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The Time Has Come




















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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


The Time Has Come
by lovingpassions

Chapter 18

"Thatís right itís me! What did you think Kay? You thought I wouldnít come back? Guess again? You have the wrong answer." Kay backed away. "But-but youíre dead! Itís not possible. Charity you are dead! You are not real!" Kay exasperated. "Go head Kay, pinch me!" Charity is rancorously laughing away. "Ouch! You thought it didnít hurt? It did sweetheart. Why did you want to take my precious love away from me? You knew he loved me and only me! Why are you trying make me miserable? Once Miguel see the true colors in you. Heíll despise you." Charity eyes glowed with evil. "No I canít let it happen!" Kay screamed. "Itís going to happen." Charity sighed. "If you only knew." Charity shook her head. "You know Kay? I liked you and loved you as a cousin. You betrayed me! I am your flesh and blood! Why is it you want Miguel so bad? To get back at me?"

Kay began crying. "You donít understand. I love Miguel! Iíd been in love with him my whole life!"

"Liar!!! You were selfish and you wanted me out of the picture, you calculating, scheming bitch!"

"Charity. I never wanted you dead! I didnít even know how youíd died." Kay pleaded with honesty.

"Youíre lying and you know it! How could you not remember killing somebody Kay?"

"I donít know! Iíll be straight with you. I wanted to steal Miguel away from you. But I never wanted you dead Charity. It hurts me so bad cause he still talks about you all the time!"

"Well, what the hell you expect??? I am his true love! Not you! Kay. Iíve done lost my patience with you! Itís time for you to realize who is boss!" Charity hollered.

Charity lifted Kay in one strength of a man. "Now itís time for you to suffer like you made me suffer. Making you sustain is the most marvelous idea, Iíve been thinking about doing all day!" She mocked. Charity kept on pushing Kay close to the edge just like Kay did to her. "How does it feel, living on the edge Kay?" Charity tried to sound remorseful, deep down she is loving every minute of it. "Charity youíre hurting me! Let me go!" Kay was kicking and shouting! Just when Kay and Charity arrived at the end of the cliff. Voices appeared. "Whitney, you me, Chad, and Ethan should all go out." Theresa smiled. "Yeah. I think itís a nice idea."

"Whitney! Theresa!" Kay is barely breathing. "Whit? Did you hear that?" Theresa stopped and listened. "Hear what?" Whitney is bewildered, not knowing if she heard some noise or not. "Look over there!" Kay was hanging on to the cliff. "Help me!" Kay scowled. "Please. I canít hold on anymore!" Kay was crying like a newborn baby. "Kay weíre coming!" Theresa yelled. "Come on Whit." Theresa tagged Whitney along. "Kay!!!!!" Miguel bowled, running over to rescue Kay. "Miguel help us!" Whitney said. "I canít hold on to her!" Whitney said. Theresa was by Miguelís side. "Donít worry Kay. I got you." Kay was horrified. "Donít let me go Miguel!" Kay said, panting. "How did this happen?" Miguel pulled back.

Charity was standing behind them and Kay seen her. Charity conveyed her self by demonstrating to slit Kayís throat if she tells. "I must of lost my balance. I was feeling so weak. Thatís-thatís all Miguel." Whitney and Theresa whispered among each other. "Kayís been acting really strange." Theresa was eyeing Whitney. "I know, sheíd always been weird. Why does this seem all so familiar to me Theresa?" Whitney suspected. "Why do you say that Whitney?" Theresa is baffled by Whitneyís remark. "Theresa, I swear to you, weíve been here before. I just canít exactly pin point it on what day." Whitney frowns in concentration. "Itíll all come back."

"Iím afraid if Ďitíll all come back.í it might cause damage to everyoneís lives. I donít know why I get the feeling Kay had something to do with this place. I just get this vibe, that something is wrong." Theresa smiled at Whitney. "Whit. Youíve been working too hard. Itís plain to see that you need a break." Theresa teased her. "Thatís just like you Theresa. Always being amicable about everything. Is there a time when you are in melancholy." Theresa was about to say something. Whitney interrupted. "Never mind." Whitney concentrated on the time when Theresa almost lost Ethan. "Come on Whit. We need to take them home. If I didnít know any better Whitney. Looks like Kay and Miguel are getting closer these days."

Theresa observed them carefully. "What makes you say that, Theresa?" Whiney is lost for words. "Just pay attention. Notice how they were cuddling up to each other. Did you see how intimate they were?" Whitney ignored and stared at Theresa blankly. "Theresa, would you just listen to yourself? Miguel and Kay? Itís not possible. Itís merely inevitable for them to hook up."

Theresa thought to herself. "I guess. You never know Whitney. Anything can happen. Ever since Charityís death. Miguelís been distant. He hasnít said much to me, my brothers or my mother." Whitney didnít seemed surprised. "Why it doesnít seem to amaze me?" Whitney replied, sarcastically. "Whit. Iím serious. He is my baby brother and I love him. You know I want the best for him." Theresa conspicuously stated. "You know Theresa. For some strange reason. I have the burning to need to see Chad." Theresa dropped her mouth. "What happened Whitney? You do seem different! Oh my gosh! You and Chad made love!" Theresa exclaimed.

"Will you pipe it Theresa?" Whitney responded apprehensively. "Whitney you and Chad?" Miguel overheard. "Thanks Theresa. Why donít you broadcast it to the whole population?" Whitney impatiently shook her head. "Was it good?" Miguel jokingly nudged Whitney on her arm. "Miguel! I donít know whoís worse you or Theresa." Whitney smacked her lips. "Aw. Want me to take it back?" Miguel pinched Whitneyís cheek. "Theresa!" Whitney is a bit irritated. "Alright Miguel. Cut my best friend some slack. This si girl talk. Miguel. I do need to speak to you in private." Kay was sitting on the bench, terrified. "Whatís up?" Miguel looked Theresa.

"Whatís going on with you and Kay?" Theresaís girlish grin flashed in his face. "Theresa . . ." His voice begins to trail off. "I really donít think I should be discussing this. Youíre my sister." Heís a bit flustered by Theresaís interrogation. "I take it as a yes." Theresa smirked. "Theresa. You must swear to me you will not breathe this to soul ok? Weíre not ready for everyone to find out." Miguel thrust his hands in his pockets. "Youíre secret is safe with me Miguel." She winked at him. "Iím happy for you Miguel. I just never thought." "You would see me with Kay." Miguel finished for her. "I thought no one would ever replace Charity." Theresa concluded. "Kayís been good to me."

"I hope so." Theresa mumbled. "Theresa. Enough of me. What about you?" He hugged her. "What about me?" she retaliated. "Oh I havenít talk to Ethan since two days ago. I do need to set some things straight." Theresa reminded herself. "I want the best for you Theresa. Iím trying to be optimistic for your sake cause of Luis." Theresa didnít want to hear it. "I know Miguel. Luis will handle it. After all, he is going with Sheridan." Theresa laughed sheepishly. "Youíre right. Come on Theresa. Letís go home." He smiled.

Kay went to her bedroom. "Iím back!" Charity creeps on Kay. "Charity! Damn!" Kay was trying to catch her breath. "Itís about high time Miguel knows the real you." Charity pranced around the room. "Miguel belongs to me Charity. Youíre out of the picture. Youíre dead!" Kay was trying to persuaded herself. "Charity leave me alone!" Charity rushed herself over towards Kay. "Weíll see." Charity walks out of the room. "Time to visit Miguel." Charity said quietly. "She is dead! I know she is!" Kay kept repeating to herself. Charity knocks on Miguelís window. "Am I seeing things? It is Charity? Or is it an illusion of her?" Miguel opened the window. "It really is Charity?" Miguel was in disbelief. It is staring him in the face! Itís Charity in the flesh!

"Charity. Oh how I miss you!" He embraced her with tenderness. "Itís me Miguel." He shrieked. "How can this be? When you are dead?" He looked a little pale. "It was a mistake. I didnít die Miguel. Theyíve mistaken me for another girl. What happened was a mysterious man saved me. Miguel. Iíve missed you so much." He hugged her again to see if he was dreaming. Turns out she is alive! How is that possible? He thinks to himself. It canít be. He saw her face. "Miguel. Iím here to stay." Charity kissed him fervently. "Do Mr and Mrs. Bennett know youíre alright?" He turned to her. "They will know soon. Youíre the first person who came to my mind." Charity and Miguel comforted each other for an intimate moment. Charity climbs on top of Miguel and showed him how much sheíd missed him.





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