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The Time Has Come




















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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


The Time Has Come
by lovingpassions

Chapter 10

"Morning all." Grace said. "How did everyone sleep?" She asks while fixing breakfast. "So-so." Kay said. "Is it alright if I fix everyone some pancakes?" She turns around and look at how everyone is having a rough morning. "Itís okay Grace, whatever you fix us is just fine." Eve smiles. Everyone is grubbing down on the pancakes as Charity enters the kitchen. "Hi Charity." Sam and Grace greets Charity simultaneously. "Hi uncle Sam and aunt Grace. Hi everyone." Everybody noticed how different Charity is. "Hey Charity, come sit by me." Jessica insisted cheerfully. Charity smiles at Jessica. "Thanks Jessica, but itís ok. I want to sit by Kay today. Besides she and I never talked much anyway."

Kay chokes on her orange juice. "Charity, you really donít have to."Kay laughs uncomfortably while flaunting a fake smile. "I want to Kay. Try not to argue with me." Charity speaks coldly in Kayís ear. "Fine Charity." Kay retorted. "There, now we are all one big happy family." Grace grins. "Howís TC, Eve?" Sam asks with concern. "Oh Sam, TC is doing a lot better than before." Eve picks with her pancakes. "Kay. I want you to meet me outside after breakfast." Charity whispers in Kayís ear. "What for Charity?" Kay nastily remarks. "There is something I want to tell you." Charity grabs Kayís wrist with tension without letting the others paying attention to her. "Charity, youíre hurting me." Kay lowers her voice.

"Just mean it Kay! I want to speak with you for a brief moment after breakfast. Is that so hard to do?" Charity raises her voice in a kind manner. "No." Kay said while releasing her wrist from Charity. "Ok kids, we are heading out today. Please behave." Grace smiles. "Bye mom!" Kay and Jessica said. "Bye sweetheart." Grace waves goodbye to the other kids while shutting the door silently. "Kay outside now!" Charity whispers. Kay gets out of her chair and hands Jessica her plate as Charity did the same.

Kay exits the door as Charity follows while her eyes are glowing bright. "Ok Charity. Iím listening." Kay speaks impatiently looking at her watch. "Kay, you know I love you. Iím your cousin. Cousins are supposed to be close." Charity smiles at Kay wickedly. "I donít see where is this all going Charity. I have some where to be right now!" Kay slightly yells. "What is so important that you canít even to talk to me for a minute?" Charity sardonically replies. Kay got silent as she tries to think of an excuse. "Let me guess Kay, you want to see Miguel. Right?" She gives a malevolent smile towards. Kay. "We have a baseball meeting and I have no time to procrastinate with you Charity. Bye."

Kay storms out of Charityís way and heads to her baseball meeting. "Ha! Kay has no idea what Iíve got in store for her." Charity grimaced. "Uh oh Timmy seems like Charity is getting her way. Iíve got to send a subliminal message to Charity so she can manipulate Kay like she is supposed to." Tabitha is a bit frustrated. "Timmy gets the feeling that something is wrong." Timmy shook his head. "Charity go after Kay, donít let her get away. Go after Kay. . ." Tabitha repeats until Charity hears her. "Yes I will get Kay." Charity follows Kay and Tabitha and Timmy goes along too.

"Is everyone here? Bennett?" The coach screams. "Iím right here coach. " she smiles. "Finally Kay! I thought I was going to send out your father to search for you." Everyone laughs. "Hey Kay. How are you?" Miguel greets her. "Iím fine. And you?" Miguel looks at Kay strangely. "Iím okay. are you alright Kay? Sounds like you have a cold." Miguel comes close. "Iím okay Miguel." Kay takes off her hat. "Wow Kay you look great." Miguel said calmly. "Thanks." Kay smirks. "Hey Miguel." Kay whispers. "Why donít you meet me in the woods tonight?" Miguel gives Kay a bizarre look. Kay waits for his answer and Miguel nods his head.

"Perfect. Miguel is going to be all mine." Kay thought peacefully. Charity waits for the meeting to end. "Hey Charity!" Miguel rushes over to her and kisses her passionately. It crushed Kay when she saw Miguel and Charity kissing with such passion. The door is ajar from Kayís strength of anger. "Damn that Charity! She has no right to take him from me." She whines. Kay knows that she left with ambivalence and no matter what she do or say can come in between those two. "Maybe I should go home and rest. Oh but tonight me and Miguel will be celebrating cause he promised a night I will never forget."

Kay is only fooling herself. Miguel canít possibly leave Charity for Kay. Itís ludicrous, what would everyone think of Miguelís infidelity of keeping it all in the family? Kay immediately goes home to get dress. "Tonight is the night." Kay said aloud. "Miguel. Youíre in for a surprise of your life." Kay smirks with pride. "Ha! Thatís what Kay believes!" Tabitha bursts out loud. "Tabitha, please tell Timmy that weíre not going to follow Kay." Timmy impatiently looks the other way. "Timmy donít start! Fluffy will be glad to know that she will have company tonight!"

"No Tabby, please donít let Timmy stay with that mean ole cat!" Timmy snaps instantly. "Hush up and be a doll about it! Eh?" Tabitha cracks with humor. "Very funny Tabby." Timmy rolled his eyes while flatly remarking. Someone knocks on the Bennettís door. "Hello? Miguel, I am so glad to see you." Kay hugs him. "You look great Kay." He half way smiles. "Ready to go?" Kay asks patiently. "Sure. Why not?" Miguel said wryly. "Come on Tim-Tim this is the moment weíve all been waiting for. Ha, ha!" Tabitha snatches Timmy vigorously. "Ouch Tabby! That hurts!" Timmy snaps.

"Before you know it, Kay will be singing Hells Bells instead of Jingle Bells." she snide.
That woman has definitely lost her marbles. Timmy thought. "Here we are! The most romantic place in Harmony." Kayís voice is filled enthusiasm. "Yeah." Miguel pursed his lips. "Kay. . ." Kay interrupts Miguel. "You know what Miguel. I really feel we should do this more often." Miguel shifts his body towards her. "You think?í His voice filled with doubt. "Of course silly!" She tugs Miguelís arm and press it closer to hers. "This is something I wanna do with you right now Miguel." Kay takes his hands and places them around her waist. "Kay. You really donít have to." Miguel irritably responds. "Miguel hush. Let the night belong to you and me." She quiets him down and her lips pressed gently towards his. "Kay." Miguel weakly replies. "Shhh. Tonight is about you and me no one else. Letís celebrate." Kay pulled out the champagne. Miguel seems to be stunned by Kayís motives. "Kay how were you able to get champagne?" Miguel asks.

"Donít worry about it. I always find a way. We are growing up arenít we?" She asks. "Are we?" Miguel asked rhetorically. "Miguel this is not funny. Here, take a sip. Youíll like it." He grabs the glass from Kay and took a sip. "Well?" Kayís hands clasps together frequently. "Well what?" He replied. "What do you think?" Kay anxiously questioned him. "Itís good." he smiles flatly. "I knew you would like it." Kay grasps the glass away from Miguel and places it on the picnic table. She takes his hands and dances with him slowly. "This feels good Miguel. Having your arms around me." Kay smiles reassuringly. "Itís nice." Miguelís voice trails off.

Kay backs up a little and look deeply into his eyes. Studying his every move. Miguel returns a stare back. He touches her face with tender care. He begins to kiss her and suddenly something comes over Kay. "Kay. Thatís enough." Miguel said lowly. "Kay thatís enough." his voice rises a little higher than before. "Kay get a grip on yourself!" he roars. "Whatís the matter Miguel? I thought you wanted me to kiss you." Kayís tone scared Miguel as if he didnít recognize the girl he once grew up with. "I thought I was doing the right thing Miguel." Kay smiles with bitterness.

"Kay. I love Charity." Miguel said softly. "What?" Kay blared out. "Thatís right Kay, Iíve said that I love Charity." Kay tears rolling down with animosity. "Weíll see about that." Kay murmurs. Kay pushes Miguel on the ground. "Kay, what are you doing?" Miguel nerves takes on another toll. "Be quiet Miguel. No one will hurt you. I will show you of what being loved is all about." She kisses him more, he didnít even hold back. The hesitation disappears from his body. He is more relax as Kay unravels his clothes smoothly. Miguel places his kiss on her neck, she feels the endearing passion burning inside of her. "Miguel donít stop." Kay slightly moans.

"Timmy canít watch!" Timmy screams. "Then donít watch, it is simple as that!" Tabitha exclaims. "Uh oh! Tabitha." Timmy softly speaks. "Not now Timmy. The action is getting good." Tabitha enjoying the scene with glee. "Tabitha." Timmy speaks a little louder while tagging on her skirt. "Not now doll face. I want Kay to use up here every evil instinct that is placed in her." Tabitha smiles wickedly. "Well Tabitha, I think you will loathe this cause here comes Charity." Timmy shouts. "Oh bloody hell! Why did that girl come here to ruin the evening?" Tabitha is annoyed. Tabitha eyes cracked open. "What the hell? Timmy look what Charity is doing." Tabitha points. "What is Charity doing?" Timmy squints his eyes.

"Charity is doing the opposite." Tabitha couldnít believe what she is seeing. Miguel leaves. "Tabitha why does Kay has that certain glow in her eyes?" Timmyís eyes are floating with curiosity. "Oh damn Timmy. Iím afraid our worst nightmare is about to come to pass. Seems like the Spirit of Temptation has come over Kay." Timmy is baffled. "Isnít the Spirit of Murder before Temptation?" Tabitha gazes at Timmy and realized what he said is true.. "Youíre right Timmy. This is a disaster! Itís not supposed to skip over. The spirits are supposed to be in order! Letís take our cover!"

Kay spots Charity and she moves in closer to Charity. Kay eyes glows with evil as Charity is doing the same. The skies are raging with violent winds and this is the war Charity might have to face with Kay.





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