were starting to sweat something fierce, but no matter what Hank did, he couldn't look away from Gwen's beautiful brown eyes, eyes filled with a mixture of desire and fear. Both of which he knew were reflected in his own eyes. He wanted to kiss her as much as she wanted him to yet he was scared to death to actually do it. What if she didn't like it? What if he didn't?

He swallowed hard then decided to allow his heart to lead him. Of course he knew exactly where his heart would lead him to and since it was where he wanted to be anyway, he figured it was okay to follow it. His lips brushed Gwen's gently at first, but when she began to respond he slowly increased the pressure.

He raised a hand to the back of her head then moved it slightly to the right so that their lips would fit more firmly together. He heard her sigh and he seconded it. Nothing in his entire life had ever felt more right than kissing Gwen did. It was as if he'd waited his whole life for this one perfect moment and he planned to hold onto it with everything he had inside him. He'd learned a long time ago that when you found perfection you didn't question it you went with it.

He felt her lips part against his own and he took it as an invitation to deepen the kiss. His slowly thrust his tongue across her lips and the moment he tasted the sweetness that awaited him, he couldn't stop the moan that tore from deep in his throat. He tasted the beer they had been drinking, but more importantly he tasted her. She was like a rare red wine you couldn't bare to drink for fear that once you did there would be no more to enjoy. That was how he felt right now.

Oh lord, he thought pulling back as the thought finally penetrated his hazy brain, what had he been thinking? He couldn't just kiss Gwen and think it wouldn't mean something. He'd been attracted to her for months now. He knew better than to tempt fate by kissing her. Dammit, where the hell was his head at?

He took a deep breath then forced himself to meet Gwen's eyes. They were glazed with passion and her lips were swollen from his kiss. He could feel himself drawing closer to her even as he told himself to stay away from her. The moment his lips touched hers again, he knew without a doubt... his self-control had just blown a fuse.

Gwen ran her hands through Hank's light brown hair then smiled against his lips when he moaned. She knew kissing Hank would be like nothing she had ever felt before, but she'd had no idea it would send her body into sensory overload. She just couldn't seem to get control of herself. Somehow he had gotten past all her defenses and now she was left unable to fight the emotions he caused within her.

She moaned as he thrust his tongue into her mouth, loving the sensations coursing through her body as it glided against her own. Never had just a kiss affected her so completely. She wanted more. She needed more.

"Hank," She rasped as he pulled his lips from hers to cover the pulse point of her neck. "I... god that feels so good."

"Does it?" He asked running his hand over her thigh. "Gwen, tell me to stop. I don't think I can do it on my own."

"I don't want you to stop." She moaned as his tongue shot out to trace her ear. "I want you to... Oh god."


"Hmm?" She said running both hands up to the back of his head and entwining them together.

"We have to stop."

"I know."

"Then help me." He said kissing his way across her cheek to cover her lips again.

Help him? How was she supposed to do that? She wanted him too badly to stop him. She knew it wasn't smart, but since when did hormones play it smart? She felt like she was in high school and was about to make love for the first time. She was nervous and a bit scared, but something deep inside her told her that the feeling inside her was real. Something told her she could trust in it and believe in it. Something told her she didn't have to hold back this time and for the first time in her life she wasn't going to hold back. She was going to give in. She was going to give in to the feelings coursing through her veins and wherever those feelings led her she would be safe because Hank would be there with her.

"Hank," She said pulling back and looking into his desire filled brown eyes. "I don't want you to stop. I want you.... I want you to love me."

She watched his chest rise and fall as he tried to catch his breath then breathed a sigh of relief when he raised a hand to her cheek and gave her his infamous Bennett grin. "I already do, Gwen, I already do."

Before she had time to fully digest his words, he stood up then picked her up into his arms and started up the stairs to her bedroom.





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