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The Time Has Come




















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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


The Time Has Come
by lovingpassions

Chapter 12

Whitney is feeling weary from the spell Charity has cast upon them. She walks over to the cliff. "Agh!!" Whitney screams as Theresa comes over to see what is happening. "Whatís the matter Whit?" Theresa tugs on Whitney slightly. "Oh my God!" Theresa yelled. "Oh no. Charity canít be dead! Miguel would be so crushed." Theresa exclaimed in exasperation. "We should called the police! Whit." she continued. "Ok. We need to. What happened to Kay?" Whitney lurks around to see if sheís there. "You donít think Kay is dead too Whit?" Theresa eyes filled with fear. "I hope not either!" Whitney mumbles. "Please call them Theresa. Get Mr. Bennett and your brother Luis!"

Theresa did so and five minutes later they have arrived. "What happened here? Are you and Theresa alright Whitney?" Sam embraces Whitney. "Yes. Weíre fine Mr. Bennett. But there is something I have to." Luis interrupts Whitney. "Oh no! Sam I think you need to take a look at this!" Luis peeks at the cliff. Sam immediately runs over there by Luis. "Oh my God!" Sam yelled. "Grace will be furious. How will I break it to her? Who would want to kill Charity?" Sam protested angrily. "We need to make a report of this and make flyers of finding the killer." one officer said to Sam.

"No! I donít want my nieceís death turned into a charade! Itís bad enough my wife has lost her sister now Charity? This is not fair. Please letís keep this private!" Sam roared at the police man. "Donít worry Sam the truth will uncover itself." Luis lends a hand on Samís shoulder. "So help me God, who ever killed Charity will suffer!" Sam mumbles. "You want me to break the news to Grace?" Luis half way came in by intruding on Samís thoughts. "No itís best if she hears it from me. But please do call Eve and Grace." Luis did what Sam instructed. "Uh oh Tim-Tim. Seems like we are in a heap of trouble." Tabitha worries. "Howís that?" Timmy asked. "If they try to find out who did it. This whole town will be turned upside down."

Tabitha moves away slyly until she was out of everyoneís sight. "We gotta go on vacation Tim-Tim." She tags Timmy along with her, so they can think of a new strategy of what to do next. Miguel and other close friends of the Bennetts all rushed to see what has happened. Eve has examined the body that had fallen over the cliff. "Well Eve what are the results?" Sam clasps his sweaty palms. "Charity is dead." Eve sadly announces. "What? No!" Miguel vociferated. He moves everyone out the way and cries over her. "Charity. No! I love you! Donít leave me!"

Kay comes over to comfort Miguel. "What happened Miguel? Oh my God itís Charity! Sheís dead?" Kay cries out. "Daddy tell me Charity canít her dead!" Sam looks at Kay with disappointment. "Iím afraid so sweetie." Kay cries along with Miguel and Jessica. Grace sees Charityís body and she collapsed. Sam lifts Grace into his arms. "Grace please wake up sweetheart." Eve went to see Grace. "Grace? Can you hear me? Itís Eve." Eve steadily repeats herself to Grace until she get s a response. Grace regains consciousness. "Eve? Whereís Charity?" Eve gazes at Sam. "I think she has had enough for one night. Take her home please?" Sam nods and takes Grace and the girls home.

"Charity!" Miguel hollers. Theresa and Luis went to Miguel to give him their support. Pilar arrives. "Luis, what happened?" Luis faces Pilar with tension. "Momma, itís Charity . . ." Pilar looks at her body before the paramedics zipped her up. "Dios Mio! Miguel, hijo. Come to me my precious baby." Pilar stretches her arms to Miguel to console him. "How could something like this happened Momma. She was special to me? Why my beloved Charity?" Pilar hugs him tighter. "I know Hijo. You loved Charity so much. You would even risk your life for her."

Miguel pulls away and asks Eve could he come along. She hesitated for a moment and she consider his question, she told him yes. He rides off with Eve and wanted to have a moment in peace to say goodbye to Charity. "Miguel, I know it is hard on you but always remember no one will ever take her place." Eve reassured him. Miguel felt like Eveís words arenít just enough to numb the pain which is throbbing internally. He half smiled at Eve and lays his head besides Charityís body. "I love you with all my heart. You will always live in me Charity. Always."

Couple of days later that had held a funeral for Charity. The Bennetts were surprised to see the whole town of Harmony appeared, even the Cranes. "What are they doing here?" Sam kept his voice to a minimum to TC. "Beats the hell out of me. For all I know they have no right to be at this girlís funeral! They have no mercy whatsoever! Damn them Cranes!" TCís voice bubbles intensely. "Grace did you invited them here?" Sam asks her discreetly. "No Sam. I didnít. I didnít want them here as much as you didnít." Grace is astounded by the Cranes appearance except for Ethan (who is not a Crane) and Sheridan who is seeing Luis.

"Iím telling you Eve those damn Cranes need to burn in hell for what they have done!" TC presses his arm gently around Eve. "I couldnít agree with you more." Eve said flatly. "Sheridan do you know anything about your brotherís existence in this funeral?" Sheridan turned around and frown deeply. "No! I wish Julian wouldnít of came at all." Sheridan halfway convince Luis she isnít happy to see him either. "You happy now Kay. Charity is out of the picture." Simone blurted to Kay silently. "Gees, everybody is making it seem like I loathe Charity so much." Simone narrowed her eyes at Kay crucially. "Simone!" Kay slightly yells but whispers. "I never wanted her dead!" Kay continued. "All I wanted from her is to be out of the way."

"That is still putting it like you wanted her dead Kay." Simone emphasized to Kay. "Gosh, I didnít want her dead." Seems like Kay wasnít trying to convince Simone but herself. Is Kay really aware of what happened to her and Charity? Did she really know that she literally knocked Charity off the cliff? Whose fault is it anyway? Simone pursed her lips and listens on to the minister. "Are you satisfied Kay? How do you like the picture now?" Jessica scrutinizes Kay. "Jessica buzz off! I did not want Charity to die. All I ever wanted is to have Miguel all to myself! Certainly with all of my heart, I didnít want Charity to die!" Kay speaks kind of loudly to Jessica.

"Whatever you say Kay." Jessica said flippantly. ĎWhatever you say Kay.í Kay imitates her sisterís voice out of annoyance. "Does anybody has anything to say before we bury Charity?" The minister asked while the misty air roams through. "I would like to say something." Miguel insisted. "Ahem, this is what I want to say to my darling. Whom I will always cherish forever in my heart. No one will ever take her place. She has brought such happiness to people lives. Even though some may think she is lenient to people who hasnít been kind to her. She will always remain the first love in my life. God, how much I will miss her. Charity I canít believe Iím saying this. Iím not ready to say goodbye. I have to for the sake of people in Harmony. Hopefully you will know there is never a goodbye with me."

Miguel nearly crumbled in two. He held himself together as Theresa helps him to his seat. So the minister said his last words to make the funeral final. Everyone greeted the Bennetts with compassion. "Thanks for coming everyone. I know that Charity is pleased to see everybody who entered here with love for her. Thanks for honoring her wishes." Sam said while comforting brokenhearted Grace. "Sam itís not fair. Why Charity? I love her as my own. She is like another daughter to me." Sam held her close. "I know Grace, I know." He sighs.

"Kay where are you going?" Simone inquires her. "Iím going to visit Miguel. Sshhh Simone, please donít say anything to anyone about me seeing him. I just got to be there for him." Kay insisted. "And after that, I will make sure I will be persistent to him until he caves in." Kay curves a wicked grin. Kay said goodbye to Simone and follows after Miguel. "Where the heck Miguel is going?" Kay whispered to herself. "I canít believe he is visiting Blondieís grave! The nerve of Charity." Kay shivers. "Charity, why you? This is not supposed to happen. We are meant to be. I love you." Miguel sort of let out a sigh. Until he felt someoneís hand comforting him on his shoulder.

He turns around. "Kay? What are you doing here?" He stares at her blankly. "I came here for . . ." Miguel interrupts Kay. "For Charity. I know she would appreciate you coming." Miguel smiled. "Thatís not half of it." Kay murmured. He gives Kay a bear hug. "Miguel. I am so sorry. I know how much you loved Charity." Kay almost wanted to gag for saying it. Gazing at Charityís grave sent a cold chill down her spine. "Miguel, can we move away please? Letís just walk and talk about it ok?" Kay suggested. "I guess Kay. Is there something wrong? Or you just donít want to be around Charity because she loved me more than anyone on this planet?" Kay was horrified by Miguelís interrogation.

"Just exactly what are you insinuating Miguel? That I didnít love Charity? For Heaven sakes Miguel she is my cousin." Kay is willing to believe that she coerced Miguel to stay off the subject, Charity. "Iím sorry Kay. I donít know what has gotten over me." Miguel shook his head. "Why should I blame it on you? Of course you love her." Miguel included Kay in his arms for support. "Itís ok Miguel. You are only feeling what your heart is saying." Kay suddenly feels something comes over her. It as if another spirit is dominating her. "Come with me tonight." Kay whispered in Miguelís ear. "Something I have to show you." Kay implied.

Miguel takes the lead of Kayís hand showing the way to where they will be consoling each other for both of their loss of Charity. "Luis this is a perfect night." Sheridan gazes at Luis. "What?" Luis is puzzled by Sheridanís remark. "I mean out side of Charityís death. I am so sorry Luis. Charity is such a sweet girl." Luisí bewilderment starts to disappear. "Yeah. Sheridan, I never thought Miguel would lose his first love this soon." Sheridan holds him from behind. "Aww. Luis, no one seen it coming. Besides, Charity is dead and whoever wanted to see her die must be pretty satisfied." Sheridan said crucially. "Sheridan are you alright?" Luis asks out strangely. "Of course I am Luis. Why would you ask me that?" Sheridan kisses him to skip the subject. Her lips pressed against his and he can feel the kiss from her lips burning. Luisí eyes remained shut as Sheridanís eyes glow fiercely with evil.

Sheridan grabs Luisí hand and take him to the forbidden woods. "Sheridan. I donít think we should be here." Luis said frantically. "Whatís the matter Luis? Canít take a challenge?" Sheridan persisted. "Of course I can! Come here you!" He grabs Sheridan and tumbles over her. He forcefully looking into her eyes. "Kiss me Luis. Iíve been waiting for a very long time for this." Luis couldnít understand what is going on with Sheridan but he did what she said anyway. Luis pokes his head up. "Sheridan!" he half way whispered. "What Luis?" Sheridan whispered back, irritably. "Did you hear that?" He gets up to see what is going on. "No. Come back down here Officer Lopez Fitzgerald. I want to finish playing cops and robbers with you."

Sheridan smiles at him. "No time for games Sheridan we need to go check it out." He instantly reaches out for her hand. She refused. "Iím staying right here Luis." Luis looked at her blankly. "Donít get into any trouble Sheridan." Sheridan looked at him. "What? But Luis." He shot down at her. "No more words!" He went to search on for the noise which is coming from the east. Kay rumbles herself on top of Miguel. A spirit has come over her alright. She is willing to take Miguel far to her intimacy. She poisoned him with her disillusioned kiss to the forbidden woods.

"Iíve brought him here. What do you want me to do to him?" Kay asks mercifully. "Do what you came to do Kay." The hollow tree whispered. "Manipulate him, tempt him with your sweet seducing ways. Heíll love you in due time. If you follow my instructions carefully." The hollow tree smiled. A trance has hit on Kay. "Yes I will obey." Kay said numbly. She pinned Miguel down and ripped his shirt off. Luis seeks through the bushes to see what is going on. "Sheridan, come grab your lover boy he is interfering with our work of evil." The voice commanded. "Yes. I shall get Luis. Make him come to the Dark Side." The voice demanded even more.

"Yes. I shall succeed of getting Luis." Sheridan walks horizontally to the direction of Luis. Sheridan snatches Luis from behind. "Luis. I have come for you." Sheridan said seductively. "Not now beautiful. I must find out what is going on." Luis still is opposing to Sheridanís offer while figuring out what is going on in the east. Sheridanís eyes are boiling with anger as she stomps her feet she grabs Luis and manipulates him into seduction. "Sheridan." Luis spoken softly. "Donít." he continued. As soon as Sheridan begins a mysterious object falls from the sky.





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