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The Time Has Come




















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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


The Time Has Come
by lovingpassions

Chapter 14

"Whitney! Are you there? Oh no!" Theresa bangs on the door. "Dear God, please let Whitney be alright. She is my best friend in this whole wide world." Theresa just couldnít imagine losing Whitney in spite of what she says from time to time about her love for Ethan. "Theresa calm down. Whatís with the shouting?" Whitney invites Theresa in. "I thought you were hurt." Theresa glances around the Russellís living room. "Theresa. I swear sometimes you can be a little melodramatic." Theresa knows she wasnít being melodramatic or hallucinating. She know what sheíd saw. "What are you looking for Theresa?" Whitney griped. As Whitney and Theresa sits on the couch. Theresa gets a chill instantly. "Are you cold Theresa?" Whitney asked out of concern.

"No. Iím fine Whit. Maybe I am working myself overtime." Whitney gets up and offered Theresa a drink. "Hey Simone. How are you?" Theresa asked Simone as she steps down from the stairs. "Iím good Theresa. What about you?" Simone half way smiled and exited out of the living room to visit Kay. "Whatís up Theresa?" Whitney shook her head at Simoneís bizarre mood. "Whitney. Did you get a strange phone call?" Theresa inspected closely to Whitney. "Phone call?" Whitney tries to recall on the phone call she received and then she shifts to Theresa. "Theresa? Actually no. Did something happened?" Whitney interrogated.

"Harmony is getting to weird. Are you sure you didnít received a phone call?" Theresa investigated. "Theresa. No. Why? Did something happened I didnít know about?" Theresa noticed Whitneyís nonchalant demeanor. It is almost as if Whitney didnít remembered what happened. "Theresa. When is the wedding?" Whitney exchanges for something new to gossip about. "We havenít discuss it yet Whitney. In due time we will. I want my wedding to be perfect with Ethan. Believe me, you will be the first to know." She cracks a smile. "Iím going to put away the glasses Theresa. Donít go anywhere. Ok? Iíll be right back." Whitney pushes the door open and as she washes the glasses. She suddenly hears a voice. "Oh Whitney. You must convince Theresa there was no phone call she had this morning. Make her come to our side. If you obey us Whitney. You will get Chad. Crush Simone. Let her know who Chad really adores. Do you want Chad?" The voice sagely asked. "Yes I want Chad." Whitney said numbly. "Do you want him bad? You got to yearn for Chad so bad you canít let anything come in the way for your blossoming romance with Chad Harris."

"I will obey. How will I get Theresa to not contemplate on your phone call?" Whitney blurted out blatantly. "Donít worry about it Whitney! Once youíve convince her it was a prank. Weíll take of the rest. Is that understood?" The voice commanded. "Yes Master. I will get Theresa to reconcile." The voice laughs in greed. "Good! Go after her." The voice instructed. Whitney did what the voice instructed. "Whitney are you alright? You didnít hear me calling you." Theresa runs up to Whitney. "Theresa. Iím fine. I called Mr. Bennett and he told me to tell you, not to bug yourself to death about it. He said it was probably some bad kids pranking a call. They do it all the time. So if I were you I would ignore it."

"I understand Whit, but I still feel something isnít right about that phone call. It is almost if that person knew what you and I saw." Theresa frowns in concentration. "Theresa, you work yourself too hard." Whitney laughs nervously. "Oh well. Youíre right Whitney. I shouldnít be such a worry wart. Wanna do anything exciting?" Theresa squinted her eyes. Being optimistic Whitney will say yes. "Sure Theresa. First thing first, I need to tell you about Chad and me." Theresa tunes in on Whitney. "What about you and Chad?" She questioned. "Chad and I are together. We admitted our feelings to each other." Theresa couldnít believe it. "Oh Whitney! I am thrilled to hear about you and Chad. Finally, you two has got it together." She embraced Whitney.

Whitney and Theresa chuckled. They exited from Whitneyís house to do their routine of activities. "Miguel. Are you okay?" Kay moves closer to him. "Yeah Kay. What are you planning for today?" There was a knock on Kayís door. "Come in." Kay yelled, embracing Miguel. "Hey Kay. Whoops! I am sorry. I didnít know you and Miguel were busy. I didnít mean to intervene." Miguel looks at Simone. "Simone itís ok. I was about to go downstairs. Iíll wait until you and Kay are finished." Kay is stunned by Miguel. She thought he wouldnít be understanding about her relationship with Simone. "Thank you Miguel. I will be down there in a few." Kay concluded.

"Whatís up Simone?" Kay lurks through her closet finding something risque to wear. She wants her night with Miguel to dazzle perfectly. "Itís about Chad . . ." Kay stopped herself from what she was doing. "What about Chad?" She retorted blankly. Continuing her venture of finding something new to wear. " I want to tell him how I feel." Simone glances at her hands. "Then tell him Simone." Kay replied flatly. "I need your help." Simone squinched her face, scared of Kay barking at her. "What kind of help do you need?" Kay turns around placing her exquisite dress on her bed. Getting the iron while finding make up to make her glamorous.

"I want to seduce Chad like you seduced Miguel." Simone said abruptly. "What? Simone is finally growing up!" Kay grabs Simone and gives her a hug. "This is perfect. Weíll have to jazz you up." Kay turns Simoneís body in a 180 degree to figure what would go impeccably for Simoneís scheme. "I hope Iím not being transparent." Simone protested in discouragement. "Not at all Simone! Donít worry if the event seems translucent. Being aggressive is the key. You want to make Chadís eyes fall out." Kay snickered. "Thanks Kay. I feel so much better." Simone bit her lip after her moment of being sarcastic.

"Cute. Do you have anything appealing to wear? Cause we want it to be suitable for Chad. He wonít know what will hit him. You are going to be a knock out." Kay fixed Simone up. Like she is planning to lose her virginity on her wedding night. Being chaste was what Simone held dearly to her. Now she feels she must become a woman to win Chadís undying love. Will her plot work? Can she go all the way like Kay did? "Whoa! Somebody is looking good tonight." Miguel said slyly. "Miguel!" They both shouted. "Sweetie. What are you doing?" Kay laughs apprehensively. "Relax Kay. I am just being me. Iíve got bored. Seems like to me. Simone is ready for a date." Miguel implored.

"She is Miguel. Ok. I donít mean to be rude. I have to get dress. Sorry Miguel and Simone. And Simone tell me how it went alright? Miguel would you please wait for me downstairs?" Kay cocked a brow. "Sure Kay." Miguel kissed her and went downstairs with Simone. "Simone. I wanted to tell you is . . . Be careful." Miguel carefully lifts her arm. "Why Miguel?" Simoneís eyes are filled with inquisitiveness. "I am concerned for your well being. Remember Simone if you want a guy to love you. Be yourself. Donít push. It will fall into your lap the way itís supposed to." Miguel gives Simone a peck on the cheek. She gives Miguel a firm hug. "Thanks Miguel. I hope you and Kay will have fun tonight."

He roars with laughter. "You know we will." He winks at Simone. "Bye Simone." She said goodbye too. He watched her carefully as she goes to visit Chad. "Oh lover boy. Look whoíve come to rescue you." Kay replied. "Wow! Kay you look stunning!" He grins roguishly. "Thank you. You donít look bad yourself. Címon, letís go before weíre too late." Kay clutched her hands into Miguel and they are off to their special event.

"Whitney. I think we should go back." Theresa begins to fret. "Whatís the matter Theresa? We need to go here. There is something I want you to see." Whitney smiled wickedly. "It can wait Whitney like in the morning." Theresa doesnít like the way the clouds are forming. "Whitney is it supposed to rain tonight? If so. I really would like to see Ethan before I go back home." Whitney pulls Theresa closer and leads her into the forbidden woods. "Ethan and everything else can wait tomorrow." Whitney clenched her teeth together. Theresa didnít like the sound in Whitneyís voice. Itís too possessive. "Whitney are you sure youíre okay?" Theresa noticed how Whitney is grabbing her tightly. "Iím fine. Quit asking questions and do what I say!"

Whitney roared. "Fine." Theresa said underneath her breath. "I brought her here Master!" She scowls at the hollow tree. "Great! Theresa you will forget what happened to you earlier today! Are you willing to move on!" The tree hollered. Theresa turned around to look at Whitney. "Whitney! Where are you? Please donít leave me here alone!" She cries aloud. Whitney is nowhere to be found. "Whitney! Help me!" Theresa screams. "HOW DARE YOU? YOU FOOLISH GIRL! YOU WILL NEVER BREATHE TO A SOUL OF WHAT YOU SAW HAPPENED TO CHARITY! IS THAT CLEAR?" The tree scolded her.

"I will not breath to a soul! Iím pleading you to set me free!" Theresa is on her hands and knees. "THAT IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH! COME! THE EVIL SPIRIT OF POWER, COME TO EMPOWER OVER THIS GIRLíS SOUL!" The tree demanded. The Evil Spirit of Power has flown from the pits of hell. Flames torturing the woods everywhere. "Theresa weíve come for you. Give in. You wonít regret it. Just obey and simplicity will be in your life with Ethan. Rebel and you shall have an intricate life with Ethan." The Evil Spirit of Power towers over Theresa. "I rather suffer than to give in." Theresa bellowed. "Then you will get whatís coming to you." The spirit said.

"Simone. What are you doing here?" Chad opened his eyes from his slumber. "Iíve come here to show you what my love is all about." She leans over to kiss Chad. She puckered her pouty lips on Chad. He didnít hold back. He moved from her. "Simone. Do your parents know you are here?" Chad worried if someone will intrude. "No, they are away on vacation. I love you Chad. You will always have a special place in my heart." Simone takes Chadís hand to lead her on his bed. She forced him to climb on top of her. "Take me Chad. Endeavor your love on me."

Chad is completely blown by Simoneís assertion. He did as she say and places his hands on her abdomen. Simone slips off Chadís shirt while sitting on top of him. The lights are dimmed low, candle lights glowing brightly. Shimmering on them, as Chad open his eyes. "What the hell? Where did the candles come from?" He lifts himself slightly. "Donít worry baby. Iím here to take care of you." Her voice deepened. He is caught under her concoction of love. "Donít worry about how Iím loving you. Just worry of what will happen in the morning." She laughs sinfully.

Chad is getting weary from her seducing ways. Could this be a new beginning for Chad? Or is this the end for him?





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