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An Affair of the Heart







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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Ethan & Theresa:
An Affair of the Heart



Part Six: Dreams Really Do Come True – Six months later

Theresa stood in front of the doorway to the church and couldn’t contain a smile from forming on her lips. Her whole life had been leading up to this one day. Everything she’d ever wanted was waiting for her inside those double doors. As a bride’s maid, Sheridan would be the first to walk in then Whitney the maid of honor and finally it would be her turn. She took a deep breath then glanced at the man beside her. Luis had come around so much since they found out Ethan was Sam’s son. He and Ethan still had issues but they were gradually beginning to build a friendship, one she was extremely grateful for.

Luis turned his head to look at her then giving her a wide smile and held out his arm. "Are you ready, Theresa? I have it on good authority that there is a man inside that is getting mighty impatient to see you."

Theresa laughed then took her brother’s arm. "I have never been more ready for anything in my entire life. I’m marrying the man of my dreams today. The man I’ve wished for and dreamed of all my life."

Luis nodded. "Yes you are and you always knew it would happen too. You always said it was fate and now I guess you are proving all those who didn’t believe, including me, wrong. I’m proud of you, Theresa. No matter how bad or how impossible things seemed to be you never gave up believing that everything would work out. I’m glad you didn’t listen to me when I told you to stay away from Ethan. You were right. You two do belong together. Anyone with two eyes in their head can see that and I’ve finally opened my eyes to it too. Ethan is a good man, I see that now, and I know he loves you more than anything in this world."

The music started and the double doors opened. Theresa sucked in a breath knowing that in few moments she would see Ethan. She tried to look around Sheridan and Whitney but Luis held her firmly to his side. She sighed then turned and gave him a small pout. "Luis, I just want to peek at him."

He laughed. "You’ll see him soon enough." Luis reached up and lowered the veil over her face then smiled at the sight she provided. "Did I tell you how beautiful you look? You grew up so fast. It seems like yesterday that you were that little girl in pigtails following after Hank and me. I know you wish papa were here to walk you down the aisle and I do too, but I can’t say I’m not glad that I get to take that walk with you today."

Theresa raised up and placed a kiss on his cheek. "I’m glad too, Luis. I do wish papa and Antonio were here, but they can’t be and I understand that. I know wherever they are they would be happy for me. They would give Ethan and I their blessing. I know that."

He nodded then turned to watch Sheridan start her walk down the aisle. Theresa grinned when she saw the look in his eyes. She knew that someday soon he and Sheridan would be having their own wedding. They seemed to be getting closer lately and Theresa saw the looks that had been passing between them. They loved each other and she knew it was only a matter of time before they realized it.

Whitney started her walk and Theresa glanced toward the front where Ethan stood. Their eyes met and she had to suck in a deep breath when the love she felt for him rushed through her body like a tidal wave. All her life she had dreamed of this one moment and now it was here. She wasn’t nervous and she had absolutely no doubts. This was what was meant to be… it was fate.

The wedding march began to play and she held Luis arm as they walked down the aisle. She and Ethan never broke eye contact as she and Luis made their way down the aisle. Once they reached Ethan, Luis untucked her arm from his and placed then placed gently grabbed her hand and kissed it. The next thing Luis did was place her hand in Ethan’s outstretched one. She knew it took a lot for him to do that and she managed to look away from Ethan long enough to give him a bright smile. He returned it then turned and took a seat next to Sheridan.

Theresa looked up into Ethan’s eyes as Father Lonigan began the ceremony. He spoke of the love she and Ethan had for each other and how god was smiling down on them today because they had found each other. She knew he was right. She could feel it in the depths of her soul just as she always had. She had always known she and Ethan were destined to be together but she had never felt it more than she did right now.

Father Lonigan spoke for a few more minutes then announced it was time for them to say their vows. Theresa took a deep breath then took his ring from Whitney and looking into his eyes, she told him what was in her heart, what had been in her heart for as long as she could remember. "Ethan, I have dreamed of this moment all of my life. I knew from the first moment I saw you that you were the one I was supposed to be with. I knew deep in my soul that you would be the man I would marry. It didn’t matter that we hadn’t met yet… that I was only looking at your picture in a magazine. The moment I saw your face… your eyes I knew… I knew that we were destined to be together. No matter how crazy everyone told me I was or how impossible us being together seemed I couldn’t believe it. The feelings I had for you… the love I had for you was too strong to deny."

"When we met we had this connection between us that no one could explain or ignore. Yes, we had obstacles, but because of our love we overcame each and every one of them. Fate was on our side. Today I stand before you and I pledge to love you, to honor you, to cherish you for the rest of our lives. No matter what life has in store for us together we will get through it because together we can do anything. We’ve already proved that. I love you Ethan Bennett and today as we stand before god and all our family and friends I give you everything I have inside me." Never taking her eyes off his, Theresa slid the ring on his finger. "This ring is a symbol of my love, my faith, and my trust. And with all that I have, all that I am, and all that I ever will be I give it to you, I give you my love… I give you my heart for eternity."

Theresa felt the tears sliding down her cheeks and she didn’t care. She wasn’t the only one, Ethan had tears in his eyes too. He turned and took her ring from Chad then he turned back to her and told her what was in his heart. "Theresa, you aren’t the only one that dreamed of this moment. It’s true that you had a head start on me and yes it took me awhile to catch up with you, but once I did I knew I would never love anyone as much as I love you. You brought something into my life that I never even knew existed. One look into your big brown eyes and I fell so hard and so deep that it took me months to realize what I was feeling for you wasn’t only friendship but love as well. Your love and your never ending belief in fate brought out something inside of me that had been missing for way too long. Through your love and your faith I became the man I am today. A man free to make his own choices and a man free to love you with all of his heart and I do. I love you with everything I have inside me."

"When I was younger I wished for a woman like you, someone that loved me for me and not for the money or my family name. Now I may have lost the money I grew up having and the family I grew up knowing, but I’ve gained so much more than I lost. I have a wonderful new family and a woman who loves me just as much as I love her. I may not have a cent to my name, but I’m still the richest man in the world because I have you and I have your love. You are the best thing that ever happened to me, Theresa, and with you by my side I can do anything." He slid the ring onto her finger and Theresa of joy rolled down her cheeks. "This ring symbolizes my love, my faith and my trust. Today in front of god and all those who love us, I give you my love. And with all that I have, all that I am, and all that I ever will be. I give you my heart for eternity. I love you Theresa Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald. I love you with all of my heart and all of my soul."

Father Lonigan placed his hand over their joined hands then asked everyone to bow their heads in prayer. Once the prayer was over, he pronounced them husband and wife. "Ethan, you may now kiss your bride."

Ethan smiled then raised her veil. He stared at her for a heartbeat then he cupped her face in his hands and kissed her. Heart met heart and soul met soul. She didn’t hear the thunderous applause that sounded throughout the church or the wolf whistle Chad let out. The only thing she was aware of was the fact that her dream of becoming Ethan’s wife had finally come true and it was even better than she imagined it would be. And she knew it was only going to get better. After all, tonight they would be the first time they made love as husband and wife and she had no doubt it was going to be the greatest night of their lives.

Ethan raised his head and gave her a smile that shot straight to her heart. "And then," he whispered. "they lived happily ever after."

Theresa laughed then pulled his face to hers. "Happily ever after is something you say at the end of a story, sweetheart… our story is only just beginning."
He laughed then pulled her body closer to his. "You couldn’t be more right. So what do you say we get out of here, Mrs. Bennett? I’m kind of anxious to begin the next chapter."

"I thought you’d never ask."

Hand in hand they walked back down the aisle and out the front door of the church. A horse drawn carriage met them at the bottom of the steps and as they got in Theresa tossed her bouquet over her head. It landed in Sheridan’s arms and she laughed at the looks on both her and Luis faces. Apparently, fate had chosen Sheridan and Luis to be the next couple to walk down the aisle and fate, Theresa thought smiling and looking into her husband’s ocean blue eyes, always won out in the end.


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