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Torn Between Two














This is in no way affiliated with JER and Passions. Iím just borrowing these characters for a while. In some of these chapters there are some very sexual content. Please in enjoy. :)

Rated R

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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Torn Between Two
by loving passions

Chapter 10

Kay glanced at herself in the mirror. "I will get to see Miguel. Iíll never forget the night we have spent with together. Miguel really loves me." Kay reminded herself this is the day where she and Miguel will be together. She heard the doorbell. Just when she was about to answer it, it was too late. Charity answered the door. She saw Miguel kissing on Charity passionately. It ripped her apart. "No!" She blurted out. She ran upstairs. "This canít be! Miguel swore to me it was going to be us! Not fair. Everything he told me was a lie!" Kay cried incessantly. "How can this be? It must be a dream. Thatís it, Iím dreaming." Kay told herself. "Itís my fears taking over me." Kay got herself together and went downstairs to the kitchen to find her something to eat.

"Morning Kay." Grace kissed her on the cheek. "Hi Mom." Kay said quietly. "How did you sleep?" Kay didnít hear what her mother asked her. "Kay? Are you alright, honey?" Grace examined her studiously. Kay heard Miguelís and Charityís voices coming closer. "Bye Mom. Iíll see ya later." Kay kissed her goodbye. "Kay?" Grace is speechless by her daughterís mysterious behavior. Grace shook the feeling off. "Morning Charity and Miguel." She turned to them with a smile. "Good morning, Aunt Grace." Charity gleefully replied. "Good morning, Mrs. Bennett." Miguel held Charity in his arms. "Whatís for breakfast?" Charity asked. "Blueberry pancakes."

"Too bad Kay isnít here to enjoy them. She loves them." Grace frowned. "I will see you kids later. I have to go to the shop. Have fun." Grace smiled. "Bye." They said simultaneously. "Open up." Charity had the fork in her hand ready to feed him blueberry pancakes. "Mmm. These sure taste good." Miguel smiled and kissed her. Jessica smiled. "Aw. Look at the two love birds." She teased. "Hey Jessica." They replied while kissing. "Whereís my bum sister?" Charity and Miguel looked at her blankly. "We wouldnít know." Charity beamed. "Sheís always lucking out, knowing sheís supposed to help me with dinner later on." Jessica shook her head out of frustration.

"Jessica, maybe Kay will help you out later. You got to give her a chance." Charity tried to give Jessica hope. Miguel sat there in muteness. "Miguel, you know Kay will be able to help Jessica, right?" Miguel thought about something and he had to leave. "See you later, Charity." He smiled and kissed her goodbye. "Later Jessica." Jessica crinkled her nose. "Whatís up with Miguel?" Jessica glanced at Charity. "I donít know, but Iím hoping heíll tell me later." Charity finished eating and cleaned out her plate. "Charity, you seem different." Jessica smiled foolishly. "Like how?" Charity turned to her. "You and Miguel are closer these days. Itís not like you two arenít close but I feel you two have made a special bond."

Charity pulled Jessica to the side. "Jessica, promise me you will not tell anyone of what Iím about to tell you. Ok?" Charity stared at her soberly. "You got it." Jessica looked at her solemnly. "Miguel and I made love." Charity whispered. "Oh Charity! This is wonderful! Iím happy for you two. So this means you and Miguel are lovers for life." Jessica embraced her. "Mmm-hmm. Thanks." Charity went upstairs to get her books. Jessica had a devilish smirk on her face. ĎKay lost this battle. Charity had him first, not her. I hope they will stay together forever.í she thought. Charity came downstairs again. "You ready?" She smiled. "Yep more than ever. Charity, you and Miguel are meant to be." They both laughed walking out of the house.

Later that day. Kay arrived at the house before anyone else. "How could Iíve been so stupid?" She went to her room and shut the door. "What are you doing here?!" Eric covered her mouth before she could scream. "Shhh. Kay, I need to talk to you." He whispered in her ear sexually. "Eric, what about?!" Kay slightly yelled. "About Charity." He beamed. "What about them? You are a tad too late, Eric! Miguel and Charity are still holding strong!" Ericís smile disappeared. "What the hell are you talking about?!" Eric glared at her. "They were kissing on each other earlier." Kay sighed. "Oh Kay, for a minute there. I thought you told me they have made love." He took a good laugh. "No, you idiot! Miguel has made love to me!" Eric gasped. "Get out of here!" He was stunned. "I won Miguelís heart!" She smirked.

"Does Charity know?" Eric asked quietly. "Hell no! She doesnít know that Miguel has lost his virginity to me. We were each otherís first." She replied ecstatically. "Iím glad, this means I can move in on Charity." He clasped his hands together. "Yes, it means you can. I need to work with Miguel a little bit longer." Kay pondered critically. "Good luck. Iíll see you later babes. I love you for this! Kay Bennett, you have made me the happiest man alive!" He kissed her on the cheek. "Iím glad. See ya, Eric. Good luck to you, too." She cheered. "Miguel, we are meant to be together." Kay noted to herself.

Kay headed down the stairs to go visit Simone. "So much for dinner." Kay mumbled as she opened the door. "Miguel? If youíre looking for Charity, sheís out with everyone else." Kay was embarrassed. "Kay. I came here to see you." Miguel replied bluntly. "Me? What about me?" Kay thought she is dreaming about tonight. "We need to talk about what we did two nights ago." he sat on the couch. "What about it, Miguel? It was the most wonderful night of my life. Weíve made love! I love you for it! I will always love you, Miguel! Are we going to spend some time together?" Kayís eyes glistened with hope. "Kay . . . slow down. I meant to tell you that we canít spend any time with each other." He stared at her soberly.

"But Miguel . . . you promised weíre going to be together." She said dryly. "I know what Iíve said and Iím taking it back!" He firmly stated. "Why the sudden change, Miguel?" Kay tried not to let her tears show. "What Iím trying to tell you is Kay. I didnít make love to you. Iíve used you for sex because I thought Charity was cheating on me." He frowned. "Whoa, wait a minute. Where is this coming from?" Kay placed her hand over her forehead. "Kay, Charityís been faithful to me and Iíve mucked up! That night we shared never happened!" He glared at her. "But it did happen, Miguel." Kay said quietly. "No, it didnít." He clenched his teeth. "If you tell Charity that Iíve slept with you. I will never forgive you, Kay Bennett, nor will I acknowledge your existence." He blurted out coldly.

"So youíre saying you used me as a toy?" Kay held back her tears. "Kay forget about it! It didnít mean anything to me! I love Charity and Charity only! We will never be! I regret sleeping with you and if you canít move on from this Kay, weíre not friends anymore. Because weíve broken our friendship." He glared at her evilly and left out of their house. After he left, Kay began to cry. "He used me. H-he never loved me! How could Iíve been so naive?! I let him used me. He screwed me because he thought Charity was cheating on him. It turns out she didnít! Iím just a rebound! Iíll never ever lay my eyes on Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald ever again!" She ran upstairs to go pack everything out of her room.

Eric came over immediately once Kay told him what happened. "You got everything, Kay?" Eric asked softly. Kay nodded her head and escaped from the house. "So is it alright if I stay with you, Eric?" Kay asked helplessly. "Sure Kay. What about your folks? Wonít they start worrying about you?" Kay flashed a mean look at him. "They wouldnít care Eric. As long as you are still my friend. I have nothing to worry about." She turned to the window. Eric sympathizes for Kay. He didnít know what to say because she is scorned with agony and melancholy. "Kay, you can stay as long as you want. No pressure. Whatever you need, Iíll be here for you." Eric reached for her hand. She felt warmness coming from him.

"Thanks Eric. You donít know how much this means to me." Kay tried not to let her voice shake. They arrived at his mansion. "Wow!" Kay is in total awe of his house. "Eric, youíd never told me your folks are rich." Kayís eyes widened even more when she entered his mansion. "You can stay next door to me." He smiled. "Will your parents mind?" Kay asked out of concern. "No, my parents are dead. Kay itís time you know the truth about me." Eric said after landing her luggage in the foyer. The maids picked them up before you can say `Jack Robinsoní. "Eric . . . Iím sorry to hear about your parents. So youíre a minor right?" Kay looked at him. "Kay, Iíve told you like a week ago that Iím twenty years old."

"Iím sorry Eric. Iíve must of forgotten about your age." Kay sighed apologetically. "No need to apologize, Kay. You just forgot. Itís understandable. Now you can do whatever you please." He smiled. "You are loaded! Eric? I donít want to pry but are you a millionaire?" Kay tried to smile. "Why youíd think that?" He snickered. "I donít know. I got the feeling that you are not telling me everything about yourself." Eric smile disappeared. "Iíve told you everything, Kay. You know enough info about me." Eric snapped at her. "Iím sorry, Eric. I bet you wouldnít yell at Charity." Kay retorted. "Forgive me, Kay. I shouldnít be so harsh on you after what youíve learned tonight." Eric touched her gently. "Iím fine, Eric."

"No, youíre not. Kay you keep on telling me how much this boy meant to you and now all of a sudden heís not the one? I donít understand why you waste your time on this guy anyway?" He sighed out of annoyance. "Eric, focus on winning Charity. My quest to get Miguel is over with!" Kay bounced up the stairs. Eric ran after her. "Certainly, you donít mean that. Kay, you got to give him time. Give Charity and me time. I guarantee you, you will get Miguel. Even if it means I have to pull out all stops. Iím going to make Charity mine if it kills me." Eric demanded. "Eric, you really want Charity, donít you?" She examined him meticulously. "Yes. I think Iím in love with her, Kay. I want her near me." He canít help to smile every time he thinks about her.

"Good luck." Kay countered. "It will be a good luck to me." Eric pleased him self while concentrating on him and Charity. "Kay . . ." Eric followed after her. "Yeah?" She tried not to look irritated. "Do you really want Miguel?" Kay gave him the Ďnot this againí look. "Yes Kay, you have to get back in the game! I canít lose to Miguel! I want Charity! I know I have a real shot with her. Promise me, youíll stick to your word!" He admonished her. "I will, Eric. But I donít think I will have a chance with Miguel, not after the stunt he pulled on me. He really hurt my feelings. He treated me like garbage. He disposed me into his waste basket. Slam dunk! Isnít that what you guys say? Once you bone a girl you hit and run?" Kay asked cruelly.

"Kay, stop bitching! I think you have been taking too much Midol!" He frowned in concentration. "Well EXCUSE me for being so emotional. Canít a girl help but to cry?! Hell no! Iím a womanís scorn. Eric, Iíve invested too much time into getting Miguel, already! Why shouldnít I give up now?" Kay folded her arms. " íCause honey, you need to have hope. Isnít that whatís it about? Wanting your special someone to take you and cherish you for eternity?" Eric embraced her. "Somewhat . . ." Kay replied flatly. "Give it a shot, youíll never know what will happen." Kay smiled and gave him a hug back. "Eric, you always know what to say, donít you?" She stared at him intensely. "I hate to see a pretty girl cry." He rubbed his finger on her face tenderly and he leaned over . . . the telephone began to ring.

"Hello?" Eric cleared his throat. Kay pulled back and she had the most bizarre feeling ever. "Hi Eric, itís Charity." She answered. "Charity?" He smiled. "What can I do for you?" Kay heard Eric mentioning her cousinís name and sighed tremendously. "I want to come over tonight." She replied faintly. "Uh sure . . . right now?" He felt his throat tightening up on him. "Yes . . . see you ítil then?" She asked. "Not a problem." He responded smoothly. "Bye." He said and he hung up. "Lemme guess? Charity?" Kay rolled her eyes. "Correct, you get to win your prize for answering so quickly." He retorted.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Have fun." she griped. "Kay baby, donít worry. Love will come knocking on your door before you know it." He encouraged her. "When goats fly." she mumbled. Eric shook his head and left. "What just happened between me and Eric? Was he trying to kiss me?" She interrogated herself. "Nah! Not possible! Or could it? Nah! Kay, you need to rest. Tomorrow is the day where you have to face of not seeing Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald." she sighed and turned in.

"Eric, Iím glad youíve came. I was getting lonely." Charity kissed him. "Oh really?" He didnít seem surprised. "Yes . . . Miguel had to go out of town to visit his aunt. Sheís sick. I needed someone to talk to." She brushed her lips on him again. "Did you wanted to talk or to play?" He questioned her in a coquettish tone. She had to think about it. "Both." she deciphered immediately. "Hmm. I think I can arrange your quandary and have it solved." Charityís eyes glimmered into his. "Like how?" she smiled sweetly. "Like this . . ." He leaned over and kissed and carried her into his bedroom. He shut the door half-way. She pushed her on the bed. She stared at him unstoppably. He managed to reach to her neck and pressed his lips softly on her. Burning with a quenching desire. Taming her instant craving for him. Just like she imagined.

Whispering in each otherís ears. Sweet seducing sighs playing with each other coquettishly and grinning in a roguish demeanor. "Oh . . . Eric." she moaned. "Donít stop . . . this feels so good to me." she shed a tear. He smiled dangerously and injected himself slowly into her precious body. "Charity . . . this is what you want?" He looked at her intensely. She thought to herself and said it aloud. "You have the most amazing eyes. Theyíre so . . . so intoxicating." she touched him faintly. "I know this is what you wanted." He pushed against her body again. Making her scream out loud. She couldnít get enough. The adrenaline rush flowing through their veins. Their bodies connected and staying together as one. Itís like he know what she needed.

Just like the doctor prescribed for her. Heís giving her the right medicine in so many ways. So alluring. Who would ever thought that sex would be this good!? Especially. not Charity. Itís not with the man she loves. Or is it? She canít have both. But she wanted Eric so bad tonight she could taste him. "No one has to know about us Eric. This is between you and me." She demanded. "Donít worry baby. No one will ever know." They continued to expand each otherís horizons by stunning each other acutely. Kay was walking by and she saw Eric on top of Charity! "Oh my gosh!" she whispered. "Charityís not so innocent after all." Kay laughed demonically. "Miguel wonít be too pleased if he finds Charity sleeping with another man." Kayís evilness returns. "Miguel, I will make you mine." she said to herself, greedily.





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