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Too Hot To Handle


























Rating: R


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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Too Hot To Handle
by Deanna Lynn

Chapter Ten

Sheridan watched as Ethan grabbed Luis by the collar of his black shirt. She had never seen Ethan like this. He wasn't usually so rough with people. In fact, she had never seen him treat anyone this way before. She had to stop it, she thought taking a step toward them, right now, before things got out of control. Two steps is as far as she got because that's when Ethan took the first swing.

"No," Sheridan screamed and started to run toward them. "Ethan stop it!"

She hadn't made it a quarter of the way there, before someone grabbed her around the waist from behind to stop her. She screamed again for them to stop, but neither of them seemed to hear her. It was as if they were in their own little world. Of course, in reality, they were probably too far away to hear her over the loud music. She shook her head then turned her head to see who held her. Once she saw who it was, she felt her own temper start to rise. "Dammit Josh, let me go. I have to stop them."

Sheridan struggled in his grasp, but he held her firm. "Dammit Josh, I said let me go!"

"Sorry sweetheart, no can do. I let you go over there and you're likely to get hurt. Besides," Josh said shaking his head. "fighting is not exactly new to Luis. In case, you didn't know the guy has an awfully bad temper."

"But one of them could get hurt!" Sheridan said once again struggling to get out of his grasp.

"That certainly wouldn't be anything new." Josh said with a somewhat bitter laugh. "The last guy Luis fought ended up in the hospital."

"What?!" Sheridan said turning around in surprise. "What happened?"

"I don't know the details." Josh said glancing to where Luis and Ethan stood. "But the guy ended up having to get about fifty stitches in his head. He also ended up with a mild concussion."

God, Sheridan thought looking back at Luis, she hoped things didn't get that out of control. She started to struggle against Josh's grip again, but stopped when she realized Luis and Ethan no longer looked angry. In fact, they seemed to be talking now. She released a deep breath then turned back around to Josh. "You can let me go now. They seemed to have calmed down."

Josh nodded and released her. "I didn't mean to grab you like that. I just didn't want you to get hurt."

She smiled at his obvious concern for her safety. "Thank you for your concern, but I would have been fine."

She took a step back and ran into some behind her. "Oh sorry." She said turning around to apologize. "I didn't see you there."

"Yes, well watch where you are going next time." Said a tall, lean redhead, her voice filled with disdain.

Sher raised a brow in surprise then watched her walk away. "Well, she seems awfully nice."

Josh laughed. "Oh she is. That's why we aren't together anymore."

"You used to date her?" Sher asked not even bothering to hide her pity.

"Well, sort of. We ended up in bed one night and let's just say I woke up and realized I'd made a horrendous mistake." He said that with a grimace and a shudder, which caused Sher to laugh.

"I see, wasn't what you thought huh?"

"Something like that." Josh said with a quick grin. "So beautiful, how 'bout a dance?"

"Um, I don't think so. I really should go check on Luis and Ethan. But thank you anyway."

Josh nodded. "Anytime, and hey if you change your mind about that dance, I'll be around."

She gave him a smile then turned and started to make her way to Luis and Ethan. She was almost there when she saw a beautiful brunette walk up to Luis and place her arms around his neck. Sheridan stood frozen for several seconds then watched as the woman pulled Luis into a deep kiss. She blinked once, then a second time, hoping she wasn't seeing what she thought she was, but no they were still there. Who was she? And what did she mean to Luis?

Someone walked up behind her and placed a hand on her shoulder. "That's Beth, Luis' ex."

Sher sucked in a deep breath. "Ex? Are you sure it's ex? They look awfully cozy to me."

Josh shrugged. "At one time, they used to be scorching. I know she never got over their breakup and... he didn't either. I guess she wants another chance."

She narrowed her eyes as Luis ran his hands up the woman's arms. Obviously, Luis wanted another chance with her, too. If he didn't, he would have pulled away by now. She didn't know why she was so surprised that he was kissing another woman. After all, Luis had told her they couldn't get involved. Now she knew the reason why. It wasn't because of Ethan like she thought. It was because he wanted his ex back. Well, as far as she was concerned, he could have her.

"Josh," she said turning and giving him a bright smile. "What do you say we get out of here? It suddenly seems a little too crowded."

His green eyes widened in surprise, but then he broke out into a huge grin and held out his arm for her. "Sure thing, sweetheart. My car is right out front."

Sher smiled and took his arm. She knew Luis had told her to stay away from Josh, but she no longer cared what he thought. He should have told her he was interested in another woman. She would have backed off in her pursuit of him. Instead, he'd let her make a fool out of herself in front of everyone. Well, he wouldn't get another chance. She was through chasing him around. She'd just have to find someone else to help her ruin her reputation. She glanced at Josh and smiled. Maybe she already had.

Luis unwrapped Beth's arms from around his neck then pushed her away from him. He'd told her time and time again that they were through. He'd really thought she'd gotten the hint, but obviously she hadn't. Damn, he thought running a hand through his thick black hair, why couldn't she just leave him the hell alone? Hadn't she caused enough damage already?

"Luis?" Beth said in a silky voice that turned his stomach. "Why did you pull away?"

Luis shook his head. "Beth, I've told you a thousand times that we're through. Yet, you continue to throw yourself at me. Well, I'm telling you for the last time, I'm not interested. And that isn't going to change."

Beth gave him an icy glare. "Because of that blond I saw you with earlier?"

At first, Luis didn't know how to respond, but then he saw Ethan's raised brow and decided to tell the truth. "Yeah, Beth, because of that blond."

"So she's the new woman, huh? Better be careful, Luis. She doesn't seem the type to be faithful. In fact, she looked pretty cozy with Josh a few minutes ago."

Luis tried to fight his anger, but found he couldn't. "You'd know all about that wouldn't you, Beth? After all, it was your cheating on me with Josh that broke us up. Well, I got news for you, Sher is not like you."

"Um Luis," Hank's voice said from behind him. "You might want to rethink that observation."

Luis turned and glared at Hank. "What the hell are you talking about Bennett?"

"I just saw Sher and Josh leave in his car a few minutes ago. Don't know where they were going, but wherever it is, it will definitely be just the two of them."

Luis grabbed Hank by the front of his shirt, almost picking him up off the ground. "Are you sure it was Sher that you saw Josh leave with?"

"Yeah, it was her." Hank said trying to pry his fingers off his shirt. "I recognized her blond curls."

Luis swore then released Hank and headed for his truck. He heard Ethan calling after him, but he wasn't about to stop. He had to find Sher. Josh had better not try anything with her, Luis thought grabbing the keys out of his pocket and throwing open his truck door, because he would definitely not be responsible for his actions if he did.

Luis started his truck and gunned the engine, heading for the place Josh usually took his women. The tires on his old Chevy squealed as he turned the corner and got onto the highway, but Luis didn't pay them any mind. He was too focused on what he was going to do to Josh when he found him. He just hoped he got there in time to stop Sher from making a very big mistake.

Sheridan looked over at Josh and wondered if leaving with him had been a smart move. She had reacted out of anger and... Yes, if she was honest with herself she had to admit to having more than a little twinge of jealousy, but to leave with a guy she didn't really know? That caused her more than a moment of pause. What did she know about Josh? Other than the fact that Luis hated him?

Nothing, she thought feeling the panic start to rise in the back of her throat, she knew absolutely nothing about Josh Edwards. "Um, Josh, I think maybe... I think we should go back to the party now. I don't think us leaving was such a hot idea. If Ethan, " or Luis she added silently. "finds out I left with you... well he won't be very happy."

Josh laughed. "Are you sure it isn't Luis you're really worried about? After all, the whole reason you left with me in the first place was to make him jealous."

Sheridan swallowed hard. She heard the bitterness in his voice and saw the way his hand tightened on the steering wheel. As far as she could tell, whatever had happened between him and Luis went very deep on both sides. She had to wonder at Josh' intentions toward her. She knew she had been the one to ask him to leave the party, but something told her his motives were more selfish than her own. God, she thought placing a hand on her rapidly churning stomach, what had she gotten herself into.





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