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Torn Between Two














This is in no way affiliated with JER and Passions. Iím just borrowing these characters for a while. In some of these chapters there are some very sexual content. Please in enjoy. :)

Rated R

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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Torn Between Two
by loving passions

Chapter 3

"Hey Kay. Why did you leave so early?" Charity took a sip from her glass of orange juice. "I just didnít feel like staying that long." Kay shrugged, playing with her cereal. "Iím sorry Kay. I wish I could make it better for you." Charity touched Kayís shoulder. "Yeah, donít bother." Kay grumbled. Miguel came over and hugged Charity. "Hey you," Charity smiled. "How did you sleep?" Miguel asked her. "I had a good night rest myself. Hey Kay. Why did you leave so early?" Kay sighed at Miguelís interrogation. "Is this attack Kay day?" Kay griped. "Kay whatís wrong?" Miguel never seen Kay so . . . disgruntled. "Excuse me." Kay went upstairs and her tears were flowing freely. "Damn that Charity. I wish she could go to hell!"

"What is this Iím hearing Charity going to hell?" Jessica frowned. "Get out of my way brat face!" Kay walked pass Jessica and went to her room to go change. "Hey Miguel, Charity." Jessica snooped in the refrigerator to grab something to drink. "Hey Jessica. Whatís up with Kay?" Charity leaned over the counter where Miguel was asking Jessica. "Beats me, Miguel. I just seen her and sheís pretty snappy. I donít know what happened to her. Sheíll get over it." Jessica laughed. "I hope so." Charity mumbled. "I hope she wasnít offended about us?" Charity suddenly came back to the real world. "What makes you say that Charity?" Miguel snickered. "I get the feeling something is bothering Kay and it has something to do with us. I mean, if you think about it. She was fine until she seen us making out in the theater."

Jessica drops her mouth. "Ooh you two are being naughty, naughty." Jessica started chuckling. "I bet Kay got a kick out of it." Jessica said to herself, smirking. "What was that, Jessica?" Charity glared at her after she kissed Miguel. "I was trying to say that Kay must have been sick. Probably from the cold I had earlier in the week." Jessica went into the other room to watch television. Simone entered from the back way. "Hey Charity and Miguel. Whereís Kay?" Miguel turned to Simone. "Sheís upstairs. I donít know why Kay left. Maybe sheís coming down with the flu." Miguel suggested. "Thanks anyway." Simone ran upstairs and knocked on Kayís door. "Go away!" Kay yelled. "Itís me Simone. Kay open up." Simone pushed the door that was ajar, already. "Kay whatís wrong?" Simone came to Kay and hugged her. "Simone, itís not fair. Why does brat-face Charity have to take the only thing Iíve been longing to have?" Kayís eyes were red from the excessive crying. "What? Miguel and Charity did their soap opera debut of where they finally kissed?"

"Simone, this is not funny! Do you know how agonizing it is to see the boy of my dreams kissing on another girl? I love Miguel! Why canít he see it?" Kay scowled. "Kay. Iíve told you from the start, to tell Miguel the truth way before another girl entered in his life." Simone chastised her. "I know. I know. I know. I know! You donít have to scrub the towel on my face! Grab the soap why donít you? To make me feel cleaner." Kay retaliated. "Sorry Kay. But I just hope everything will work out for you. How are you planning to get Miguel this time?" Simone was flustered from Kayís disgruntled demeanor. "Youíll see Simone. I donít need your help as much now." Kay giggled.

"Howís that?" Simone bit her lip. "I got a babe to help me out. Heís planning to take Charity and Iím scheming to get Miguel." Kay placed her arm around Simone. "What? What guy? Who is he? And where did he come from?" Simone grilled her. "Eric. And Iíll explain it to you on the way. Come on! We got to see my Ďboyfriendí now!" Kay tagged Simone with her. "Whatever you say Kay." Simone griped. They arrived at the Book Café to make a collusion to keep Miguel and Charity apart. "Well, well, well. My favorite girl. Two of my favorite girls that is." Simone was in total shock. ĎHe is gorgeous. Where did Kay find him at?í Simone thought. "My name is Eric and whatís yours?" Eric beamed at her. "Simone." Simone glanced at Kay and gave her the Ďyouíve done out did yourself this time, Kayí look.

"Itís a pleasure to meet you." Simone outstretched her hand to his. "Likewise." Eric sat next to Kay. "So whatís your next sinisterís plan?" Eric flashed her a goofy look. "I was thinking we all should go on a trip. You, me, Simone, Chad, Charity, and Miguel." Eric shook his head no at her. "Why not?" Kay grimaced. "Cause itís too obvious, so . . . predictable. If you want to snag the man of your dreams, Kay. It must be counter productive. Something that will have an impact on everyoneís lives. You know, you want it to be spectacular yet sexy. Smooth but unexpected. You want Miguel to see you in a new light. Donít try so hard either. You gotta let him come to you. If you want to make him yours. You must carry yourself like a lady at all times." Eric pointed out.

Simone was speechless. ĎYou know Kay. Eric is right." Kay moue at first, then a sparkle glimmered in her eye. "You know what? Eric I like your plan. Since you are calculating and charming. What would be a good strategy for me and you to get the people we want?" Kay crossed her arms. "One thingís for sure. We donít want to do it right away. Itís too soon. We should plan it for this upcoming weekend. Cause we all know they want to spend their most Ďromanticí weekend with each other. We have to make sure our plan will not be thwarted." Eric clasped his hands. "I wish you two the best." Simone smiled. "Where are you going Simone?" Kay was disappointed at her for leaving. "Iím on punishment. Whitney ratted on me, cause of I was talking with Chad." Simone wanted to cry but she held her tears.

"Iíll call you later then, Simone. Take care." Kay hugged her before she left. "Thanks Kay. You tell me how it went. Alright?" Simone whispered. "You know I will." Kay felt assured now that Eric has giving her new hope she will succeed of having Miguel. "So where weíll be going?" Kay plopped on the chair. "Iíll have a party set up at my house." Kay nearly choked on her drink. "Your house. Do you have any family? How old are you, Eric?" Kay was trying to search for an answer through his captivating eyes. "To answer your question, Kay. Iím twenty. Right now my family is not up for discussion." Eric boldly stated. "Fine." Kay shrugged. "Here comes the oh so charming couple." Kay said, sarcastically. "Kay. There you are. We were looking for you. How are you holding up?" Charity touched Kay gently.

"How youíre doing, Miguel?" Eric shook his hand. "Iím cool. Whatís up with you?" Miguel thrust his hands in his pockets.

"Come and join us." Charity looked at Miguelís expression when Eric invited them. "Itís ok we donít want to impose." Charity said, politely. "Look. Me and Kay wanted to ask you a question." Eric insisted. Miguel really didnít want to sit at their table. "Come on Miguel. It wouldnít hurt." Miguel finally surrender and dine in with them. "What is it you want to ask us?" Miguel crossed his arms. "How about you, Charity, Kay and me go away for the weekend?" Eric smiled. Miguel and Charity looked at each other. "Eric, how are you going to do that unless youíre a Crane?" Miguel asked, blatantly.

"Look. Iíll take care of it. I got it under control." Eric leaned back. Charity was noticing Ericís looks. Why is she feeling this way? Of course she loves Miguel. But Eric is definitely different. "Kay are you up for this?" Miguel glared at her, gravely. "Of course I am Miguel. Why would you think I am not? Are you up for it, Miguel?" She returned the question. "You know I am. Especially if I have Charity by my side." Miguel kissed her intimately. Eric slightly rolled his eyes. "Perfect. Weíll be over my house on Friday. Are we cool?" Eric was searching for everyoneís eyes to see if theyíve made an agreement.

"Look at the time. We better go. Kay arenít you coming?" Charity looked at her when Miguel was helping her up. "Yeah, in a few. Just need to talk to Eric. Iíll see you two later." Kay payed attention to Eric without giving Charity and Miguel eye contact. "So everything is going out as planned?" Kay inquisitively doubted him. "Kay darling, really, there is nothing for you to fret about? You will get Miguel and Iíll try to distract Charity." Kay didnít look too please when he mentioned it. "No not distract Eric! Get her! Keep her away from Miguel!" Kay nearly shouted. "Someoneís real perky tonight." Eric crinkled his nose. "Cut the sarcasm Eric. Iím serious. I really want this to go accordingly the way I want it to." Kay bitched at him.

"Fine Kay. Just as long as you donít snap at me through out our weekend party bash. Weíre cleaned cut." Eric helped her out of her seat. "See you tomorrow then?" Kay turned and looked at him. "Yeah." He pulls off and Kay enters the house. "Kay honey? Who was that?" Grace asked. "Hey Mom! Just a friend." Kay gave a faux grin. "I would like to meet him sometimes." Grace was throwing her a little hint about meeting her Ďfriend.í "Youíll meet him soon ,Mom. I promise." She kissed her mother goodnight. "Charity, I canít wait to spend the weekend with you." Miguel embraced Charity with a bear hug. "Me too, Miguel. I love you so much." Kay wanted to choke when she heard Charity.

"I love you, too." He couldnít stop himself from brushing his lips on her. "You wonít be saying that any longer, Miguel. Cause you will be mine." Kay smiled, deviously. "Call you in the morning." Miguel told her. "Okay. Talk to you in the morning." Charity closed her door. Kay pretended that she was going to her room. "Hey Kay." Miguel tagged her to the side. "Yes Miguel." Kay was lusting after Miguelís body. ĎSo hot.í she thought. "I wanted to say Iím happy for you . . ." Miguel started trailing off. "Thereís a but isnít it?" Kay begins to fluster. "I hope he makes you happy." Miguel gave her a peck on the cheek. "Goodnight Kay." Before Kay could tell him goodnight, she just let him slipped out of her fingers, leaving her speechless.

"I really am hoping that this plan of Ericís work. I want to make him jealous. I got to make him notice me. I feel kind of bad using Eric. He is so hot! If I wasnít stuck on Miguel thereís no telling where Eric and I would be." Kay noted to herself.

Early that morning, Miguel called over the Bennettís house. "Hello?" she answered. "Hey My love. How did you sleep?" Heís anticipating for his love to answer. "Iím doing great Miguel. How are you?" Miguel was slightly yawning from his enduring sleep. "Wonderful. I canít wait until we spend the day together." Miguel felt something was wrong. "Charity? Are you ok. Iím fine Miguel. Just coming down with a cold. Iíll be ok." She coughed. "I hope so. Iím really looking forward to spend my day with you." She smiled when he say that. "Me too, Miguel, me too. I got to go. I love you." "I love you too." "Bye, Miguel." "Bye Charity."

"Morning Kay and Jessica." Grace said, while fixing them some banana pancakes. "Morning Mom." Jessica grabbed some orange juice out of the refrigerator. "Morning Mom." Kay was stretching while slightly yawning. "Hey you guys whereís Charity?" Grace was looking confused cause she knows Charity always sit right next to Jessica. "Good morning to all of my fo- three beautiful ladies. Whereís my fourth one?" Sam asked. "Good morning darling." Grace kissed him back. "Thatís what I was asking the other girls." Jessica thought to herself for a minute. "Oh my goodness. Iím sorry mom. I wasnít paying attention cause I had my headphones on. Charity went to your shop. Remember? You told her she could work early, today?"

"Thatís right. My mind must be slipping. Iíll go get her some breakfast. Iíll be right back."

"So how are my two favorite girls?" Sam sat next to Kay and Jessica. "Fine dad." Kay gave a wry grin. "Great dad." Jessica was in all cheers. "Um. Look at the time I got to go. Iíll see you all later ok? Bye all." Kay rushed out of the house. Sam was bewildered by her action. "Whatís gotten in to Kay?" Sam shrugged and was trying to eat breakfast. "Beats me Dad. You know how Kay can be." She laughed while washing her plate. "Even so, I wanted to talk to Kay. I havenít spoken to her in a while cause of my busy schedule." Jessica kissed Sam on the cheek goodbye. "Kay, what are you up to?" He frowned in concentration.





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