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Too Hot To Handle


























Rating: R


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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Too Hot To Handle
by Deanna Lynn

Chapter Thirteen

Luis woke the next morning to someone banging on his apartment door. He groaned then turned and looked at the clock on his bedside table. Six thirty-eight. Damn, he thought rolling out of bed and grabbing a pair of jeans out of his closet, it was too damn early to have visitors. Luis pulled on his jeans, zipped them up, then walked into the living room, and opened the door. He wasn't at all surprised to find Antonio on the other side. His older brother was not known for his patience. "What do you want, Antonio?"

"An explanation." His brother said pushing the door open and stepping inside.

Luis swore then slammed the door shut and turned to face his brother. "I don't owe you an explanation."

"The hell you don't." Antonio said walking toward him until they were standing nose to nose. "I think the least I deserve is an explanation. What you did last night was totally irresponsible and I want to know why. I mean where was your head? You're a hell of a lot smarter than... What the hell happened to your jaw, Luis?!"

Luis glared at Antonio for a half a second longer then raised a hand to his jaw. He winced when he found it was still sore. Damn Josh Edwards. He'd gotten in a couple of lucky punches last night, but Luis took satisfaction in the knowledge that he'd gotten in a few good licks himself. "It's none of your damn business, Tony."

Antonio narrowed his eyes at the use of the hated nickname. "Dammit Luis, tell me what hap-"

"I don't take orders from you, Antonio! I'm twenty-five years old, not ten!" Luis angrily walked around his brother then made his way into the kitchen to make some coffee. After he got the coffeepot ready, he punched the start button then watched as it began to percolate. His hands gripped the edge of the counter top while he tried to gain control of his temper. He and Antonio never seemed to get along. He couldn't remember the last civil conversation they had. The last few years they just seemed to push each other's buttons more and more frequently.

Luis knew things wouldn't be nearly so bad if Antonio would stop telling him what to do and constantly treating him like he couldn't make his own decisions. Granted, he knew he could be a little more patient in listening to his brother's opinions instead of resenting the hell out of them, but he was tired of listening to how other people thought he should behave. His parents were just as bad as Antonio. No matter how hard he tried he could never live up to their expectations. They were constantly telling him how perfect Antonio was and how he should be more like Antonio. It had been that way his entire life and he was sick of it. Hell, that was the reason he'd moved out a couple of years ago. He wanted to get out from under his big brother's shadow.

Luis heard Antonio take a seat at the table, but he refused to turn around just yet. He wasn't ready to listen to another one of his damn how-could-you-be-so-stupid lectures. He at least needed to get some caffeine into his system first. Once the coffee was ready, Luis lifted a hand to the cabinet in front of him and pulled out two mugs. Then he poured two cups of coffee and set the carafe back. There was no need to do anything else since he and Antonio both drank their coffee black.

"Here." Luis said turning and setting a mug on the table in front of Antonio. 'If I have to sit and listen to one of your lectures, I'm gonna need some caffeine to keep me awake."

Antonio shook his head then grabbed the mug and took a healthy sip. Luis grabbed his own mug off the counter behind him then walked over and took the chair opposite Antonio. He wondered what part of the lecture his brother would start with first... the fight... catching him and Sher making out in his truck... or the fact that he let himself get caught? Any way it went down, Luis knew he should be prepared for LONG lecture. His brother always tended to be long winded when he was being condescending and judgmental.

"All right," Luis said taking a sip of his coffee and meeting his brother's eyes over the rim of the ceramic mug. "let's get this lecture over with. I have plans to take care of."

"Plans?" Antonio asked with a raised brow. "These plans have anything to do with that blond I caught you with last night?"

Luis closed his eyes as a picture of Sher flashed in his mind. He couldn't wait until tonight. That seductive gleam in her eyes, when they had agreed to have a no strings attached affair, was still plaguing him and since he no longer planned to fight his attraction to her, he figured virtually anything could happen tonight. In fact, he figured them having sex tonight was more than just a possibility, it was practically a given. It seemed as if every time they were together they came closer and closer to losing themselves in each other. He grinned. Sher was definitely a wild one. She always managed to catch him off guard. No woman had ever been able to do that before. Usually, he was the one in hot pursuit, but Sher... Sher had turned the tables on him and damned if it didn't like it.

Her bold advances turned him on like he'd never been turned on before. Hell, she could just glance at him with those crystal blue eyes and he'd go up in flames. He knew that sex between them would be out of this world. They seemed to have this chemical reaction to each other that defied anything he had experienced before or probably ever would experience after her. Every kiss, every caress between them only seemed to heighten the physical pleasure. He knew that the moment that they went beyond just kissing and a few light touches would be the most incredible thing either one of them had ever experienced. Hot sex wouldn't come close to describing it, he thought his grin widening. It would be more like dynamite, electrically charged and highly explosive.

"Helloooo!" Antonio said waving his hands in front of his face.

Luis blinked. "Sorry, I was just thinking about something."

"Something or someone?" Antonio asked with a huge grin that Luis wasn't at all sure he liked. In fact, he was positive he didn't like it. His brother seemed entirely too happy all of the sudden and that worried him. Not that he wasn't glad that Antonio wasn't laying into him about last night, but something about that look on his brother's face bothered him. It was almost as if he thought he knew something that he himself didn't.

Her head flew back in pleasure as his mouth clamped onto her breast. She had never felt so alive before. No one had ever made her feel this way. Just one touch from him and an all consuming fire broke out inside her. His mouth left her breast to trail down her stomach to the juncture at her thighs. When his lips closed over her, she screamed his name. She was on the brink of losing total control when someone called out to her.

"Sheridan?" The voice called. "Sheridan, are you okay?"

Sheridan opened her eyes and glanced at the figure in the doorway. She found Theresa standing there with a curious expression on her face. Oh god, she thought raising a hand to her forehead, had she really called out Luis name? Her face flamed as the memory of why she called out his name hit her.

"Sheridan?" Theresa asked walking inside and closing the door. "Are you okay? I thought I heard you scream."

Sheridan raised herself into a sitting position and leveled a look at Theresa. "Yeah, I guess I was dreaming."

"Of my brother?" Theresa asked with a knowing smile. "I know I heard you say his name when I opened the door."

She felt the heat creep back into her cheeks and closed her eyes in embarrassment. To be caught dreaming about some guy was one thing, but to be caught by his sister? A woman that also happened to be her cousin's girlfriend? Well, that was something else altogether. "Uh, I don't remember what the dream was about."

Theresa's brown eyes sparkled with humor. "Oh, I think you know. But don't worry I'm not going to ask you what it was about."

"Thanks." She said smiling. "I appreciate that."

"Don't thank me." Theresa said with a laugh as she sat down next to her on the bed. "The only reason I'm not asking is because I already know. The way you said his name and look on your face when you woke up pretty much said it all."

Sheridan groaned then fell back against the bed and buried her head underneath the covers. She was going to stay under these covers all day. No, she thought suddenly breaking out into a huge grin, she couldn't do that. She and Luis had a date tonight. She still couldn't believe all that had happened yesterday. Luis had actually gotten into a fistfight over her. Granted, his fight with Josh hadn't just been about her. She knew the animosity between them went deep and she still had no clue as to why. Luis had really seemed to believe Josh would hurt her last night. Why? He hadn't given her any indication he meant to do her harm. In fact, he seemed like a pretty nice guy to her.

But if he was so nice, she thought, why had she been so relieved when Luis showed up? Because you didn't know the guy, a voice in the back of her mind answered. She knew something bad could have happened last night and she was still having a hard time dealing with the fact that it would have been her own damn fault. She had just gotten so angry when she had seen Luis with his ex that she had reacted without thinking. If Josh hadn't been standing there at that moment she probably wouldn't have reacted the way she did, but then again she couldn't be too sure of that. If she were honest with herself, she would admit that she had wanted to make Luis mad. She was not even going to consider the reason why. He had accused her of being jealous, but that was just plain ridiculous. To be jealous she had to have feelings for him and she didn't. The only thing she wanted from him was a good time... and preferably a few nights of hot sex. Since he had finally given in and promised to stop fighting the affect they had on each other, she knew it was only a matter of time before she got what she wanted. Then again, she supposed he could always change his mind.

No, she thought shaking her head and sitting up, she had seen the desire in his eyes last night. There was no way he was going to back out now. And even if he tried, she wasn't about to let him. Not now. Not when she had finally gotten him to admit he wanted her. Had they really only known each other three days? It felt like much longer than that. She supposed it was the chemistry between them. They seemed to have an undeniable physical attraction that had been there since they laid eyes on each other.

"Sheridan?" Theresa asked trying to get her attention. "Did you hear me?"

She shook her head. "No, I'm sorry. I was thinking about last night."

"Last night as in the party or last night as in what happened when you left with Josh and Luis tore out after you?"

Sheridan wondered how much she should tell her, but then decided to just say it all. She didn't see the harm it could do. Besides maybe, Theresa could answer her questions about the tension and animosity between Luis and Josh. "I was thinking about what happened after I left with Josh. He took me to... I have no idea where it was, but Luis found us. He was so mad. I have never seen anyone that mad before. He yanked Josh out of the car and they..."

"They what? Theresa asked concern lighting her voice.

"They got into a fight. Josh threw a few punches, but Luis managed to duck them all. At least he did until Josh told me about him putting Ethan in the hospital. When Luis walked toward me to explain about it, Josh pushed him from behind. As soon as Luis turned Josh threw a punch and hit Luis in the jaw."

"Oh god." Theresa said her hand flying to her mouth. "Is Luis okay?"

Sheridan nodded. "Yeah, I got them to stop before either one of them was seriously hurt."

"You got them to stop? How?" Theresa asked.

Sheridan laughed. "I gave them both a heartattack by screaming at the top of my lungs. You should have seen their faces. They both froze and had no idea what to do."

"That will do it."

Sheridan wondered how to go about asking Theresa about Luis fight with Ethan or about his animosity with Josh. She knew it was something pretty serious. "Theresa, what... what did happen between Ethan and Luis and also between Josh and Luis?"

Theresa shook her head and got up to stand by the window. The room got so quiet she wasn't sure Theresa was going to answer her, but then she turned around and Sheridan knew she was. She sucked in a breath as Theresa began her story.

"Ethan and I had had been dating secretly for months." Theresa said, regret lacing her voice. "We kept it from Luis because we weren't sure how he would feel about it. Ethan used to be a lot like Luis, dating a lot of girls, but never taking anyone or anything too seriously. I, of course, saw him as a challenge and went after him. When we started to get to know one another I fell for him and he fell for me. We had been so secretive with our relationship that by the time we realized it wasn't just a fling, the damage had already been done." Theresa stopped and took a deep breath then continued with her story.

"Luis came over to the house one afternoon. I don't even know what he was there for, but he caught Ethan and I in bed together. He went nuts. He accused Ethan of seducing me behind his back, much like Ethan accused Luis of doing the other day. Anyway, things got ugly pretty fast. Luis has a really bad temper when he thinks someone is hurting someone he loves. So when he saw Ethan in bed with me, he lost his cool. I know it was only because he had trusted Ethan and felt like Ethan betrayed him. I mean there was no way he could have known that we were in love. We didn't even know ourselves at that time. The only thing Luis saw was that Ethan had seduced his little sister. It didn't matter that I was a grown woman and was making my own choices. I was his sister and he was looking out for me."

"And that's what caused the fight between Luis and Ethan? This is why Ethan ended up in the hospital?"

Theresa nodded. "Luis had thrown a couple of punches and the force of one of them knocked Ethan backward into the wall. Ethan hit the wall so hard a picture fell off and the glass broke right over his head. Blood ran down the side of his head and Luis literally froze in fear. He swore after that day he would never get into another fight and as far as I know he hasn't. Well, except for last night with Josh, but I suppose that one had been a long time coming though."

"What do you mean?" Sheridan asked as she shook her head trying to get the look on Luis face as he realized that Ethan was hurt out of her head. It surprised her how well she could see the pain on his face. It didn't matter that she hadn't been there. She knew Luis and she knew it must have nearly killed him to realize Ethan had been hurt.

Theresa shook her head. "I... I think Luis should be the one to tell you that story. But I will say that Josh Edwards is not the nice guy he appears to be. He has his own agenda for everything and you can bet he had one for last night. More than likely it was to get to Luis and it worked."

It had worked a little too well, Sheridan thought remembering the anger on Luis face as he pulled Josh out of the car. She had never seen anyone so angry before. Was his anger because of what happened between him and Josh in the past? Or because he really believed Josh was going to hurt her last night? Josh really hadn't given her any sign that would make her think he would harm her, but then again, before Luis showed up she had been worried about that very thing.

He said he had taken her to a place where they could talk and get to know each other better, but Sheridan had been so uncomfortable she had her doubts about that. In fact, she had serious doubts about it. She shivered as she remembered him placing his hand on her thigh. She also remembered questioning his statement about 'getting to know each other better'. She had wondered if he meant more than merely talking. She figured he did. Damn, she thought running a hand through her hair and fluffing the curls out, she had made a serious error in judgment last night. Thanks to Luis, it hadn't gotten out of control, but the mere fact that it could have had caused her more than a moment of panic last night. What would have happened had Luis not showed up last night?

Sheridan shook her head at that thought. It wasn't one she wanted to dwell on. In fact, she wanted to forget everything that happened last night. Well almost everything, she thought smiling as the memory of what happened in Luis' truck hit her. If his brother hadn't interrupted them she knew things would have gone further than they did. They just couldn't seem to control themselves when they were together and now that Luis had agreed to stop fighting the pull between them, she knew it was only a matter of time before things did go further. She wouldn't doubt it if something happened tonight on their date. In fact, she would be highly surprised if something didn't happen on their date tonight, especially since they had both agreed they weren't looking for anything serious and that all they wanted was a few nights of hot sex.

She wondered where he would take her tonight. But then again, she didn't really care where it was as long as they got to spend some time alone together. She would be prepared for that tonight. In fact, she planned to make sure it happened. She wanted Luis like she had never wanted anyone before and she couldn't wait until they were together. She knew she was being rather bold in her pursuit of him, but that was what she was after right? She wanted to ruin her reputation and she knew Luis had already helped her out with that more than once. After that pool incident and the song and dance she did last night, she knew none of Ethan's friends thought of her as little miss innocent.

"Sheridan?" Theresa called from behind her interrupting her thoughts. "Ethan and I are going to the mall today. Do you want to go with us?"

Did she? Yeah, she thought turning and giving Theresa a smile, it would give her a chance to find the perfect outfit for tonight. "Sure. I need to shop for a new outfit."

Theresa nodded. "Okay, I'll let you get ready then. Ethan and I will be waiting downstairs."

"All right," Sheridan said walking to her closet and taking out a pair of white cutoffs and a purple tank top. "I'll be down in about twenty minutes."

Sheridan gave her another smile then walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower. She had to find the perfect outfit for tonight, one that Luis wouldn't be able to say no to her in. Then again, he wasn't supposed to say no anymore. After all, they had come to an agreement. But just in case he tried to say no, she was going to make sure she was prepared to change his mind.





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