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The Time Has Come




















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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


The Time Has Come
by lovingpassions

Chapter 15

Ethan managed to wake up early in the morning. He seemed to find some difficulty sleeping. "Theresa? What are you doing here?" Ethan is shocked to see her. "I came for you Ethan. Iíve come to tell you how much I truly love you." Theresa grasped on Ethan firmly. "Theresa. Iíve already know you love me. Where is this coming from?" Ethan wondered what is with this odd behavior of Theresa. "We should talk about our wedding." Theresa released him. "Our wedding . . . Well Theresa. Iím not so sure we can plan on it so soon." Theresa looked at him blankly. "Ethan, weíve been talking about this forever. Why now? Why such a change of heart?" Ethan shifts to Theresa. "Cause of my mother. Everything was so out of sync." Ethan exasperated.

"I know. Sheíll get over it Ethan. How is she doing? By the way." She softly touched Ethanís hands. "Sheís fine. Even though . . ." Theresa interrupted Ethanís sentence. "Is she still mad?" Theresa was almost too afraid to ask. "Iíve talk to her yesterday. She is willing to accept you now." Ethan said with confidence. "Iím not so sure. The last time Iíve checked she was still furious with me." Ethan lifted Theresaís chin. "Theresa. My mother canít tell me who I should and shouldnít be with. I love you. Iím going to marry you. In spite of what my mother did. I still love her." Theresaís mind was drifting. She turned around to face Ethan. "I want you tonight." Theresa said gruffly "Theresa . . . I thought you wanted to wait till our wedding." Ethan was perplexed by Theresaís behavior.

"Tonight is the night." She possessively takes Ethan into her embracing arms. Ethan aroused Theresa by kissing on her neck. "Oh. . . Ethan. . ." She moaned.
Ethan doesnít know, Iím not Theresa. Iím the Evil Spirit of Temptation. Once Theresa wakes and realize what she did. She wonít be able to forgive her self. Such a good girl, she is. Theresa wonít be for long. Ethan didnít know what came over Theresa. But she was not her usual self. She would usually make out with him and thatís how far she would go. This time, she is willing to go far. "Ethan take me . . . Iím giving you my consent. Take me to the next level. Iím all yours." She laughed wickedly. "Youíre sure Theresa." Ethan was breathing sexually on her. "Once we go far, we canít turn back." He made it clear to her. "I know Ethan. This is your house. Soon it will be our house. I know what Iím doing. Iím aware of the consequences." She said easily. Ethan begins to unbutton her blouse slowly, until the phone ringed.

"Hello?" Theresa answered her cell phone. "Theresa." Theresa recognized the voice. "Momma?" Theresa woke out of her trance. "I need for you to come home. There is someone here waiting for you." Pilar stated. "But Momma. Iím kind of occupied right now." Then Theresa looked at her blouse and acknowledged her blouse is unbuttoned.
Oh my gosh! How did my blouse get loose? I gotta get outta of here. I wanna wait until Iím married to Ethan. She thought. "Iím coming right away." Theresa paid scant attention to Ethan. "Bye Momma. Love you." She said swiftly. "Pilar wants you home?" Ethan interrogated. "Yeah. Bye Ethan." She hurried out to go home before Ethan could utter a word.

"Oh my, how naive could I be? I almost lost my virginity to Ethan. I got to stay away from him as possible." She arrived to her house. "Momma . . . whatís the surprise?" Theresa looked around. There was no response. "Momma?" Theresa is petrified to find her mother dead. She couldnít be dead! No! She just talk to her a few minutes ago. "Hello Theresa." a voice blurted out. She didnít even noticed who it was. It was unfamiliar. Theresa turned on the light. "Antonio? Is that you?" Theresa is trying to picture him. At the time, she was a baby. "My sister has grown up on me." He said. "Come give your big brother a hug!" He said cheerfully. "Oh Antonio it is you!" She rushed to her brother with open arms. "Does Momma know you are here?" Theresa was looking to see if Pilar is around. "Yes she knows. I had her to call you. I wanted to see my favorite sister. Out side of Paloma." He jokingly replied. "How youíve been?" He asked blatantly. "Iím fine. There is so much I wanna tell you and . . ." Miguel stepped through the door. "Theresa who is this?" He asked impatiently. "Miguel you were too young to remember, this is our older brother Antonio." Miguel got a good look at the man. "It is you. Hey bro welcome home." He smiled.

Antonio was in great relief to hear his baby brother welcoming him home. What about Luis? Will he do the same? "Iím great. I wanted you to meet someone special I love, but she . . ." His voice begin to crack. "She died." Theresa finished for him. "Whoa. Iím sorry baby bro. I didnít know that. "Yes. Devastating." Theresa said quietly. "Good almost everyone is here but Luis." Pilar said exiting from the kitchen. "Momma can I talk to you for a sec?" Theresa glared at her. "Sure Theresita." Pilar followed her in the kitchen, while Miguel have a heart to heart with his long lost brother. "Momma? How do you think Luis is going to react to this?" Theresa asked her straight out. "I donít know hija. Antonio is home now. We should give him our love."

"I agree Momma. You know how Luis can be. Heís very adamant when it comes to Papa and Antonio. He is still convinced that the Cranes had something to with Papaís disappearance." Theresa admonished. "I know. You know, I pray to God about looking over your father and brother for years. I wonder where Martin could be now." Pilar dozed off into a trance. "Oh Momma." Theresa hugs Pilar. "What the hell?" Luis yelled. "What are you doing here?" Luis blasted on Antonio. "Luis calm down." Miguel said calmly. "Like hell I will. Get out of our house!" He scowled. "Luis! Por favor! Hijo! Stop it! He is your brother. Show him love. Welcome him home like youíre supposed to." Pilar narrowed her eyes at Luis. Theresa and Miguel are shocked at their mother raising her voice at Luis.

"Momma has never done that before." Theresa whispered to Miguel. "I know." He whispered back. "Momma. How can you let Antonio back in when he ran off on us? When I was the one who helped you take care of this family. You hear that Antonio. It was me!" Antonio kept his cool. "Luis man, what was I supposed to do. I couldnít handle it when Papa disappeared either! Did you think I took it easy. Hell no! I could blast every last one of them damn Cranes!" Theresa and Miguel moved back. "Whoa. Luis is involved with a Crane. Seems like Antonio wonít be happy once he finds out Sheridan is in his life." Miguel half way joked. "Youíre telling me." Theresa spoken with sarcasm.

"Why are you here?" Luis interrogated Antonio. This is his older brother for heaven sakes! Why didnít he embraced him like every one else? Maybe he still have the rage inside him. "I wanted to see how you all were doing." Antonio replied at ease. "Well why the hell you didnít visit us a long time ago? Eh?" Luis cocked a brow. "Luis!" Pilar said. "Thatís enough." She chastised Luis. "Momma. . ." Luis gritted his teeth. "Iím home Lilí brother. Whether you like it or not!" Antonio clenched his teeth. "Why are you here?" Luis asked once again. Antonio pursed his lips. "Iíve already explained. Shall I say more? I love you guys." Luis cut him off sharply. "You donít know the first thing about love. You storm in here now. Why the change?" Luis blazed on him.

"Donít get all self righteous on me lilí bro. I did all I could. I took just as hard as you when Papa disappeared." Luis applauded Antonio for his statement. "Bravo! Would you say it for us again? Or should I reinforce it?" Antonio despises Luisí sardonic humor. "Why are you giving me a hard time Luis? Eh hermano? Weíre family. Being so loyal to you. Is what I did." Luis snapped his eye at Antonio instantly. "BS and you know it! Antonio get the hell out! I have no respect for you when you walked out on us." Luis sat down on the couch, exhausted. "Excuse me, for not being perfect Luis. What about Papa?" He blatantly questioned. "What about Papa?" Luis retorted. "Why does he get such high appraisal? Huh? Papa walked out on us too." Antonio crinkled his nose. "Papa disappeared and thereís a difference. The Cranes had to do with his disappearance. I will hunt each and every one of them down. If that is the last thing I do." Luis went into the kitchen. "Seems like Luis is not too thrilled to see me." Antonio was disappointed. "Iím glad you guys welcomed me home."

He gave am assuring smile to Theresa, Miguel and Pilar. "Give him time Hijo. Heís just trying to digest it. Itíll absorb through before you know it." Pilar reassured Antonio. "Ha! I wouldnít be too sure of that." Pessimism rose in Antonioís voice. "Mommaís right Antonio. Give Luis time. He is not always this hostile." Theresa tried to convince Antonio, but she wasnít certain herself. "Yeah heíll grow out of it." Miguel persisted. "Luis is bullheaded. He is a good man. Hijo" Pilar nodded her head. "I know. I could tell." Antonio responded. "Youíre right. Maybe he do need to cool off. I hope it is soon before it is too late." Antonio stood behind the door peeping at Luis. Pilar patted Antonio on the back. "Give him time. Youíll see. You still have your bed. You can go rest hijo." Pilar smiled and went straight to bed. "Buenas noches my children."

"Night Momma." They all said. "What the hell do you think youíre doing?í Luis stormed out of the kitchen. "Iím going to bed." Antonio glared at Luis. "When hell freezes over! Get out!" he yelled slightly. Trying to keep his voice to a minimum, so he wouldnít wake up Pilar. "Momma said he could stay." Theresa supported Antonio. "Theresa not now." Luis said out of frustration. "Sheís right Luis. Momma did say it." Miguel insisted. "Yeah Luis!" Antonio smartly replied. "You butt out of this! I wasnít talking to you." He snarled. "Luis heís family." They both said. "Let him stay here." Luis thought to himself from what Miguel and Theresa said. "Alright. He can stay." Theresa and Miguel cheered.

Antonio, Theresa, and Miguel went to bed. "Antonio what possessed you to come back when you been away for so long?" Luis asked himself. Luis went to bed and suddenly the phone ringed. "Hello?" he answered.





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