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Torn Between Two














This is in no way affiliated with JER and Passions. Iím just borrowing these characters for a while. In some of these chapters there are some very sexual content. Please in enjoy. :)

Rated R

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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Torn Between Two
by loving passions

Chapter 8

Charity decided to wear something sensual for Miguel. She had this dress, sleeveless. Itís fuchsia with baby pink flowers. Her hair fixed in a dramatic up-sweep. "Tonight is the night, for me and Miguel. Although, I must say the kiss Eric and I shared yesterday was exhilarating." She smiled while thinking to herself. She dabbed some perfume on her to make the event right. "Oh." She sighed heavily. "Why canít I stop thinking about you, Eric? Why is your kiss leaving an effect on me to want you more?" She said to herself. She heard the doorbell ringing. She rushed downstairs and opened the door. "Eric?" Her eyes widened with interest. "Hi Charity . . ." He started to blush. "I thought I would come by and see you." He smiled. "Me? Why?" She laughed anxiously. "Yeah. Iím sorry, Charity. I couldnít stop thinking about our kiss. It means a lot to me. I know the kiss weíve shared is ardent and endearing. I was hoping youíve felt it was not a mistake." He paused.

"A mistake? Eric . . . we do need to talk about this. Actually, Iíve enjoyed the kiss. I really liked it. Youíve made me see a totally different perspective on love." Eric searched through her eyes to find the answer. "Like how?" He asked, apprehensively. "Iím not sure if I can keep my love for Miguel." Her mind is transcending into a trance. His eyes glistened when she mentioned it. What is his ulterior motive? Why does he want Charity so much? "Charity, I donít want you to change your love for Miguel. After all, he is your first love." He touched her face gently. "Eric, forgive me but I must do this." She pulled him into a kiss. He didnít held back. He was a little stunned from Charityís aggression.

"Charity, what was that for?" He didnít step back from her either. "I want to spend my night with you." Kay overheard their conversation. "What?!" She whispered. "I thought she was going to be with Miguel tonight." She frowned. "Isnít this yours and Miguelís night?" He looked at her quizzically. "Yes . . . Miguel will understand." She smiled. "Charity, donít you want to let him know?" He examined her carefully. "No. Why should I? I feel the need to be with you." Her eyes grew dark with a carnal mystery. "What ever you want Charity. Where do you want to go?" He thrust his hands in his pockets. "To your place." She took his hand in hers. He followed after her. Kay came downstairs. "I wonder what those two could be up to?" She asked herself suspiciously. She heard a knock. "Hmm. I wonder who could it be now. If itís Simone. I must talk to her." She rushed to the door. "Hey Si-Miguel?!" She stood there frozen.

"Hey Kay. Whereís Charity?" Her smile disappeared. "Check her room, she might be in there." She went to her room and slammed her door. "Why canít he ask about me?! Why canít he love me?! Itís not fair." She started to pout. "No more Kay. Itís time to look pretty for yourself." She tried to encourage herself. She put on this spaghetti strapped royal blue dress with baby blue floral print. She applied on her make-up. Neutral colors to make her glow more. She started combing her hair. She wasnít sure if she wants to wear it up or down. "I think I should wear it up." She smiled half way. "I think you should wear it down."

She shrieked. "Miguel?! Wha-what are you doing here?" She interrogated apprehensively. "Charityís not around." He looked real nice too, in his tux. "I thought she was in her room." she lied. "You look beautiful. Are you on a date tonight?" He gave her a glassy look. "No, not really." She whispered. "I just felt like dressing up tonight. Thatís all." She shrugged. "Kay is something wrong?" He went up to her. "No Miguel. I-I have to go." She grabbed her purse, she really didnít want to face another heart break. "Where are you going? I want to come with you if you donít mind?" He gestured her with a friendly smile.

"No Miguel. Itís ok. You donít have to feel sorry for me. I know how you think of me." She sniffled. "Like how?" He looked at her blankly. "I must leave, ok? Night Miguel." She went downstairs leaving him speechless. "Kay wait up!" He yelled and she was already gone "Damn! What did I do?" he quizzed himself. "I canít believe he thinks the worst of me. I was an idiot to believe that me and Miguel would have a chance together. Now that heís with Charity. What can I do?" She frowned. She sat on the bench at the park trying to remain in serenity. "Sure is beautiful tonight, right?" She looked up. "Miguel?" She wiped her tears. "What do you want?" She asked, irritably.

"Kay. Did I say something to offend you?" He sat beside her. "No." She denied quickly. "Kay, you know you can talk to me, right?" He tried to search for her eyes, but she remained obstinate to look at him. "Yea, I know." She mumbled. He put his arm around her. "Well talk to me. Whatís going on? Did Eric break your heart?" She glared at him. "Something like that." She shrugged. "Iím sorry, Kay. Seems like itís you and me tonight." He hugged her. "Yea." She muttered. "All I ever wanted is someone to love me." She said, disappointedly. "Kay, you will find that special someone." He smiled. "You are a great gi-woman." He lifted her chin.

"Thanks Miguel. But I know you donít mean it." She replied bitterly. She got up and stood by the tree. "Kay? What is that supposed to mean?" He grimaced. "Nothing, just go away." She grumbled. "Kay. Why are you so distant from me?" He came near her. She could feel his body heat towards her body. "Iíll be fine, Miguel." She moved away. "Kay talk to me!" She turned around and gave him an evil look. "Miguel, you donít want me to talk to you. Just go away!" She blared at him. "Kay. I donít know whatís agitating you. Obviously you need to let some of that tension out." He suggested.

"You know what, I really donít need sage advice." She pouted out her lip. "Fine Kay." He said bitterly. "You know what I see? I see a girl who is blossoming into a ravishing woman." He responded coquettishly and step close to her. "Miguel. Please save it for Charity. I really donít want it." She cried. "Kay. I have known you all of my life. This is not like you, you always get what you wanted. You had had so many things right in front of you and seen it explicitly. You know Iíve always been implicit on certain topics. Iíve admired you in various of ways. Kay, you know how to make me laugh. You always kept me company when my leg was broken a long time ago." He smiled.

"Yea," She spoken softly. "I donít see where this leading to, Miguel?" She crinkled her nose. "What Iím trying to say, Kay is you deserve someone better than Eric. You will find yourself someone who will be worthy of you." He cupped his hands on her face. "Miguel. I may never get that love so donít give me false hopes." She looked down at the ground. "Kay. Look at me. Iím not trying to lead you on. Thatís the last thing I want to do." He smiled again. "Yeah well. I should go home." She tried to released herself from him.

"No Kay. Not until I finish with what I have to say." He glanced at her. "Iíve think youíd said enough." she retorted. "No, I didnít." He brushed his lips against hers and he is actually kissing her! She pulled away. "No Miguel." he disregarded of what she just said and kissed her again. She started to tremble with him kissing her fervently. "Miguel, donít do this to me." She said weakly. "Do what? When I saw you tonight in your dress. Youíve shown me another side of you. "Iím not following you." She started to fluster. "Sex appeal, I see clearly coming from you." Her jaw dropped. "Miguel you-you donít mean it." She turned away. "Yes I do mean it. Kay, do you know what youíre doing to me?" She shook her head.

"When you told me you was busy all day. I was crushed. Cause youíve always made time for me. I feel bad for not making time for you." He held her in his arms. "Kay, I want you to come with me." He took her hand. "I donít think so Miguel. How about some other time?" She started contemplating to herself. ĎKay, what is wrong with you?! Here is the perfect opportunity to seduce Miguel! And what are you doing?! You are simply passing up the offer. Donít be a fool! Take advantage.í She thought about it again. "Miguel, thanks but no thanks." He looked puzzled. "Kay? Why are you avoiding me?" "Iím not avoiding you. I think I should go home to get some rest!" She ran off and he exasperated.
"Miguel didnít mean to kiss me. All he wanted to prove that he still cared for me as a friend thatís it!" She went upstairs. "I donít care if I donít ever see Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald again!" She sobbed and went to take a shower. "Well I wonder what Eric and Charity are doing?"

"Charity, are you sure you want this?" He asked her while kissing her. "I want this more than ever, Eric." She kissed him back. "Charity, letís do it."





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