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Falling For You




















Rating: R

The sequel to Falling For You is A Hero For Hire currently being posted on CR FanFic Board

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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Falling For You
by Deanna Lynn

Chapter Seventeen

Sheridan listened as Eve explained the process of hypnosis. It sounded like a good idea, but she had her doubts. What if she learned she had killed Luis father? What would she do then? What would Luis do then? But then again what choice did she have? She didnít have that many options left. Her nightmares were back and according to Eve, unless she faced them and found out their origin, she would never be free of them and she desperately wanted to be free of them. She was tired of them haunting her.

Still she didnít want to rush into something without first thinking it through. "Eve, I think I need time to think this over. I want to give it some thought before jumping into it with both feet."

"I understand, Sheridan. Why donít I leave so you and Luis can talk this over? Then maybe you can call me with what you decide. Does that sound good?"

"Yes, that sounds great." Sheridan said unable to keep the relief from her voice. She was even more relieved when Luis took her hand in his and gave it a gentle squeeze. She sent him a grateful smile then turned her attention back to Eve. "I want to thank you for taking the time to come and talk with us. Iíll call you sometime tomorrow with my decision."

"Okay," Eve said getting up off the couch and walking toward the door. "Good luck with making your decision."

"Thank you." Sheridan replied as Luis helped her up off the couch and they followed Eve to the door. "I canít tell you how much it means that youíre willing to help me uncover the source of my nightmares. I will think about all that you said."

"I hope that you do." Eve said as she opened the door and stepped outside. "I really think that hypnosis can help you, Sheridan. Goodnight."

"Goodnight." Sheridan replied watching as Eve turned and walked down the path toward her car, which was parked in front of the main house. Sheridan backed up intent on closing the door, only to meet the solid wall of Luisí chest. His arms immediately wrapped around her mid section and she couldnít stop herself from leaning in to his embrace.

"Iím not sure about this hypnosis thing." Luis said his warm breath hitting her ear.

"Why?" She asked crossing her arms and threading her fingers with his. "Donít you trust, Eve?"

"Of course I trust her. Itís justÖ" He broke off suddenly, causing her to turn her head to look at him. There was seriousness in his eyes that caused her pulse to speed up in response. "She said that hypnosis could be a painful process. She said it was possible that these memories were so painful that you blocked them out because you were unable to deal with them. Iím just Ė"

"Worried?" She asked removing her hands from his and turning around in his arms. "Youíre just worried about me? Is that what youíre trying to say?"

"Yeah." He said letting out a heavy breath. "As much as I want to know what happened that night, Iím just not sure itís worth youíre going through the pain remembering that night is sure to cause you."

"But I know something about your father, Luis. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I know what happened. Are you going to tell me that you donít want to know what that is? Hypnosis may be the only way we can find out. If we donít go through with it, we may never know."

"You sound like youíve made your decision already?" He asked searching her eyes.

She had. As soon as she looked into his worried brown eyes, she knew she had to do everything in her power to find out about that night. She and Luis would never be free to love each other if she didnít. "I have. I think itís the only way weíll ever know the truth and I know how much that means to you. I want to do this for youÖ for us. I want to be with you more than anything in this world and I know we canít be until we solve the questions in our past. Hypnosis is the only way, Luis."

He nodded then brushed a gentle kiss across her lips. "You have more guts than anyone Iíve ever met, do you know that?"

"No, but I like the fact that you do."

He laughed then wrapped her in at tight embrace. "Letís go back inside, Ms. Crane. Iíll fix us something to eat. My stomach is starting to make its unhappiness known."

Sheridan pulled back and smiled at him then allowed him to lead her inside the house. She closed the door behind them then followed Luis down the stairs toward the kitchen. Just as they pushed the door open to enter the doorbell rang.

Figuring, Eve may have forgotten something she let go of Luisí hand and started to make her way back to the door. "Hold that thought," She said throwing him a bright smile over her shoulder then walking up the stairs and opening the door. She froze when she saw two uniformed officers standing on the doorstep. "Can I help you?"

"Yes." One of the officers, a sandy blond replied. "We were told we could find Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald here."

"Thatís me." Luis said coming up behind her and placing his right hand on the small of her back. "What can I do for you?"

"Well for starters," the dark haired officer replied reaching behind him to get something. "You can hold out your hands."

"I donít understand." Luis said staring at the cuffs the officer pulled out from the back of his belt.

"Well let me make it simple then. Youíre under arrest."

"Arrest!" Sheridan yelled unable to believe what she was hearing. "What the hell are you arresting him for?"

"The kidnapping of one Ms. Sheridan Crane."





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