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Torn Between Two














This is in no way affiliated with JER and Passions. Iím just borrowing these characters for a while. In some of these chapters there are some very sexual content. Please in enjoy. :)

Rated R

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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Torn Between Two
by loving passions

Chapter 5

"Itís not fair!" Kay woke up and itís morning. "I loved him first! Not Charity. Why canít he see I am destined to be with him? Iím the one he should be with." She frowned. "Hey Kay. I stopped by to see how you were doing. Are you ok?" Simone smiled. "Simone what does it look like?!" She yelled. "Sorry Kay. Iíll come back later when you are feeling better." Simone heads out the door. "Simone! Wait! Please donít go." Simone turned around and looked at her with empathy. "Let me guess? Itís Miguel isnít it? He hurt your feelings again huh?" Kay didnít stop her tears from flowing. "No Simone. I was a fool to think heíll ever love me!" "Kay, please donít torture yourself. There will be other boys." Kay is outraged to hear Simoneís way of encouraging her. "Simone there is no other guy for me! I LOVE Miguel. He will always be a part of me! Iíve been there for him since we were kids! Why should I give up on the only man I love because of my bratty blonde bimbo cousin who he thinks he is in Ďloveí with!?" Simone moved back. "Iím sorry Kay. I didnít mean to upset you. I feel you should let him go." Kay dropped her bear. "Not if I say so! Before this day is over I will make sure that Miguel knows that I am in love with him!" Kay stormed out and Simone followed after her.

"Kay! Iím coming with you." Kay turned to her. "Fine, but donít get in my way!" Simone agreed with her and went with her. Kay knocked on the Lopez-Fitzgeraldís house. "Hey Kay, if youíre looking for Miguel. Heís in his room." Luis had to get his coat so he can go to work. "Thanks Luis." Kay smiled. "See you girls later." Luis beamed at them. "Bye Luis." They said simultaneously. "Kay. What if Miguel is sleeping?" Kay grimaced at Simone. "Iíll just wake him up!" She whispered. Kay was about to knock on Miguelís door when it was slightly opened. "Oh this is my chance." She snickered.

Kay heard the shower running. "Miguel must be in the shower. Iíll just close these curtains to darken his room and plant a big kiss on the man I love!" Miguel wrapped the towel around his waist. "Today, I get to see Charity. God, I love her so much." Miguel reminisced on the event that had taken place last night. "She means everything to me." After he turned off the light in the bathroom. He saw her standing there. "God how much I miss you. I love you so much!" He planted his lips right on her. She stood there speechless. "Miguel. I love you, too" Miguel turned on the light. "Kay?! What are you doing here?! I thought."

"Miguel do you know how long Iíve been waiting to hear you say ĎI love youí forever." Miguelís smile faded. "Kay I do love you but as a friend . . ." He laughed at her. "You are really good. For a minute there I thought you were being for real!" He shook his head and take a look in his closet. "Iíll see you out in a bit." He shut the door and Kay ran out with tears in her eyes. "Kay . . ." Simone is bewildered by Kay storming out of Miguelís room. Kay didnít care if Simone wasnít behind her and Kay dropped her barrette in Miguelís room. Miguel came out and he squatted down to examined Kayís barrette. "Simone?" He said, coming out.

"Yes Miguel?" She smiled. "Where did Kay go?" Simone didnít want to confess to him. "I think she wasnít feeling very well." She plopped on the couch. "I wanted to say something to her." Simone mumbled underneath her breath. "You scare the girl off. There is no way she could ever forgive him." Miguel sat next to Simone. "Are you sure she didnít take off because of something Iíve said?" Simone touched his hand. "Believe me Miguel if you did, you would be first to know." She smiled. "Iíll see you later, Iíll have to go find-get Kay." Miguel overheard what Simone said about finding Kay. "Why would she take off like that? Doesnít make any sense." He shrugged and went on to see Charity.

Kay went upstairs and started crying again. "I can never make Miguel mine! I hate him and if he thinks about talking to me forget it." She heard a knock on the door. "Go away!" They knocked again. "Kay. Are you sure you want me to leave?" She recognized the voice. "Miguel?" She said quietly. She opened the door immediately. "What is it?" She said lowly. "You dropped your barrette at my house. I thought I would give it to you. Have you seen Charity by any chance?" Kay tried not to be so flustered. "No why?" He came in. "I thought she would be here. Itís not like her to not call me." Kay glared outside her window still crying. "Kay there is something Iíve been meaning to talk with you about."

"Like what?" She sighed out of boredom. "You." She thought her ears was playing tricks on her. "What did you just say?" He kind of laughed. "I said you. I want you to know that Iím happy for you. Eric seems like an ok guy." Miguel might as well stabbed her with a seven inched knife. "Eric?" She asked, bewilderedly. "Yeah. I must admit Kay. There is something unusual about him. He doesnít seem like he knows too much about people in Harmony. He look like the kind who just gets his way all the time." Kay begin to grimace. "Miguel. I donít think that would be wise to make judgement on Eric like that. You donít know him well enough to say." She pointed out. "True. Kay listen to me. I really want you to be happy. If you see that Eric is truly the man you need. Then Iím behind you all the way."

"Miguel. What would you do if you found out that another girl is in love with you?" Kay sat on her bed. "Kay. It wouldnít be an open discussion cause Charity is the only woman for me. No other girl can compare to Charity." He declared. "What would happen if there is another girl in love with you, And sheís been in love with you since day one. What would you do?" He lifted Kayís chin. "I would tell her there is no way Iíll ever be in love with her cause Charity will always belong to me just like I will always belong to her." He narrowed his eyes at Kay. When Kay heard that she immediately held back her tears. "What happened if she is your very close friend?"

"Kay . . . It doesnít matter if she kept it from me all this time and she is in love with me for so long thatís her loss NOT mine. I would hate her." She felt mortified even more. "Because she canít help the way she feels for you? Miguel thatís way TOO harsh to come from someone like you." She tried to keep her voice steady. "Itís not, if she tries to break me and Charity up. I will loathe her forever!" Kay started to tremble. "I think youíre being too hard Miguel." She started to lay down on her bed. "Kay whatís wrong?" He came up to her. "Go away Miguel. Please leave." She cried.

"Did I say something to offend you?" She looked at him. "I want to be alone right now." He didnít hesitate and he did what she asked. "Kayís not herself lately I hope Eric didnít hurt her." Kay slammed the door. "How could Iíve been so stupid?! I hate him! Damn him and DAMN everyone else who is in love! I give up!" She couldnít stop her tears from flowing. "No matter what Iíll do or what I say will matter to Miguel. Iím just one of the boys!" Kay locked the door. "I guess to lose something Iíve never had." She pouted some more. "I was dumb to think Miguel would love me! I wonder where Eric is at? Maybe I should call him."

Kay went to the phone and started calling for Eric. "Hey Eric if you get this message please call me back. Kay." she hang up. "Where could he be?"

"So you know everything so far about Harmony?" He smiled at her. "Yes Eric I do. If it wasnít for my motherís sister. I donít think Iíll be able to handle it." Eric felt bad for her. "Iím sorry, I didnít know you have lost your mother." Charity turned to him. "Yes. I miss her very much. But I can feel her love surrounding me. Eric what about your parents?" She asked, smiling at him. "My parents. They come and go as they please. So usually, I handle everything on my own." He sat on the bench with Charity. "Surely your parents love you Eric." She reached out for his hand. "I guess but itís not the same. Love is the last thing my family will ever mention."

"They should love you unconditionally."

"Charity, Iím not debating you on that. Itís complicated."

"Nothing is complicated Eric. Itís simple."

"Where you come from of course it would be. As for me, itís different."

"You will have someone to love you. She will come before you know it."

"Thanks Charity. I see why Miguel loves you, you are very special. Iím hoping I will find true love."

"You will Eric. There is nothing more important than love."

Eric stared deeply into Charityís eyes. "Thank you Charity this means a lot to me." He grinned half-way. "Youíll get her." Charity gave him a hug. "What was that for?" Eric is startled by Charityís embrace. "You need love Eric itís plain to see." He blushed at her. "Charity you are too sweet. I love to hang out with you more." She instantly remembered. "What about Kay? How do you feel about her? I know sheíll give you what you need." She beamed at him. "Kay is nice . . ." He paused. "Are you in love with Kay?" She searched the answer through his eyes. But his eyes were ambiguous. "I think I am. Kay and I are trying to work on it slow."

"Thereís nothing wrong with keeping it slow. Thatís the best way to have an enduring romance." She giggled. "Yeah." He said, lowly. "Charity. I donít want to hold you up from seeing Miguel." She didnít realized how late it was getting. "Oh yes. I completely forgotten about to meet Miguel at Book Café around three. "I hope heís not upset." Eric helped her up. "Want me to take you there?" He couldnít take his eyes off of her. "No thank you Eric. I can walk my way there." She flashed at him. "Ok. I think I should go see Kay." He started walking away. "Eric, meet me tomorrow at the same time, ok?" She looked at him standing by his car. "Sure." he shrugged.

"Alright Iíll see you tomorrow." She left and went straight on to see Miguel. Miguel couldnít take it anymore. "Charity never stood me up before." After he exited from the book Café there is Charity. "Miguel. I was just about to come in." She touched his face. "Charity where were you?! I was scared half to death that you were hurt ir you had disappeared!" He touched her sensually. "Miguel. Iím fine. Itís sweet fo you to worry about me. I didnít realize of how much time passed me by. Are we still on?" She wrapped her arms around his waist. "Yes." They went back inside.

Kay was about to take some fresh air outside. "Eric? What are you doing here?" He snatched her out of the house. "Kay come with me." He placed her inside of his car. "What are you doing Eric? My life is over . . . Can I come stay with you? I was just about to run away." Eric crinkled his nose. "Hardly. Kay running away wonít solve anything. I think I got something thatíll put a smile on your pretty face." Kay shifted her body towards the window. "Ha! Donít make me laugh! Nothing will ever be cause Miguel will never love me!"

"Thatís where youíre wrong beautiful. Youíre still in the game." Kayís eyes are red from all that crying. "Do you need to get your head examined?! I said Iíve given up on Miguel?!" Kay slammed her fist on the arm rest. "Kay listen to me! I think itís going to work between Charity and me." Kayís jaw begins to drop. "What did you just say?!" Eric nodded at her. "Youíve heard me right. I will spend my day with Charity tomorrow." Kay thought to herself for a minute. "So thatís why Charity wasnít around earlier, because of you!" She said aloud. "You named the price." He smirked. "Oh Eric!!!! Thank you!!!! How will I ever repay you?" He glanced at her. "Well there is one thing . . ."





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