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To Love & To Cherish











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Guarding Sheridan

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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


To Love and To Cherish


Chapter Twelve

Luis watched as the doctor left the room. He was going to be okay. The doctor said he would make a full recovery. Thank god, he had been worried about that. He looked over at Sheridan who still had tears in her eyes. God, how he loved her. "Sheridan?"

She moved with lightning quick speed to sit next to his bed. "I'm here baby."

He smiled. He liked hearing her call him that. "I heard everything you said while I was unconscious. I heard the Tango music too."

"Y... you did?"

"Yes, I did. I remembered our first tango and how I didn't even know it was you I was dancing with at the time. I loved dancing with you. In fact," He said flashing her a grin. "I'd better warn you now that as soon as I get out of here, I want to Tango with you again."

She laughed, the sound echoed through the room and he felt his heart turn over in his chest. "Okay, as soon as you're out of here and the doctor says it's okay, you've got yourself a Tango date!"

He laughed. "A Tango date with my wife. Who would have thought, huh?"

She smiled. "Everyone who knows us, probably. After all, they all knew we were in love way before we did."

"That's true enough." He reached over and grabbed her hand pulling her onto the bed beside him. "I love you, Sheridan. And..." he said laying a hand over her stomach. "I love this baby."

She grinned and laid her hand over his. "What do you want us to have? A boy or a girl?"

"How 'bout both? If we don't get both the first time, then we'll just try for the other one the next time." He sent her a devilish grin. "I'm already looking forward to the dress rehearsals."

She smiled that secret smile again. The one that held so much meaning and so much promise. "So am I Luis, So am I."

He smiled then and pulled his wife in for a kiss, a kiss filled with love and promise. Now that Julian and Alistair had been placed in solitary confinement for their part in Mike's hit on Sheridan, Luis knew he could finally relax. The Cranes would pay their dues for what they did to his family and to Sheridan as would Mike and he and Sheridan could finally start working on living happily ever after. Luis thought it was about damn time.

There is a spin-off to this story called
Playing With Fire




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