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Playing With Fire

















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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Playing With Fire


Chapter Nine (Bonus Scene RATED R)

Gwen raised her hips to allow Tony to remove her panties and couldn't contain the moan that escaped her lips as his fingers grazed her thighs. God, she loved the feel of his hands on her body. She looked at him just in time to see his wide appreciative smile. Then he slowly and seductively, slid his gaze over her naked body. She could feel the path his eyes stared and she thought she would die with the need to have him touch her... everywhere his eyes had. When his hard body finally covered her own, she lost all control.

He captured her mouth with his and she met him hungrily. Then he slid his tongue inside her mouth and began the dance their bodies had yet to begin. Tiny shudders ran through her body as his tongue slid in and out of her mouth and his hands slid up and down her side. If he kept this up, she thought, he was going to drive her over the edge before they even got to the main event.

He must have realized the same thing because he pulled his lips away from hers and started to kiss a path down her neck to her breasts. His mouth covered one hardened peak and she arched off the bed instantly. He wrapped his arms around her back and held her to him as he continued to torture her. Her nails dug into his back and she felt his warm breath across her nipple as he moaned in pleasure. She instinctively raised her hips to signal she wanted more and sucked in a breath as she met his hardened arousal.

This was different from the wild night they had in New York City six months ago. This wasn't a one night stand. This was... this was heaven, she thought as he finally released her so she could fall back against the pillows. She had thought he was finally going to enter her, but instead he started to kiss his way down her stomach to the juncture at her thighs. He placed his hands under her hips and brought her to his mouth. The moment she felt his lips touch her there, tiny electric shocks ran through her body and she thought she would die from the pleasure his mouth was giving her.

She reached down and knotted her hand in his hair then pulled him up to her. She couldn't last much longer. She needed him inside her now. When he pulled away and jumped off the bed, she whimpered in agony, but then silenced as he returned a second later with a tiny foil package in his hand. He gave her a heated glance that promised he had only just begun then tore the package open with his teeth. She grabbed the condom out of his hands, however, before he could put it on. This was something she definitely wanted to do. She touched him with her fingers then looked up to see that he had closed his eyes in pleasure. She smiled then slowly rolled the condom on. As soon as she was done, he pushed her back against the covers and once again covered her body with his own. She wrapped her legs around his hips and captured his mouth with hers. When he finally entered her, both of them cried out with the pleasure.

He filled her completely and she couldn't get over how perfectly they fit together. He moved within her and all thoughts fled from her mind as she matched the tempo he had set. It wasn't long before she lost control, but she basked in the knowledge that Tony wasn't far behind her.





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