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Guarding Sheridan

















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Blast From the Past
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Guarding Sheridan


Chapter Thirteen

Luis walked out of Sheridan's hospital room fighting to control his emotions. He had to get his temper under control before he talked to Sheridan again. The last thing he wanted to do was say the wrong thing and end up in another argument. Their talk had definitely not gone as planned, he thought running a hand through his hair. He'd imagined them admitting their love for each other. But what she told him defied belief.

Her own brother had made her believe she killed a man, had her committed to a mental institution, and for what? So he could cover up the fact that he was the one that actually shot the man? It didn't make sense. From what Sheridan said, Julian could have easily claimed self-defense. The man had lunged at him after all. Julian could have easily said he feared for his life. Why would he feel the need to cover up the man's death? And what did it have to do with his father?

Was the man Sheridan saw arguing with Alistair earlier that night really his father? If it was, then she had just given him the ammunition he needed to bring down the Crane family once and for all. But what would it cost her? If Julian or Alistair went to the trouble of having her committed at six years old, what would they do now? Would they kill her to protect their secret? After what he just heard, he wouldn't put it past them.

Sheridan was right about what she told him changing things between them. Because know that he knew what her family had done to her, he would do everything he possibly could to keep them away from her. There was no way in hell he'd let Julian or Alistair anywhere near her now.

Luis pulled his cell phone out of the back pocket of his blue jeans and dialed the station's number. He was relieved when Sam picked up the phone. "Sam, yeah it's Luis. Listen, I need you to come to the hospital ASAP."

"Why? What's going on?" Sam asked. "Is it Sheridan?"

"Sheridan's alright, but she... she remembered something when Julian grabbed her at the cottage... something that happened in her childhood. Sam, she says she saw my father the night he disappeared - at the Crane Mansion."

"I'm on my way." Luis hit the disconnect button and prayed Sam got there soon. If even half of what Sheridan told him was true, then her life could be in even more danger than either of them thought.

And if it does turn out to be true, Luis thought walking back toward Sheridan's hospital room, then he planned to make Julian and Allistar Crane pay for what they did to his family... and to Sheridan.

Sheridan had just finished tying her shoes when Luis walked in. The look in his eyes was one of pure fury, but then he masked it so quickly she couldn't be sure it had been there at all. She knew it had to be though. How could he not be angry about what she'd just told him? He'd suspected all along that her family had something to do with his father's disappearance and now she knew he was right. "Luis -"

"Sheridan -" Luis said at the exact same time.

"You go first." Sheridan said wishing he would come closer. He was so far away she felt like their was an ocean between them.

Luis never took his eyes off her face. "You were right when you said this changes things between us."

Sheridan felt the tears start to form in her eyes and she looked away before he could see how much that comment hurt her. "I... I understand."

"I don't think you do. " Luis said walking closer and cupping her chin, forcing her to look him in the eye. He wiped away a tear that had started to trickle down her cheek "What you told me puts things on a whole new level for us. If Julian or your father even suspects that you told me this, your life could be in serious danger."

"Luis, I -"

"Let me finish." He said interrupting her. "I called Sam he's on his way. I want you to tell him what you told me and then I want us to disappear for a few days. Sam can look into what you told me while we're gone. Those drug dealers are still out there and now we have Julian and your father to worry about. We need to go where they can't find us. I know a place, but I'm going to need you to trust me."

"I do trust you. " Sheridan whispered. "I trust you with my life."

"Good." Luis nodded. "Now there's just one more thing..."

"What?" Sheridan asked waiting for him to continue. But instead of talking, he leaned closer and touched his lips to hers. The kiss was unlike their other kisses. This one was sweet and gentle and filled with tender emotion. If he hadn't already had her heart, Sheridan thought, he sure would of had it now. After a few minutes, Luis pulled back and looked into her eyes. Then never taking his eyes from hers, whispered "I love you."





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