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Playing With Fire

















(bonus chapter-rated R)

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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Playing With Fire


Chapter Three

The minute Tony pulled her into his arms... the minute his lips touched hers... Gwen lost all rational thought. No one had ever made her feel like this. It was raw, undeniable passion - and she couldn't get enough. Tony traced her lips with his tongue and a shiver of excitement raced through her body. She moaned and he took advantage and slipped his tongue inside. A fire broke out inside her... its blaze out of control.

But then just as she thought she would go insane with the need for more, a cell phone rang and shook her out of her passionate trance. She pulled away instantly and looked up to see her own desire blazing in Tony's dark eyes. The phone rang again and they both realized it was coming from his phone. His gaze remained glued to her face as he pulled the phone out of his pocket and punched a button. "Antonio here."

Gwen made a move toward the door to the book cafe, but Tony caught her arm before she took two steps. His dark eyes, still filled with passion, pleaded with her to wait. She shook her head, pulled her arm free and walked back inside. There was no way she was going to stick around and talk about what had just happened between them. Because she knew if she did stick around, she would also have to talk about what happened six months ago in that New York hotel room and there was no way she wanted to discuss that.

She still couldn't believe that she'd slept with Theresa's brother. Of all the people, in all the world, that he could be kin to it had to be the woman that stole her fiancé. Gwen headed for her table by the window and saw her purse still laying there. She hadn't even realized it was missing. God, why did she let him kiss her again? Because you wanted it just as much as he did, her mind answered.

Gwen knew she had to get out of there before Tony got off the phone. She wasn't in the mood to talk to him right now. She wasn't sure she would ever be in the mood to talk to him actually. She grabbed her purse off the table and made her way back outside. Tony was still on the phone, but he had his back to her. Since he couldn't see her, she decided it was the perfect time to make her escape. She slid past him and hurried toward her car, digging her keys out of her purse on the way. She unlocked her door, started the engine, and drove away never once looking back.

Saved by the bell, Antonio thought, as he punched the talk button on his cell phone. "Antonio here."

Gwen made a move to leave, but Antonio grabbed her arm, pleading with his eyes for her to stay. They weren't finished talking, not by a long shot. She shook her head and pulled her arm free. He had no choice, but to let her go. Damn.

"Antonio," a voice interrupted. "are you there?"

"Luis?" Antonio asked as watched Gwen walked back into the book cafe. "What the hell are you doing calling me? You're on your honeymoon for cripe's sake!"

"Yeah, well things didn't exactly go as planned."

Uh-oh. That didn't sound good. "What do you mean? Did you and Sheridan already get into a lover's quarrel?"

"No, we got shot at."

"WHAT?!" Antonio yelled. A couple leaving the book cafe stopped and stared. Tony turned his back on them, then lowered his voice. "What do you mean you got shot at?"

"Calm down." Luis said. "We're both fine. The baby is fine too. Look, we're on the Crane jet. We're on our way home. Can you pick us up at the airport? I'll explain everything then."

Baby? "Luis, did you just say baby?"

"Yes, Sher and I are expecting a baby." He could hear the smile in his brother's voice. I'll be damned, he thought, I'm gonna be an uncle.

"Look, " Luis said before he had time to reply to the news. "I don't really have time to talk now, I have to call Sam. But before I do that I need to know if you can pick us up or not?"

"Yeah, of course, I can. I'll be waiting at the gate when you land."

"Good, thanks Tony. We should be there in less than an hour."

"Okay, little brother. I'm on my way." With that Antonio hung up the phone. He was about to walk back into the book cafe to tell Gwen he had to leave when he heard an engine start. He turned and watched as Gwen drove out of the parking lot. The little vixen had snuck out on him! Again!

"Damn." he said watching as her blue beamer disappeared in the distance. He wasn't finished talking to her. He didn't even find out where she was staying. Or how long she would be in town. Seeing her again had been a shock, but finding out that she was Ethan's ex fiancé was an even bigger shock. He shook his head and started walking toward his own car. When did his simple life suddenly become so damn complicated? The moment you laid eyes on Gwen Hotchkiss, a voice answered. Antonio knew immediately that it was true, but he didn't have time to ponder what it meant. His troubles would just have to wait though, because right now, his little brother needed him.





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