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Torn Between Two














This is in no way affiliated with JER and Passions. Iím just borrowing these characters for a while. In some of these chapters there are some very sexual content. Please in enjoy. :)

Rated R

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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Torn Between Two
by loving passions

Chapter 1

Kay was sitting in the park, trying to figure out another strategy on how to get Miguel. Sheíd seen them a mile away. It killed her every time when she see Miguel kissing and holding Charity. Wishing it could be her. She would be in his arms right now if it wasnít for her cousin, Charity. "Hey Kay." Simone said, standing over Kayís shadow. "Hey Simone." Kay said in a low tone trying to not look at Miguel and Charity while playing with the pebble. "Still want Miguel?" Simone searched for Kayís eyes but they didnít meet her somehow. "I tried telling you to tell him how you feel before another girl would come along."

Kay sighed heavily. "I donít need your preaching Simone. I want Miguel. But how will I get him when damn Charity is in the way!?" She scowled. "Maybe you should wait until Miguel realize he has feelings for you." Simone tried to encourage her. "Gee Thanks Simone. What are you my therapist now?" Kayís sarcasm seem to be kicking in. So it made Simone assumed sheís herself just not there today like every other day. "Kay, you better keep your head up. Cause here they come." Simone whispered.

"Hey Simone. Kay." Miguel said kissing Charity. "Hey Miguel." Simone said. "Hey Kay and Simone." Charity is full of cheer. "Hey Charity." Simone smiled while nudging Kayís arm to speak. "Pardon me." Kay abruptly moved away from the scenery. "Whatís wrong with Kay?" Charity had this sudden chill rushing through her. "Iíll go see whatís up." Miguel insisted. "Charity stay here with Simone until I come back. Donít go anywhere." He lectured playfully. "Ok Miguel." He kissed her again. "Kay? Whatís wrong?" Miguelís eyes lurking through hers with inquiry. "Nothing Miguel." Kay turned to the river flowing smoothly. "Donít give me that talk to me. Is it Reese?" Kayís nerve shot to the bone. "Miguel! I donít like Reese like that." She declared. "Sorry Kay. I thought you. . ." She interrupted him. "What made you think that, Miguel?" Miguel shrugged. "Is something bothering you?" Kay looked away from him. "Miguel. . ." She hesitated. "Kay, donít hide from me. I can tell something is wrong." Miguel landed his hand on Kay. "Miguel. Just go back to Charity, please." Kay tears were flowing nonstop. "Kay talk to me." Miguel said. "Weíve been friends for a very long time. I want you to know you can talk to me about anything." Miguelís sincerity surfaced to Kayís face.

"You donít have time to talk to me, Miguel. Youíre so in love with Charity. I didnít want to bother." Kay said, kicking the pebble. "Kay, I didnít realize I was ignoring you." Miguel felt bad. "Itís okay, Miguel. Donít feel bad, believe me. I donít want to be a bother to you and Charity." Miguel looked at her strangely. "Why would you be a bother?" He frowned. "You donít understand itís more to it than what you see." Kay moped. "What is on your mind, Kay? You still havenít told me?" Miguel touched her gently. "My friend is in love with a boy and she canít tell him cause he is involved with somebody else." Kay sort of admitted the truth to him.

"Why is she afraid?" Miguel sat down beside her. "She have been best friends with him and her feelings started to grow. There is nothing she can do about it. Cause the girl he is with will always be his world." Miguel enfolds Kay dearly. "Did he know about her feelings?" Miguel wiped the tear from her cheek. "No." She whispered. "How come?" He asked softly. "He will always see her as Ďone of the guysí." Kay complained. "She canít be Ďone of the guysí if sheís a looker." Miguel stated. "If you only knew." She mumbled. "Want to go back where Charity and Simone is at?" Miguel suggested. "No thanks." She turned down his offer. "I rather just stick it out and stay off to myself for a while."

Miguel grimaced. "Then, Iíll stay here with you until you come with me." He cupped his hands on Kayís shoulders. "Miguel. Iím grateful. But no. Go with Charity." Kay hated to say it but she donít want Miguel to know how she really feels. "Kay . . ." He whined. Kay gave him the Ďnot nowí look. "Miguel. Iím serious. I rather be alone." Kay buried her head in her lap. "Kay, whoever your friend is. She might just get him if she holds on." Miguel assured her. Kay lifts her head up. "Really?" Demonic thoughts entered in Kayís mind. "Positive. If sheís a beautiful person inside out. Heíll see it eventually." Miguel beamed at her.

"Thanks. Letís go back to Charity and Simone." Miguel and Kay were laughing and teasing each other on their way back. "Seems like somebodyís having fun." Simone retaliated. Kay looked at her gravely. "Simone." She clenched her teeth firmly. "Hey. We hate to break this up. Charity and I must get going." Miguel half way smiled. "See ya later, Kay. Nice seeing you Simone." Miguel greeted them a goodbye hug. After Charity and Miguel departed. Kay snagged Simone close to her. "Whatís with the goofy grin, Kay?" Simone asked, irritably. "I think I got the perfect plan to drive a wedge between Miguel and Charity forever." Kay smiled deviously.

"Oh no. Iím almost afraid to ask you what that might be." Simone placed her hand on her face. "Funny Simone! Remind me to put that on my tab?" Kay strikes back. "What are you planning to do?" Simone feels that Kayís plan might be able to destroy Charity and Miguel permanently. Jessica came by. "Hey Simone. Kay." She frowned. "Brat face! What are you doing here?" Kay yelled. "Nice to see you too, Kay." Jessica kindly returned a sarcastic gesture. "Simone. Your sister was looking for you and she said it was important." Jessica stood by Simone while ignoring Kay. "Canít it wait?" Kay rudely questioned.

"This is not dealing with you, Kay. Butt out of it, please?" Jessica stick out her tongue. "Kay. Iím sorry I have to go. If itís dealing with a family meeting then I must leave." Simone crinkled her nose. "Lovely!" Kay glowered. "Sorry Kay." Simone gave Kay an unfeigned expression. "Call me later and weíll take it there. K?" Simone ensured her. "Alright." Kay grumbled. "Jessica! Why couldnít it wait?" she chastised Jessica. "Whitney told me to pass the message." Jessica defended herself. "Wonderfully amazing!" Kay griped. "I really need Simone, too." Kay smacked her lips. "Why do you need Simone? Look, if youíre going to mess with Charity and Miguel. You can drop it!" Jessica requisitioned Kay. "Little sister. Go home!" Kay blasted on her. "Fine. Iím telling you Kay. If youíre doing anything foolish. I will hold you responsible." Jessica took off and went to visit Reese.

"Kay. You got to find a way to make Miguel yours. Miguel gave me new hope to get him now. Iíll guarantee it, heíll know I love him before the year is over with." Kay made a note to herself. "Kay. Hey." Theresa said. "Have you seen Miguel?" Kay smirked. "Theresa. Just the girl I wanted to see." Kay embraced her arm over Theresaís shoulder. "What do you want Kay?" Theresa seemed a bit agitated by Kayís welcoming. "Do you know what Miguel is doing tomorrow?" Theresa turned to her. "No. Thatís why I have to find him. Why do you want to know, Kay?" Theresaís eyes grew with suspicion. "I want to spend quality time with him. Since he is always with Charity. I just need to catch up with him, thatís all." Kay put her head down.

"Iíll see what I can do Kay. No promises." Theresa lectured. "Thanks Theresa! I owe you one!" Kay hugged her. Theresa ran into Charity. "Hey Charity. Have you seen Miguel?" Theresa asked. "No." Charity said. "Why donít we go to the Book Café to talk ok?" Theresa submitted to Charity. "Yeah. I would like that." Charity smiled. Kay was heading to her house and she saw Miguel at her front door. Was she dreaming? "Miguel?" Kay was startled by his unexpected visit. "Kay. I wanted to talk to you." Miguel didnít look too happy. "Whatís the matter Miguel?" Kay is scared to even know what it is. "Charity and I had a fight."

"What?" Kay was amazed. "Come on in Miguel . . . No better yet we can go for a walk." Miguel moved by her. "What happened to you and Charity?" Kay asked calmly. "She gets the feeling someone close to her is trying to steal me away from her." Miguel confessed to her. "Really?" Kay said quietly. "Did she say who it was?" Kay was speechless by Miguelís announcement. "You. She said it was you. I told her itís impossible cause you and I are just good friends. Thatís it." Miguel plopped on the bench. "Yeah." her voice cracked. "Why would she say something like that? Oh let me guess. Itís one of Charityís Ďpremonitioní right?" Kay rolled her eyes. "Kay? I love Charity. But I think this one is a little farfetched. I canít imagine you and me together." Miguel laughed coldly.

"Why?" Kay was crushed. "You are just Ďone of the guysí to me." Miguel nudged her on the shoulder. "Thatís all you see me as?" Kay muttered bitterly. "Youíre my best friend in the whole wide world." He felt he needed a squeeze from Kay. "Miguel. I donít know what to say." Kay couldnít even utter a sentence to Miguel. "I hope Charity will get pass this. You have no interest in me. Thanks Kay for listening to me." He gave her a peck on the cheek. Kay was about to say something. She was hurting too much. She was getting the impression Miguel was admonishing her without even noticing it.

"Whether Miguel knows it or not. Charity is right. I am in love with you. I will come in between them. I donít know how I will. If only something could fall from the sky right now." Someone knocked on Kayís door. "Tabitha." she gritted her teeth together. "I just wanted to see if Grace was home." Tabitha snoops around. "Sheís not here, Tabitha." Kayís mind begin to wander off. "Something wrong Kay, dear?" Tabitha pried. "I want Miguel but I donít know how to get him. Cause dumb blonde Charity had this premonition that I will snatch Miguel from her." Tabitha dropped her mouth. "Is she right, Kay?" Kay looked at her. "She is right. I want Miguel. You know he had hurt my feelings. Saying itís gross for me and him to be together." Kay sobbed. "Well. Kay dear, you need to give Miguel some rude awakening. Grab his attention."

Tabitha views herself in the mirror, fixing her hair. "Like how?" Kay reciprocated. "Use what you got sweetie. Once Miguel see the real you. Your beauty and all. He is going to want you." Tabitha hoped she constrained Kay. "Yeah. All I need is a decoy. If only a guy could appear in my life. Then he will distract Charity." Kayís devilish smirk resurfaced. "Thatís the spirit, old girl! You have a good night." Tabitha greeted her goodnight and Kay returned it back. "I might have to take some fresh air tonight." Kay made a note to herself. "All I need is a cutie to drop in my life." Kay bumped into this guy. "Iím so sorry." her eyes popped wide open.

When she looked at him. She was in heaven. His eyes are so intense, theyíre green. His hair is dark as Kayís. He has a very nice built. Muscular, and he had this killer smile which drive girls insane. "Iím sorry. Iíve should of watch where I was going." Kay was embarrassed. "Itís alright, beautiful." He grinned. "My name is Eric. Whatís your name?" He kissed her hand. "Kay." she was in total awe. "Youíve just changed my life!" Kay clenched on to Eric and hugged him tightly.





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