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The Time Has Come




















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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


The Time Has Come
by lovingpassions

Chapter 9

"Eve where are you?" TC mumbles. "Shhh. TC everything will be alright." A hand touches him softly. "Aunt Grace. Is there anything else you want me to get for Mr. Russell?" Charity lends a cold towel to Grace. "Thanks Charity." Simone and Whitney rushes over to see what is going on. "Mrs. Bennett what is wrong with our father?" Simone asks. "Simone, your father is in bad shape." Grace places the towel on TC’s head. "Where’s our mother?" Whitney is curious. "I don’t know Whitney. We haven’t found her." Grace feels disappointed because she felt she has let Whitney and Simone down. "She’s still out there?" Simone questions in discomfort. "We’ve got to find her! Whitney if something happens to Mom. I don’t know what I will do. I will never forgive myself." Simone cries on Whitney’s shoulder. "Simone honey, everything is going to be okay. You’ll see."

"Simone is right we do have to find your mother." Charity walks in. "Hi Charity." Whitney and Simone are kind of surprised to see her as Charity tries to comfort them, she still has the pendant around her neck. "Tabitha, why are we here? Can’t we just enjoy the MarTimmies that I have batched up for us?" Timmy yawns. "No my miniature side kick. You are about to witness how Charity is going to do something miraculous for the Russell girls." Tabitha peeps closer to hear. "Let Timmy knows what happened Tabitha." Timmy falls asleep and Tabitha shakes her head while she watches on.

"Don’t worry Simone, we’ll find her." Charity assure Simone that everything will be ok. "She’s right Simone. Mom will be ok." Whitney tries to convince Simone as well but she is not even for certain herself. "Charity where are you going?" Simone whispered. Charity just walks on as if she didn’t hear her. "Whitney, I know Charity heard me. Why is she ignoring me all of a sudden?" Simone has tears rolling down her face. "Beats me Simone." Whitney shrugged. "Maybe we should follow her." Simone insisted. "No, I think we should stay right here until Daddy gets better." Whitney implied. "Simone, your sister is right. You all should stay here until he recovers. He might want to see your faces when he wakes up." Grace reassured them.

"Come on Tim-Tim. We’ve got to follow that girl. Charity is going somewhere I think I know where she is going." "Alright Tabby. Don’t be in such a hurry." Tabitha and Timmy followed Charity to see what she is up to. "Tabby look!" Timmy hollers. "Oh bloody hell! Damn that girl for going to the forbidden woods!" Charity walks closer to the old hollow tree. She calls upon the higher authorities. "Oh great master please hear me." The pendant shines brightly on Charity as evil rises on her. "What is it my child?" Charity bows down before the tree. "My friends are in deep trouble. No one can seem to find Dr. Russell."

The old tree rumbles. "What do you mean? Are you talking about Eve Russell?" The tree leans to Charity. "Yes master. Do you know where she is?" Charity steadily remains humbled. "Yes we know where she is. We can not tell you right now." Bewilderment grows on Charity’s face. "Tabitha what is that crooked tree talking about?" Timmy seems to find this situation perplexing also. "Well Timmy since you wanna know. They know where Eve is because they know she is hidden somewhere that no one can find her." Tabitha smirks. "Oh No!" Timmy shrieks. "That’s terrible!" Timmy continues. "Not really, if you think about it doll face."

"Why? Is Eve alright master?" Charity asked. "Of course she is alright, it’s up to you to keep this secret if you must." Charity listens in for the sage advice the tree has to give her. "Eve is. . ." The tree fades back into it’s original form. "Wait! Come back beloved one." Charity cries. A flashlight appears on Charity’s face. "Charity what are you doing here? It’s dangerous out here." Sam interrogated Charity. "I just needed solitary time for myself uncle Sam." Sam didn’t quite understand what Charity meant but he smiled to cover it off like he knew.

"Your aunt and I have warned you kids to stay away from here. Come on Charity we must go. This is no place for good hearted people in Harmony." Sam grabs Charity and gives her a ride home. "Blast that damn Sam Bennett!" Tabitha bawls. "In a way Timmy is kind of glad that Sam rescued Charity before she digs herself deeper in a ditch she can’t get out of." Tabitha rolled her eyes at Timmy. "Come on brat face we’ve got work to do and you can have all the MarTimmies you want." "Yay!" Timmy grins. "We’re gonna have MarTimmies. We’re gonna have MarTimmies." Timmy prances around with excitement.

Suddenly the moon shines very bright around midnight. The stars are falling from the sky with fire blazing on them. "Shine down on us evil spirits!" The whispering voices yowls upon. A rumble of thunder sears through the forest, dark red glares of smoke comes across them. Four ghosts appear from thin air. "We come to move Harmony raging by the overseas. No more glee will dictate Harmony. Sweet seducing sighs will fall and rocking cradles shall tumble down once and for all!" They’re singing to send rampage in Harmony. "Evil Spirit of Manipulation rise!" Yells the woods of the North "Evil Spirit of Murder rise!" Bawls the South. "Evil Spirit of Temptation rise!" Cries the West. "Evil Spirit of Power rise!" Yowls the East.

An earthquake emerges from underneath. Shakes Harmony violently. Fireballs flown from the hells of ancient history from 300 years ago. Witches’ mockery of laughter hurls with wonder. Rain of blood pouring from the skies. "Harmony shall be condemned!" They all rejoiced. "Listen to us! Eve Russell we bring you back to Harmony! Do as we say and you shall conquer anyone you want to destroy." Eve rose from the tormented flames of Hell. "Yes I shall do as you say." Possession of evil arises on Eve. Like no one has ever seen before. "Destroy Harmony!" The four ghosts convinces Eve to do so. "Most of all destroy the ones who have hurt you most Eve."

"Yes I will." Eve walks through the scorching flames of destruction. "Harmony here I come." She laughs as her echoes carries throughout the night. "Tabby what happened to Eve!" Timmy and Tabitha are watching Eve knocking on the Bennetts’ house. "Ha! Timmy you have no idea what Harmony is in for." Tabitha snorts wickedly. "Eve! Thank God you are safe!" Grace hugs Eve while Eve shivers from hearing Grace saying God. "Oh Grace you know that I am alright." Eve grins slyly. "Eve you seem different." Grace looks at Eve and studies her actions. "Mom! You’re finally safe!" Simone and Whitney said.

"Oh girls. I missed you so much. Where’s TC?" Eve searches around. "He’s upstairs Eve. We’re just looking after him. As a matter of fact, he was calling out for you." Eve runs upstairs to see TC. "Grace we need to talk." Sam whispers in her ear. "What for Sam? I have nothing else to say." Sam picks Grace up and carries her in the kitchen. "Sam? What?" Grace turns a cold shoulder on Sam. "I’m sorry for not telling you about Ivy and I didn’t know Ethan is my son." Sam thinks to himself for a minute.
Damn that Ivy. She had no right to lie to me. And to think she would have enough sense to tell me. "I want our love back. Can you find it in your heart to ever forgive me?"

Grace became silent and she considers of what Sam has said. "You know what Sam. I forgive you. I will accept Ethan as a part of this family. But Ivy can not come over here." Sam felt relieved when Grace made her announcement. "Believe me Grace, I have no intention of having that woman in our house!" He embraces Grace with love. "Ok. We’ll talk about it later. First we got to check up on Eve and TC." Sam kisses Grace. "You’re right!" They went upstairs to see what is going on. "Eve. I thought you were gone forever!" TC grabs Eve and holds her firmly.

"Hush TC. You need your rest. You don’t want to get too excited." Eve said calmly. She hugs him back to reassure him that everything will be alright. As her eyes glows with fire. "Eve are you ok? You feel hot? Are you coming down with a fever?" Eve cools off. "Yes I must be." she said wryly. "TC please don’t worry about me I will be fine. First thing first, we need to let you rest here. I think it would be best if we spent the night here with Sam and Grace. Is that alright with you two?" Sam and Grace stares at each other. "Sure! We would love for you to stay." Grace cuddles up against Sam.

"You know you two are our best friends in this whole wide world." Sam speaks softly cause he didn’t want to wake up the kids. "It’s settle then, we’re staying here." Eve feels delighted. "We’re going to bed. Goodnight you two." Grace and Sam both said. "Goodnight!" TC and Eve whispers. "Goodnight my beloved Eve." "Goodnight TC." They kissed each other good night and resting for tomorrow. Eve wakes up.
I can’t sleep. I need to get me some warm milk. Maybe that’ll calm me down. Eve thought. "Go to Charity." Someone whispered in Eve’s ear. Eve’s eyes glows with intensity from the fire.

She opens the door and enters into Charity’s room. "Oh Charity." Eve said gently while closing the door quietly. Charity eyes are open. Her eyes starts to glow too because of the pendant. "Oh Eve. I am so glad that you are alright!" She hugs her. "This is not Eve! This is the Spirit of Manipulation. Listen to me carefully my child. You need to destroy Kay once and for all. I know she has hurt you so many times. Kay envies of what you have." Charity watches Eve carefully. "Yes she wants my Miguel. He belongs to me." Charity sighs. "Don’t cry my child." Eve said. "You got to lie to Kay tell her she will find love."

"But how?" Charity puts her hands on her face. "Use your powers Charity. You are special and you can do anything. Use the power of manipulation, give that winch something she deserves." As Eve touches her, the whimsical spell falls on Charity. The Evil Spirit of Manipulation has taken over Charity. Her body flutters and she silently went back to sleep at wee morning. Eve walks back to the room and rest peacefully also. "Uh oh! Timmy we’re in for a ride of our life. Seems like everything is going to plan like we’ve expected!" Tabitha whispers to Timmy. She laughs at the way he has fallen asleep. "Poor Timmy. Save all of your strength cause you’re gonna need it." As Tabitha carries Timmy back to her house. A bolt of lightening strikes on the Bennett’s house.





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