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Too Hot To Handle


























Rating: R


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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Too Hot To Handle
by Deanna Lynn

Chapter Twenty – Five

Sheridan saw the hurt in Luis eyes as he pulled away from her and walked to stand in front of the entertainment center he had set up on the other side of the room. Now that he wasn’t so close to her, she felt cold and almost… empty that’s what she felt, empty, and she knew it was her own damn fault. She was leaving in three days and while making sure Luis knew she cared about him that he wasn’t alone in how he felt had seemed like a good idea in theory, she now knew it had only ended up making things worse. She should have listened to her head instead of following her heart. If she had maybe her heart wouldn’t be hurting so much right now.

"Well," Luis said interrupting her thoughts. His brown eyes searched hers then he gave a small forced smile. "I guess there’s only one thing left to say then."

Goodbye. The word hung in the air between them, looming like a large thundercloud, and she wasn’t at all sure she had the strength say it aloud. Judging from the way Luis averted his eyes, she assumed he didn’t have the strength either. How had things gone so bad so fast? If she hadn’t been so brazen in her pursuit of him maybe things would have… No, she thought mentally shaking herself, there were no maybes in this situation. What was done was done and she had to live with the consequences. But leaving Luis was… it was… it wasn’t fair.

"You’re right." She said finally forcing herself to speak. He nodded, but didn’t say anything. She figured he wasn’t sure what to say and since she had no idea how to say the words either, she simply got up off the couch and walked toward the door. She reached for the knob figuring it would be easier for her to say goodbye to him if she were already outside his apartment. The walls inside were starting to close in on her and the tension in the room was just way too high for her to deal with right now. She started to turn the knob, but froze when Luis walked up behind her, pressed his body up against her backside, and slid his hand down the length of her arm to cover her own. He slowly flexed his fingers over hers then gently removed her hand from the knob and turned her around to face him. The look in her eyes held more emotion than she had ever seen before and that combined with the proximity of his body to hers made her insides jump to life again.

He released her hand then raised his to lightly caress her cheek. The roughness of his palm against her cheek caused a thousand delicious sensations to run through her body all at the same time. "Luis?" She asked searching his eyes.

"Shh," He said lowering his head toward hers. "I don’t want you go, Sher. Instead, I want to give you a reason to stay."

Luis’ lips descended upon hers and she didn’t fight him. She didn’t fight him because she wanted him too. His mouth briefly left hers as he quickly bent down and scooped her up into his arms. Once she was settled against his chest, she looped her arms around his neck and covered his lips with hers. She knew tonight would be different than what they shared before. Tonight they would share more than just their bodies. Tonight they would share their hearts as well.

But could she allow that to happen? If she slept with Luis again would she still be able to say goodbye the way she knew she had to do? Her head said to stop it before things went further, but her heart?… her heart said to stay. She chose to listen to her heart and prayed she wasn’t making yet another mistake. She had made more than her share of those already.

Luis knew he was playing with fire, but he figured if he showed her how much he cared for her… how much he loved her then maybe he would have a better chance at convincing her to stay. He sure as hell hoped that was the case anyway. Maybe it was the booze making him lose his head or maybe it was her… all he knew for sure was that he did not want to say goodbye to her. He wasn’t going to give up without a fight. Not until he had tried everything he could to change her mind.

"Sheridan." Luis whispered pulling his mouth from hers and lowering her feet to the beige carpet that covered his bedroom floor. She still had her arms looped around his neck and he was in no hurry to move them. "I -"

"Shh," She said covering his lips with the index finger of her right hand. "Make love to me, Luis. We can talk tomorrow. Tonight just… just love me."

Just love me. He wanted to tell her he already did, but he knew she wasn’t ready to hear the words yet. Maybe someday she would be, but tonight… tonight he would just have to show her instead. Having decided that he broke out into wide smile. "It would be my pleasure, Ms. Crane."

"Oh no, Luis." She said removing her hand from his neck and bringing it to the edge of his shirt. She pulled it over his head then gave him a seductive grin that was all Sher. "The pleasure is all mine."

He laughed then pulled her up against his chest and placed a kiss against her lips. "You’re amazing, do you know that?"

"I have been told that a time or two, but… I happen to know someone who is more amazing and he also has the most exquisite body I have ever seen."

"Oh yeah?" He said as he reached his arms behind her back and slowly pulled down the zipper. The sound vibrated throughout the room and as the zipper came to a stop just above her buttocks, he looked into her eyes and grinned. "Anyone I know?"

"I think you might." She said as she slowly stepped back away from him and let the dress fall to her feet. "But you know he’s entirely too overdressed at the moment."

"Oh?" He asked raising a brow at her in all seriousness. He refused to react to seeing her standing before him in only a skimpy navy blue bra and panty set. He liked this side of her entirely too much to ruin it by getting a little over zealous. "Would you liked to remedy that situation?"

She cocked her head to the side and pretended to think about that for a moment then a second later broke out into a breathtakingly beautiful smile. "You know I think I would. In fact, I know I would."

He stood completely still as she took a step toward him and her hands reached for the small silver buckle at his waist. She never took her eyes off his as she slowly undid the buckle and slowly, too slowly in his opinion pulled the belt from his waist then tossed it to the floor along with her dress and his shirt. Her hands, steadier than they had been earlier tonight, reached for the snap of his pants and as she popped them open, he wondered just who was showing whom what. He figured it didn’t matter because tonight he knew he wasn’t alone in his thinking this was more than just sex. Tonight Sher was right there beside him and he planned to make damn sure she stayed there.

She slowly eased the zipper of his black pants down and as the material parted, he knew what her intention was long before her small hand closed over him. He sucked in a deep breath as she began to stroke him and he wondered if he would survive the slow sweet torture she was causing to course through his veins.

Unable to keep his hands to himself any longer, he pulled her to him and covered her lips with his. She parted them immediately and he took advantaged and slipped his tongue inside, more than ready to taste her again. She moaned as his tongue invaded her mouth and he groaned as her free hand slowly slid his pants down his legs while her other hand caused his brain to short circuit. He kicked his pants free then took a step forward, causing her to take a step backward. Her knees hit the bed and he wasn’t at all surprised when she turned them and pushed him backward onto the mattress. She smiled as she slowly and seductively unhooked her bra, letting it drop to the floor beside the bed. She quickly stepped out of her panties then with a devilish twinkle in her eye, she placed her hands at the top edge of his underwear. He lifted a brow in challenge then smiled as she tried to tug them down over his hips. He lifted his hips in an effort to help her and couldn’t help but laugh at the triumphant smile that lit her face when she finally pulled them free and threw them over her shoulder.

"Now," She said leaning over him and walking her fingers up his chest. "We’re even."

"Not quite." He said pulling her down onto his chest and quickly turning them so he was now the one on top. "But I’m willing to negotiate if you are."

"Oh I am." She said smoothing her hands over his shoulders and down the length of his arms to rest at his elbows. "In fact, I think you’ll find I’m very agreeable."

Luis looked down into her sparkling blue eyes and felt his heart constrict in his chest. He loved her and it was time he showed her just how much. He lowered his head toward hers and gently brushed his lips against her lips. Sher had other ideas. Evidently she didn’t want a gentle kiss, because the next thing he knew she was parting his lips with her tongue and driving him crazy with desire.

He brought a hand up to cup her breasts and couldn’t contain his smile at her small groan of approval. Her nipples were already hard and he couldn’t wait to taste them again. He pulled his lips from hers then with a grin and a wink, he lowered himself so that he could take her nipple into his mouth. But first he decided to torment her the way she had tormented him earlier. He swirled his tongue around her nipple and couldn’t help the satisfaction that coursed through his body as she started to writhe beneath him. When he couldn’t help himself any longer, he closed his mouth over her hardened bud and gently nicked it with his teeth. She arched off the bed instantly and moaned his name toward the ceiling. The sound was music to his ears and made him want to see what other responses he could elicit from her tonight. He planned to make it a night, she never forgot and if she still chose to leave… well he was going to make damn sure she left with the knowledge that he loved her and had shown her in a thousand and one different ways.

After he gave her other breast the same attention he’d given the first, Luis decided to turn his attention to other areas. He slid a hand down her arms and over the swell of her hips to the juncture at her thighs. He heard her quick intake of breath as he cupped her intimately. She was hot and wet and slick, and he knew if he wanted to, he could take her now and she wouldn’t mind a bit. But he would. He wanted to show her the difference between making love and merely having sex. He wanted to show her what the words making love really meant. The first time they were together they were too hot for each other and too stubborn to admit it went beyond what they said they wanted. But this time... this time they both knew that their emotions were involved and because of that, the connection between their bodies and their hearts was ten times stronger.

Sheridan arched her hips up against his hand, signaling she wanted more, and Luis moaned, then slipped a finger inside her, more than ready to start the sweet torture that would soon surround them both. She knotted his white bed sheet in her fists as his finger slowly and methodically began to move inside her. He knew it wouldn’t take much to send her over the edge. The thought made him dizzy with desire and aching with need.

"Luis!" She yelled as she started to climb the peak of desire. "I can’t…
please! I don’t want to... I don’t want to go without you."

He froze as her words seeped into his brain.
I don’t want to go without you. Together. The word stuck in his brain and he knew that was what he wanted to more than anything in the world, he wanted them to be together. Tonight, at least, he could make it happen. He’d worry about tomorrow later. He removed his hand from between her legs then reached over to the drawer of the nightstand and pulled out a condom. After he protected them, he settled himself between her legs, the tip of his shaft teasing her center. "Sher," he said taking her chin in his hand and forcing her to look at him. "This isn’t just sex to me."

"I know." She whispered raising a hand to caress his cheek. "It isn’t to me either."

He searched her eyes for a moment then once he saw the truth, he nodded and slowly eased himself inside her. The joining of his body with hers was more significant this time than it had been the first night they were together. Tonight they were joining more than just their bodies... tonight they were joining their hearts… their souls and as far as he was concerned… it was for forever.

Sheridan began to move underneath him and he couldn’t hold himself back any longer. They rode the ride together and this time he was the one that lost control first. As the powerful climax took him, he couldn’t contain the words he’d been holding in his heart. "I love you, Sheridan."

A second later, Sheridan was racked with her own powerful climax and he had to wonder if she even heard him say the words. If she had she certainly didn’t show it, but then as they drifted off to sleep a few moments later, he thought he heard her voice. He thought he heard her voice whisper something soft and low. Something that sounded an awful lot like, "I love you too Luis."

A smile formed on his face and he wrapped his arms tighter around Sheridan’s body then a few heartbeats later, he was in a deep sleep. In fact, he was in such a deep, peaceful sleep that, an hour later, he never felt Sheridan move out of his embrace or heard her heartbreaking sobs as she closed the apartment door behind her when she left.





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