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Torn Between Two














This is in no way affiliated with JER and Passions. Iím just borrowing these characters for a while. In some of these chapters there are some very sexual content. Please in enjoy. :)

Rated R

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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Torn Between Two
by loving passions

Chapter 11

Itís been six months since Kay stayed away from everyone. Grace still worries about Kay. Sam had every police out on the search for Kay and still no word. "Sam . . . Why would Kay run away? Is it because we havenít payed any attention to her? Once Kay gets back . . . I will embrace her with loving arms. I miss my daughter." Grace cried. "I miss her, too. Grace, weíre going to find our baby girl. Sheíll turn up." Sam held Grace closer to him. "What if she doesnít come back?!" Grace looked at him. "Donít think like this, Grace. Kay just has to be safe." Grace couldnít stop thinking of whatís happening to Kay. "Sam . . . what if sheís dead?" She cried again. "Grace, sheís not dead." Sam assured her.

"Sam, you donít know that! Itís been over two weeks and she hasnít come back!" Grace shouted. "Come on honey, you want me to take you to the church?" Grace nodded and they both went to see Father Lonagin. Charity and Miguel were in the living room. "Miguel, this is strange. Kay hasnít shown up. I wonder why?" Charity questioned him. Miguel thought back to what happened six months earlier. "Beats me. I hope sheís alright." He shrugged. "Me too. Miguel. I hate I have to leave but I have to meet up with Reese. See ya later, baby." She kissed him goodbye. "Bye, sweetie." Miguel kissed her back.

He went up to Kayís room. "Where are you, Kay? Why havenít you came back? Was it because of me? I miss you terribly. I wish you come back to me. I miss talking to you. Laughing with you." He stared at her picture and touched it sensually. "Once I see you again. Iím going to show you how much I miss you." He sighed and Simone knocked on the door. "Ka-Miguel? What are you doing here?" Simone is alarmed to see him in Kayís bedroom. "Hey Simone." He whispered. "Have you seen Kay?" She asked politely. He shook his head.

"Where could she be?" Simone grimaced. "Iím starting to worry about her, Miguel? What happens if she doesnít come back?!" Simone starts to flutter. "Simone, itíll be ok. Kay will come back. Youíll see." Miguel hugged her tight. "I miss her." Simone whined. "I miss her, too. Itís not like her to disappear like that." He said quietly. "What could of made her leave?" Simone was still crying. Miguel shrugged at first then he had to recall back on what he did to Kay. "Hey, you stay here. See ya later, Simone." Miguel hugged her goodbye and begins to search for Kay.

Kay was in the bedroom thinking to herself. Eric walked in. "Hey beautiful." He kissed her on the cheek. "Hey Eric." She mumbled. "Whatís with the Ďsmileí?" He examined her and he could tell sheís not too thrilled. "Whatís up, Kay? Whatís got you so bummed?" He pulled a chair and sat in front of her. "Itís nothing, Eric. Iíve noticed that the police is looking for me. Do you believe itís possible that my folks are worried about me?" She crinkled her nose. "I believe so, Kay. I think you should go home to them. You have a family who loves you." He sighed sorrowfully. "But Eric . . . Iím staying with you because you donít have anyone." Kay felt bad for him. "Kay, sweetie. I can take care of myself. You of all people should know that."

"Yeah, I know. But Eric canít I just stay here for a bit longer?" She puled. "Kay . . . I think itís time you should face the music. To let you in on the safe side. Youíre always welcome here." He beamed. "Oh Eric! Thank you!" she embraced him tenderly. "Do you want me to help you pack?" he insisted. "Yes, please?" Kay smiled at him. Eric pulled out her suitcase and they placed her clothes inside. "It looks like that is it." He dared to grin at her but he felt some sort of dejection kicking in. "Kay . . . I will miss you. Please feel free to come back if youíre having any trouble. Alright?" Eric gave her a glassy stare. "Sure thing, Eric." He invited her into his arms and didnít let go of her until he wants to. "Iíll miss you, Eric." She cried. "Iíll miss ya, too. Baby girl, have no fear. I will always come to see you." He pulled back .

"Letís get to going." Kay tried to be optimistic. "Shall we?" She continued. "Yes, we should head out." Eric helped her with her luggage. They arrived at the Bennettís house. "Take it easy, Kay." Eric kissed her goodbye on the cheek. "Bye Eric." Kay sighed desperately. She got inside the house and no one was home. She went upstairs, it turns out that she had seen a light in her room. "Whoís there?" She closed the door behind her and someone grabbed her from behind. "Kay . . . Iím glad youíre back. Is it alright if we talk?" He smiled. "Miguel?!" Kay felt utterly speechless. "What are you doing here?" she asked brusquely.

"Iíve been yearning to talk to you. Kay . . ." Kay ceased his sentence. "Miguel . . . just leave. I know what you meant and you will never see me as a lady. Youíve wanted me for sex. So get the HELL OUT!!" Sheís outraged by his inattentive demeanor. "Kay . . . you donít mean it. Please, hear me out?" Miguel pleaded veraciously. "Miguel . . . What is it you could possibly say that could alter my way of thinking?!" She blared at him. She went in her closet. "I was wrong to hurt you Kay and I . . . I apologize for what Iíve done to you. Can you ever forgive me?" He came up to her and touched her gently. "Donít touch me!" She moved away.

"Kay . . . what can I do to make this right?" He kept on pursuing. "Miguel . . . you took my virginity from me! I gave my all to you! Go be with Charity! Youíll never love me! All youíll ever see me as a Ďone of the guysí so go on Miguel! Let me be! Get the hell out of my life. I donít ever want to speak or look at you ever again!" she slapped him. "Kay . . . Iím not leaving until we settle this! I want you in my life! I canít imagine you not being with me!" He blurted out. "What?" She murmured. "I said, I canít imagine you not being with me." He repeated, softly. "What are you trying to say?" She whispered.

"Kay . . . give us a try. Thatís all Iím asking. When you were gone for so long. Iíve missed you terribly and didnít realize it until now. Iím sorry Iíve hurt you. Iím sorry Iíve took away the most precious gift you could ever give to a man. I want you to be with me. What do you say?" he came close to her and kissed her tenderly. "Miguel . . . donít say it if you donít mean it. I know what youíre doing. Youíre leading me on. Iím not trying to hear this. I must be hallucinating. Thatís it. Iím waking up from a bad dream. This will all go away. Miguel, youíre in my dream." Kay tried to convince herself out of this predicament. "Kay, itís not a dream. I do have feelings for you. I still do. I want us to try this." He caressed his hand on her face.

"Say you want me like I want you." Miguel whispered, sensually. "Say you want to touch me like I want to feel you. Say you want me to make you quiver when weíre making love at night. Say you want me to make you feel like a woman should. Iíll make everything right. I want this, Kay. Just say the word." He forced himself to kiss her as he pushed her onto her bed. "Miguel . . ." She moaned. "Please, donít do this to me." She felt weak. "Donít you dare hold back from me." he started taking off their clothes. "Miguel . . ." Kay didnít want to do this and she surrendered herself to him. Miguel beamed and kissed her again, his lips explored to her body parts. He went to her neck to her breasts.

To her stomach to her sex. He went below making her tremble. She has never felt anything like it. She started crying and screaming with pleasure. "Donít stop." She was clinging on to him. She kissed him as well. She jumped on top of him. She explored on him as well pressing her lips on his intimate areas, too. He began to quiver. Her sensual touch is making him melt inside. He held onto her. Easily she didnít stop herself from seducing Miguel. It was too simple. Sheíd always yearned for this. Now that her dream has came true. She felt there is no need to try harder. He came to her. He wanted to be with her. But for how long? Is this some kick off? Is he just using her like before? Only time will tell.

"Miguel, why?" She asked, faintly. "Why what?" he looked at her blankly. "Are you sure this is what you want to do with me?" Kay stopped herself from getting sexual with him. "Kay . . . I mean it. I want you to be with me. Iím sorry Iíve made you felt like you were no good. I didnít know what I was thinking back then. I know now." He fondly placed his hands on her body. "Miguel?" Kay asked, nervously. "Yeah Kay?" he stared at her intensely. "Never mind." Kay is too scared to tell him she loves him with all of her heart and soul. She decided to keep this to herself. So she decided to go to sleep.

Miguel looked at her carefully. He ran his fingers through her hair. "I love you, Kay." he whispered and kissed her while resting away.

Eric was about to call it a night until he saw Charity standing at his door. "Charity?" heís trying to catch his breath after running down the stairs. "Whatís up?" he smiled. "I came here to see you." Charity jumped all over him and started kissing him with a burning passion. "Charity, whatís gotten into you tonight, my pet?" He jeered. "I want to be with you, Eric. Make love to me . . . now!" she highly demanded. "Alright . . ." Without hesitation he carried her upstairs and they started to unravel each other clothes. Sweet tenderness of fondling. "Eric . . . you are so wonderful. Donít stop." He penetrated himself through her.

He kissed her everywhere. He can tell she likes it. "Eric . . . what is it about you that makes me come back for more?" She touched him sensually. "Maybe itís because Iím irresistible." He complimented himself too easily. "Yeah, thatís one reason." Charity giggled. ĎItís something else about you . . . I find to be a mystery." Eric stared at her with desire. "What about me that seems so mysterious?" He smiled. "Your eyes. You have the most amazing eyes, Iíve done ever seen. Every time when I look into your eyes . . . I find myself to be lost. You are so captivating." She replied weakly. "I donít mean to steal you away from Miguel." He said earnestly. "You didnít. Eric. I wanted you ever since Iíve laid my eyes on you." Charity kissed him again.

"Really?" he seemed a little stunned by her statement. "I didnít know." He looked at her. "Now you know." She tempted to brush her lips against his. He had to kiss her back. He couldnít refuse the offer of him being so near to her. "I want this to go on forever." He smiled. "Eric . . . whenever you want me . . . tell me. Iíll give you what you need." She pressed her body towards his. He didnít stop it from there. He continued to kiss on her breasts and tickle her with his lips on her sweet spots. "Charity . . . I know youíre going to leave in the morning. I wanted to tell you. Iíve enjoyed tonight." Charity was bewildered by his response. She had to react. "Iím staying here and when you get up in the morning. Iím planning to be here, for as long as you want." She said, gravely.

"What?" He whispered. "Mmm hmm. Iím going to be here with you. Say you want this relationship, Eric." Charity meant every word of what sheíd said. "But . . . alright." He finally gave in. "I want to be with you, too. Baby, I want to make you feel good in every way." He kissed her fervently. "Iím glad you want to be with me. Cause I was afraid you wouldnít want this to work." Charity smiled. "I want this to work and if it doesnít . . . Iím glad I had my chance with you when I did." He smiled back. She kissed him again. She couldnít resist. So they went back to turning each other on and slept in each otherís arms.





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