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The Time Has Come




















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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


The Time Has Come
by lovingpassions

Chapter 17

"Thought I wouldnít come back to haunt you Kay, did ya?" The voice laughed. "No! This canít be! Iím dreaming." The voice intruded on her. "Youíve done everything you can to keep me away from him! Youíre such a bitch and a virulent one at that." The voice laughed. "Look at me Kay!" The voice roared. Kay turned around to look at the person who is talking to her. "I canít believe this! You are dead!" Kay pinched her self. "No! Stay away from me!" She shouted. Miguel heard Kay. ĎKay wake up! Youíre having a bad dream." Miguel tapped on her lightly. "Miguel!" Kay snatched him close to her. "Are you alright Kay?" Miguel was kind of worried she might not be herself. "Miguel just hold me. Please?" A tear ran down her cheek.

"Kay. Youíre gonna be fine. Youíll see." He flashed his million dollar smile at her. "Thanks Miguel." Kay felt some of the tension leaving. Why would she dream about someone who is dead? Who could it be? Is it Charity? No it canít be! Charityís dead! Right? She had all of these thoughts roaming in her mind. She knows she is not going crazy. "Miguel, can we leave?" Kay pleaded. "Kay? Weíre leaving in the morning. So youíre stuck with me until then." he teased her. "Cute." Kay crinkled her face at him. "Relax and go back to sleep. It was a horrible dream sweetheart." Kay is trying to snag herself in Miguelís coercion. She wasnít sure if it would work.

"Do you want anything to drink?" Miguel offered. "Yeah." Kay said dryly. When Miguel got up to get her something to drink. Kay had started shaking again. "Kay get a hold of yourself. It was not real. It was all just a dream. Maybe my mind is working overtime. I hope this will fade away." Kay tried to assure herself. It wasnít working. "Oh God. What have I done?" she cried. "I donít remember what happened on that night. Is it possible I killed Charity? If I did, Miguel would hate me!" Kay is horrified. "I canít let that happen. I worked too hard to get him now. I didnít kill Charity. I am not that mean to do it. Surely I want to snag him away from Charity. But I never wanted her dead." Kay looked at Miguel. "Here you go Kay." He was touching Kayís hair and he kissed her. "Kay. I know that look. Youíre thinking about Charity, huh?" Miguel could tell something was wrong. "What? What made you think that?" Kay turned to him. "Seems like Charity has an affect on us more than we think?" Miguel thrust his hands in his pockets. "Yeah. She does." Kay murmured. "Kay when are you planning to tell your family about us?" Kay choked on her drink. "I donít know what you mean Miguel? I am not ready to take it that far yet. They would probably look at us like weíre freaks." He considered of what she has said.

"Yeah. Itís better late than never." he reminded her. "Itís going to take them some time to accept it. Once they see how good we are together. It wonít be that bad." Miguel shrugged. "Donít count on it." She mumbled. "Are you embarrassed to be with me? Kay?" She was in total awe when he mentioned it. "No! Of course not Miguel! Iím just preoccupied. About my life. Seems like everything is turning a one-eighty on me. Miguel. Iím petrified." Kay embraced him.

Eve, Sheridan, Theresa, and Whitney went to the forbidden woods. Seems like Harmony is full of surprises tonight. "Welcome! My four children!" the hollow tree rumbled. "Come my children! Show your true colors! Evil Spirit of Manipulation rise! Evil Spirit of Murder rise! Evil Spirit of Power rise! Evil Spirit of Temptation rise!" The spirits gathered around and all the demons appeared on the face of the Earth. "Listen to me carefully. Weíre about to bring havoc in Harmony tonight." Temptation, (Theresa) curiosity has risen. "What are we going to do?" She bowed. "Simple my child. Weíre going to give Kay a little unexpected surprise of her life. She thinks sheíll have Miguel but she donít have a clue what we are going to do with him!" The tree sneered.

"Are we going to kill her?" Murder,(Whitney) questioned. "Not quite. Even though, she succeeded in killing Charity. She didnít do what I asked her. "Howís that?" Manipulation, (Eve) asked. "Youíll see, my child." The tree corrected. "Tabby whatís going on?" Timmy whined. "Seems like our friends are furious with Kay. This doesnít look good Timmy. Not good at all." Tabitha gulped. Timmy did the same. "Can we teach her a lesson for you Master?" Power, (Sheridan) offered to the wise tree. "What a splendid idea you have brought to us Power! Come and follow my instructions carefully. TABITHA AND TIMMY GET YOUR BUTTS HERE ASAP!" The hollow tree yelled. "Right away." Timmy nerves were jumping from north and south.

Tabitha and Timmy went to the tree and where the four evil spirits were at. "Now you can listen to our plan!" The tree had a virulent smile. "Tabitha? Do Sheridan, Eve, Theresa, and Whitney knows we are on the Dark Side?" Timmy gulped. "No you nitwit! They are under a spell. They are not aware of whatís going on! Our friends are using their bodies as advocates." Tabitha shook her head. "THANK YOU TABITHA FOR EXPLAINING TO THAT KNUCKLE HEAD DOLL OF YOURS!!!!!" The tree yelled. "You are very welcome Master." She giggled, apprehension was running through her veins.

They all went to the place where this nightmare all began. "Tabby? Why are we back here?" Timmy is puzzled. "Oh bloody hell! I canít believe we are here at Charityís grave! I wonder why?" Tabitha inquiring mind is at work. "What are Sheridan, Eve, Theresa, and Whitney doing?" Timmy frowned in concentration. "Just watch and see!" Tabitha exasperated. "Evil Spirit of Power will stand here." Sheridan said. "Evil Spirit of Murder will stand here." Whitney said, standing on Sheridanís left. "Evil Spirit of Manipulation will stand here." Eve said, standing on Theresaís left. "Evil Spirit of Temptation will stand here." Theresa said, standing on Whitneyís right. They all gathered they hands together and said their spell. "Please stand before us oh great one! Show us who you are!" The four was in a horizontal trance. It was so translucent, The grounds begin to violently shake abruptly. The grounds were eradicating from the top to the core. Hot flames of fire flew from the hells. Landed on the grass burning for eternity. "Iím here. Iím back to claim what was rightfully mine! Kay! You wicked bitch! Youíre going to suffer!" She laughed.

"Miguel. I think itís time you should take me home." Kay felt someone has stepped over her grave. "Kay is something the matter?" Miguel is worried about her. She has not been herself tonight. "Iím fine." Kay rubbed her hands together. She was catching a draft. "You are freaking out Kay. You are vexed by something, arenít you?" Miguel knows something is wrong now. "Miguel. Let me walk you home first. Iíll be glad to do the honors." She smiled. "Youíre sure?" he never heard Kay to make an offer like that. "I wanted to do something nice for you. Since youíve been so nice to me." Kay gave a wry face.

After Miguel went home. Kay felt a sudden chill passing by her. "Why is it so cold all of a sudden?" She snuggled up. She was trying to stay warm. Kay felt like somebody is following after her. She walked faster. It was too late, the person caught up with her. When Kay turned around. "Damn! Simone! Donít do that!" Simone laughed at her. "Iím sorry Kay you should see how you look." she giggled. "Cute. Whatís up?" Kay looked agitated from the scare she had. "I havenít see Whitney all day. Sheís been acting real strange. Mom too. Dad is still having troubles with his knee as usual." She rolled her eyes. "Gee Simone. Sounds like to me you have a pretty dandy life." Kay joked. "Now whoís trying to be funny?" Simone retorted back.

"How are you and Miguel?" Simone looked at her. "Weíre good." She replied quickly. "Kay, I can tell you are distracted. Whatís been going on?" Simone could tell Kay needed her friend standing beside her. "Kay? How long have we known each other?" Simone quizzed Kay. "We donít have to get in all of that Simone. I just donít feel like talking is tat okay? Or would you like for me to chat away?" she reciprocated. "Sorry." Simone was offended by Kayís unfriendliness. "I think you should go home Simone. Take it easy. I thank you for trying to comfort me." Kayís smile returned. "Bye. Iíll call you tomorrow." Simone was on her way home.

Kay decided to go to the forbidden woods. For some reason she felt she was instructed to go there. "Why do I want to go here?" Kay posed herself. "Itís nice to see you too Kay." The body conveyed to Kay. "Whoís there?" Kay is frightened. "Why did you have to do it Kay?" the voice retaliated. "I donít know what you are talking about." Kay tried to ignore the question. "Donít disregard of what I am saying to you Kay. You know what you did and youíre gonna pay for it." The evil laugh soared through her ears. "Who are you?" Kay cried out. "What do you want from me?" she couldnít take the agony. "YOU KNOW DAMN WELL WHAT I WANT FROM YOU!!!!!!" the voice yelled.

It was so dark, Kay tripped and couldnít get up. "Miguel help!" She scowled. "Miguel canít help you now. What are you going to do Kay? Lie like you always do?" The voice gave a rancorous applause. "No one can save you now." The humanly form came close to her. Standing over her shadow. "How does it feel to be lonely? Eh?" Kay was more aghast than ever. ĎIíll do whatever you want. Please! I beg you! Donít take my soul!" she whimpered. "Come here you little winch!" This person came and throw her by the pitfall. "No!" Kay bellowed. "I hope you rot in hell!" The wicked person pulled off itís hood. "Hi remember me?" The person cocked a brow. "Oh my gosh! Itís-itís you!" Kay exclaimed.





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