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Torn Between Two














This is in no way affiliated with JER and Passions. Iím just borrowing these characters for a while. In some of these chapters there are some very sexual content. Please in enjoy. :)

Rated R

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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Torn Between Two
by loving passions

Chapter 9

"Eric, thank you for the lovely evening." Charity said getting out of his car. He walks her to her house. "Youíre welcome." He touched her easily. "Charity. You are so beautiful." He is bedazzled by her beauty. "Is it alright if I kiss you?" Charity didnít hold herself back from Eric. His kiss was captivating and ardent. How she has longed for his kiss? "Shall I see you tomorrow?" He smiled. "Yes, you sure can. Eric thank you." She said sincerely. "Charity, Iíve already said it once. Why are you thanking me again?" He looked confused. "You are special to me. Goodnight Eric." she kissed him on the lips one last time. "Night Charity." He got inside of his car and left. Charity went upstairs. Miguel saw the whole thing. He was devastated.

He went inside of the Bennettís house and escalated the stairs. He opened the door and sat beside her bed. "Shhh . . . are you awake?" He covered his hand over her mouth. "Iím not going to bite." he beamed at her. "Miguel?! What are you doing here?!" She whispered. "Make love to me tonight." He demanded. "You want me to do what?!" She whispered again. "Make love to me now." He kissed her again and again. This time he didnít bother to stop touching her and slipping off her nightwear. "Miguel? Are you sure you want to do this?" She looked at him blankly. "Of course Iím sure. Make love to me." She did what he told her.

He placed himself on top of her. "I want you to love every moment. I want you to feel special." He brushed her hair out of her face. "Miguel, why?" He hushed her with his finger over her mouth. "Donít say another word. This is about you and me." He slide off her underwear. He inserted himself thoroughly in her. "Miguel." she cried out weakly. "Are you ok?" he could see the tears rolling down her face. "Yea, Iím fine." she had to let it absorb through her, this is her first time letting a man getting that close to her. "I love you, Miguel." She sighed sweetly. He kissed her and finished his work on her. He took his time, letting her know that he wasnít planning to leave until he get what heíd came here for.

The next morning, she woke up and Miguel was gone. "Where could he be?" She stared at her bed blankly. "Time to get up. Itís a new day" she went to the shower. "Last night was so wonderful." She decided to look pretty today. Except this time she wanted to be different. She woke up as a woman. She went downstairs. "Morning Kay." Grace said while fixing pancakes. "Kay, you look so pretty. How come?" Sam glistened at his daughterís appearance. "I just felt like it dad. Nothing big. "I want to be early so I can talk to Simone. You donít mind if I skip out on breakfast today, do you?" Sam shook his head. "Have fun." He smiled. "Be careful honey." Grace shouted out. Kay visited at Simoneís house.

"Mom. Iíll get it!" Simone shouted. "Kay?!" Simone looked at her bewilderedly. "Simone!! I got so much to tell you. Letís go upstairs!" Kay is nearly about to lose her mind. "Gee, what has gotten you in a cheery mood?" Simone half way smiled. "Get ready to brace yourself! Miguel and I made love! Miguel made love to me!" She jumped out of her skin. Simone stood there speechless. "Get out of here! You and Miguel made love!" Simone remembered that her folks are still at home. "Yes Simone! He came to my bedroom last night and made love to me!" Simoneís smile didnít last very long. "Was Miguel aware that he did it with you?" Simone interrogated. "Simone?! How could you say something like that?!"

"Why would Miguel make love to you? No offense." Simone held her smirk. "Simone! He made me feel like a woman! Today is the day, Miguel will finally admit that he loves me!" Kay rejoiced. "I hope he does for your sake." Simone grabbed her coat out of her closet. "Letís go, Kay before weíre too late." Kay looked at Simone blankly. "For what?" Simone dropped her jaw. "Remember we promised Luis that we would help him decorate the Youth Center for the Halloween Party?" Simone searched through Kayís lovesick eyes. "Yeah. I remember. Letís go." Kay mumbled. "Iím hoping Iíll see Miguel there!" Kay jumped like a little girl who was waiting to open her presents on Christmas morn. Simone shook her head. "Youíre hopeless."

They went to the Youth Center and everyone was there. "Hey Kay. Simone." Luis smiled. "Hey Luis." They said simultaneously. "Kay . . ." Luis pulled Kay to the side. "I know I said dress properly to decorate the Youth Center today. I didnít think you would look so pretty for this." He beamed at her. "Iím sorry what, Luis?" Kay didnít bother to hear what Luis said. "Never mind. You look lovely." He kissed her on the cheek. "Donít hurt yourself." He said cautiously. "I wonít, Luis." she blushed. She went to Simone. "There he is!" She whispered. "Heís coming this way!" Miguel walked up to them. "Hey Simone." He smiled.

"Hey Miguel." He glanced over at Kay. "Hey Kay." He said softly. "Simone, do you mind? Kay and I need to talk alone." He touched Simone softly. "Not at all, Miguel." She looked at them and could tell there was something going on between those two. "Yes Miguel?" She said quietly. "How are you feeling?" He pulled her away from the gym and the went inside of Luisí office. "Iím feeling great, Miguel! Thank you for giving me the most wonderful time of my life!" She hugged him firmly. "The pleasure is all mine." He grinned roguishly. "Iíve enjoyed last night, too." He pulled back and kissed her passionately.

"Miguel . . ." She was speechless. "Careful. We donít want anyone to see us." He couldnít help but to snicker. "Since when did you get embarrassed about anything Kay?" He asked her gently. "Sorry." She lowered her eyes. "Youíre ok." He pressed his thumb on her lips. "Donít say another word. Kiss me." His eyes led her into a kiss again. He didnít stop kissing her. "Miguel. Do you have any idea of how much you mean to me?" Kay smiled while staring at him. He shook his head. "I love you, Miguel. Iíve loved you ever since we were kids!" She hugged him again. "You love me?" He repeated back easily. "Kay . . . I didnít know you felt this way about me." He seemed to be flattered. At least, that is what Kay is hoping for.

He held her in his arms. "Iím glad that you love me! I promise Iíll be true to you." He smiled. "Miguel? Are you saying we have a future together?" Miguel nodded his head. "Oh Miguel!!" Kay didnít let go of Miguel. "Kay . . . we will be together." He kissed her again. "Now why donít we head back to decorate the Youth Center. Weíll discuss this later, ok?" He smiled. "Ok Miguel." Kay and Miguel went back to help the others. Kay stood by Simone. "Hey Simone this is going to be my lucky day." She grinned. "Why it doesnít seem to surprise me?" Simone retorted.

"Hey Miguel . . ." Charity kissed him. "Hey Charity." he whispered. "I missed you. I want us to do something tonight." He nibbled on his ear. "Like what?" Miguel couldnít refuse to look at her innocent face. "I want us to make love tonight. I want us to celebrate our love. I want to give my all to you and I want you to give your all to me." Miguel looked at her bizarrely. "You do?" He stated flatly. "Yes Miguel. I canít hold back from you any longer." She kissed him again. "Charity . . . I." She stopped him from talking and landed her precious kiss on him. "Alright, since youíve convinced me. Weíre going to make this night ours." His mind went back to what Charity did. The kiss Charity gave to Eric made Miguel feel mortified.

"So I take it as a yes?" Charity cupped her hands on his face. "Yeah. You got yourself a date." He kissed her again. While Kay went to the bathroom. Simone saw Miguel and Charity kissing. "Poor Kay, sheís about to be in another downfall." Simone sighed sympathetically. "Simone, I need you to do a favor for me?" Luis asked while standing behind her. "Luis!" Simone shrieked. "Are you ok?" he snickered. "Yeah. Iím fine . . . what can I do for you?" She smiled after catching her breath. "I want you and Kay to go to my house and grab some of the decorations from last year." He smiled. "Sure." She saw Kay and grabbed her hand immediately. "Simone, where are we going?" Kay asked out of confusion. "Luis wanted us to get some decorations from last Halloween at his house." Kay tried to straighten her expression. "Ok, whatever you say."

"Hey sexy." Sheridan kissed him. "Hey Sheridan. What brings you by?" He smirked. "Luis, you know I came here to help you all decorate." She wrapped her arms around his waist. "Good. Then are you planning to see me after?" he kissed her. "You bet. I have something waiting for you at the cottage. Something you and should be doing every night without any interruptions." She kissed him back. "Oh, you got yourself a deal Ms. Crane." He couldnít stop pressing his lips on hers. "Is it safe for us to leave early?" Sheridan whined sexually. "Not yet. Later is always better." He jeered. "Fine, be that way." Sheridan pouted. He laughed and they both decided to help everyone else.

Charity is ecstatic to have Miguel with her tonight. This moment is theirs. "Charity, you look so beautiful." Miguel is in total awe. "You like?" Charity sneaked in a smile. "Like? I LOVE it." He stressed. Charity climbed on top of him and kissed him with a burning passion. "Charity, youíre sure about this?" She touched his face and still was kissing him. "Yes, Iím sure Miguel. This night is ours. Nothing can come between us. I love being with you. I want to give my all to you." She smiled. "Iím ready to give my all to you, too." He kissed her back and didnít stop. He wanted to hurt Eric for touching Charity intimately. He wanted to be Charityís first. But heís going to love her anyway, it doesnít matter anymore. Their love is lost forever.

Miguel took his time with sliding off her clothes as she slide off his. He pressed his lips gently on her to her neck to her body. Sensually they unite their hands with each other like an ionic bond. "Charity, I love you." He kissed her even more. "I love you too, Miguel." he take her in his arms and lays her on the bed. "I promise to go slow and easy." He beamed. "Yes, we do have all night." This is finally it! Charity and Miguel makes love. He inserted his body with hers. She felt her body going through a change. "Miguel . . ." She replied faintly. "This is wonderful." caressing each other tenderly, embracing skin to skin. Feeling the exotic movements of each other. With him kissing on her breasts, and her exhaling freely. This is a mutual feeling.

Nothing about it was tempting, just pure love. She feels right when she is with him. She loved being with him. He feels the exact same way with her. "Together forever, Miguel." She whispered. "Together forever." He whispered back. After their secret rendevous of love Miguel lifted himself off of her and he look below and he realize blood was stained in-between her legs. He was horrified to learn the truth. ĎOh my god. What have I done?í He thought to himself.





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