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The Time Has Come




















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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


The Time Has Come
by lovingpassions

Chapter 20

Kay went along with Theresa and Luis is waiting in the car. "Kay. What is this I hear about you have something to do with Charity’s death?" Luis looked at her, quizzically. "Nothing. I swear." Kay is not really sure of what happened on that night. "You’re sure about that? Cause I talked to Miguel and . . ." Theresa cut Luis off. "Turn here Luis." Theresa could see how Kay was at unease when he mentioned his name. "Ready?" Luis looked at everyone. "Is this where it started?" Luis glared at Theresa. Theresa nods yes. Luis analyzed thoroughly and he turns to Theresa, Whitney, and Kay. "Well. Ahem. I don’t see anything." Luis frowned at them. "Is this some kind of a sick practical joke?" Luis scowled. "Theresa. I’ve done told you about fibbing, it gets you in trouble!" He chastised her. "But Luis. I’m-I’m not lying." Theresa’s voice begin to shake. "Theresa! You have brought me out here for nothing!" Luis lectured her. "But Luis . . ." Theresa was shaking so bad she broke into tears. "Luis. You’re being too hard on her." Whitney said.

"Theresa. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to. It’s just. I don’t understand why you have brought me out here?" Luis embraced her. Suddenly, the grounds of Harmony arrives to shake violently. "What the he-." Luis couldn’t even finished his sentence. The spirits flew from the pits of hell. "WHO’S DISTURBING OUR SLUMBER?" They yelled. "NO ONE IS WELCOME HERE! GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN OR YOU ALL SHALL SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES!!!!!"

"Luis!" Theresa yelled. "Theresa!!!" Whitney screamed. Kay was astounded by the works from the forces of evil. Luis seen the bolt of lightening blazing with flames of fire. "Kay get out of the way!" Luis hollered. He grabbed her and fell on top of her. "Are you alright?" Luis looked Kay. He could see she was frightened. "Wha-what happened?" Kay asked. "You were almost killed. Go over there where Theresa and Whitney are at." Luis ordered. "Alright. Thanks Luis." Kay went to Theresa and Whitney. "Theresa. I want to say." Whitney cuts Kay off. "Look. There’s no time for a friendly reunion. We need to get out of here!" Whitney has never seen this much terror in her life.

Luis seen a shadow lingering over him. "Charity?" Luis looked at her. "You are dead!" Luis was astonished to see Charity standing there. "Not so. Luis. It turns out that Kay has a lot of explaining to do. She was the one who pushed me over the cliff. She throws her innocent little act and fools everybody. You have no idea how wicked Kay really is." Charity chuckled. "What? Kay is not like that." Luis questioned with bewilderment. "You’re such a fool! Luis take a good look at her! Kay is a bitch! And she doesn’t mind showing it." Charity looked at her then faced Luis again. "Charity. I think your mind is working over time." Luis was interrupted by Charity. "Luis, do you hear yourself? Are you trying to say I’m delirious?"

Luis didn’t know what to make of Charity’s eccentric demeanor. Luis came close to Charity. When he touched her, he felt a shock searing through his hand. He fell to the ground, lying there unconsciously. The little girl appeared immediately. "Charity. This is not who you are. Look inside yourself. You can fight the evil. Charity you are good. Your mother would be left with a broken heart if she seen the way you’re behaving. Charity. Find the love you have within yourself. You are special and you bring inspiration to many lives. Don’t die with evil. Live with good. Good always conquer over evil." The little girl walked around her three times. The mystical waves of goodness comes showering down over Charity as she lays unconsciously.

Tabitha and Timmy witnessed the extraordinary event that is happening to Charity. "You are filled love, honor, and grace. Charity the forces of evil shall die. You must deal with them now. Destroy evil!" The girl roared. "You can do it. I have faith in you. Your mother has faith in you. Rise Charity. The time has come for you to face your enemies." Charity has followed the girl’s instructions. "EVIL!!!!!!!’ Charity bowled. She went to the direction of Timmy and Tabitha. "There’s hell to pay! If you and your sidekick surrender. You will not have to worry about me eradicating the grounds you’re standing on." Charity pleads a bargain. "Like hell!" Tabitha griped. "There is no way in hell we’ll join your side!" Timmy tugged on Tabitha. "No Tabby! Please Tabby! Don’t refuse. We’ve lost. The battle belongs to the forces of good." Timmy pointed out.

"I belong to the dark side! Fight me all you want. I will win. I ensure you that doll face!" Tabitha powers unraveled with great evil. She feel them soaring through her hands. "I’m once again powerful! Ha! Come on Miss Goody Two Shoes! We’re in this alone. You see Theresa and them are out cold. They don’t have a clue of what’s going on! Show me what you got!" Tabitha laughed. "Alright you’ve asked for it!" Charity declared war to Tabitha. Charity lifted her hands and the whimsical magnetism of good soared through Charity like it never had before. "Evil never wins Tabitha!" Charity shouted. "No!!!!!!" Timmy whined.

The fire from Tabitha hands were ready to strike. "Be prepared to die Charity once and for all!" Tabitha stormed Harmony violently for self destruction. "All the good people of Harmony shall die! And it will all be on you Charity." Tears were flowing freely form Charity’s face. She thought to herself. "No!!!!! I can’t let that happen!" Charity cried in exasperation. "Burn in hell Tabitha!" Tabitha and Charity squares off like her mother Faith did with Tabitha a year ago. "Surrender Tabitha now!!!!!!" Charity eyes were glowing brightly. Except this time with the forces of good shining through them. "I won’t let you destroy Harmony like you did to my beloved mother!" How could Charity know that Tabitha killed her mother when she wasn’t there to witness it.

Charity is under the influence of good. She may not remember this battle tonight. But she will know The time has come for her to get rid of evil once and for all. Timmy freaked out and he couldn’t bare to watch. Tabitha and Charity squares off at the old familiar cliff. "Ready to die Charity." Tabitha’s voice is possessed with demons. "Not if I can help it!" Charity exclaimed. "Charity you know? We’ve could’ve been the perfect team. But you have listen to that bratty girl. Who’s been by your side ever since I was here 300 years ago. Charity join me before it’s too late." Tabitha begs with mercy. "Tabitha since you want to ignore our helping hand. You must die tonight!" Charity requisitioned for her powers to come to it’s full development. "Charity you are really starting to bore me! Can’t you do better!" Tabitha snickered. "As they say Tim-Tim ‘All’s well that ends well.’ And to think you’ve got it made to destroy me!" Tabitha boasted.

Charity duress the wind from her mouth. She blew it so hard Tabitha didn’t know what hit her. Tabitha lost her balance and couldn’t hang on the cliff and her last word was "Chhhaaarrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttyyyyyyyyy!!!!"

Tabitha yelped. She hit the hard pavement from the rocks where the river was flowing. "Tabitha no!!!!!!" Timmy mourned over Tabitha. "She was all I had." Timmy cries some more." Charity came back to her original self and fainted. Theresa, Whitney, Kay, and Luis has awaken from their ‘slumber’. "What happened. My head." Theresa said. Luis went over and saw Charity lying there. Kay went beside him. "Is she dead or alive?’ Kay asked nervously.

Luis felt Charity’s pulse and turned to Kay. "She’s alive." Kay held Luis in her arms. "Kay what was that for?" Luis smiled sheepishly. "I’m glad to hear Charity is alive." Charity was coming to. "Where am I? Miguel?" Miguel came to Charity’s rescue. "I’m right here Charity." Miguel caressed her peacefully. Luis grabbed Charity from Miguel and the ambulance arrived just in time. Whitney and Theresa had to go too, so they can be examined as well. Miguel stepped up to Kay. "Kay. I’m sorry for hurting you like that. Can you ever forgive me? I know you wouldn’t kill Charity." Miguel gave her a bear hug before she could utter a word to him. "All is forgiven." Miguel kissed her on the cheek.

Kay thought to herself. "What made Miguel think I would kill Charity?" Kay laughed nervously. "Oh well." It is almost as if it never happened. Or did it? Kay knew Charity and Miguel would be back together. She still is not giving up on the man she loves. "Kay are you okay?" Simone asked. "I’m fine Simone. Come on we got work to do." Before Simone replied Kay tagged Simone along and went to the hospital to visit everyone who’ve entered there tonight.

"Theresa isn’t that Tabitha’s doll?" Whitney asked. "Yeah? How did it get to be with Charity?" Theresa asked, while laughing. Luis came up to everyone. "Hey all. The Harmony P.D. told me Tabitha is proclaimed dead. "Charity I guess this means . . ." Before Luis could finish of what he had to say. Charity said. "I will take good care of him. Tabitha will like that." Charity smiled and snuggled close to him. Timmy smiled. "Timmy. You’re gonna be just fine." Miguel came close to Charity. "I love you." Miguel looked at her. "I love you too, Miguel." They kissed each other. "Seems like everything is back to normal in Harmony." Luis responded. Everyone laughed away. "Not totally." Kay mumbled. "I’ve got another plan to break Charity and Miguel apart for sure." Kay smiled deviously.

The End.




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