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Torn Between Two














This is in no way affiliated with JER and Passions. Iím just borrowing these characters for a while. In some of these chapters there are some very sexual content. Please in enjoy. :)

Rated R

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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Torn Between Two
by loving passions

Chapter 2

"I beg you pardon?" Eric was confused. "I was looking for someone like you." Kay slightly giggled. "O-kay. Iím not following you." Eric eyes met with hers. "Iím in love with this guy cause heís in love with my cousin. When I am the one who has been in love with him for years." Eric was a little more informed than before. "Iím sorry. He had crushed my heart when he said heíll always see me as one of his male buddies." Kayís voice cracked. "Iíll help you gorgeous." Eric invited his offer on the table. "You will?" She asked in doubt. He nodded his head. "Really?" Kay gasped and gave him another tender hug. "I should get hugs like this more often." He joked.

"Cute. When are you available?" Kay is fascinated by Ericís eyes. "Tonight." Eric beamed at her. "Perfect! Letís go to the Book Café." Kay insisted. "Fine by me." Eric didnít have any hesitation. "So what does this cousin of yours look like?" Eric dangled with the cup of coffee. "Her name is Charity and there she is." Kay pointed to him where she was sitting by Theresa. "Sheís pretty. Whoís the other pretty girl?" Ericís roguish grin shows up. "Thatís Charityís boyfriend sister. Her name is Theresa. And Charityís boyfriend name is Miguel. Theresaís brother. Whom is my friend. I love him more than that." Kay said in all one breath.

"I see. Iíll be glad to help you." Eric smiled. "You donít mind?" Kay crinkled her nose. "Of course not." Eric boasted. "I donít want you to think Iím using you." Kay explained to him earnestly. "You said you needed my help. And I will give it to you." Ericís eyes blatantly shot at hers. "You love rescuing the Ďdamsels in the distressí huh?" Kay rolled her eyes. "Yes. When a lady is in her worst despair. Iíll always give her the satisfaction that Iím here for her." Eric reached for her hand. "Thank you Eric." Kay half-way smiled.

"Look Theresa. Thereís Kay and some new guy sheís with. Letís go over there and speak to her." Charity beamed at Theresa. "Sure." Theresa shrugged. "He sure is cute, Charity." Theresa giggled. "How can you tell?" Charity laughed. "Charity itís not hard to see he is a charmer and hot one at that!" Theresa chuckled. "I guess. He is nothing like my Miguel." Charity smiled. "I thought you two were angry at each other?" Theresa quizzically looked at her. "Earlier I was. Not anymore. Heís right. No one will come in between me and him." Charity acknowledged. "You two are meant to be." Theresa nudged on Charityís elbow. "Yeah. Hey Kay." Charity touched her on her shoulder.

"Hi Charity. Theresa." Kay spoken lowly. "Hey." Theresa thought to herself for a minute. ĎI was right. This guy is one looker! Hmm. Maybe heís interested in Kay.í she giggled. "Hey all. I hate to cut the conversation short. I must go home before Luis starts growling!" They all laughed. "Hey Theresa before you go. Let me introduce you to Eric. Theresa this is Eric, Eric this is Theresa." Kay smirked. "Nice to meet you." He exposed his killer smile towards Theresa. "Like wise." Theresa grinned. "Have fun all." Theresa exited and Kay looked back at Charity and Eric. "Oh! How rude of me? Charity have a seat!" Kay was laughing with embarrassment. "Itís okay, Kay." Charity reminded her it wasnít a big deal.

Before Kay could utter a word to Charity. Eric already did the honors. "My name is Eric. Whatís yours?" Eric couldnít help but to show his million dollar smile. "Charity. Are you? Ahem. Do you know Kay?" Charity said, while observing him. "Yeah. Iím her boyfriend." Eric beamed at her. "Kay. I didnít know you had a boyfriend. I thought you were going with Reese." Charity was confused. "No. This is my real boyfriend. Reese assumed the wrong thing." Kay retorted. "Itís a pleasure to finally meet you." Charity outstretched her hand to his. "Like wise!" Eric placed his cup of coffee down on the table. "So Charity. Are you new here?" Eric began his investigation. "Yes. I canít wait for you to meet my boyfriend, Miguel. He would love to meet you." Charity insisted. "Cool." Eric was studying Charity carefully. "Kay you got your self one fine man." Charity patted her on the back. "Gee. Thanks." Kay gave a wry grin.

Miguel entered in. "Miguel There you are sweetie!" Charity kissed him passionately. "Hey sweetheart." Miguel puckered on her lips back. "Whatís up, Kay?" Miguel nodded at her. "Miguel meet my boyfriend, Eric." Kay jumped in his face. "Itís a pleasure to meet you." Eric shook hands with Miguel. "Same here man. So what brings you to Harmony?" Miguel suspiciously asked. "Why do you ask?" Eric retaliated. "Iíve never seen you here before." Miguel flatly stated. "Kay?" Eric narrowed his eyes at Kay. "Thatís because, I-I wanted to keep my relationship with Eric a secret." Kay lied. Reese walks in. "Hey all." Reese pulled his glasses to his nose.

"Hi Kay." Reese snorted. "Hey Reese." Kay gritted her teeth together. "Meet my boyfriend, Eric." Reese was crushed. "Hey Eric." Reese frowned. "Whatís up." Eric grinned. "Hey all I think I should go." Reese was offended to see his lovely Kay is with someone else. "Reese." Miguel tried to stop him but it was too late. "Oh well." Eric mumbled. "Hey Kay. I think we should all go out on a double date." Charity suggested. "Sounds like a plan to me." Miguel snuggled close to Charity. "Yeah." Kay muttered. She was crushed when sheíd seen how Miguel was consoling Charity. Oh how she yearns to be in his arms. Eric noticed Kayís anguished expression.

"Kay. I agree." Eric cuddled with Kay. He kissed her on her ear. "Eric." Kay laughed sheepishly. "I know what youíre trying to do. Keep it up." Kay whispered in his ear. "Got it kido!" Eric agreed. "Is it alright if we all go out tomorrow to the movies?" Charity put forth to them. "Sure." They all corresponded. "What time?" Eric questioned. "How about 6:30?" Charity squinched her eyes at Eric. "Perfect." Eric cheered. "6:30 it is." Eric winked at her. "I think we should leave. Come on, Eric." Kay held his firmly. "Nice meeting you two." Eric nods his head and leaves with Kay. "Eric I could kiss you for this!" Kay hugged him. "Whatís holding you back?" He jeered. "Cute Eric." Kay shook her head at him. "Now that we got them right where we want them Then, you will have Charity and I will have Miguel." Kay and Eric gave each other a hi five. "Somebody is full of themselves tonight." Eric jesters at Kayís malevolent deed. "Eric. Donít you want to be with Charity?" Kay frowned in concentration. "No! I donít wanna be with Charity." He bantered. "You know I want to be with her. But what makes you so sure this scheme of yours will work?" Eric lifted a brow.

"It will work. If we stick accordingly to the original plan." Kay grumbled. "Eric. Youíre being a worry wart. Whatís up with you?" Kay beseechingly looked into his eyes. "I can tell ole lover boy doesnít like me." He smirked. "I can tell I make him uncomfortable when Iím around his Ďpreciousí Charity." Eric concluded. "Thatís the idea, Eric. To make him feel unease. I want him to love me, though. Not Charity." Kay plopped on her porch. "Kay. Everything will work out. Youíll see." Eric assured her. "I just got to get Miguel, Eric. You donít understand. I really love him. Heís my life. I will die for him." Kay replied, gravely.

Eric shivered. He felt as if someone has walked on his grave. "That makes two of us." Eric gave a wry smile. "See you tomorrow evening, my bunny bear?" Eric joshes at her. "Tomorrow it is." Kay gave a faux grin. "Thanks Eric. I donít know what Iíve would of done if you havenít came along . . . Thanks Eric." Eric felt Kayís sincerity. He reached over to kiss her on the cheek. "Goodnight Kay." Theyíve said their goodbyes and Kay went upstairs thinking on how lovely it will be once sheíll get Miguel into her arms.

"You all are ready?" Kay shouted at Miguel and Charity. "Charity will be down in a minute." Miguel responded. "Good. Eric will be here soon." Kay said, fretfully. "Kay, itíll be ok. Give him time. You know patience is a virtue." Kay turned to Miguel. "In most cases." She retorted, trying to smile. "Miguel you . . ." The doorbell ranged. "Eric. I was worried sick. I was beginning to think you had bailed out on us." Kay frowned, sarcastically. "No need to fret my pet." Eric sneered at her. Kay grumbled at him. "Charity! Ericís here." Kay yelled at the top of her lungs.

Charity stepped down from the stairs and she has made an entrance that put Miguel and Eric into a total awe. "Thatís my girl." Miguel curved his lips slightly. "Iím ready. Kay you need to start buying you some patience." Charity chuckled. " Yeah. ĎKay you need to buy you some patienceí Yeah when horses fly." Kay mocked her and grabbed her sweater. "Come on Kay. Be nice." Eric lectured her. "Fine. Letís just go." Kay griped. "You really want Miguel that bad, huh?" Eric could see how this is affecting Kay. "Damn straight! Iíve been waiting this long for this event to happen. Now the time has finally arrived." Kay beamed at him.

"Youíre the boss." Eric dryly remarked. They all arrived to the movies and they were waiting in line for the goodies. "So Eric. How long are you planning to stay in Harmony?" Miguel interrogated. "Iím not sure. As long as Iím seeing Kay. I think Iím planning to stay around as long as I can." He snuggled up on Kay. "Miguel. Didnít you asked him last night?" Kay sort of grimaced. "Iím sorry. Itís just I want to get to know Eric better." Miguel kissed Charity, which made Kay want to squirm. "Itís alright Kay. I can understand where Miguel is coming from. After all. I am dating his slugger." Eric nudged her on the shoulder. "Ha, ha! Bite me!" Kay snarled at him. "Down kitty! I havenít started anything, yet." Eric tsked her. "Sorry." Kay scowled. "Come on you guys. The movie is getting ready to start." Charity whispered as they attended to their seats. "Charityís right." Miguel could see Charity wasnít pleased with their bickering. "Sorry sweetheart. It wonít happen again." Miguel promised her.

"Alright." Charityís eyes were filled with love. "Makes me wanna gag every time I see them kiss." Kay complained. "That makes me and you both." Eric retaliated. Eric seen how Miguel was really into his kiss with Charity. So Eric pressed his lips on Kayís. Kay couldnít believe how Eric is arousing her with his lips. "Eric . . . Is that in the script?" She joked. "Just go along with me." he whispered back. "Why??" Before Kay could continue with her sentence. Eric kissed her even more. Charity was observing on how Eric is a good kisser. Sheís not disputing that Miguel is a good kisser, but her curiosity is sneaking up on her.

Miguel picked up on how Eric was all over Kay. "Charity, do you want me to get you anything else?" Miguel changed the subject. "Yes." Charity responded while she was in a trance. Miguel did what she asked and go order something for the both of them. Eric was eyeing Charity. Heíd noticed on how he was grabbing Charityís attention. His eyes are glowing intensely. It is almost as if she could be in his arms right now! Wait a minute! Whoa! What is she thinking? Miguel is her true love. Eric is having the tendency to tempt her. She is amazed at his masculine features. Eric, no doubt is one good looking guy. He could have any girl he wanted. "Why did he had to have Kay?" Charity moaned.

Charity is not being her usual self. Something has taken over her. Eric stopped kissing Kay and he saw how Charity is feeling for him. Eric couldnít take his eyes off of her. He whispered in Kayís ear carefully so Charity wouldnít distinguish on what they are exchanging about. "I think I got her hooked." Eric touched Kayís hand intimately. "Oh Eric. I could kiss you again for saving me!" Kay hugged him. Charity had went to the ladies room but Eric stopped her. "Iíve seen you staring at me." Eric replied, confidently. "I want you to know Iím here for you whenever you need me." Eric assured her. "Thanks Eric. But I should." Eric grabbed her lightly.

"I mean it, Charity." Charity felt something coming over her. "Yes Eric. I understand." Charity finding herself to be a lost little girl who couldnít find her way home when looking into his charming eyes. "See you tomorrow? How about giving me a tour around Harmony?" Eric twinkled his smile at her. "Sure. Iíll be glad to show you around." Charity insisted. "After all. You are new here and it wouldnít be fair of me to let you feel like the odd ball." She giggled. "Yeah. Letís go back to the show before Kay and Miguel start wondering where are we?" Eric gestured. Charity glanced at the clock. "Oh yes. We better go. Eric. I think itís going to be nice to have you around here." Charity curved her lips at him. "Me too Charity, me too." He held her hand.

"There you two are. I thought we was going to call the police." Kay cackled. "Are you alright?" Eric hurried over to see what was wrong. "Iím fine Eric. Itís just . . . I see how you two are reacting towards each other." Kay whispered. "Isnít that what you wanted?" Eric cocked a brow. "Yes. Eric we want to slow it down ok?" Kay saw how close Miguel and Charity are cuddling intimately. "I canít take it anymore. Take me home Eric. Now!" Kay demanded. "Are you sure itís not your impulse getting to you?" Eric jokingly replied. "Shut up!" Kay was burning up internally. Miguel and Charity didnít even noticed. This means itís time for Kay to think of a new strategy.





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