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Torn Between Two














This is in no way affiliated with JER and Passions. Iím just borrowing these characters for a while. In some of these chapters there are some very sexual content. Please in enjoy. :)

Rated R

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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Torn Between Two
by loving passions

Chapter 12

Kay woke up and looked at Miguel. "Oh my God." She mumbled. "Am I dreaming?" She pinched herself. "No, I canít be dreaming." Miguel peeked at Kay. "Morning." He leaned over to kiss her on the cheek. "Hi Miguel." Kay got up quickly to go to the bathroom. "Oh my goodness what have I done? I got to stay away from Miguel. "What am I doing? Kay, why mess this up? Youíve finally get to be with Miguel and why avoid him? Heís all mine. Iím going to enjoy this. If I can keep him wanting more, then I will win his heart for sure. There is no way Charity can take him back." Kay smiled, underhandedly.

Kay finally opened the door. "Miguel, so I take it youíre leaving?" She looked at him with discontentment. "Yeah. I must see Charity." Kay is certainly displeased with Miguelís informal actions. "Why? I thought we were going to spend some time together?" Kay kept her cool. "Yeah, we will later. I need to see how she is holding up. I have to go home and change. Bye Kay." He stormed out of there. "Bye to you, too." She murmured. "Why is it when I always get a chance to be with Miguel? Charity is the first person to enter his mind?! Itís not fair!" She cried and went back to the bathroom to take a shower.

Charity arrived to her room. "Today, I get to see Miguel. I wonder how he is doing? I feel bad for cheating on Miguel. Maybe I should tell Eric itís over tomorrow. I canít let Eric ruin my relationship with Miguel. I love him too much." she took a shower and changed. "I hope this will look presentable for Miguel. I want to be with him only. This affair will not go on anymore. How could I let Eric get to me like that? I know one thing, Miguel is going to be here any second." Charity went downstairs to open the door. "Miguel! Iím so glad to see you." She embraced him affectionately. "Hey Charity, are you ready?" He smiled. "Yep, I sure am. Letís go." They headed out.

"You look so beautiful, Charity. And you smell so nice. I missed you so much." He kissed her passionately. "Miguel, Iím delighted to get to spend the whole weekend with you." She kissed him back. "Me too. This will give us a chance to show how much we love each other." He beamed at her. "Most importantly, I can see that youíre being festive of us being alone. You mean a lot to me Charity, more than youíll ever know." Charity felt a tear coming. "Aw. Miguel, youíre going to make me cry." She touch his lips with a graze.

"Mmm. Can I have some more sugar?" He palpated Charity fiercely. "You sure can." She gave him another buss. "So Miguel, where are we off to?" She inquired. "Itís a secret, baby girl. Youíll just have to wait and see." Charity pouted. "Aw, I canít have a hint?" She whined. "No. Then what fun would it be, if I spill it to ya?" He quizzed her. "I get your point. "Miguel, whatever it is Iím sure it will be a blast. I trust you with my life." She ran her fingers through his hair. "I love you, Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald." She felt the need to kiss him again. "I love you too, Charity Standish." He kissed her back intimately.

Later on, Kay felt she need to talk to Eric. So he stopped by to pick her and they are going back to his mansion. "So whatís up?" Eric smiled at her. "A disaster!" Kay cried and Eric held her close to him. "What happened?" He was confused. "Miguel will always look at me as a stone wall. Heíll never see how much I truly love him! I canít believe I was so naive to let him inside me again." Kay wiped her tears. "Kay, maybe itís best if you let him go. I think itís about high time I let Charity go. I canít see this working. Itís obvious she is still hung up on Miguel." he shrugged. "I feel I can find me a new girl." He suggested.

"WHAT?! Are you our of your mind?! Eric, donít even think about bailing out on me!" She demanded furiously. Eric looked at her bizarrely. "Wait, hold up! Donít you ever tell me what I CAN and CANNOT do! Is that clear?!" He railed at her. "Iím sorry, Eric. I just canít lose Miguel." Her vulnerability started sinking in again. "Well thank you Kay, for trying to coax the truth for me!" Eric retorted, angrily. "Eric, I didnít mean to sound so bitchy. Itís just." He intruded on her sentence. "Yeah, yeah, yeah! I know! I know! Itís just that when it comes to Miguel. He is the only one who matters to you. Right? Right." He sighed, irritably.

"Eric, why the sudden change? Iím not going to lose Miguel not by a long shot." Kay accentuated. "Long shot my ass! Kay give it up! I think it would be best for you and me to move on." Kay seemed to be disgruntled by Ericís last remark. "Move on?! Hell no!" She slapped her hand to the side of her hip. "Kay, what happens if Miguel doesnít want you in his life like he does with Charity? What then? Are you going to kill her off?" He retaliated. "Kill her? no thatís too simple. Why make the oblivion, obvious?" she crossed her arms.

"Why canít you see that there is hope for you if you leave well enough alone?!" He exasperated out of exhaustion. "Do you have any better ideas?!" She snapped back. "If you give me a second may I can-wait a freaking minute. I think I got an answer to your problem." He snapped his fingers. "I hope this will pull off." She mumbled. "Trust me this will. Hereís what I want you to do . . ."

The next evening has arrived, the plan Kay and Eric pulled together will finally tell all. Kay jazzed herself up this time. In an elegant gown, midnight blue with spaghetti straps. She has these cute shoes with slim straps around her feet. Showing off her pedicure. Her hair is styled in a dramatic up-sweep with a butterfly ornament on the side. The perfume she wears is alluring to the senses, so extravagant itís wild enough to drive Miguel up the roof. Her makeup is flawless. Makes her seem peachy, her shade of lipstick is neutral. Her eye shadow has a nice shades of autumn colors of brown, perfect, not too much nor too little, just right to fit the occasion.

She came downstairs and grabbed her shawl. "Miguel, I love you so much. I hope you can tell me this back." Miguel appeared at the door. "Hey Kay, wow! You look stunning!" He kissed her on the cheek. "Whereís Charity?" As soon as she heard him say her cousinís name. Her world crashed before her. "Charity?" she tried not to sound so dry. "Sheís out for the evening. Thatís who you came to see right? Right. I figured." Kay rushed out of the house bursting with tears. She went to the park. "How many more times you can set yourself up for another heartbreak, Kay? Youíre such a stupid girl! Heíll never love you like he loves Charity!" she cried with agony.

Miguel came after her. "Kay, why did you take off like that?" He caught his breath. "Miguel! No! I donít wanna hear it! Youíve said enough to me! Get the hell away from me!" She took off again and ran even faster. Miguel couldnít stand it so he went after her and by the time he managed to stop her. She fell to the ground and hurt herself. She tried to get up but stayed on the ground pouring her tears out. "I hate myself for this." She muttered. "Iím so gullible." She cried again. "Kay, are you alright?" Miguel picked her up. "Let me go! Go back to Charity!" She blared at him. "Kay, where is this coming from? We need to talk."

He gently landed her on the bench. "Kay, youíre bleeding. Here, let me take a look." He touched her softly. Kay moved away from him. "Iíll be fine, leave me alone!" Miguel persisted to stay by her side. "Iím not leaving, Kay. Youíve hurt yourself, badly. Let me examine you." He could see the scraps. "We need to take you to Dr. Russell." He frowned. "I got a first aid kit at home." She got up and collapsed. Miguel caught her and lifted her in his arms again. "Iím taking you to my place." Kay was inverted completely to speak to him.

They want to his bedroom. "Kay, stay right here. Iím going to get some bandages. Ok?" He responded lightly. "Alright." She replied back. Miguel came back with the bandages. "Kay, do you think youíre going to be ok?" Miguel sympathized with her. "Miguel . . . Iíll be fine. The sooner the better." Kay replied impatiently. "Kay, whatís with the embittered attitude?" He retaliated. "Why am I the one who always have to be so diabolical to everyone?" She lashed back. "Kay, what is bothering you? Tell me whatís wrong. Is it me?" Miguel couldnít figure out why is she acting shady. "Miguel, leave me alone! I donít want to parade in on you and Charity. Charity is the one you want to be with, right?"

Miguel was a little thrown off guard. "Kay, I donít know." He whispered. "She is the one you want to be with and you know it!" Miguel hushed her mouth with his finger. "Hear me out before you throw the towel in." He kissed her and she pulled back from him. "Whatís the matter, Kay?" He looked confused. "This!" She slapped him and she finds herself to graze him again. "Miguel, this is SO wrong! You know you want to be with Charity!" She stopped kissing him. "Kay, Iím not so sure anymore." He looked at her with obscurity. "Miguel, I really donít think . . ."

He interrupted her and pulled her into another kiss. "Miguel, you didnít answer my question?" He stared at her for a very long time. "Kay, I want to be with you." Kay gasped tremendously. "Did I just hear you right?!" Kay asked him immediately. "Yes Kay. I want to be with you. Say you want to be with me?" He held her hands. "But what about Charity?" Kay didnít know what to say. "Iíll figure out something but I will tell her Iím in love with you." He kissed her again. "Oh Miguel!" She hugged him tightly. "Youíve made me so happy! Iím in love with you, too." She smiled and kissed him once more.

"So you want to be with me? Kay Iím so sorry that I didnít tell you earlier. I was trying to sort my feelings out. I love you." He let his hand caress her face with his ardent touch. "Miguel, you donít know how much this means to me! I want to be with you! Please tell me Iím not dreaming?" Kay pleaded. "Youíre not dreaming." He beamed and picked her up. "Kay, I want this to work. Say you want us to be together?" He kissed her again. "I want this more than anything!" She exclaimed. Miguel laid her down easily and started kissing on her. She let his sensual touch soar through her outer limits. He managed to slip her dress off without any complications. She took off his clothes as well. Itís like second nature to her, dreaming to be in his arms.

They started making love again. Kayís tears begin to flow as his body searched through hers and she moaned with pleasure. She gave her all to him once. Could this be it? Will she finally get the man of her dreams permanently? Will Ericís and Kayís plan finally get them want they want? How will Charity take the news? Will Eric be her leaning shoulder?"





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