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To Love & To Cherish













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Guarding Sheridan

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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


To Love and To Cherish


Chapter Two

Sheridan never took her eyes off Luis as Father Lonigan started the ceremony. She could never tire of looking at him. He was the love of her life. The man of her dreams. He was a part of her and together they had created the tiny miracle growing inside her. She smiled. Wouldn't Luis be surprised to learn they would soon have a new addition to the Lopez-Fitzgerald family?

"Never have two people been more suited to each other than Sheridan and Luis, and today they will become one in the eyes of God." Luis winked and Sheridan felt the effect right down to the tips of her toes. God, how she loved him. She never knew she would feel like this. She never knew she could feel so much love inside her. It truly was a gift from God.

"Sheridan and Luis have informed me that they want to say their own vows. Luis place the ring on Sheridan's left hand and then say your vows.."

Luis took her hand in his Sheridan felt her heart flip over as he slid the ring onto her finger, never once taking his eyes off hers. The look in his eyes held so much love and so much promise, it took her breath away. "Sheridan, I thank god everyday that you came into my life. We may have started out on the wrong foot, but together we found our way. You touched my heart in a way that no one else ever could. I can't promise our lives will always be rosy, and we both know I can't promise we won't disagree, but I can promise that I will love, honor, and cherish you for as long as I have a breath in my body. With all that I have in me and before God, family, and friends, I pledge my love to you."

"Sheridan," Father Lonigan said after Luis was finished. "Place the ring on Luis left hand and then say your vows."

Sheridan's eyes glistened with tears as she looked at Luis. Sheridan took the ring from Father Lonigan, then placed it onto Luis left hand, never taking her eyes from his. "Luis, never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined how much meeting you would change my life. You risked your life for mine countless times and no matter how hard I pushed you away, you always came back to me. I thank god for bringing you into my life and I promise to love, honor, and cherish you for as long as I live. Today I give you my heart, my soul and with all that I have in me, before God, family, and friends, I pledge my love to you."

A tear slipped down Luis cheek and Sheridan reached up and brushed it away. There was so much love in her heart, she thought she would burst. Luis took her hand in his and Father Lonigan placed his hand over their joined hands. "Today, Sheridan and Luis have pledged their love, their devotion, and their faith in each other. If anyone has any reason why these two people should not be joined together let them speak now or forever hold their peace."

Sheridan looked at their joined hands and then back up at Luis. She would never forget the look in his eyes as Father Lonigan pronounced them husband and wife. "You may now kiss your bride."

Luis didn't need to be told twice. He wrapped his arms around her and gave her the first kiss of the rest of her life. It was full of joy, passion, and love and Sheridan knew she would remember it until the day she died. She was so caught up in the kiss that she barely heard Father Lonigan, introduce them to the world as Mr. and Mrs. Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald.

After a few minutes Luis pulled away and caught her eyes with his. "Let's get out of here Mrs. Lopez Fitzgerald. We've got a honeymoon to go on!"

Thunderous applause and laughter erupted inside the church, but neither of them noticed. They were too wrapped up in each other to notice anything. Least of all, the man at the back of the church who had been watching them since the ceremony began.





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