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The Time Has Come




















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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


The Time Has Come
by lovingpassions

Chapter 19

"Charity. Oh how I longed for you? Iíve been wondering where you have been. I just been missing you like crazy." Miguel whispered. "I know Miguel. Have no fear. My love. Iím here to stay by your side from here till eternity." Charity stroked his hair. "I know Iím not dreaming now." Miguel hasnít smiled this way since the first time he met Charity. "This is our little secret no one must know Iím alive until Iím ready. Alright Miguel?" Charity searched through Miguelís eyes. "Youíve got my word." Miguel smiled. "I love you so much." Miguel loved the scent in Charityís hair. Charity gave him a forbidden kiss which have drove through the roof.

Kay was knocking on Miguelís window. "Miguel!" Kay freaked out and held on to Miguel. "Um . . . Kay this itís not such a good time. Can we talk in the morning?" Kay looked up and saw who was there. "Oh my God!" Kay screamed. "How did she get in here? Sheís dead!" Kay said. "No sheís not Kay. Sheís real. You can see for yourself." Miguel led her to Charity. Charityís eyes glowed with transgression to hurt Kay. "Miguel itís an illusion." Kay is commenced to freak out. "Kay? How could you say that? She is real." Miguel frowned. "Oh no she has gotten to you!" Kay cried. Whitney went into Theresaís room. ĎTheresa! I remembered what happened to that night!" Whitney yelled.

"What? What night?" Theresa was lost. "The night when Charity was killed. I know what happened to Charity!" Whitney tried to keep her composure, it wasnít working. "Slow it down. Whitney, refresh my memory please?" Theresa calmed Whitney down. "Kay killed Charity!" Whitney shouted. "What? It doesnít make sense." When Whitney embarked Theresa on what happened that night. Theresaís memory kicked in. "Oh my God! We have to warn Miguel!" Theresa exclaimed. "Wait Theresa! Weíre not sure if Kay is here!" Theresa was about to warn Miguel but Kay entered in Theresaís room. "Where do you think youíre going?" Kay maliciously laughed. Kayís eyes are filled with treachery and is ready to place people in turmoil.

"Youíre not telling Miguel a damn thing! Kay doesnít know she has killed Miguel! How can you two go and tell? When you two are not even aware that something has taken over your souls!" Kay hypnotized Whitney and Theresa. "We got to get rid of Charity once and for all!" Kay roared. "I donít believe what I am hearing! Kay how could you?" Miguel was crushed. Whitney and Theresa had snapped out of their befuddlement. "What happened?" Theresa remembered now after she asked herself. "Miguel! Kay killed Charity!" Miguel is stunned by Theresaís annunciation. "Thatís right Miguel. We witnessed it and we just forgot. Cause we wanted to repress our memory." Whitney said.

"Charity is right here. She is not dead." Miguel showed them and they couldnít accept what their eyes were seeing. "Miguel? Charity is dead." Theresa consoled him. "What? She was just here." Miguel felt lost. "Kay I canít believe it you killed Charity! Why?" He came close to her and nearly bit her head off. "Donít you ever come or look my way!" Hee felt nauseous. "But Miguel. I donít remember killing Charity." Kay cried. "Liar! Stay the hell away from me. Get this evil girl out of here! You wanted to get me in your bed all along? Am I right dammit?" His voice became rancorous and his strength grew with anger.

"You make me sick! Just looking at you, makes me hate you even more! You bitch! Get out of my house. Youíve killed my beloved Charity!" Kay couldnít say anything. "Donít you ever put your filthy hands on me! Theresa and Whitney get her out before I throw her out!" Miguel was upset. It scared Theresa. She has never seen Miguel like this. "I swear to you Miguel. I never had any intention to kill Charity. I am not like what you think I am." Kayís tears could stop flowing. "Get out!" Miguel hollered. Whitney gave Kay a disgusting look. "Kay. I always knew your calculating days was going to catch up with you." Whitney shook her head.

Theresa observed the whole situation. They did what Miguel said. After Theresa had closed the door. She stopped Whitney for a minute before they could go back and comfort Miguel. "Whitney. What makes us so sure Kay would actually do something like that? I know sheís mischievous at times. Kay is not like that." Theresa folded her arms. "Theresa! We saw it with our own eyes! Kay killed Charity." Luis walked in. "What is this Iím hearing about someone murdering Charity?" Luis demanded for an answer. Miguel came out and he looked at Theresa and Whitney. He nodded his head for Whitney to tell Luis. Theresa had to intervene. "Luis. We were just saying is it possible for someone to kill Charity."

Theresa tightened her hands into fists. "Oh. Cause if some murdered Charity. They must suffer the consequences." Luis firmly stated. "I agree." Miguel said crucially. Theresa pulled Miguel to the side. "Miguel. Iím not so sure Kay really killed Charity." Theresa looked at him with sincerity. "What possessed you to say some BS like that?" Miguel griped. "Miguel, remember when I-I told you about me not recalling back on how Ethan was all over me, ready to make love to me?" Miguel sighed, annoyingly. "Yeah?"

"It felt like something came over me. It felt like . . . somebody else was taking control over my body. I was like in another world." Theresa said. ĎThe next thing I knew, I was back to my old self." Theresa concluded.

"Thatís what you think??"

"Yes Miguel. This is what I find to be true. Lately people in Harmony are not themselves. Iím telling you Kay might have not been herself when Charity died. I was noticing Charity was not herself either. I think they were possessed by the outer limits of beyond."

"It doesnít make sense to me."

"All I remember was going to the woods. It was me, Whitney, Sheridan and Dr. Russell. Oh my stars! I think Tabitha and her doll was there!"

"Theresa listen to yourself. Do you know what youíre saying?"

"Yes I know what I am saying Miguel! Itís something about the forbidden woods. That is just haunting, yet bewitching at the same time."

"Theresa . . . I really donít know what to say." Miguel plopped on the couch.

"Whatís going on here?" Luis crossed his arms. "Is there something I need to know about?" Luis cross-examined his siblings. "Luis. Theresa might think it is possible some people in Harmony are dominated by forces of some sort of evil." Miguel replied, frustrated. "Theresa. I think you need to take it easy." Luis half way joked. "You know the forbidden woods, right?" Theresa cocked a brow. "Yeah? No has been there for years." Luis squinched his eyes. "Well. I believe me, Whitney, Sheridan and Whitneyís mom have been governed by forces of evil."

"What? Thatís absurd!" Luis blared. "Itís-itís true Luis. Iím convinced that Theresa is right. One moment Iím fine then next moment itís like someone has taken over me." Whitney proclaimed.

"Apparently, there must be some explanation." Luis shrugged.

"What are we going to do Luis?" Miguel asked.

"Weíre just going to have to investigate the Ďforbidden woodsí."

"Are we going to get in troubled?" Theresa raised.

"No Theresa. Itís not you guys fault. You all couldnít help of whatís been taking over you." Luis assured her. "One thingís for sure. We need to get to the bottom of this right away." Luis crinkled his nose. After Theresa and Whitney left. Luis stopped Miguel for a minute and pulled him to the side. "Man. Whatís the deal with Kay? Why did I see her rushing out of here with tears?" Luis interrogated. "Luis . . . I donít ever want to see or know her right now." Miguel frowned while placing his hand on his face, sitting on the couch. Luis studied Miguelís behavior.

"Youíre serious huh?" Luis questioned. "Youíre damn right Iím serious." Miguel retaliated. "Cheer up lilí bro. I know how much you love Charity. Sheíll always remain in our hearts forever." Luis ensured him.


"Yeah buddy?"

"What if Theresa and Whitney are telling the truth?"

"Then weíll have to find out whoís behind it and why?" Luis went to his room.

"If Kay really is innocent. I owe her an apology." Miguel is starting to have second thoughts.

Grace looked at Kay. "Whatís with the grim look Kay?" Grace consoled her with a hug. "You havenít been eating since last night. Are you alright?" Grace was getting scared. Kay heard her, but she refuse to answer. "Sam. I think something is wrong with Kay." Grace sheds a tear. "Kay, sweetheart itís your dad speaking. Are you alright?" Sam shook Kay a bit. She was still in her motionless form. "Iím fine." Kay spoken softly. "Whew! For a minute there Kay. I thought you were dying on us." Sam kissed her on the cheek. "I got to go. Pardon me." Kay passed by them and walked out the door. She was sitting at the park, thinking to herself.

"Kay?" Theresa stepped up to her. "I think youíre innocent. I know we have our differences. But I donít think you would kill Charity." Kay began crying. "Thanks Theresa for believing me." Theresa gave her a hug. "Do you want to go with my brother Luis so we can get started with this investigation?" Theresa helped Kay to her feet. "Not if Miguel is there. No thank you." Kayís body was frozen. "Kay. Miguel doesnít have a clue of what he is saying. He loves Charity so much." Kay cried even more. "Donít worry Kay. The truth will come out." Theresa assured Kay.





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