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Too Hot To Handle


























Rating: R


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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Too Hot To Handle
by Deanna Lynn

Chapter Seven

"So Luis," someone said placing a hand on his shoulder. "Who is this hot babe I hear you were making out in the pool with?"

Luis inwardly groaned and turned to find his brother Miguel standing beside him. He was the tenth person to ask that question in the last half-hour. Luis shook his head. He still didn't know what the big deal was. It wasn't the first time he'd been caught in such a compromising position and it probably wouldn't be the last. "No one you know little brother."

"Maybe not now, but if you want to introduce me I would really love to meet her." Miguel laughed. "Is she here yet? I hear she has a body to die for."

Luis knotted his fists at his sides in automatic reflex. He didn't like what people had been saying about Sher. It made her sound... like him. "No and don't talk about her that way."

Miguel raised a brow. "What's up bro? You holding out on me or something?"

Luis had just started to shake his head when he heard Miguel and about ten other guys in their vicinity let out a loud wolf whistle. He turned and his jaw hit the ground with a thud he was sure could be heard around the world. Luis let his gaze travel up a pair of shapely legs clad in hip hugging black pants over an impressively sexy round bottom to an almost bare back except for two deep red strings tied at the neck and waist. He couldn't see her face, but that didn't matter any. He already knew who she was. If the golden blond curls hadn't already given him a hint, he would have recognized that delicious looking body anywhere.

It was Sher.

Sheridan could feel Luis eyes on her, but she refused to look at him. She was still sore over this afternoon. She knew his anger had stemmed more from whatever happened between him and Josh than what had happened between him and her in that pool. But it still didn't give him the right to treat her the way he did, she thought feeling her temper start to rise. Imagine him thinking he could tell her what to do. Ha! She was through letting other people run her life.

She saw Theresa out of the corner of her eye and waved. Theresa was the only person she knew here besides Ethan... and Luis. Sher started walking toward her, but stopped when she heard a brunette ask, "Is that the girl Luis was making out with in the pool?"

Sher felt her cheeks color slightly. Then she smiled as she thought of the perfect way to get back at Luis for making her cry this afternoon. She turned around and gave the girl a small smile. "That's me, but I have to tell you, he wasn't very good. You know all talk and no action."

The girl's jaw hit the ground and Sher couldn't help the laughter that bubbled out of her as she walked off and made her way toward Theresa. She laughed even harder as she pictured the look on Luis face when that got back to him. It would be classic.

"What's so funny?" Theresa asked as she stopped in front of her.

Sher sobered instantly. She couldn't tell Theresa what she had just said about her brother. "Um, nothing. Just heard something that made me laugh is all. So how was your afternoon in Boston?"

Theresa raised a brow at her obvious change of subject, but didn't question her further. "It was fun. Ethan and I went to a see Top Gun this afternoon. They are having a special showing of it for the next few days."

"Ooh," Sher said running a hand through her blond curls. "That is one of my favorite movies. Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer..."

"The volleyball scene!" Theresa and Sheridan said in unison then promptly burst into laughter.

"And what are you two laughing about?" Ethan asked walking up behind Theresa and wrapping his arms around her waist.

Sher smiled. They were such a cute couple. "We were just talking about a couple of hot guys."

"Oh yeah?" A male voice called from behind her. "And would one of those hot guys happen to be me?"

She turned and found herself face to face with... Josh Edwards. She parted her lips to say something, but before she could someone laid a hand on her bare back. A wave of heat coursed through her body and she knew immediately that it was Luis.

"Actually Edwards, I believe she was talking about me."

Sheridan shook her head. "You two certainly have big egos. Actually, Theresa and I weren't talking about either one of you. God, you think just because we thought these guys were hot we automatically meant you? Please, you aren't the only two hot guys in the world."

Luis leaned down closer toward her and ran his finger up her back, much the same way she did him earlier. She couldn't help the shiver that ran through her body and when his warm breath hit her ear a second later, a fire broke out inside her. "But you do admit you think I'm hot?"

Memories of their afternoon in the pool flashed in her mind and she couldn't contain the smile that formed on her lips. Oh yeah, he was hot all right. Luis chuckled behind her and she felt her cheeks grow hot. Had she said that aloud?

"See sweetheart, I knew you had good taste."

"That's not what I heard." Josh said with a raised brow. "In fact, I heard the lady was left very unsatisfied this afternoon. Tsk, Tsk, Luis I thought you knew better. Sweetheart, I'd be glad to show you how a real man does it."

Luis came around her in a split second and had Ethan not jumped between them, she was sure he would have went for Josh's throat. Anger flashed in both their eyes and she knew their hatred of each other went deep. The only question was why?

Luis glared at Josh over Ethan's shoulder. "You stay the hell away from her Edwards. Do you hear me?"

"I hear you Luis, but you know I don't take orders from you. Besides, if the lady wants a real man who am I to deny her." He laughed as Luis once again lunged at him.

Ethan held Luis under the arms while Josh just smirked. "What's the matter Luis, the truth hurt?"

Pure hatred filled Luis' eyes and Ethan was having a hard time holding him. Several people had gathered around and were hollering for Luis to give Josh what he deserved. She had thought all of them were friends, but maybe she was mistaken. She heard Theresa yell for someone named Miguel to help Ethan hold Luis back and a second later a dark haired man that reminded her of Luis appeared. Hank arrived too and managed to drag Josh to the other side of the pool. Luis watched them go with daggers in his eyes.

"Luis," Ethan said moving so that he blocked Josh from his view. "This is neither the time nor the place. I thought you guys had settled this a long time ago."

Luis shook his head. "So did I, but the guy has been pushing my buttons all day today."

"What do you mean all day? I thought this was the first time you saw him today?"

"Um," Luis glanced at her and she wondered if he would tell Ethan what happened between them in the pool. "Josh and Hank came by earlier today when Sher and I were... swimming in the pool. Josh made a point of dredging up the past."

"Damn," Ethan said swiveling around to glare at Josh across the pool. "why can't he just leave well enough alone. What did he do? Hit on Sher?"

Sher was surprised to see Luis color slightly. Bad boy I'm-not-afraid-of-anything Luis was blushing? "Yeah, he did. But you and I both know he only did it to get me to react."

Ethan nodded. "And you gave him exactly what he wanted."

Luis sighed and closed his eyes. "Yeah I did. Hell, Ethan, I couldn't help it. The guy pushed the right buttons today."

Ethan glanced at her suddenly then turned back to Luis. "What were you and Sher doing in the pool? I thought you had a lot of work to do today?"

Luis' eyes flew open and his brown gaze connected with hers. She knew he didn't want to tell Ethan what had happened anymore than she did. But she also knew that he would find out eventually. After all, it was all over the party tonight.

"Ethan, I sort of... well... I -" She broke off unsure of exactly how to tell Ethan she had tried to seduce his best friend today.

"Sher didn't want to... swim alone so I offered to join her." Luis said a few seconds later, which caused Miguel to chuckle. But Luis gave him a sharp look and he sobered instantly.

Ethan shook his head. "I don't under -"

"Sweetie," Theresa interrupted a second later. "Isn't it time for karaoke?"

Sher smiled at Theresa's obvious attempt to distract Ethan from his current line of questioning. Did she know what happened in the pool today? She hadn't acted like it earlier, but something in the way she was looking at her now told Sher she did.

"Yeah I guess it is." Ethan said turning around to look at her. "Are you going to sing first?"

Theresa laughed. "How about we do a duet?"

Ethan smiled. "That sounds good to me. Sher can do the next song. She has a great voice."

Sher froze then narrowed her eyes at Ethan. "You know I don't sing in front of people Ethan!"

"What's the matter are you afraid?" That was Luis. She turned and fixed him with a withering glare. "Like you I'm not afraid of anything."

"Then Prove it."

"All right I will! But," she said placing a finger on his muscular chest. "only if you agree to do the song after me."

"Sorry sweetheart, but that ain't gonna happen. I don't sing."

"What's the matter is big bad Luis afraid?" She asked with a smirk. "What would your friends say if they knew you were afraid to sing a song?"

He raised a brow at that then gave her an irresistible devil-may-care grin that made her heart race in anticipation. "Sher I already told you I'm not afraid of anything. And just to prove it, I'll even let you pick the song."

Sher smiled at that. This was going to be a lot of fun. No, she thought her smile growing wider, tonight would be a lot more than just fun. It would be a night to remember. She was going to make sure of it.





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