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Falling For You




















Rating: R

The sequel to Falling For You is A Hero For Hire currently being posted on CR FanFic Board

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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Falling For You
by Deanna Lynn

Chapter Nine

Luis' head felt as if a train ran through it. He tried to raise his hand to try and stop the pain, but found he couldn't. In fact, he couldn't move at all. His eyes shot open as he realized why he couldn't move. His arms were tied behind his back and his feet were tied to the bottom of the chair he sat in. He glanced around trying to figure out where the hell he was and why he was tied up, but found no clue.

The place was virtually empty except for him, the chair he was tied to, a small table and chair in the corner of the room, and a door that he assumed led to another room. Where the hell was he? A sharp pain pierced through his head and a string of curses fell from his mouth. What the hell had happened to him?

The last thing he remembered was walking along the docks and arguing with... Sheridan. Oh god. The gunshot. The alcove. The storm. Oh god, he hadn't been able to save her. He remembered. He kept searching and searching the water, but he never found her. When he finally made it out of the water, someone hit him over the head. Who?

He heard a noise come from the other room and then a figure appeared. Once he focused his eyes, Luis couldn't believe who he saw in the doorway. What the hell was Sheridan's Paris bodyguard doing here? And why the hell did he have him tied up? Then it hit him. The leak at the station. The reason all those witnesses in protective custody had died. It was... What was his name? Antoine? Yeah, that was it. Antoine. Oh god, he'd been right. Sheridan had been in danger and neither of them had realized just how much.

Luis began to struggle with the ropes, trying to get free, but they didn't budge an inch. He was trapped. Antoine continued to watch him struggle with the ropes for a minute longer and then he stepped into the room. "Sorry, officeer, but there is no way you will escape. I've made sure of that. After all, you're my ticket to getting Miss Crane."

"What the hell are you talking about you bastard? Sheridan is dead. She got caught in the current of the water." Even as he said it, Luis knew it wasn't true. He felt it. Sheridan was okay. But he'd be damned if he'd let Antoine anywhere near her.

Antoine laughed. "Miss Crane isn't dead. She is with your American friend. What's his name? Hink? Hunk? Hank? He pulled her out of the water. You were down further so he didn't see you, lucky for me. I would have much preferred to get my hands on Miss Crane last night, but finding you... well, that makes things much more interesting. After all, once Sheridan learns you're alive and that I have you, nothing will keep her from coming to you... and to me."

"What do you mean once Sheridan learns I'm alive?" Luis asked with barely masking his fury. He didn't like being used to force Sheridan to...

"It's really very sad." Antoine said interrupting his thoughts. "You see she thinks you drowned in that water last night. She's had all kinds of people looking for you, all morning long, but we both know why they didn't find you. She's been crying her eyes out on your friend's shoulder. They seem very close."

"You bastard." Luis yelled trying again to get free. If he did, he was going to kill him. "I swear I'll -"

"Calm down, officer. There is nothing you can do, I assure you. You won't get free." He laughed at that. Luis thought he was going to be sick. The guy was obviously crazy. "Sheridan will come to me and then I will kill her. Of course, I plan to have a little fun first."

Luis lost it. "You touch her and I swear it will be the last thing you ever do!"

"That's funny, because by then you'll be dead. Once Miss Crane gets here, you will no longer be of use to me. I can't have you making a scene and interrupt us, can I?" He laughed again. The sound echoing throughout the room.

Luis closed his eyes and then opened them again a second later. He knew he had to get control of the situation. "Sheridan won't come. She won't believe you."

"Now we both know that isn't true. Once she hears your voice, she will have no choice, but to come. After all, a woman will do anything for the man she loves."

Luis glared at him. If he wasn't tied up... but he was and there was nothing he could do. It was out of his hands. "Damn it. I'm not going to let you use me to get Sheridan."

"I'm afraid you have no choice." Antoine said as he pulled out a tape recorder. Luis knew what he'd done before he even pressed the play button. When his own voice echoed through the room, Luis closed his eyes, realizing Sheridan was going to die because of him. He knew she would come. He knew because he knew she loved him and that love... that love was what was going to get her killed. Oh god, I'm sorry Sheridan. I'm so damn sorry.

Sheridan walked into her cottage that afternoon and felt as if her whole world had suddenly come crashing down. Which of course, it had. The search for Luis had been called off. There was no hope for his survival. That's what they said. But Sheridan knew he had survived. She could feel it.

Hank had offered to stay with her, but she told him she needed to be alone. In truth, she didn't want Hank around because she didn't feel comfortable around him. She never would again not after what happened between her and Luis in that alcove. Oh god, Sheridan thought as she sunk down onto her couch and covered her face in her hands. Luis. He was out there somewhere. He could be hurt. He could be... no she wouldn't think that.

Sheridan raised her head toward the ceiling and said a silent prayer. Please god, please let him be okay. I'll do anything, anything you want. Just please let him be okay.

Tears rolled down her cheeks as images of them together flashed in her mind. She could see it all. Everything she and Luis had ever done together flashed through her mind. The day they first met. The tango. The Youth Center. New Mexico. New Year's Eve. The ice skating pond. Their first date. Their first kiss. And of course, the alcove where he told her he loved her. Where they had made love.

Sheridan buried her face in her hands and cried. She cried for every argument they'd ever had... she cried for all the time they had lost.. and she cried for Luis. She wanted Luis. Oh god, she wanted Luis.

The phone rang, she instantly jumped up to answer. "Luis?"

"Sorry to disappoint you Miss Crane, but it's just me."

Just me? "Who is this?"

"Who I am doesn't matter. I have something I think belongs to you. If you want it back, you'd better do exactly as I say."

"I don't have time for games."

"I assure you this is no game. I have your cop hero."

Luis? He had Luis? Luis was alive! "Luis. Oh god, let me talk to him."

"He's a little tied up at the moment, but I'd be glad to play you a tape. A tape I made just moments ago, actually."

Sheridan heard a click and then she heard Luis' voice. "You bastard... Sheridan won't come."

Oh god. It was Luis' voice. He had Luis. "Now Miss Crane. Do exactly as I say and you're hero here will be just fine. Don't and he'll be dead. Understand?"

"Yes. Yes, I understand. But how do I know Luis is still alive. You could have made that tape and then killed him."

"Ah, you don't believe me. I shall prove it to you then." Sheridan could hear noises, but she couldn't make them out. Then she heard a voice yell out... "SHERIDAN DON'T COME!!!!"

Luis. That was Luis voice telling her not to come. She heard him yell out and wondered what the man was doing to him... because of her. Oh god. Luis was in danger because of her.

"Miss Crane. Do you believe me now?"

Sheridan had to fight to keep control of her emotions. "Yes. What do you want me to do?"

"I knew you would cooperate. After all, you would do anything for the man you love."

Sheridan wouldn't give him the satisfaction of responding to that. "Just tell me what you want, you bastard."

"Tsk. Tsk. Miss Crane. I could kill him and then you'd never see him again. Now, I'm going to give you instructions on where to meet me. You are to come alone. If I see anyone else around, I will kill your cop hero. Understand?"

She was on the verge of losing control, but she knew she couldn't do that. She had to stay focused. She had to be strong. Luis' life depended on it. Luis' life depended on her. "Yes. Just tell me where and I'll be there... alone."





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