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The Time Has Come




















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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


The Time Has Come
by lovingpassions

Chapter 16

"Hi Luis . . . What ícha doing tonight?" Luis recognized the voice. "Sweetheart. I would love to but Iím having a family crisis right now." Luis didnít to ífess it up with Sheridan. He felt it would have been a burden trying to land everything on her. "Luis, if you want to come over and talk about it we can." Sheridan offered. "Thanks Sheridan. I think I had enough for one day, k?" He exasperated. "I just want to help you Luis, stop being so adamant." Sheridan smirked. "Cute, Miss Crane. Are you still up for that offer?" He is having second thoughts. "Yep, still standing on the table." She grinned. "Iíll be over there in about fifteen minutes." Luis glanced at his watch. "Fifteen minutes?" Sheridan retorted back. "Yes. I need to grab some things. Iím packing me a night bag. Donít worry. Iím not gonna take the whole house with me." he sneered.

"Great. I canít wait." Sheridanís voice deepen from her raging hormones. She couldnít wait to have Luis all to herself. "Love you Sheridan." Luis caressed her with his smooth voice. "Until then." Sheridan smiled with pleasure. "Sheridan, youíve done out did yourself tonight." She was shrilling with fire. Luis is her life. Now that Hank is out of the picture. Nothing can go wrong, right? "I should go put something alluring on. I want to make it an unforgettable moment." Sheridan reminded herself to get the special gift for Luis that she bought two weeks ago, before Luis arrives at her cottage. Luis is in his gathering his night bag and the gift he got for Sheridan as well. He had bought his gift for her around the same time as she did.

"Iíve been anticipating to give Sheridan my present. I hope she likes it." He is trying to keep his hopes up. He knocks on the door. "Perfect timing Luis. Come on in." She flashed him a sheepish smile. "Luis . . . I got something for you." Sheridan hesitated to say. "Isnít this a coincidence? I have something for you too." He snickered. "Isnít this nice?" Sheridan gasped when she opened it. "Luis!" She covered his mouth with a luscious creme he could taste. "I take it you like it?" Luis let his boyish grin flowing with roguish thoughts. "Come here Sheridan. I have something for you." Luis voice deepened with arousal. "I can do this every night." Luis blurted aloud. "Iíll take a second to that one." Sheridan agreed. His hands were exploring her intimately. No man has ever loved her like this. Sheridan finally get the love she deserved.

Luis is taking his time. He could tell Sheridan is enjoying what he is doing. Sheridanís face is delighted with pleasure. "Luis . . ." Sheridan moaned. "Sheridan. Never interrupt a man with what he is doing." he half-way joked. "I love you Sheridan. I mean it. From the bottom of my heart." Sheridanís eyes are flowing with tears. "Luis. I love you too." Sheridanís voice glistened with a passion turning her love into a new horizon. Luis and Sheridan constantly fulfilling each other with pleasure. Simplicity didnít come naturally with them. Theyíve finally have each other.

Miguel visited Charityís grave. "Oh Charity. I miss you so much. I wish you was here. Kay is taking really good care of me. Itís not the same with you. I like the way you take care of me Charity. I wish I could rock you in my arms tenderly." Miguel fantasizes of Charity being next to him. Kay watched Miguel carrying his conversation with Charity. "Damn Charity for bouncing back in our lives like this! What am I talking about? Kay pull yourself together. Sheís dead. Heís all mine. I won him fair and square." She boasted. "Thatís what Kay thinks for now Tim-Tim. She has no idea what our friend are going to do with her. Ha!" Tabitha smirked. "Tabitha? Timmy loved his vacation. When can Timmy go with Tabby again?" Timmy snuggled close to Tabitha.

"Miguel? Whatís wrong?" Kay interrupted his talk with Charity on purpose. "Hey Kay. I was just telling Charity about how good you are to me." He held her close to him. "Really. Charity knows how I am fond of you." She manipulated the subject. "So . . . are we still on for tomorrow Kay?" Miguel asked. Kay heard what he said but her eyes were more focused on Charityís graveyard. "Kay? Whatís wrong? I know what youíre thinking about he smiled." Kay looked at him blankly. "Huh?" Kay begins to fret. "What is Miguel talking about Tabby?" Timmy shook his head. "Seems like our girl Kay is recalling back to the night where she pushed Charity over the cliff. Or at least she is trying to remember. Then, it wouldnít be good at all for our beloved friends in the basement." Tabitha mind starts zoning out, thinking what the Dark Side could do to her and Timmy.

"But Tabby, if Kay tries to remember about that horrible night. How will sheíll live with herself?" Timmy staring at Miguel and Kay. "Youíll Tim-Tim. Ha, ha! Youíll see!" She laughed with evil pleasure." Timmy and Tabitha tuned back into Miguelís and Kayís conversation. "Youíre thinking of how Charity would be proud of you being here for me." He kissed her passionately. "Yeah." Kayís apprehensive expression left. "Iíll take you home. I got to get up in the morning. See you later Kay." His arm was comforting her before they head back home. Kay went home and kissed Miguel goodnight. Miguel went back to his house, even though, he was sleeping earlier. But he couldnít cause he had to talk to his beloved Charity.

He creep in quietly, so he wouldnít wake up the others. He went to sleep. "Miguel . . ." he hears a sweet voice calling him. "Oh Miguel. . . I have something to say to you." The voice was feathery, almost familiar. Miguel wakes up and he couldnít believe his eyes. "Charity!" Miguel gasped, at the same time he was ecstatic to see her. "Miguel do not be alarmed." She warned him. "I know you love me. But trouble is near by." Miguel was puzzled by Charityís warning. "What do you mean?" He asked, while closing the door. "Someone close to you tore us apart." Charity simply stated. "I donít understand." Miguel seemed a bit vexed by Charityís message.

"Miguel keep your guards up. I love you. Remember that always. Be careful who you associate with. Until then my love." Charity faded into thin air. "Charity. No! Donít leave me! I need you Charity." Miguel woke up from cold sweat running down his back. "Charity." He merely said aloud. "I love you too." Miguel was panting. Theresa knocked on Miguelís door. "Miguel are you ok?" Theresa asked out of concern embracing him. "Iím fine Theresa. Just troubled. If thatís the answer youíre looking for." He sneered. "No silly!" Theresa pinched him. "Did you have a dream? You are breaking out with cold sweat. What happened?" Theresa touched his face lightly.

"Iím fine Theresa. I was just dehydrating. I need water." He couldnít tell Theresa he saw Charity in his sleep. He felt she would think he is being delusional. "Iíll get you some Miguel. Donít sleep so hard." She chuckled. "Cute Theresa." He snickered himself at Theresaís joke. Theresa came back with the glass of water and hand it to him. "Here Miguel. I hope this will quench your thirst." Theresa gave him a slight smile. "Thanks Sis. Whatí s up with you and Ethan?" Miguel placed the cup on his dresser. "I donít remember what happened Miguel. All I remember was a phone call. Ethanís shirt was . . . well . . ." She giggled, jittering.

"Enough. I get the picture." He laughed. "How could you not remember Theresa?" Miguel continued. "I donít know Miguel. I felt different. Iíll tell you. Ethan saw me in a different light and I donít know why." Theresa scratched her head. "Hopefully itíll come back to you." He assured her. "Yeah. I hope you will have a good night rest Miguel. I love you." she kissed him goodnight. "Love you too, Sis. Sweet dreams." Theresa turned off the lights and left quietly. "Charity. I wish you was in my arms." Miguel wanted to do wishful thinking everyday until he dies. But he know it wouldnít help anything. At least he can hold on to the memories of Charity.

Kay woke up and Simone came by to visit. "Hey Kay. How are you?" Simone asked. "Iím good Simone and you?" Kay fixed her a bowl of cereal. "Iím great. The strangest thing happened." Simone continued. "Whatís that?" Kay digs in her cereal with her spoon. "I woke up the next day not laying next to Chad." Simone was puzzled from what happened. "Oh really? You seduced him!" Kay cheered. She seen her mother coming down and kept her voice to a minimum. "Good Morning girls." Grace smiled. "Morning Mom." Kay tilted her head at Simone telling her to go upstairs with her. "Hi Mrs. Bennett. Later Mrs. Bennett." Simone and Kay ran upstairs before Grace could say anything.

"Thatís strange." Grace shook her as Sam creeps behind and grabs her around her waist. Snuggling on her. "Thereís my favorite girl." Sam teased. "Morning to you too, Sam." "Kay. I didnít. I still feel the same." Simone said, disappointed. "Aw. Simone. Iím sorry." Kay placed her arm around Simone. "Youíll get him." She assured Simone, but Simone doesnít believe her although, she wants to. "Why donít we . . ." Kay is struggling to get the words out correctly. "Kay. I really have to go before mom and dad hops on my case again. Weíll talk about it later, k?"

Simone hugged Kay goodbye. Kay wondered who could be knocking on her door. "Canít be Jessica cause she left with Reese." She opened the door and couldnít believe what she saw.

"Miguel! You brought me flowers. How sweet of you?" She embraced him with her tenderness. "I saw these today and I thought you Charity." Kayís face cracked. "Charity?" Kay quavered from what Miguel had called her. "Is there something wrong?" Miguel asked. "You called me Charity. Why?" Kay tried to smooth the question as lenient as she can. "I guess her being related to you just bring back memories. Iím sorry Kay. I didnít intentionally do it on purpose ok?" He assured her. "Itís fine." Kay spoken rapidly. "I want to take you somewhere special. If itís alright with you?" Miguel arched his brow at her. Itís obvious, to him that calling her Charity disturbed her. They went downstairs and Sam noticed something was different about Miguelís and Kayís relationship. They headed out the door smiling and laughing. "Grace sweetheart, Is it me or is it Kay and Miguel seem closer these days?" He frowned in concentration. "Sam you know they were very tight when they were tots." She turned to him and kissed him. "I know. It just look like they are more intimate than plutonic." Sam shook his head.

Miguel was heading in the Book Café and Kay was waiting outside. "Oh Kay. I know what you did. We were both there." The voice whispered. Kay reopened her eyes to see if she was viewing everything clearly. "Iím talking to you internally. When the day come, we will meet face to face. You will be sorry for messing with me Kay." The voice laughed wickedly. "Stop it!" Kay yelled. Miguel hurried over to see what was wrong with Kay. "Kay are you alright? You look like you have seen a ghost." Miguel can see Kay is petrified. "Miguel! Hold me!" Kay grasped on him dangerously tight. "Kay youíre scaring me. Talk to me." He sat her down to let her catch her breath. "What happened?" His eyes were searching for hers, she didnít care to look.

"Kay. Talk to me. You know I am here for you." He patted her on the back. "Miguel. Where do you want to take me?" Kay skipped the subject. "Kay? Youíre changing our conversation." He was asking Kay. "Miguel, Iím kind psyched about what you have for me." Kay was being pretense around him. "Whatever you say Kay." Miguel grabbed her hand they went out to the wood, in broad daylight. "Wow! These woods look different in the day time." Kay said. "Want to go further?" Miguel suggested pointing to the east. "Why not Miguel? I love to be anywhere with you." She smiled. As they carried their journey to new heights. The sky darkened instantly. Kay noticed it and asked Miguel. "Why donít we go over there?" While she was loosening his shirt.

After they made love. Kay went outside to see what was that awful sound. "Well hello Kay! Thought I wouldnít come back, did ya?" The voice laughed with great evilness. "Oh my gosh!í Kay yelled.





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