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Playing With Fire

















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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Playing With Fire


Chapter Ten

Antonio woke to find Gwen sleeping peacefully in his arms. Last night had been more than he could have ever imagined. It hadn't been just sex. This time his emotions had been involved as well. That was definitely a first for him. No woman had gotten to him in that way. Was Luis right? Was he in love with Gwen? He didn't see how that was possible. They didn't know each other that well. But then again, after last night he certainly couldn't rule love out.

Antonio raised a hand to her face and lightly brushed away a strand of her silky blond hair. He loved to feel it run through his fingers or touch his chest as it had last night when she kissed her way toward his -

He groaned inwardly and felt himself harden at the memories of last night and the things Gwen had done to him. The first time they both had been wound so tight, it had been impossible to go slow, but the second time... the second time had been slow, sweet torture - on both their parts. Gwen had definitely surprised him last night, he thought with a satisfied grin, she was certainly not a passive lover. She gave as good as she got and the results had been... out of this world spectacular.

This was the first time he'd ever stayed with a woman all night and he was certainly in no hurry to leave either. That had to mean something, he thought. But did she feel the same way? He didn't regret the fact that last night had happened, but he did regret that they hadn't gotten around to talking first. Hell, he had no idea what she did for a living and she had no idea what he did for a living either. Right now, the only he knew for sure they had in common was what went on in the bedroom.

Antonio threw back the covers and slowly pulled his arm out from under Gwen's head, then he slowly slid out of the bed. He needed to think and he couldn't do that if she was laying so close and so... obviously naked.

He took a deep breath then forced himself under control. He walked to the other side of the bed and grabbed his jeans off the floor. Once he'd pulled them on and zipped them up, he looked back at Gwen's sleeping form. One long, sexy leg had pulled out from the white sheets and he couldn't help but remember how they'd felt wrapping around his hips. God, he thought running a hand through his thick, black, scraggly hair, he had to pull himself together.

He scratched his belly and decided that maybe the morning breeze outside would help cool his rapidly heating body. He pulled on his shoes then reached for the hotel room key and almost as an after thought, Gwen's car keys. He supposed he could walk down to her car and get his change of clothes out. The walk would probably do him good, he thought. Hell, he had to do something to occupy his mind, otherwise he was going to wake Gwen up and love her all over again. And he didn't want to do that until they talked about a few things first.

Gwen woke to find herself alone in the massive hotel bed. She raised her head and listened for Tony, but heard nothing but silence. Had he left? She pulled herself into a sitting position and looked around the hotel floor for the clothes they had discarded last night. She only found her own. Damn, she thought running a hand through her blond hair and cursing as her fingers tangled in it's masses, he had left without saying goodbye.

She supposed she deserved it, given the fact that she had done the same thing to him back in New York six months before. But she, for one, thought that last night was more than just an one-night stand. Evidently, Tony hadn't agreed.

Gwen sighed then wrapped the sheet around her and got out of the bed. She had just stepped toward the bathroom when she heard a key jingle in the lock. She turned around just as Tony stepped through the door. Her pleasure and surprise at seeing him had to be written all over her face, she thought. "You didn't leave."

"Leave?" He asked scratching his head in confusion.

"When I woke up and saw you gone I thought -" She broke off unable to finish the statement.

"You thought I did to you what you did to me back in New York? Is that it?"

She nodded and watched entranced as he stepped toward her. "Sweetheart, after last night, do you really think I would leave without at least kissing you goodbye first?"

Gwen didn't get to answer that because Tony suddenly pulled her into the circle of his arms and covered her mouth with his own. Their lips slid sensuously against one another and when she parted her lips on a moan, Tony took advantage and slipped his tongue inside. How one simple kiss could start a fire with flames so hot it burned your skin she would never know. But every kiss Tony gave her started a fire. She was beginning to think the flames would never burn out. God, she thought as he lightly nibbled her bottom lip, she would never get enough of him.

Tony slid his hands down her spine to cup her buttocks then pulled her tight against his arousal. Gwen gave a soft moan as he rubbed himself against her. She ran her hands up his chest loving the feel of his warm muscled skin beneath her fingers. She lightly raked a fingernail across one of his nipples and he groaned into her mouth. Then he raised her up and wrapped her legs around his hips. A second later, he was laying her across the bed and covering her body with his own.

Would they ever get enough of each other? No, a voice answered in the back of her head and she knew it was right. She would never be totally sated where Tony was concerned. She wanted him too badly to ever get her fill. In fact, she thought as Tony pulled away and began to lower the sheet around her, they could do this for eternity and it still wouldn't be long enough.

Tony lowered the sheet she had wrapped around her body and took one hardened nipple into his mouth. She arched off the bed instantly, moaning in pleasure. He smiled then lightly nipped her with his teeth. Her head moved back and forth against the pillows as he once again took her nipple in his mouth. He increased the pressure of his lips against her and she came unglued. She wound her hand in his hair and pulled him into a steamy kiss that he was sure would burn him alive. Then she reached between them and unbuttoned his jeans. When she reached for the zipper, he pulled back knowing if she touched him all thoughts of slow and sweet would go right out the window.

He looked down into her passionate brown eyes and felt his heart do about ten back flips in his chest. In that moment, he knew without a shadow of a doubt that he was on the verge of falling in love with her. And that was the reason he had to stop. She deserved so much more than he could give her. She deserved someone that could be around for the long haul. That wanted the house with the white picked fence and a yard full of kids. He had to admit the idea of him and Gwen having kids was damn tempting, but he wasn't cut out for the state of matrimony and she deserved nothing less than that. But was he strong enough to walk away?

"Tony?" she said placing one slender hand against his cheek. "Is something wrong?"

He sucked in a deep breath and just as he started to say something the phone on the bedside table rang. He gave her a tight smile then rolled off her. "You'd better get that sweetheart. It could be important."

She raised a brow in surprise, but then she pulled the sheet back up over her chest and answered the phone. "Hello? Father! Um," she turned wide eyes to him. "Yes, I - It's what time? Oh god, I must have overslept. No, call them back and tell them I'm on my way!"

She hung up the phone and was out of the bed before he could even blink. "God, Tony I am so sorry. I have a meeting this morning and if I don't leave now I'll be late."

He nodded then rolled off the bed and buttoned his jeans. "It's okay."

She paused in the doorway and gave him a smile. "How 'bout you let me take you to dinner tonight to make up for it? We could go to the seascape?"

He closed his eyes and looked toward the ceiling. "The seascape is fine, but it's on me."

"Tony, I don't think-"

"What?" He asked opening his eyes and pinning her with a stare. "What don't you think? That I can't afford it? Is that it? Figure the seascape prices are out of my range?"

"I..." She opened her mouth then closed it and shook her head in what looked to be confusion. He knew he was deliberately trying to pick a fight with her and he knew the reason for it too. If he could make her angry enough, then he wouldn't have to hurt her by telling her he couldn't see her anymore. She'd tell him instead. God, he thought rubbing a hand over his bare chest, his heart hurt just thinking about her saying those words to him. Which was crazy because that was exactly what he wanted, wasn't it?

"Tony," she said walking toward him, holding the sheet securely around her chest. "That isn't what I was going to say. That thought never even crossed my mind. All I was going to say is that I don't think I would be able to last until dinner without another kiss."

"Oh," he said feeling like the heel he was. He reached over and placed a soft kiss against her lips. "I'm sorry, sweetheart. I guess I'm not too much of a morning person."

She searched his eyes for what seemed like an eternity then she nodded and walked into the bathroom. The minute she was out of sight, he let out a breath he hadn't even been aware he was holding. He raised a hand to the back of his neck trying to massage the sudden tension out then cursed and fell back onto the bed. How in the hell was he going to be able to sit through dinner knowing as soon as it was over he would tell her he couldn't see her anymore? He closed his eyes and prayed for God to give him the strength he needed to walk away. Because he knew the longer he stayed with her the harder it would be to walk away. And he had to walk away. He always walked away. He couldn't change now. No matter how much he wanted to.





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