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Torn Between Two














This is in no way affiliated with JER and Passions. Iím just borrowing these characters for a while. In some of these chapters there are some very sexual content. Please in enjoy. :)

Rated R

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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Torn Between Two
by loving passions

Chapter 4

"Hey Mr. Bennett." Miguel walked in. "Hey Miguel. What can I do to help?" Sam asked while cleaning his dish off. "Have you seen Charity?" Miguel leaned against the counter. "Sheís at Graceís shop. "Ok. Thanks Mr. Bennett, Iíll just go over there." Miguel was about to head out the door. "Miguel, is something bothering you?" Sam stopped him. "No, Iím fine." Sam observed him again. "Really? It seems like something or someone has thrown you off guard." Sam was looking for an answer that Miguel can give him. "Iím fine Mr. Bennett. Itís not a big deal. See ya later." Miguel exited before Sam could say anything.

"Kids these days." He laughed while talking to himself. Miguel went to visit Charity next door. "Hey Mrs. Bennett. Whereís Charity?" He thrust his hands in his pockets. "Sheís in the back Miguel. You can go back there. Iíll see you later on. Have fun." Grace left after saying her good byes to Miguel. "Hey precious." Miguel said while sneaking up on Charity. "Miguel! Iím so glad to see you. How did you sleep last night?" Charity turned to him smiling. "Charity. Iíve slept wonderfully." He was contemplating to himself. ĎI thought Charity already asked me on the phone. Maybe she has forgotten.í "So what are your plans today Miguel?"

"I was planning to take you on a ride with my motorcycle and weíll be far away from everybody in Harmony. I wanted us to be alone actually." Charity liked the idea of being alone with him. "Miguel, Iím glad to know that we can be together. Finally by ourselves." He lifted her up. "Me too." He brushed his lips to hers again. "Miguel be careful what if Aunt Grace walks in?" He smiled while looking at her. "Sheíll understand. After all, she knows we go together. Itís no secret." She couldnít stop herself from holding him. "Youíre right. I get off in like five minutes. You want to leave now?" Miguelís face glistened. "Letís go Charity." She giggled when he was kissing on her neck. "Great Miguel." They both were waiting for Jessica to come in.

"Hey Miguel, Charity. Iím here to take over for you." She beamed at Charity. "Thanks Jess. Weíll see you later." Miguel hushed her. "Thatís if there is a later." Jessica and Charity are stunned by Miguel. "Donít let me keep you two." Jessica was putting away her school books. "Bye Jessica." They both left as Jessica closed the door behind them. "Ready Miss Standish?"

"I sure am."

"Good. Weíre going to have a good day. Itís all about you and me, no one else."

"Oh Miguel! I love you so much."

"I love you too, Charity."

Kay was at the Book Café with Simone. "Simone you, wonít believe it." Simone rolled her eyes. "And what would that be Kay?" Kay sipped her hazel nut café. "It burns me every time when I see Miguel and Charity together. I wish Miguel were mine. But thatíll never be cause he practically laughed in my face." Simone saw a tear rolling down from Kayís face. "Iím sorry Kay."

"No Simone! I am not a guy. I am a woman! When will he wake up to see it?! I am not just one of those damn guys!" Kay was on riding on an emotional trip.

"Kay, I donít know what to tell you. You have to give him up." Simone played with the salt and pepper shakers.

"Hell no! Simone Iím not giving him up with out a fight!"

"What happens if Miguel doesnít want to be with you?"

"Iíll make him mine, Simone."

"Wow, Kay you are pretty determined."

"I canít help it! I loved him since day one!"

Eric walked in. "Hey ladies. Whatís happening?" "Nothing Eric. Would you talk some sense in Kayís head? Iíve done lost my patience with her. Call you later, Kay? Bye Eric." Simone shook her head and left. "Somebodyís in a ecstatic mood today." He sarcastically replied. "You know how Simone is . . ." She frowned. "No, I donít know how Simone is please enlighten me?" He chuckled. "Cut it Eric, so are you still on your word to help me get Miguel." Kay beseechingly glared into his eyes. "Kay . . . Iím not so sure. I . . ." Eric clasped his hands together. "Eric, donít you back out on me!" She yelled. "Look Kay! I run on my own turf. I really donít think itís such a wise idea."

"Why not?!" Kay tilted her head at him with confusion. "Because . . ." He stuttered. "Oh my goodness! You like Charity donít you?!" Kay slighted shouted. "Well . . ." He hesitated some more. "You do! Eric, do you know what this means?!" He shrugged at her. "No Kay, what does this mean?" He retorted. "I have more of a chance to get Miguel! Eric you are a life saver! I love you for this I could kiss you!!" Eric kind of moved his chair back. "Kay chill! I see that gleam in your eyes and I know what youíre thinking. If I could get closer to Charity and take her mind off of Miguel maybe she could fall in love with me."

"Eric, I like the way you think. As the old saying goes, ĎGreat minds think alike.í Come on silly we got work to do." She placed her arm around Eric. "I was afraid you were going to say that." Eric buried his face with his hand. "All we got to do is find Miguel and Charity." Kayís Cheshireís cat grin appeared on her face. "Kay, sometimes darling, you scare me." Ericís green eyes shot at her. "Letís get the moving!" Kay was actually celebrating like it was her 5th birthday. Kay and Eric exited the Book Café. She was stunned by his car. "You drive a Jaguar?!" He nodded at her. "How could you afford something like this?!"

"What do you mean?" He slightly frowned as he opened the door for her on the passengerís side. "Eric, youíre only a teenager." Ericís sneaky grin appeared as he closed the door and walked to the driverís side. "Iíd never said I was." He said to himself. "Ready?" He beamed at her. "Sure. Where could Charity and Miguel be?" Kay was getting frustrated about this whole situation. "Kay, calm down. Weíre gonna find them." He assured her. "I hope so. We looked everywhere and the evening is about to set." He exasperated. "Kay itís only 5:30." Kay whined some more. "Eric if we donít find them, I will explode!"

"Go ahead and explode!" He smirked. "Oh shut up will ya?!" Kay slouched in her seat. "Hey Kay look! Isnít that Miguelís motorcycle?!" Kay managed to sit up. "Yes that is his motorcycle!!!! Eric, you are a genius!" Kayís optimism returned. "Letís go." He said while getting out of his car. "Letís go before they do something drastic!" Kay grumbled impatiently. "Kay itís not like Charity is the kind of girl who would give herself so easily." He indignantly said. "Miguel!!! Charity!!!" Kay ignored Ericís last response. "Fine. Ignore what Iím saying." He muttered. "Miguel do you hear that?" Charity sat up with Miguel. "It sounds like Kayís voice."

Charity and Miguel slipped their clothes on. "Come on Miguel." Charity whispered. "Alright." He smiled. Kay and Eric went up to them. "Hey Miguel and Charity." Kay said through her tongue. She hated to see them together, oh how she ached to be in Miguelís arms. "Hey Kay and Eric." Charity smiled at them. "Hey you two." Eric said softly. "What brings you two by?" Miguelís smile disappeared. "Mom told me to tell you guys itís dinner time." Eric was shocked at Kayís shifty idea. "Alright. Miguel thank you for the good time I had with you. I love you so much." Miguelís zealous kiss set Charity on fire. "I love you too, baby."

"Somebody pierce my heart with a sword." Kayís stomach churned. "I would be glad to do the honors." He snickered. "Shut up Eric!" Kay cut her eyes at Eric. "Youíre not that funny." He moved away and skipped the subject. "So how about we all go out again sometimes?" He suggested. "I donít thi-." Charity butted in. "We love to. Right Miguel?" She was waiting for his answer. "Yeah I guess." Miguelís expressions appeared disgruntled. "I think itís a lovely idea." Kay put her two cents in it. "Yeah. Look we all better go home." Miguel and Charity was about to get on the motorcycle. "Miguel is it alright if I rode on your motorcycle with you?" Kay intruded. Eric shook his head and couldnít believe Kay is that desperate to get close to Miguel.

"Kay, I actually wanted Charity to ride me. Sorry?" He smiled. Kayís heart was crushed. "Miguel let her. Besides you two havenít talked in a while." Charity offered. Kay smiled with glee. "Remind me to owe you." Kay whispered in Charityís ear. "After all, I want to get to know Eric better since he is dating my cousin." She beamed at him. "Me?!" Eric just caught on to the last word. "Yes. Iíll ride in you car." She insisted. "Ok." Eric shrugged and thought ĎWhy bother?í Before Miguel could utter a word. It was too late, Charity was already in Ericís car and they left immediately. "Come on Kay." He pursed his lips together while griping.

"Thanks Miguel." Kay loved the way it feels when she is holding Miguel closely. ĎI wish it was Charity behind me. I donít like Ericís character. Something about him seems too good to be true.í Kay was actually indulging herself of having the exact proximity to Miguel. ĎThis is like a dream come true. I canít wait for the day he is in my arms. Or when he seduces me.í Miguel wasnít delightful of Kay riding in the back. "Kay how are you holding up?" Kay finally awaken from her daze. "Iím ok. Miguel are we almost home yet?" He didnít want to respond to her but he had to. "Yes Kay." He grumbled. "Great. From the look of things Eric and Charity should be on their way too." He sighed and ignored her comment.

"Charity. Are you ok?" Eric could tell she was a bit distracted. "Iím Eric. Thanks for giving me a ride home. So Kay and you are together?" She searched for his answer and he nodded his head. "Iím glad you two are happy." He turned to her. "Iím glad I am happy, too. How about you show me around Harmony tomorrow?" Charity was surprised by Ericís suggestion. "Sure, why not." She smiled. "Thatís if Miguel wonít mind?" She touched his hand gently. "No he wonít mind. He can understand." Eric was pleased to hear it. ĎKay will probably get what she wants after all.í He couldnít stop smiling. "Eric are we almost there?" He turned left. "Yes. Charity, is Harmony a cool place to be in?"

"Yes it is Eric. So many loving people here. Everybody cares about each other. Itís nice. I liked it and youíll like it too." She could see The Bennettís house appearing. "Thank you Eric for the lovely ride. Iíll see you tomorrow? Ok?" Charity smiled. "Alright. Thanks Charity. See you tomorrow and one more thing Charity, can we keep our day just between you and me? I would feel kind of embarrassed to ask Kay to do it. She rarely have the time. I appreciate it." Charity faced him. "I donít mind and I can keep this to myself." Charityís smile disappeared and she noticed something is peculiar about Eric. His eyes are astonishing. She never seen anything quite like it. "Bye Eric." She closed the door and went upstairs to go to sleep.

"I hope Charity made it back safe?" Miguel stopped his motorcycle. "Iím sure sheís probably resting Miguel." Kay was irritated every time he mentioned her name. "Miguel . . ." Kay moved closer to him. "Goodnight Kay." He frowned and went back to his place. Kay was torn in two when he flashed his eyes coldly at her. "He may not see it now. Miguel will be mine." Tears were tumbling down her face. She went upstairs and changed her clothes to go to sleep. "He will be mine." She cried herself to sleep.





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