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Torn Between Two














This is in no way affiliated with JER and Passions. Iím just borrowing these characters for a while. In some of these chapters there are some very sexual content. Please in enjoy. :)

Rated R

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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Torn Between Two
by loving passions

Chapter 6

"What is it Eric? You name it?" She is so thrilled that she is back in the game. "I want you to distract Miguel for a couple of days." Kay smiled. "You want to me distract him? How long is a couple of days?" She slightly frowned. "Only two, if Iíve said it was four then it would be obvious." He concentrated on the road. "True. I really want to have Miguel to myself, Eric. I love him so much!" Eric kind of chuckled at Kayís desperation to have Miguel. "Youíll get him. But Kay you got to play it safe. You canít let him know so soon. Let him notice you." He instructed her. "How am I going to do that?" She smacked her lips. "What do you mean how are you going to do that? Itís simple Kay give him that innocent look." He grinned.

"Anything else you have for me, Dr. Freud?" She retaliated. "Kay. Iím serious. Try not to be seductive. Better yet ignore him the way he has ignored you." Kay wanted to slap him for making such a ludicrous statement. "What?! But then heíll think about Charity." She frowned. "Not really."

"Why is that, Eric?"

"Youíll see what I mean." He replied, confidently.

"Youíre the boss." She snickered.

"I see youíve been taking my notes." He sneered.

"Yes. Where are we going?"

"Youíll see, Kay."

"I donít wanna see. I wanna know, now!" She whined.

"Itís gonna have to wait. Behave!" He joked.

"Fine. I donít see why you have to keep me in suspense. Itís nonsense." She shudders. "Patience is a virtue, Kay. Besides, you always supposed to save the best for last." He said, calmly. "I donít think I can wait too long." She griped, impatiently. "Kay, chill. Itís not going to hurt you. Ok?" He touched her hand gently. "Fine. Great, why are we here?" She shivered when she looked at the park. She remembered the agonizing conversation her and Miguel had a couple days back. "Kay, letís go." Eric opened the door for her. "Ok Eric." She sighed heavily. "Cheer up Kay, itís not the end of the world yet." He took her hand. "Thank you Eric. I feel so loved."

"Why are you so bitter today?" She cut her eyes at him. "If I were you, I wouldnít ask that right now!" Eric didnít like her attitude. "Well, whatever is bugging you. I donít think you should take it out on me." Kay deeply inhaled and stared at the grass. "Youíre right Eric. I shouldnít take it out on you. Can you forgive me ok?" Then she glared at him. "Yeah. I can forgive you. So whenever you need to talk to me. Give me a holler. Iím right here for you." He gave her a wry smile. "Thanks Eric." Kay started thinking to herself and she finally gave in. "Eric. Itís about Miguel. Seems like no matter what I do. Heíll never love me or see me as a woman." She didnít want to shed a tear cause she felt it would make her look vulnerable.

"Kay. I donít know whatís going on inside your friendís head. But anyone can see youíre a pretty girl. And any guy would be lucky to have you." She tsked at his comment. "Ha! The only girl he see as beautiful is ĎMiss Iím Too Good For Anybodyí Charity. I donít know what he sees in her anyway!" Eric kind of grimaced at Kayís cruel remark. "Sorry." She sighed, apologetically. "I think you like her Eric more than youíre willing to admit. Is that why youíre asking me to be with Miguel for two days? So you can win Charityís heart?" He nodded at her. "I donít mean to burst your bubble, Eric, but Charity is only in love with Miguel like me!"

"Kay. I have enough confidence in me to win Charity. I know Iím getting to her. I can see it through her eyes." His voice tightened with a burning passion. "Well, the day you get Charity to love you. Thatíll be the day when I believe Miguel will be in love with me." Kay smirked. "You think this is funny, donít you?" Eric scolded her. "Kay. So what if I want to be with Charity? Is it a crime to fall in love with the girl?! Charity is sweet and loving. I see why Miguel loves her." Ericís mind floats away. "Shut up Eric!! I donít wanna hear it!" Kay barked at him. "Kay one-day your envy for Charity is going to hurt you." Eric replied, sympathetically. "That would be for me to worry about then, now wouldnít it?" She answered.

"Fine, if we canít agree then letís talk about Miguel." Eric changed the subject. "Ok. How will I get Miguel?" An idea came across Ericís mind. "I think I got it this is what I want you to do." Eric pulled Kay close to him as he whispered in her ear.

"Miguel. Can we take a five minute break?" She asked while rubbing her neck. "Sure Charity. Iíll go order us something to drink, ok?" He touched her easily. "Thanks Miguel. Iíll go to ladies room." He got up and went over to Chad. "Whatís up Miguel?" Chad outstretched his hand to Miguel. "Nothing much, whatís up with you?" He grinned. "Trying to make it, man. Whatís up with you and the little lady?" He asked while wiping the counter. "Charity is doing pretty good. Sometimes, I worry about her." Chad stopped at what he was doing. "Like how?"

"Charity was late today. Itís not like her for not to leave a message. Maybe sheíd forgotten." He shrugged. "Hey, itís a possibility man. You know, Iíve been meaning to talk to you today. Itís about Whitney." Miguel started to grin. "What about Whitney?" Chad could see the twinkle in Miguelís eyes. "I wanna know why is she so hell bent on me? She makes it seem like Iíve committed sin. Would you tell her I need to talk to her?" Miguel glanced at him. "Sure Chad. Iíll see what I can do." Chad lets out a sigh of relief. "Thanks man. I owe you one. If there is anything I can do. Let me know ok?" Miguel smiled. "Thanks Chad." he turned around to see Charity.

"There you are, beautiful." Charity hugged him as he greeted her with his ardent kiss. "Miguel. Iím glad weíre spending this moment together." She lays her head on his chest. "Me too, Charity. You know I think we should go. Itís getting kind of late. And I want us to finish studying in my room. If thatís alright with you?" She glanced at him. "Sure Miguel. You know I want to study with you. I want to be alone with you anyway." She touched his face. "Iím feeling the same way." They went to the table and had to take their things with them. Before they head out of the Book Café they told Chad goodbye as they head on over to his house.

"I hope this will work, Eric." Kay tried to be optimistic. Eric placed his arm around her. "Kay, honey it will work. You just got to believe it will happen." He assured her. "I guess." She didnít want to smile. "I really donít want to go back home, Eric. Where can I go?" Eric seemed to be stunned by Kayís reaction. "Do you want me to take you to Simoneís place?" He offered. "Yes I would like that. Would you do that for me, please?" She didnít bother to look at him all her mind was on winning Miguel. "Sure." Kay and Eric walked back to his car. He closed the door after her helped her in. "Tomorrow Charity. I will want to see you again." He said to himself. "Ready?" He smiled. "Ready." She said flatly.

"Thank you, Eric. I donít know how to repay you." She replied quietly. "You donít have to Kay. Itís my pleasure." He replied, confidently. "Thanks for dropping me off." Kay got out of the car and ready to go inside Simoneís house. "Youíre welcome, Kay. Iíll tell you everything that will happen tomorrow, ok?" He shot his mysterious eyes at her. "Ok Eric. Wish me luck." She gave a wry grin. "Wish me luck as well beautiful." He smirked. "Alright Eric. Good luck." She kissed him on the cheek. "Good luck to you too, Kay." He kissed her on the cheek back.

"Hey Kay. Are you and Eric going together?" Simoneís eyes glowed with curiosity. "Simone no! I might be back in the game after all." Kayís demonic smile appeared. "Kay! Youíre not thinking about seducing Miguel are you?!" Simone slightly shouted. "Shhh . . . Keep your voice down Simone, we donít want to make your parents suspicious." She whispered. "Sorry Kay. But I canít believe youíre going to seduce Miguel after all." She plopped on her bed. "Yeah well. Miguel will be mine even if it kills me!"

"Kay, youíre really planning to go through this arenít you?!" Simone demanded. "Yes Simone! I love him! No one can stop me from loving Miguel?! Iíve felt he is rightfully mine!" She yelled. "Yeah at this moment, so to speak, he rightfully belongs with Charity." She pointed out. "Like Hell?! I loved him first, Simone! Not bratty bimbo, Charity?!!! What does he see in my wacko cousin of mine anyway?! All she do is hurt people. Remembered how me and Miguel were trapped in the shed?! She planted those snakes in there! I know she did!" Kay begins to fluster. "But you donít know that!" She reminded Kay.

"Oh like a jackass, I donít?! I know she is BEHIND it!!!!" Kay stomped her foot. "Kay, calm down. I just canít imagine Charity would do-" Kay interrupted her. "Donít defend for her, Simone?! Charity knew damn well what she was doing?! I still say she is up to something. I bet she is having the luxury of washing it in my face religiously that she has Miguel and not me!" Kay tried not to shed a tear. "Kay. Iím sorry. I didnít mean to say it. Itís just I canít fathom of how youíre going to get Miguel." She frowned in concentration.

"In due time, Simone." Kay clasped her hands together. "In due time." She giggled. "Enough about me, I just want to get ready for this plan for tomorrow." Simone sighed heavily and rolled her eyes. "Iím almost afraid to ask of what it is." She retorted. "Simone . . . I KNOW I can get Miguel, permanently." She jeered.





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