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A Kiss Among Friends

Sequel to
Sweet Kiss of Revenge

Continued in
More Than Friends

 Rating: PG


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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


A Kiss Among Friends

Three Months after Sweet Kiss of Revenge ends

"Oh come on, Hank!" Gwen Hotchkiss said throwing her friend a look of pure disbelief. "You don't really expect me to believe that do you?"

"Why not?" Hank asked raising a brow and matching her tone. "Would I lie to you?"

"Hmm, let me think about that for a second." She leaned her elbow on the table then placed her chin in her hand and tapped a finger against her lips. She smiled inwardly then removed her finger and looked Hank right in the eye. "Um, YES!"

She laughed as he placed a hand over his heart like she'd mortally wounded him. "That hurts Gwen."

"Ah poor baby." She said faking a pout. "Did I hurt your feelings?"

"No." Hank said smiling and leaning his elbows on the table "But if you had would you be sorry?"

"Not really." She replied with a lighthearted laugh. "But you know I love you."

"Sure you do." Hank said nodding and rolling his eyes. "That's why you don't return my phone calls!"

"Hey I still don't think you called! I mean come on, Hank. Do you really expect me to believe my answering machine ate your message? Puh-lease."

"I'm telling you that is the only explanation!" Hank said in an exasperated tone as he waved his empty cup through the air and caught Chad's attention to ask him for a refill. "Unless of course you got my message and just didn't want to talk to me? Yeah I think that's it. You're just trying to cover your own ass."

She laughed. "You caught me. I got your message but I had a hot date to get ready for so I decided not to return your phone call. Can you ever forgive me?"

She batted her eyelashes for effect and Hank burst out laughing just as she knew he would. "You are too much. What am I going to do with you?"

"Um, buy me dinner tonight at the lobster shack?" She asked still leaning forward and wiping some stray crumbs from the muffin Hank ate off the corner of his lips. Once she was finished she leaned back in her seat. "Unless of course you have a hot date tonight? If you do I'll take a rain check."

"And who would I have this hot date with?" He asked as Chad sat another cup of coffee down in front of him. "You know I'm not seeing anyone right now."

"What about you?" He asked taking a sip of his coffee. "Why don't you have a hot date tonight? What happened to that Tim guy? Or was it Jim? I can't remember."

"Oh please." Gwen said rolling her eyes. "One date with Jim and that was enough to satisfy me for life! Besides that was weeks ago. I haven't been on a date since that night."

"Why not?" He asked raising a brow. "I thought you were going to date around as much as you could? How can you show Ethan you're over him if you're not dating anyone?"

"I don't have to date anyone to show Ethan I'm over him. I'm quite happy being by myself thank you very much. I don't need some guy to make me happy!"

"Whoa there." Hank said holding up his hands as if he were trying to protect himself. "What brought that on? Frustration?"

Gwen narrowed her eyes at that. "Are you implying that I need to get laid?"

"No, I was implying you were frustrated with dating, but since you brought it up..." Hank let his voice trail off but his eyes spoke volumes.

"Hank." Gwen said in a warning tone. "Do not go there."

He laughed then moved his hand across the table and grabbed hers. "I didn't mean to make your frustration worse, baby. Will you ever forgive me?"

She laughed then shook her head. "Hank Bennett, what did I ever do before you came into my life?"

Before she realized what she was doing, she leaned over and placed a kiss against his lips. She pulled back surprised then leaned back in her chair and tossed Hank an apologetic smile. "I have no idea what I was just thinking. I'm sorry."

"For what?" Hank said staring into her eyes. "For kissing me? Don't worry about it. What's one kiss among friends anyway?"

She gave him a small smile then picked up her coffee and took a sip. A kiss among friends? Was that all it was? For the last three months she and Hank had developed a wonderful friendship, but sometimes... sometimes she couldn't help but wonder if it was more. Why had she kissed him? It had seemed so natural so right and she'd done it completely without thinking about it. Had their relationship somehow without either of them being aware of it passed the boundaries of friendship?

That was definitely something she was going to have to think about.

* * * * *

Hank Bennett wasn't sure what possessed Gwen to kiss him, but he knew he wasn't sorry she had done it. He had been attracted to her for weeks now, but he hadn't wanted to jeopardize the friendship they were building to act upon it. He knew more than anything else, Gwen needed a friend and he thought himself lucky that she consider him to be her friend.

But sometimes when he was lying in bed at night, he couldn't help but think about her and wonder what she was doing at that moment. If she was out on a date or if she was home in bed, maybe thinking about him too.

It was crazy and yet the more he thought about it the less crazy it seemed. Was his and Gwen's friendship developing into something more? Something stronger and deeper?

He couldn't deny that at times his interest in her went way beyond friendship and at times it seemed that hers did too, but was the possibility of more worth the risk of losing their friendship altogether? He wasn't sure and because of that he hadn't even brought up the subject.

But today Gwen had kissed him. On the lips. In public. For all the world to see. Did it mean she wanted more? Or was it just a reaction to the easy rapport they had built with each other? He didn't know and until he figured it out that kiss would just have to remain a kiss among friends.

Continued in More Than Friends





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