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The Time Has Come




















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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


The Time Has Come
by lovingpassions

Chapter 13

"What the hell?" Luis blurted out. The mysterious object blinded everyone’s eyes who were in the forbidden woods. Sheridan and Kay went over to the fallen object from the sky. Kay and Sheridan stared at each other and grabbed the divided jewel. They walked over to the hollow tree. "What is this for?" Kay questioned. Kay turns to Sheridan and they both shrugged. "Listen carefully my children. This precious stone is to make sure you keep Luis and Miguel captivated into your hearts. This stone has many phantoms of horrific events which will take place in Harmony. If you two are willing to obey me things shall come easy fro you. If you fail to succeed then things will be complex for you." the hollow tree scolded.

"Then what are we supposed to do in the mean time, master?" Sheridan inspected closely to the hollow tree. "How will we know what to do with this jewel?" She continued as Kay nods in agreement. "I told you! You’ll know what to do in due time! Just listen carefully to this savory work of art. Gaze intensely at the stone’s beauty and then . . ." Luis and Miguel shouted looking for Sheridan and Kay. "Sheridan! Kay! Thank God! We were looking all over for you!" Luis shouted. Sheridan and Kay woken from their thwarted conversation with the tree.

"Miguel? What’s happening to me? I feel so tired." Kay fell into Miguel’s arms. "Don’t worry Kay, we’ll get you home." he picks Kay up and carried her to the Bennett’s house. "Sheridan are you ok?" Luis gives Sheridan eye contact. "Yeah. I’m fine. I don’t know about Kay. Luis, I think I want to go home." Luis didn’t bicker with Sheridan, he escorted her home. "Luis? Do you think Miguel will be alright?" Sheridan asked. "I know he’ll be fine now cause he’s got Kay. I believe Charity will be proud of Miguel having someone by his side. After all, he’s got us too." Luis smirked, kissing Sheridan goodnight. He went to his place as well for an early start.

"Chad my man what’s up!" Ethan gives Chad a snappy handshake. "Nothing much my brother! How are you?" Chad grins. "Peachy." Ethan retorted sarcastically. "Where’s the lovely Theresa?" Chad said cleaning the counter. "Oh she’s at home resting. What about Whitney?" Ethan glanced at Whitney walking through the door. "Speak of the devil." Ethan smirks. "Hey Whitney." Ethan replied. "Hey Ethan. Where’s Theresa?" Whitney searches for Theresa to see if she was around. "She’s back at home, I got to go meet her somewhere so we can discuss our wedding." Ethan takes his coffee he’d paid for and sits down to read a book. "What’s up Miss Thang?"

Chad gazed into Whitney’s thwarting eyes. "Hey Chad. When are you getting off from work?" Whitney played with the strap on her bag. "In an hour. Why?" Chad interrogated. "I need to talk to you." Whitney flatly stated. "Alright. I hope it’s nothing serious." Chad’s storing away the pastries. "It’s serious." Whitney looked at Chad blankly. "Cool. We’ll talk about it. Just chill over there with Ethan cause we know we’re going to attend the most talked about wedding of the year." Chad jokingly remarked. "Whatever you say Chad." she said coldly while giving a fake smile. "Girl got some issues." Chad mumbles to himself.

"Ethan?" Whitney hands are shaking bad. "Yes Whitney?" Ethan recognizes how Whitney is fretting. "What’s wrong Whitney?" Ethan comforts Whitney into his arms. "Ethan, I’m scared." Whitney couldn’t stop shaking in Ethan’s arm. "Whitney tell me." He demanded. "It’s like this . . ." Whitney inhaled acutely. "Ok?" Ethan said slowly. "I think I’m starting to remembered on what happened to Charity a while back." Ethan’s expression is motionless, as he awaits for her to finish. "Theresa and I were walking from the Book Café and we were talking so much we didn’t even realize we walked that far." Whitney interrupted her sentence.

"It’s ok Whitney. No need to fear. I’m right here." Ethan said confidently. "Whitney! Just the girl I wanted to see." Whitney cared to see who it was. "Simone? What are you doing here? It’s late you know?" Whitney scolded. "I think Daddy wants to discuss to you about your tennis practice that will be going on for Saturday." Simone waved hello to Ethan and he waves back to her. "Whitney we’ll finish this conversation later. Okay?" Ethan grabs Whitney and hugs her. "Sure." Whitney said dryly. "Take care Ethan!" Chad yelled. "You too man." Ethan replied back.

"Simone, I was in a very important discussion with Ethan, why couldn’t you wait at home to tell me?" Whitney interrogated. "Like I’ve said. If Daddy wasn’t so pushy I wouldn’t be here. He told me he need to see you whenever you have the chance to come home. See you later. Hey Chad." Whitney shook her head as Chad spoke back to Simone. "Come on Whitney. It’s closing time and I’ll walk you back to your place." Chad closes the door and locked as Whitney waits outside for him. "Before we go to my place Chad. We really need to talk." Whitney said seriously. Chad recognized Whitney’s expression and he knew she was not playing.

"What’ up Whit? I’m all ears." Chad thrusts his hands through his pockets. Whitney patiently pulled her nerves together to say what she has to say to Chad. "This is what I wanna tell you Chad. I think I’m in love with you." Chad stopped and pulls his ear closer to her mouth. "Wait a minute! What did you just say? You think you love me?" Chad snorts. "Yeah. I said I think I love you." Whitney said quietly. "You think or do you know?" Chad blatantly cut to the point. "Ok Chad! I know I love you." Whitney let a sigh, wanting to hear what Chad has to say. Is this the moment Whitney has been waiting for? Will Chad tell her she been longing to hear?

"Whitney . . . I am shocked. How can I say this?" He draws Whitney close to him. "You know what sweetheart. I love you too." His voice sounded lower than before. He takes a deep breath and kissed Whitney. Whitney pulls back, considers the risk she’ll have to take. "You mean it Chad?" Whitney asked in doubt. "Of course I’m sure Whitney. I never been sure about anything in my entire life." He groaned huskily. Whitney feels it’s getting too close to comfort. "I think I should head home." Whitney said hoarsely. Chad agrees and take Whitney home. He steps up to her on her porch. "Well I guess I should be signing off. I’ll talk to you tomorrow. See you there at the Book Café?" Chad points his eyes towards Whitney. "Yes."

Whitney and Chad kissed for one last time. Whitney enters the door and after she closed it, she thought about how nice the kiss was. "Hey sweetheart!" TC said coming from the kitchen. "Hey Daddy!" Whitney jumped out of her skin. "Sweetheart, I didn’t mean to scare you. Are you ok?" TC embraces Whitney. "I’m fine. Did you want to talk to me about something?" TC pulls away and sits on the couch. "About your tennis practice on Saturday. We’ll have to cancel it." Whitney seemed to be perplexed by her father’s statement. "Why Daddy?" Whitney sat by TC. "Your mother and I are going out of town for a while. I trust that you and Simone will be on best behavior."

TC narrowed his eyes at Whitney. "Daddy there is no need to worry. We’ll be on our best behavior. I hope you and Mom have a good time." TC smiled at Whitney.
Whitney you have no idea why we’re leaving on such short notice. He thought. "TC, you got everything?" Eve responded. "Hey Whitney." she continued. "Hi Mom." Whitney went upstairs to put up her bag. "Yes, I’ve got everything sweetheart. I just don’t understand why are we’re leaving so soon." Eve sighed. "You know why TC. We have to do this for Sam and Grace. We promised them we would meet up with them this weekend." Eve gently touched TC’s face. "You’re right sweetheart. After what Grace has been through it’s terrible to imagine what the next ordeal might be for her."

"When will you and Dad be back, Mom?" Whitney stepped down from the stairs. "Hopefully Sunday evening." Eve gives Whitney a hug. "You make sure Simone stay out of trouble." she narrowed her eyes at Whitney. "Make sure she steers clear from Chad." Eve commanded. "Yes Mother." Whitney kissed her parents goodbye. The telephone ringed. "Hello?" Whitney answered the phone, there is complete silence from the other end. "Hello? . . . Hello? Look if you’re not going to answer, I will hang up!" Whitney’s throat tightened. "If you tell anyone on what happened that night Whitney you will regret it! Keep your mouth shut about Charity’s death!" The hoarse voice was outraged. "I-I-I don’t know what you’re talking about." Whitney’s voice trembled.

"Like hell you don’t! There’ll be hell to pay Whitney. If I were you, I will be a wise girl to zip my lips. Sweet dreams." Whitney slams the phone down and is ready to head to bed, suddenly the front door opens slightly. Whitney stares outside from the door. She looked around to see if anybody was there. "That’s strange. I could’ve sworn Mom and Dad locked the door." The wind blew hard. Whitney felt a draft and locks the door. She turned off the lights and went to bed to get some sleep.

"Morning hija." Pilar said. "Morning Momma." Theresa spoken lowly. "What’s for breakfast Momma?" Theresa sat down in a chair. "What’s up Theresa." Miguel said while kissing his mother on the cheek. "Morning Momma." Pilar smiled at Miguel. "Morning hijo. Where’s my other son?" Theresa and Miguel looked at each other blankly. "Luis? We don’t know Momma." Theresa said and they both shrugged. "Luis is right here." Luis walked through the door. "How’s my beautiful mother and sister? How’s my main man?" They all wondered what is with Luis’ mood. "We’re just fine and dandy Luis. How are you hijo?"

Pilar said while fixing pancakes for breakfast. "Hear. I have to go to work. You all take care and stay sweet. Love you all." "Bye Momma." they all said aloud. "Theresa. I know it’s early in the day, but I have to ask you something about the night of Charity’s death." Miguel frowned. "Why do you all have to bring this up?" He shouted. "Sorry Miguel. I have to ask Theresa cause she and Whitney woke up and found Charity’s body." Luis said out of empathy. "I miss her so much Luis. I hope you two will never lose your loved ones." Miguel got up and opened the door, Kay was standing there. "Me and Kay have to go to practice we’ll see ya later." Miguel left with Kay quickly.

"Theresa? What’s the matter? Why are you shaking?" Luis pulls Theresa into his arms. "Luis. It all started when Whitney and I were leaving the Book Café. We were catching up on old times, then all of a sudden. We were walking off so far we didn’t even realize it. Until me and Whitney heard some noises . . . and." The doorbell ringed. "Hold on Theresa." Luis said as Theresa nodded her head. "Hello?" Sheridan cuddles on to Luis. "Luis. How are you?" She kissed him with a passion of a burning desire. "Are you alone?" Sheridan asked, possessively. "Sheridan? You alright?" Luis looks at Sheridan weirdly.

"Yes. Who are you talking to in there?" Sheridan slips her arm around Luis’ firm waist. "Theresa. She was trying to tell me about what happened on the night when Charity died." Sheridan shivers. "Come on sweetheart. Let’s go talk to Theresa. By the time Luis and Sheridan enters in the kitchen. Theresa was gone. "What the . . ." Luis paused. "Where did she go Luis?" Sheridan gazes him. "I guess I will ask Theresa later. Come on Sheridan we got work to do." He smirks and carries Sheridan to his bedroom, such sweetness Sheridan and Luis begins making love. The phone rings and Theresa answers it. "Hello?" There was complete silence.

"Don’t tell anyone what you saw that night Theresa! Or there will be hell to pay! I’m warning you stay away or else you will regret it!" the horse voice commanded. "Who is this?" Theresa exclaimed in exasperation. "Better do as I say or you will pay!" The horse voice thundered. Theresa hanged up immediately. "Oh my gosh! I have to see Whitney. I wondered if she got a phone call like I did!" Theresa grabs her purse and close the door silently so she wouldn’t disturbed Luis and Sheridan. On her way to Whitney’s house. Something awaits for Theresa there. She seen a weird light beaming around the Russell’s house. She went near the house and couldn’t believe what she was seeing.





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