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It Was Always You

A Kay & Reese fanfic





 Rating: PG-13


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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


It Was Always You

Chapter Two

Reese woke the next morning to the wonderful sound of birds chirping outside. He had never been so glad to hear anything in his entire life, except maybe the words Kay had told him last night. He had seen the sincerity in her eyes when she spoke so he knew she meant them. He could still feel the pressure of her lips against his cheek as she kissed him. He would have thought he was dreaming had he not seen the surprised look on Jessica’s face.

Smiling, he reached for his extra pair of glasses on the nightstand beside his bed. It had taken him a good two hours to find them last night. He had been so tired and his eyes had been so unfocused, he still wasn’t sure how he managed it. He ran a hand over his face then put his glasses on and threw back the covers. He needed a shower and judging by the little bit of stubble he felt on his face a few moments before, a shave would probably be a good idea too.

After grabbing a pair of jeans off a hanger in his closet, he made his way into the bathroom and turned on the water. He’d just stepped under the sprayer and doused himself with water when he heard the doorbell ring. He knew his folks were probably already at work so he jumped back out and wrapped a towel around his waist. He figured it was probably Miguel wanting to talk about last night. He’d said he would stop by today. He wasn’t sure exactly what happened last night between him and Charity, but he knew it was something big. Miguel had not been himself last night… not at all.

He opened the bathroom door then made his way into the living room, not realizing he was dripping water all over the plush beige carpet. He tripped going up the stairs that led to the door because like an idiot he’d left his glasses sitting on the bathroom cabinet. Shaking his head at his lack of memory, he pulled open the door and promptly froze. Unless his eyesight was getting worse, which at this point didn’t’ seem too far out of the question, was the woman of his dreams – Kay Bennett.

But he soon realized that was crazy. After all, why would Kay be coming to see him? She never had before, unless of course it was because Miguel was with her. Miguel, he thought with a frown that’s why she was here. She must have found out that Miguel was coming over this morning. He forced the disappointment from his face and fixed her with a smile. "Hello, Kay."

Kay tried to answer him, she really did. But somehow she’d lost her ability to speak – and breathe. Reese Durkey stood in the doorway with water dripping off his blond hair and sliding over his muscular chest toward the edge of the towel knotted at his waist. He looked like he just stepped from the cover of the latest issue of Playgirl magazine. She swallowed hard as the realization of what he wasn’t wearing under that towel hit her. She watched as a muscle in his chest flexed then cursed inwardly. What was she doing checking Reese out like that? She raised her eyes to look at him and felt her breath catch in her throat. He looked, as he had last night, no glasses and hair slicked back off his face. The stubble on his face made him look rugged and sexy.

Sexy? Reese? She shook her head as she realized that was the second time in the last twenty-four hours she had called him sexy. Why? He was still Reese. He just looked different without the geeky glasses and clothes. Her eyes traveled back down over his broad shoulders to his well-defined pecs and she had to ball her hands into a fist to keep from reaching out and touching him.

"Kay?" He questioned in a voice she had never heard him use.

"S...s.. sorry." She stammered raising her eyes to meet his. They were such an intense blue that she lost whatever thought she had been about to say. She managed to take a deep breath then tried again. "I… you… I wasn’t…"

She let out a nervous laugh then lowered her head to the ground. She wasn’t going to be able to form a complete sentence. Not when he looked like a Greek god and certainly not when he was wearing nothing but a towel. Now that she wasn’t looking at him, she felt calmer somehow. Her emotions weren’t running as wild. Her emotions… why were her emotions running away with her when she looked at Reese? Maybe it was that dream she’d had last night, of him holding her while she cried and kissing away her tears. She wasn’t sure why she had dreamed of Reese kissing her, but she had. And in her dream, he’d been wearing his glasses. He’d been the same Reese she had known for years, but somehow in her dream he’d been different… or she had been different. Maybe the difference was the fact that in her dream she’d actually seen who he was on the inside and what she saw had made her forget all about what he looked like on the outside.

"Oh god." He said opening the door wider. "I… I’m sorry, Kay. I thought… Let me just go get dressed. I’ll be right back. Why don’t’ you come in and wait. It will only take me a minute."

She nodded and took a step forward but because she’d raised her head to look at him, she missed seeing the high step in front of her and because of that she tripped. She screamed as she started to fall forward, but she suddenly lost her voice altogether as she fell into Reese’s arms. She heard his quick intake of breath as her body fell against his. She could feel the water on his skin start to seep through her dress and then all thought fled her mind as something slid down her legs. Neither of them moved or even breathed as his towel hit the floor. Her eyes met his and he she would have laughed at the expression on his face had she been able to. But she couldn’t manage to breath let alone laugh. The only thing that separated their bodies was her thin cotton sundress and it certainly didn’t hide the effects of his arousal.

His eyes lowered to her mouth and she unconsciously licked her lips. Reese let out a groan then pulled her closer and covered her lips with his. The first touch of his lips sent her emotions skyrocketing. It was different than the other kisses they had shared. Those had been instigated to try to make Miguel jealous or because of a misunderstanding. This one… This one was more than that. This one was passionate and intense. This one affected her. This one really affected her. Just as the kiss began to deepen, someone spoke from behind them. "Uh, sorry guys, I’ll just come back another time."

Kay froze as she realized who that voice belonged to. Reese pulled back in the same instant and as their eyes met, she had no doubt he was as surprised by what had happened as she was. He stepped back away from her and that’s when she got the bird’s eye view of Reese in all his glory.

Reese noticed the shocked look on Kay’s face and it took him a moment to figure out the reason why. But when he did, he couldn’t hide his the heat that rose to his cheeks. He quickly reached down, fastened the towel back around his hips then sent her an apologetic smile. His eyes caught a slight movement and forced him to look away from her. His eyes landed on Miguel who was standing in the doorway with the same shocked look Kay had. He didn’t blame him. Had he been the one to walk up on this same scene, he would have been just as shocked. Never in his wildest dreams had he imagined Kay kissing him like that or the look in her eyes after they’d broke apart. Right before her eyes widened, he had caught a tiny glimpse of desire and knowing that desire was for him caused all sorts of emotions to run through him. First and foremost was complete and utter shock. The second was amazement and the third was outright disbelief.

Reese noticed that Miguel was starting to back away. "Miguel, wait, you don’t have to leave. This… this isn’t what it looked like."

Miguel chuckled slightly but the sound almost seemed forced. "Are you sure about that Reese? I mean… it looked like-"

"I’m sure." Reese said interrupting him before he could finish the statement. "Look let me go get dressed and then we can talk, okay?"

Miguel nodded and walked inside, closing the door behind him as he did. Reese looked at Kay and when he noticed she looked a little pale, he reached out a hand and placed one finger under her chin forcing her to meet his eyes again. "Are you okay?"
She nodded slightly then whispered a faint, "yes."

"Okay," Reese said lowering his hands but still looking in her eyes. "I’ll be back in just a minute. You can explain to Miguel what happened."

Her eyes widened slightly but she didn’t say anything. She just nodded then sucked in a deep breath and turned around to face Miguel. Something passed between them and Reese wondered just how Miguel felt about Kay. He knew how Kay felt about him or he thought he did at least, but how did Miguel feel about her? If he cared about her half as much as Kay cared about him, Reese knew he would never stand a chance. It didn’t matter that a few moments ago she had been in his arms kissing him like there was no tomorrow. He knew that if Miguel gave her the slightest encouragement, Reese Durkey would no longer exist to her. She would forget all about what had just happened between them, whereas he… he didn’t think he would ever forget.

Reese shook his head then turned and made his way back into his bathroom. He heard Kay speaking with Miguel and he figured she was explaining why she was in his arms and how he had kissed her. Was she going to tell him that she kissed him back? Or would she leave that part out? Grabbing his clothes off the cabinet, he quickly began to get dressed. Once he was done, he decided to do a quick shave. After all, Kay and Miguel probably had things to talk about. The least he could do is give them some time to do it.




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