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Playing With Fire

















(bonus chapter-rated R)

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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Playing With Fire


Chapter Nine

Gwen knew Tony was exhausted so she didn't mind him falling asleep in the car on the way to her hotel. He had offered to drive, but the last thing she needed was for him to fall asleep at the wheel. So she told him no one drove her car but her. It was true, but she would have let him had he not been so tired.

She stopped at a red light and took a minute to look over at Tony. The streetlights provided a light glow that allowed her to study his facial features. He hadn't shaved in a couple of days so he had a little stubble. He looked rough and oh so sexy. Not that he had ever not looked sexy, just there was something about the way he looked right now. Maybe it was the fact that he looked so peaceful in his sleep. His mouth was parted slightly and she remembered those very lips kissing her with more passion that she had ever felt before.

A horn honked behind her, signaling the light had turned green so she stepped on the gas and drove through the intersection. Every few seconds, she couldn't help but glance at Tony. She was drawn to him in a way she'd never been drawn to a man before. It wasn't just a physical thing like she had first thought. It was more than that. How much more she didn't know. But she hoped maybe their spending some time alone could help her find the answers.

She sighed then forced herself to concentrate on the drive back to the hotel. Five minutes later, Gwen pulled into the hotel parking lot and shut off the engine. Tony was still out cold. She smiled and reached over to run a finger along his jaw. He stirred slightly, but didn't open his eyes. She shook her head then leaned closer to his ear. "Wake up, Tony. We're here."

His dark lashes instantly fluttered open. Then he turned to look at her. Their lips were just an inch apart. She started to move back, but before she could, he raised a hand to the back of her neck and pulled her in for a long, slow thought-stealing kiss. It seemed to go on forever.

When they finally broke apart, they were both breathing hard and the windows were slightly fogged. She sent him a smile then turned and grabbed her keys out of the ignition. A second later, she opened her door and stepped out into the cool night air. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath trying to calm her erratic heartbeat then pressed the lock button down and shut the car door. A split second later, she heard Tony open the passenger side door and turned to see him holding up her small black purse. She laughed. She had forgotten it.

She watched as he pressed the lock button down and shut the door. He walked around the front of the car and came to a stop in front of her. "I believe you forgot this sweetheart."

"I believe you're right. Thank you." She said giving him a bright smile as he laid her purse in her hands. His hand brushed hers lightly and a wave of awareness shot through her body.

"Anytime, sweetheart. Anytime." He said giving her the now infamous Lopez-Fitzgerald grin. The grin always made her insides go crazy.

Gwen took another deep breath then turned and headed toward her hotel room. She could feel Tony's eyes on her as she climbed the stairs leading to the second floor. She wondered if they would even make it to dinner. The sexual awareness that filled the air was a lot like it had been when they met that night in New York six months ago. She could still see the look in his eyes as he leaned in to kiss her on that dance floor. God, she thought digging in her purse for her hotel door key, she could still feel the passion in that kiss too.

She finally found the key and just as she pulled it out of her purse, Tony's hand covered her own. She turned and their eyes connected in an electrifying moment of remembrance.

Antonio knew that look in her eyes. She was remembering their night together the same as he was. He'd give anything to be able to take her in his arms right now and love her until the sun came up. But he couldn't do that just yet. They really needed to talk first. There was a lot of things that needed to be said.

He lowered his eyes to the doorknob behind her then leaned in to unlock the door. After he got it open, he placed the key back into her hand and motioned for her to go in first. She did and held the door open for him. As he stepped inside the room, memories of the last time they were in a hotel room together flooded his brain. How she'd backed him up against the wall and started unbuttoning his shirt. How she'd run her hands down his chest and placed tiny kisses along his jaw. How she'd -

The creak of the door closing behind him interrupted his thoughts and he turned to see Gwen standing in front of the door looking like an angel from heaven. The moonlight that flittered through the window lit every beautiful feature of her face. But it was the look in her golden brown eyes that held him entranced. Neither of them moved. Hell, he wasn't even sure either one of them could breathe at the moment.

Just as he stepped toward her, the phone on the bedside table rang causing her to jump in surprise. He laughed. "Saved by the bell again, sweetheart?"

She smiled and walked around him to answer the phone. He turned and watched the gentle sway of her hips. God, she had a sexy walk. Of course, she was just sexy period. A pair of tight black pants covered her round bottom and shapely legs. The dark red silk shirt she wore dipped low in the front and clung to her breasts. He'd about had a heartattack when he'd seen how low that shirt dipped earlier. It was probably a good thing so many people had been around or he wouldn't have been able to control himself. He was having a devil of a time keeping his hands to himself right now.

"Hello," Gwen said picking up the phone. "Mother, hi."

She turned to face him and gave him an apologetic smile. He nodded realizing she needed some privacy and walked into the bathroom to take a much needed cold shower. The fact that he'd left his change of clothes in the backseat of her car, didn't hit him until he'd already stepped under the shower spray.

Gwen watched as Tony shut the bathroom door then sighed and leaned back against the bed to listen to her mother rattle on about her not being there when she called last night. She heard the shower kick on and an image of a naked Tony standing under the shower spray flashed in her mind. She could just picture the water running down his chest toward his -

"Gwen!" a voice yelled from the other end of the phone breaking the direction her thoughts had taken. "Did you hear a word I just said?"

She raised a hand to her forehead and thought she felt a little hot. "Sorry, mother, I was just... um... I just have alot on my mind today."

"Like what?" Her mother asked in her stern voice. "Like Ethan? Have you seen him yet?"

The last thing she wanted to do was talk to her mother about Ethan. She still held the hope that Ethan would wake up and realize he made a mistake. Gwen had tried to tell her it wasn't going to happen, but she still refused to listen. "Mother, can I call you back in the morning? I haven't eaten yet and I need to order room service before they close the kitchen. Then I'm going to go to bed."

Another image of Tony flashed in her mind, this one was of him laying her on the bed then leaning over her and kissing his way down her neck toward her breasts. Oh god, she had to quit thinking like this. She was on the phone with her mother for goodness sakes!

"Okay, Gwen. Are you feeling okay?" her mother asked. "You sound kind of funny."

Gwen couldn't answer. The door to the bathroom had just opened and Tony emerged. He was drying his black hair with a towel so he hadn't seen her yet, which in her opinion was probably a good thing. She was sure her mouth was probably on the floor. She shook her head and closed her mouth then let her gaze travel over his hard muscled body. Beads of water clung to his skin and traveled down his chest to disappear beneath the edge of the white cotton towel riding low on his hips. Oh god, she thought sucking in a deep breath, how was she going to get through dinner with that image in her mind.

Tony looked up suddenly and caught her eyes with his. The sexual tension between them rose another notch and she was sure she was going to die from the heat in his gaze.

"Mother," she said never taking her eyes off Tony's. "I have to go now."

"Gwen -" was all she heard before she hung up the phone and rose from the bed. Tony's eyes held the same desire she knew was in her own. She walked toward him and stopped an inch away from him. She lifted one hand and brought it to his chest and the muscles under her fingers flexed. She smiled. At least she knew she got to him as much as he got to her.

"Sweetheart," he said searching her eyes, his voice thick with passion. "Are you sure you want to do that?"

"Oh, I'm sure." She said running a finger down his chest. "I'm very, very sure."

Gwen ran her right hand up his chest and over his broad shoulders to rest at the base of his neck, then used her left hand to run through his thick black hair. A second later, she pushed her pelvis into his and a guttural growl tore from his throat. Then he wrapped his arms around her and covered her mouth with his.

The kiss was unlike any they had shared before. It was hot and intense like lava from an erupting volcano. And just as lava burned everything in its path, this kiss was burning its way through her body and straight to her soul.

Antonio knew the kiss was affecting Gwen as much as it was him. He could tell that by the urgency in which she kissed him. He ran his hands up her back causing her red silk shirt to wrinkle underneath his fingers. Frustrated with the need to touch her bare skin, he pulled it from the inside of her pants and ran his hand up under it until his fingers touched the soft flesh of her back. A moan echoed throughout the room and he wasn't sure if it was his or hers. The only thing he did know is that he had to have her naked... underneath him... now.

He broke the kiss and Gwen muttered a protest. He chuckled slightly, but his attention was more focused on removing her shirt and pants. Once he had completed the task, he stood back and let his gaze slowly, and seductively roam over her body. It was pure perfection as far as he was concerned. When his eyes finally reconnected with hers, he had to suck in a deep breath at the passion he saw in them. They literally glowed with desire and need.

The sexual tension climbed higher and he wasn't at all surprised when Gwen reached behind her back and released the clasp on her bra. It felt to the floor with the rest of her clothes and he couldn't contain the appreciative smile that spread across his face. God didn't make them any better than her.

He walked toward her, then in a lightening quick movement, he swung her up into his arms and carried her to the bed. He laid her down gently then released the towel knotted at his waist. She raked her gaze boldly over him then brought her eyes back to his and gave him a seductive smile. "Make love to me, Tony."

"That was the plan, sweetheart. That was the plan." He said with a wink. Then reached for the edge of her panties and ever so slowly pulled them down her legs, making sure to let his fingers graze her thighs on the way. She moaned and he couldn't contain his smile. He loved how responsive she was. He took a moment to drink in her naked beauty then, once he couldn't bare not to touch her, he covered her body with his own.





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