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To Love & To Cherish













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Guarding Sheridan

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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


To Love and To Cherish


Chapter Eleven

Sheridan walked back into Luis hospital room. She felt the tension between Ethan, Theresa, and Antonio the moment she stepped into the room. She didn't acknowledge it though. She had more important things to deal with - like making her husband wake up. "How is he?"

Antonio shook his head and held the door open for her. "The same. But I'm sure he would rather hear your voice than mine."

She smiled as he followed Theresa and Ethan out the door then took the seat he had just vacated. She grabbed Luis' hand, holding it in her own. "Sorry that took so long sweetheart. I just had to talk to the doctor for a minute."

The doctor had said that her idea had merit. She just hoped it worked. Miguel and Kay had volunteered to go pick up the things she would need. Once they got back, she could try out her idea. She hoped it worked. "Oh Luis." She said rubbing his hand. "I wish you would wake up. I really miss hearing your voice. I miss looking into your eyes. I miss you Luis."

The door opened and Sheridan reached up to wipe away the tears she hadn't even realized she'd shed. Turning around in the chair, she saw Miguel and Kay. They held the items she requested in their hands - a boom box and a CD. "You got the CD?"

"Yeah." Kay said. "It was right where you said it was."

"Is there any change?" Miguel asked as he placed the boom box on the table beside Luis' bed.

"No. He's still the same. The doctor liked my idea though. He said it was worth a try anyway."

Miguel nodded. "I think it's gonna work."

"Me too." Kay said. "This CD is the perfect choice too."

Sheridan smiled at them. "I think so too. In fact, I'm going to play it right now."

"Okay." Miguel said walking back toward the door. "We'll leave you alone then. But we'll be in the hall if you need us."

She nodded, placed the CD in, and pressed play. Tango music immediately flooded the room. "Okay Luis. Let's see if this wakes you up."

Luis heard the music and recalled the first time he and Sheridan did the tango - his mother's birthday party. He hadn't know who he was dancing with then. He smiled, at least he thought he was smiling. Sheridan had felt so great in his arms. Sheridan. He needed to see her. He needed to make sure she was okay. He heard the worry in her voice, every time she talked to him. Why couldn't he wake up? Why couldn't he let her know?

The tango music continued to flow through his mind and another memory flashed in his mind. The time the kids at the Youth Center begged them to tango. He remembered the heated look in Sheridan's eyes as they danced. He wanted to see that look again.

Luis opened his eyes and saw her sitting beside him with tears brimming in her eyes. Was he dreaming? No, he thought finally noticing his surroundings, he was awake. He was finally awake. "Sheridan."

She grabbed his hand and brought it to her cheek. "I'm right here, baby. I'm right here."

He smiled and felt his eyes start to drift down. No, he thought forcing his eyes to open wider, he was not going to go back to sleep. He was finally awake and he wanted to dance with his wife.





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