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Torn Between Two














This is in no way affiliated with JER and Passions. Iím just borrowing these characters for a while. In some of these chapters there are some very sexual content. Please in enjoy. :)

Rated R

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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Torn Between Two
by loving passions

Chapter 7

Charity got up to get dress. Today, she decided she want to look pretty, but prettier than usual. "I should wear this today." She had this lavender sweater with this white top and this floral purple skirt. "Hmm. I hope this is not too much when I see him." She said to herself. "Iím planning to have fun today. I know he will, too. I hope I donít make him nervous around me." She started to fret. Charity went downstairs to get her something to eat. "Such a beautiful morning. Isnít it Kay?" She inhaled the sweet aroma from outside through their window. "I couldnít agree with you more." Kay smiled back. "Oh you have plans today?" She turned to look at her.

"Not really. Iíll be staying home all day." Kay sipped on a cup of hazel nut, she bought from the Book Café. "Kay, you never stay at home. Donít you have practice?" Charity asked bewilderedly. "Nope. Today is Kay Skip Day." She retaliated. "Kay . . . you know your parents wouldnít be too thrilled about you doing that." Charity pointed out. "I know. I was just kidding Charity. Couldnít you tell?!" She snapped and Charity gave her a stern look. "Sorry Charity. I didnít mean to snap. Iím just a nervous wreck." Charity smiled. "Apology accepted. What are you so apprehensive about?" She sat beside Kay. "About making it through another day. Um. I got to go, Charity. See ya later." Kay ran upstairs and Eric arrived at the door. "Hey Charity. Are you ready?" He flashed his million dollar smile at her.

"Yep." She smiled at him. "Wow Charity! You look fantastic! And you smell good." he whispered in her ear sexually. "Thank you." She blushed. The aura of her presence makes Eric tremble. "Eric, where are we going?" She asked out of curiosity. "Youíll see. Itís my turn since youíve showed me around." He smirked. "Aw Eric, that is sweet of you to do so." She beamed at him. "Why?" She asked. "Cause I wanted to show you how grateful I am." He placed his arm around her. "Thanks Eric." She felt safe in his arms. "What are we waiting for, letís get going?" She smiled. "I hope Kay doesnít mind me spending time with you?"

"Kay doesnít mind. Actually, she is comfortable with me being with you. I talked to her about it last night. She said she wanted me and you to get to know each other better." Charity was stunned. "Wow Eric. I didnít think she wouldnít let it bother her. She proved me wrong." She stated flatly. "Kay is FULL of surprises." He chuckled. "Yeah I guess. Come on letís go." She walked out with him. "Yes maíam." He teased. "You are silly." She shook her head.

Kay is feeling cozy being in her pajamas. "Iím not doing anything today. I get to have the house to myself." She sighed out of relief, until she heard someone knocking on the door. She saw it was Miguel. "I should pretend Iím sleeping. Hell. I better get out of here." She went back upstairs to change her clothes. She went to the back stairs and open the door and Miguel is already standing there. "Miguel?! What a surprise?" She stood there wide eyed. "Whatís up, Kay? Have you seen Charity?" He smiled. "Earlier, but I donít know where she went." She shrugged.

"Again?! Where are you going?" He glanced at her. "Me? Um I got plans, Miguel. Iíll see ya some other time." She walked passed him. "Canít I come?" He pulled her back. "Miguel, itís nothing youíre interested in. See ya around ok?" That was hard for Kay to do to ignore Miguel. "Kay . . ." She left him there speechless. "Oh I hated doing this to him! But I had to!" she noted to herself. Miguel looked at her strangely. "Thatís not like her to not ask me to come with her. I wonder whatís going on with her? I should go ask Simone."

Miguel knocked on Simoneís door. "Hey Miguel." She smiled. "Hey Simone. Does Kay have any plans with you?" She invited him in. "No. Actually, my parents and I are going out of town because Whitney has a tennis tournament." She closed the door. "Tell Whitney." Whitney came downstairs before Miguel could finish his sentence. "Hey Miguel." She smiled. "Hey Whit. How are you?" He smiled back. "Iím good. You?" She stared at him. "Iím ok. Good luck." He encouraged her. "Thanks Miguel." She went in the kitchen. "So Kay is not being with you today? Is she going to be with, Eric?" He asked out of concerned. "No. She said she wants to be alone." She shrugged. "Want anything to drink?" Simone offered. "Sure." He smiled and Simone went to the kitchen. "Why would Kay want to be alone? She always hang out with people. Why the sudden change?"

"Here Miguel." She handed him a glass of water. "Thanks. So Kay decided to hang with no one? Are you sure sheís not avoiding me?" He interrogated. "I donít know, Miguel. I havenít talked to her lately. Sheís been distant thatís all." She shrugged. "Speaking of her being distant. I donít get it why she kept on asking me about another girl might be in love with me? When I know itís not true and Charity is the only one who loves me." He smiled. Simone nearly choked. "Miguel, hasnít it occur to you that she might be right?" Simone sighed. "What do you mean?" He looked at her blankly. "You never thought it would be possible for another girl to love?"

"Nope. Iíll see you later, Simone. If you see Kay. Tell her I want to talk to her." He said flatly. "Ok Miguel." Simone frowned after he left. "What was that all about?" Whitney quizzed her. "Beats me." She shrugged. "Letís go. Mom and Dad are waiting for us outside." Simone grabbed her things. "Iím ready." She smiled. "Good. Letís get out of here." They both laughed. Miguel seen Kay over at the Book Café chatting with Chad. He walked in. "Hey Chad, gotta go!"

Kay tried to leave immediately but Miguel caught her. "Kay, come here." He said firmly.

"Yeah Miguel?" She sighed and looked at him. "Kay Bennett, where do you think youíre going?" Miguel went to her. "Miguel . . . I really must go. Iím going to be late. Talk to me tomorrow." She set herself free form Miguelís arms. He was baffled and didnít know what to do.

"Eric, so where are you taking me?" She asked him. "Youíll see. I donít wanna ruin it." he snickered. "Ok Eric." She muttered. "I know youíll find it astonishing." She locked her eyes on his. "I think I will." She said confidently. "Ok weíre here." He helped her out of the car. "Wow! Eric, you know someone who lives here?" Charity is in total awe. "I live here Charity this is my house." She was puzzled and in disbelief. "Your parents live here with you too?" Her eyes widened. "No. My parents left the estate to me." He smiled. "Letís go inside."

"Eric, this is lovely. Such extravagance! How old are you?" She looked at him. "Iím twenty." He smiled. "Oh Eric. Does Kay knows about you being rich?" She examined his expression. "No, she doesnít know. Youíre the first one Iíve told so far." He crimsoned. "Oh Eric. This is beautiful." She couldnít stop smiling. "Charity. I know this is sudden but Iíve been meaning to give this to you." He held out a gift to her. "Is it safe for me to open?" she teased. "I hope so!" He joked. When she opened it. She nearly cried. "Oh my god! Eric this is so beautiful!" He gave her a 24 karat gold diamond bracelet.

"You like?" He questioned. "Eric. I canít accept this. Itís lovely. But this should be given to Kay." She said earnestly. "But this is your friendship bracelet. It has your name engraved on it. You are very special to me, Charity. Youíve been kind to me when I got here." He smiled. "Eric. I donít know what to say." Itís something about his mysterious eyes. She find to be astoundingly bedazzled. "Eric, what is it about you?" She said in a trance. "What do you mean?" He tried to understand what she meant. "You are different. You are not like any other man Iíve ever known." Charity couldnít help herself. "Youíre special to me too, Charity.í Eric couldnít take it anymore. He leaned over and kissed her. The kiss theyíve shared is ardent, tempting, and sensual.

"Eric . . ." She was shocked. "I think I should go." She started to leave and Eric held her back. "Donít go." He whispered. Charity turned around and stepped up to him. "Eric. What we did was wrong." He shook his head. "I donít think so." He pulled her into his arms as he kissed her again. She didnít hold back. Why did she let Eric kiss her? Is it because she wanted him to or because she wanted to? Her true love is Miguel, so why would she let another man kiss her so fervently? "Eric . . . kiss me again." She said weakly. "Donít you stop." She smiled. "Are you sure? Maybe I should hold back." He touched her sensually. "Eric . . Kiss me." He brushed his lips on her again.

Eric picked her up. "Eric, put me down silly." She giggled. "I donít want to. Let me love you, Charity." He touched her easily. "Eric. I want to take it slow. Letís get to know each other ok?" She beamed at him. "Alright. I should take you back home, huh?" He giggled. "Yeah." She said quietly. Eric helped her into the car. The drive remained silent all the way back. She got out of the car and kissed him again. She went upstairs to her room. "I should go see Miguel." She opened the door. "Charity, where have you been?" Miguel said lowly. "Miguel?! Iím sorry. Iíve forgotten." She said out of shock. "How could you forget our date tonight?"

"Miguel. I didnít mean to." He came up to her. "What were you thinking?!" He yelled. "Iím sorry Miguel. Iíve forgotten." He narrowed his eyes at her. "Charity, we promised each other." He grimaced. "I know." She mumbled. "Honestly Miguel, I didnít mean to do it. Iím so sorry." She sighed apologetically. He glanced at Charity and held her close. "I forgive you." He smiled. "I didnít mean to yell at you." Charity felt a little relieved that Miguel has come back to his senses. "Weíre still not late. There is something I have for you." He went to the bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror. Charity just realized she has on the bracelet. She hid it in her drawer. He comes out and touched her softly.

"Charity, youíre ready?" He lend his hand out to Charity. "Yes, Iím ready." She tried to shake off what happened to her earlier. "I love you, Charity." He kissed her before heading out the door. "I love you too, Miguel." They both left the Bennettís house. "So where are we going?" Miguel gave her the ĎIím not telling youí look. "Charity itís a surprise. Letís keep it this way until you get it." He whispered. "Ok." She smiled.

Eric stopped by to see Kay. "Hey Kay." He embraced her. "Hey Eric, I really hope this plan of yours will work. I want to get Miguel." She tried to be optimistic. "Donít good things comes to those who wait?" He jeered. "Itís taking too long! How will it happen for me?! I hate Charity with a passion! I loved him first and itís not fair he doesnít think about me!" She held back her tears. "Kay sweetie. I think youíre going to be thrilled once I tell you what happened tonight." He rubbed his hands with pleasure. "Spare me Eric, if itís more bad news then I donít wanna hear it, k?" She glared at him.

"Kay, trust me youíll like this one. I gave Charity something she canít resist." He grinned roguishly. "What is that supposed to mean?" She looked at him blankly. "Kay darling it will fall into place. I canít give away too soon. Or otherwise it wonít be any fun." He replied sarcastically. "I canít wait." She retorted. "Baby girl, youíre going to thank me!" He picked her up off the ground. "Iíll have to see it to believe it." She retaliated.





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