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The Time Has Come




















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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


The Time Has Come
by lovingpassions

Chapter 11

"Whatís up Theresa and Whitney." Chad speaks while storing the pastries on the counter. "Hi Chad!" Theresa greeted back with excitement. "What you all jolly for Theresa?" Chad halfheartedly smiled. "Chad, I have the greatest news!" Theresa pauses for a moment. "What that maybe?" Chad insisted, grinning. "Ethan and I are finally together!" Theresa grabs Chadís hand with intensity. "Oh here we go." Whitney rolled her eyes. "I told you everything would work out for you Theresa." Chad said reassuringly. "You think so? Theresa looks beseechingly into Chadís eyes. "Yep! I know so." Chad scrutinized Theresa carefully into her eyes.

"Chad, thatís what got her in trouble in the first place." Whitney sighed, butting in. "For your information nobody asked you to hop in and take control Miss Thang." Chad cuts in on Whitney bluntly. "Chad why canít you just stay out of my friendís life?" Whitney said impatiently. "Why canít you be happy for Theresa?" Chad rhetorically implied. "Theresa, I donít know why you listen to him anyway." Whitney turns to Theresa uneasily. "Oh Whit. You are always worrying too much. Besides, look who has Ethan now." Theresa smirks. "That is beside the point Theresa." Whitney protested with light irritation. "Whitney lighten up! This is Theresaís life, not yours." He said slowly.

"Theresa, I am going to sit over there. íCuse me." Whitney points out to the couch. Chad shook his head. "Man, that girl got issues!" Chad smacks his lips and ignored what Whitney is doing as he continue to exchange words with Theresa. "So, Ethan finally admit it." Chad tilts his ahead with a slight angle to the right. "I thought he would never wake up and smell the mocha." Chad retorted. Theresa laughs, slightly blushing. "Yeah, well, I never thought he would come to the conclusion that he loves me too." She didnít have to smile in front of Chad but he knew from the look in her eyes explained it all.

"Theresa. I need to talk to you." Whitney calls from afar. "Coming Whit. See ya later Chad." She kisses him on the cheek. "Good luck to you and Ethan. Hey and keep your head up." he whispered. "Thanks Chad, I will." she murmured back. "Ok Whit. What is it you want?" Theresa sighs a bit. "Iíve been considering of your whole situation with Ethan." Theresa cuts into Whitneyís mid sentence. "Oh Whit, what scenario have you come up with this time?" Whitney blushes. "I was about to say that I wish you and Ethan the best. After all you are my best friend and I only want you to be happy. The only problem concerns me Theresa is what about your mother and brother, Luis?"

Theresa could see the curiosity in Whitneyís eyes. "Momma , Iím not worried about. Luis. . . is a whole ínother story. Surely when Luis finds out that Ethan is not a Crane. Heíll lighten up." Theresaís frown turns to a sweet smile. "That is
if he ease up on you Theresa." Whitney is certainly more in doubt than Theresa. "Hey Whit, why donít we go for a walk? Itís lovely out tonight and we can catch up on a lot of things like guys, clothes, etc." Theresa exclaims. "Alright Theresa. We need to get out of here anyway. I need to brush off this disease thatís flying on me. I need to cure it before it gets in my immune system." Whitney disgustingly looks at Chad.

"Night to you too sweetheart." Chad shook his head as he thinks to him aloud. "Girl got some serious issues." Whitney and Theresa talked like an hour until they got lost in the woods. "Theresa, I think we need to head our way back home." Whitney is beginning to get frightened. "Youíre right Whit. But where do we head back? Weíve gotten so far off, weíve kind of forgotten our trail." Theresa searches for their footprints they left in the trail. But they seem to cover up. As if someone didnít want them to find their way back home. "Theresa! Do you hear that?" Whitney whispers nervously. "Yes Whit. I think we really need to go." Whitney grabs Theresaís arm to stop her and let her hear the sound. "Sounds like two people are converging Whit. Letís see whatís happening."

Whitney holds Theresa back. "Aha not! Weíre not getting involved in their mess." Whitney doubts in confusion. "Sshhh. . . Whit. Those voices sound very familiar." Whitney looks at Theresa like she done lost her mind. "What?" Whitney raises her voice gently. "Listen in Whit. It sounds like Kay and Charity." Whitney is baffled and stares at Theresa. "Well. Itís time for us to go." Theresa grins at Whitney wryly. "I donít think so! Letís see what theyíre up to." Theresa shouts with a whisper.

"Kay, you have no right to interfere with Miguel and me. I for once is going to put a stop to your foolishness." Charity roars. "Ha! Donít make me laugh. Too late you already are Miss High and Mighty Charity." Kay pokes fun at her. "Tim-Tim seems like weíre not the only ones enjoying the scene." Tabitha grins ruefully. "Theresa and Whitney are here?" Timmy whines. "Thatís right baby face. The more the merrier." Tabitha snorts. "Seems like itís the more trouble the merrier." Timmy muttered. "What was that Timmy?" Tabithaís voice is filled with annoyance. "Nothing." Timmy shouts back.

"Kay, you know what? Iím real sick of your petty remarks which is starting to bore me. And you have so much ambivalence, itís so ridiculous. You canít stand the fact that Miguel loves me not you!" Charity laughs boastfully. "What are they talking about Whitney?" Theresa asks Whitney with fear. "Seems like they are arguing about your brother Theresa. It doesnít sound good at all." Whitney squints her eyes behind the bushes. Theresa shivers a bit. "Why would Kay argue with Charity about Miguel when he only sees Kay as one of the guys?" Theresa shook her head and didnít understand why. "Youíre telling me." Whitney retorted. "Well Iíll tell you one thing Miguel didnít call out your name. Now did he?" Kay sarcastically smiled.

Kay laughs ruefully. "You bitch! You actually think you can manipulate your way around Miguel to make him see the true Ďwomaní in you." Charity replied. Theresa and Whitney looked at each other bewilderedly. "Charity talking like that?" Whitney questions Theresa. "I know. This is not like Charity." Theresa is just as mystified as Whitney. "You know what Kay, when are you going to learn that lying only digs you deeper in a ditch you canít get out of?" Charity impatiently taps her foot. "I donít know what you are talking about." Kay brushes off. "Damn you! Lying once again Kay." Charityís voice thunders fiercely. Charity comes up to Kay and chokes her. "I know what you did! And I saw you!" Charity screams. "Get off of me you winch!" Kay yells as she is being strangled by Charity.

"Whitney maybe we should go help them?" Theresa is starting to get worried as Whitney stomach churns while nodding her head. "Blast them girls for intervening! Timmy Iíve got to stop them!" Tabitha frets. "Iíve got to send Charity a subliminal message quick before itís too late." Tabitha sends an instant message to Charity. "Timmy doesnít like this." He mumbles. "Charity block Theresa and Whitney with a force shield. Trap them. Knock them out with your wicked powers." Charity heard Tabitha. "Yes master." Charity mumbles still trying to kill Kay. She releases off of Kay and raises her hands to the clear black sky. She calls out the forces of evil and a shield has appeared while leaving Whitney and Theresa unconscious.

Kay sneaks behind Charity and pushes her viciously. "Donít agitate me Kay." Charity howls at Kay with irritation. "Whatís the matter Charity? Canít handle being provoked?" Kay snorts. "Donít try me Kay. Youíre gonna regret it!" Charityís eyes glow fiery red, burning with flames. "Weíll see." Kay mumbles. Kay feels her body floating to the ground. As the evil spirits is taken upon her. "Weíll see how tough you are Charity! You canít have Miguel cause he is mine!" Kay blared out. "I know what you did Kay! You slept with Miguel! You took his innocence from him! When his innocence belongs to me!" Charity rises from the ground and flies towards Kay.

"Thatís right! Iíll admit it. I did take his innocence. íCause he is rightfully mine! He loved every single moment of it too!" Kay snickers. "Your lascivious behavior is not tolerable Kay. Donít you know Miguel wants to be with me?" Charity chuckles arrogantly. "And for you ruining Miguelís life you will have to pay you malevolent vixen!" Charity eyes turned cold blue from winter. She calls on the evil forces that is causing her to become more enraged. A bolt of lightening blazes from the sky and Kay seen it coming. She moves out of the way and lands on the ground safely.

"Tough luck Charity. Try harder." Charity finds her way to place herself on the ground. "You asked for it." Charity jeers on. Kay and Charity tugs on each otherís hair and rolling on the ground dangerously. "Had enough?" Kay sits on top of Charity. "No!" Charity hurls underneath Kay and grabs her from behind. "Let go of me!" Kay grunted. "Why should I?" Charity remarked nastily. "I want to reason with you." Kay reasonably calms down. "So you can have Miguel! No way in Hell!" Charity replied flippantly. Kay rudely pushes Charity off of her.

"Kay you will get enough of hurting people. And it will catch up to you! Iím certain of that!" Charity yells from afar. "Miguel will always love me." Charity rudely repeats on. Kay covers her ears to not hear what Charity has said. "No!" Kay yells as she hear little voices making mockery of her not getting Miguel inside of her head. "Whatís wrong Kay? A cat bite your tongue!" Charity snarls with leverage to kill Kay. Kay looks up with scorching tears and imperious thoughts of evil has entered her mind. Charity strikes a blow towards Kay as Kay were pushed beyond the limits.

Charity is starting to awake from her other form. "Kay what are you doing? Stop! Youíre hurting me!" Charity bursts with tears. "Hell no! You get whatís coming to you bitch!" Kay pushes feeble Charity. "Kay look where weíre at?" Charity looks back. "I donít give a damn! Die Charity die! I hope you burn in hell! Miguel is mine!" Kay laughs out loud. "No matter what you do or say Kay. Miguel will always love me." Charity said calmly. When Charity said that, it provoked Kay to raging new heights she could ever feel in the palm of her hands. "Say goodnight Charity." Kay wickedly smiles. "Kay! NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Charity has fallen of the cliff from the push Kay has forced. Kay watches with her deceiving eyes. As Charityís eyes lying wide open with blood coming from her head and mouth. "Oh no Tabby! What happened to Charity?" Timmy cries. "Oh hells bells Timmy!" Tabitha and Timmy looks over the cliff after Kay left. "Sheís dead!" Tabitha is astounded as she yells. "On no!" Timmy whines. "She canít be!" Timmy sobs on Tabitha shoulders. Tabitha and Timmy disappears as Whitney and Theresa comes about.





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