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Torn Between Two














This is in no way affiliated with JER and Passions. Iím just borrowing these characters for a while. In some of these chapters there are some very sexual content. Please in enjoy. :)

Rated R

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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Torn Between Two
by loving passions

Chapter 13

Charity was sitting in her room studying and she was wondering if Miguel is coming to see her. "Miguel, where are you?" She asked herself and she decided to go see what Miguel is up to. She knocked on the door. "Luis? Is Miguel home?" Charity smiled. "I wouldnít know, but it wouldnít hurt to check. Iím in a rush. Iím on my way to see Sheridan." He smiled. "Ok. Tell Sheridan that I said hello." Charity gave Luis a kiss on the cheek. "I will." he gave her a peck on the cheek back and left. Charity decided to go into Miguelís room and she opened the door she couldnít believe of what sheíd seen.

She was so crushed. She saw Miguel and Kay making love to each other and she felt her soul being ripped out. She stood there in disbelief. "When were you planning to tell me, Miguel?!" She yelled. "Charity?! I-I can explain! Itís something Iíve been waiting to tell you." He got up and went to her. "Charity, itís over between us. Iím in love with Kay." When his words finally absorbed through her, she got into a fit and slapped him. "Why Miguel?! Why?!" She cried. "Iím really sorry, Charity . . ." He sighed as she left and he close the door.

Charity was devastated and she ran outside. She didnít stop until she find herself at the park. Weeping her eyes out. "Are you ok?" She recognized the voice. "Eric? Thank God youíre here!" She pulled him into a hug. "Whatís wrong?" He held onto her. "Itís over between Miguel and me. Iíll never have again in my life." She sobbed heavily. "Is there anything can do?" He didnít let her go. "Please take me back to your place?" She pleaded. "Alright . . ." He didnít pause. He did what sheíd asked him to do. He finally made it to his house and took Charity in. "Thanks Eric, you are so special to me."

He smiled and offered her some tea. "This ought to help you." She took it from his warm hands. "Thanks. Eric is it alright if I . . ." She stopped. "What? For you to stay here?" He tried to read her mind. "Yeah . . . But I was wondering if we could get together?" She proposed. "Charity, I donít want to be a rebound. If you want to heal, give yourself time." He insisted. "Eric, donít feeling youíre enlisting yourself to be in my club." She joked. "Thanks for respecting my wishes and wanting me to allow myself to heal. I canít face Miguel . . . not now, not ever." She sighed and went upstairs to the room where Eric showed her.

Eric kissed her good night on the cheek. After he shut the door. He sighed. "I hope this plan doesnít backfire." He mumbled while stepping into his room. "I really want her. But not this way. Thatís why giving her time will make her love me." He turned in and fell asleep.

Eight months has passed. Charity and Eric are very happy with each other. Kay and Miguel are still standing strong. The four finally reunited to a party at the Youth Center that Luis and Sheridan are throwing because their baby is on the way. Every was happy to hear about Sheridan and Luis are finally happy and are going to have a family. Kay went up to Sheridan. "Sheridan, congratulations. How does it feel to carry a baby?" Sheridan smiled while rubbing her stomach. "Itís wonderful. The joy of having children with the man you love is more than exhilarating." Kay smiled slightly. "Are you having a boy or a girl?" Sheridan looked at her.

"It doesnít matter to me. As long as my baby is healthy. Is all Iím praying for." She hugged Kay and went back to Luis. "Hey you." She kissed Luis passionately. "Howís my beautiful wife?" He embraced her tenderly. "Wonderful . . . I love you." She kissed him once more. "I love you too, Mrs. Lopez-Fitzgerald." As he kissed her back. They went to mingle with every one else. "Kay? What are you thinking about?" Miguel wrapped his arms around her waist. "I want to be like Luis and Sheridan . . . happily married with kids." She was so grim. "Donít worry Kay, itíll happen . . ." He kissed her neck. "Are you saying you could see us getting married?" Kay turned to him. "Itís possible . . . Iím willing to love you, Kay . . . just the way you want me to." He smiled and kissed her again.

"Miguel! You have made me the most happiest girl alive." Charity saw them from a distance. She had a strange feeling that Kay is somewhat responsible for her and Miguel breaking up. "Whatís wrong, Charity?" Eric rocked her slowly in his arms. "Nothing . . . I think we should go speak to Kay and Miguel." Charity responded in a trance. "Ok, I donít see why not?" He shrugged. They walked through the mist of the people to get to Kay and Miguel. "Hi Kay . . . Miguel." Charity smiled at them. "Hey Charity." Miguel kissed her on the cheek. She returned it back. "Hey Eric." Miguel replied bitterly.

"Miguel . . . Kay." He flashed a friendly smile. "Eric . . . How are you?" Kay smiled at him. "Iím cool . . . You?" He beamed. "So what are you guys doing for the weekend?" Charity switched topics. "Weíre not sure, what do you want to do Charity?" Kay asked nervously. "I was thinking that you guys should come over to Ericís house so we can call celebrate for being on love." She tilted her head. "Alright . . . itís sounds good to me." Miguel curved his lips. "Great! How about we all meet tomorrow at nine? Is that good?" Charity pulled Eric closer.

"Nine it is." Kay kissed Miguel after replying. "Good. We all have something to celebrate about . . ." Charity mumbled. Eric felt his stomach churning. ĎWhat is Charity up to?í He thought. ĎIf sheís on to us. God help us all . . .í

The next evening, they all managed to get to Ericís mansion. "Okay . . . why are we all here?" Kay dropped her purse. Eric invited the all in. "I wanted us to all get to know each other better." Charity urged. "Ok, like how?" Miguel wondered. "Well, you guys get to hang out while me and Kay have a girls night out. You two go have fun while we get to do our thing." Charity sneered. Miguel and Eric left immediately. "So . . . Eric, howís Charity?" Miguel asked out of concern. "Sheís doing pretty good. Sheís wonderful." Eric started the car up. "Have she?" Eric barged in on Miguelís sentence. "She asked about you? No." He replied bluntly.

"I was just asking. Charity is coping with everything . . ." Miguel find this so hard to believe talking about his ex-girlfriend to the guy whoís now dating her. "Yes, she is. Miguel . . . if there is something you want to ask, please do so?" He sighed. "Iíll give this to you straight. If you ever hurt Charity, in ANY way. I will come after you." He said cruelly. "And thatís supposed to scare me, Miguel? Ooh . . . bring back the forties?" He retaliated. "Iím SERIOUS, Eric. If you do ANYTHING to hurt her! Itíll be your blood on my hands!" He hissed.

"You wonít have to worry about that . . . cause I got it under control. If you rather talk about something that seems to be diabolical to you, feel free to bring it up anytime." He narrowed his eyes while driving. "Eric, quit being such a jackass! Iíve meant with what Iíve said. Your blood will be on my hands if you screw around with Charityís heart. I donít want anything to happen to her." He whispered. "Sounds like to me youíre still in love with Charity. Instead of worrying about what the HELL Iím doing with my girlfriend, why donít you fret over yours?" He snarled.

"I love Kay! I donít know what the hell you are insinuating but my concern for her is none of your DAMN business!?" Miguel fired back. "Be my guest Lopez-Fitzgerald. I must clarify this to you and Iím ONLY saying this once. Charity doesnít want anything to do with you." He corrected Miguel. "How do you know?" He sarcastically replied. "ĎHow do you know?í" he mocked. "What do you mean how do I know? She told me, thatís how I know!" He bitterly replied. "Oh . . ." He muttered. "Yeah! Oh! You know Miguel, Charity is not as feeble as you painted her out to be. Sheís very strong and I assure you she doesnít want anything to do with you." Eric concluded.

"You think you have all the answers, donít you, Eric!?" Miguel crossed his arms. "Miguel, Iím not here to argue. Letís put a truce to this once and for all. I wanna be friends you not enemies for the girlsí sake." Eric sighed and outstretched his hand to Miguelís. "Youíre right." Miguel reconsidered. "So what do you want to do on a guys night out?" Miguel finished dryly. "What do you mean what I wanna do? What I wanna do is PARTY!!!!!" Eric smirked and chuckled chaotically which gave Miguel quite a scare.

Meanwhile . . . back at Ericís house. "Kay . . . Iím so glad that we can spend some time together." She brought in some tea for Kay. "Thanks. So howís you and Eric?" Kay glistened at her. "Weíre good, but how are you and Miguel?" Charity sat next to Kay. "What do you mean?" Kay looked at her blankly. "You know what I mean, do you and Miguel have plans for the near future?" Charity moved closer. "I guess. Charity are you ok? You seem upset." Kay frowned. "Upset? No. Kay, I think your brain is working overtime." Charity sarcastically replied. "Miguel loves me and weíre very happy." Kay finished her tea.

"Kay, do you know anything about me and Miguelís break up?" Charity crossed her arms. "No." She denied instantly. "Oh ok. Well why donít we go have some fun?" Charity put on her coat and was ready to leave. "Sure why not?" Kay shrugged and they both left.





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