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The Time Has Come




















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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


The Time Has Come
by lovingpassions

Chapter 8

"Hello Julian." She kissed him on the cheek. "Hello Rebecca. I must say you look very lovely today as always." He smirked. "Youíre not looking bad yourself Julian. Whereís your lovely wife Ivy?" Rebecca snoops around as Julian grabs for a drink. "As you must know or in case you have forgotten. Ivy doesnít exist here anymore." Rebecca sits on the couch while Julian offers her a brandy. "What?" She gasps. "Youíve actually set her free because of the extreme lie she has pulled on all of us?" "Damn right! Iíve finally got my place back as an heir. I can rule Harmony the way I want to." Julian laughs devilishly with joy.

"My, Julian someoneís in a good mood tonight I see." Rebecca retorted. "Thatís right. You would be celebrating too if youíre were in my shoes." He lusts after Rebeccaís body. "Iím glad my daughter didnít married that bastard of Ivyís." She bursts out with tears of mockery. Julian giggles along with Rebecca. "So cruel of you Rebecca. Yeah right." He bursts out with more laughter. The doorbell rings. "Are you expecting anyone Julian?" Rebecca tries to peak over to see who it is. "No, are you?" Julian replies with sarcasm. "No. This is not my house Julian this is yours." Rebecca retaliated. Pilar opens the door. "Ivy? What are you doing here?" Pilar is surprised to see Ivy.

"Pilar. I need to speak to Julian." Ivy hides under disguise. "I donít think that would be a good idea Ivy." Pilar hesitated to tell Ivy the rest. "Why is that Pilar?" Ivy demands for an answer. "Cause Julian and Rebecca Hotchkiss is making fun of you and Ethan." Ivy pulls off her shades. "What? Well, I will give them a piece of my mind." Ivy moves Pilar out of the way. "No Ivy! Wait!" Pilar sighs. Ivy steps in the room and catches Julian and Rebecca in an uncompromising position. "Just like you Julian! Always messing around with a slut!" Ivy smiles wickedly. "Ivy! What the hell are you doing here? And you always have to be so damn acrimonious towards me. Why canít you be
nice for once?" Julian fakes his smile.

"Spare me Julian. I need to talk to you right now!" Julian and Rebecca laughs horribly at Ivy. "Do you hear this low life ex wife of mine?
I need to talk to you right now! Oh like I am really scared of you Ivy. Really and you think your composure of words is supposed to horrify me? Get over it sweet heart! I kicked you out on your butt so fast you didnít even know what hit you on your spoiled rotten derriere." Rebecca laughs at Julianís snooty remarks. "After all Ivy. You did fall into your own trap?" Rebecca replied. "Donít hold your breath Rebecca! Youíre least likely who gets any at night." Ivy smiles maliciously.

"Julian are you going to let that insignificant bitch talk to me like that!" Julianís rancorous attitude is appearing to roar at Ivy. "Ivy that is enough! Blast it! Woman what do you want?" Julian yelled and drags Ivy into his library. "I wanted to tell you Julian that what you have done to me and Ethan was ferocious." Ivy looks at the library as she remembers it. "Ice Queen Ivy is that all you have to say?" Julian yawns with boredom. "Oh yes. You know what? One day you and Alistair are going to pay for what you have done to Harmony. There is hell to pay you know?"

"Baa hum bug! Get the hell out of my face! I got more important things to intend to. I have nothing else to say to you or your bastard son." He throws Ivy outside the door. "Julian thereís hell to pay!" Ivy stares at her bleeding knees. Pilar sees Ivy crying and helps her up. "Are you alright Ivy?" Pilar asks out of concern. "Thanks Pilar. My knees are in a lot of pain. Please help me." Pilar shakes her head and offered to take Ivy to the hospital. "Come on Ivy we better have a doctor to look at it. Ok?" Ivy cries of the constant agony that Ethan had to go through when he found out he wasnít a Crane.
Iíve regretted the day when all if this had blown up in my face. Why didnít I just kept my selfish desires to myself? How could Iíve been so stupid? Ivy thought.

"Ivy. Weíre here." Pilar stops the car and looks at Ivy with concern. "What Pilar?" Pilar is in shocked that Ivy didnít hear her. "Didnít you hear me Ivy? Weíre here." Pilar gets out of the car to help Ivy. "Yes Pilar. Iíve heard you."
Dios Mio. Por favor God. I begged Ivy about this would happened, but she didnít listen. Now Ethan has to suffer the consequences as well. Pilar thought. Pilar and Ivy had to wait for a doctor to come in and check on Ivyís knees. "Ok Ivy. The nurse told me that a doctor will be coming. So Iíll wait in the waiting room. Take it easy Ivy." Ivy smiles at Pilar. "I will Pilar."

"Well, well, well. Isnít the oh so
Ice Cold Ivy Winthrop." Dr. Russell slightly smiles. "Oh no. Eve. I canít believe you are my doctor." Ivy shakes her head. "The one and only in the flesh. So what happened? Oh let me guess. Julian must have thrown you out in your misery." Eve takes a look at Ivyís knees. "Very funny Eve. As a matter of a fact, Julian just didnít like what Iíve said." Ivy retorted. "Please Ivy. Humor me at least." Eve laughs at her own sardonic comment. "Itís the truth!" Ivy gets all excited and begins to cry. "You are telling the truth. Iím sorry Ivy. I didnít mean to wash it in your face. You need stitches and you need some stitches on your arm as well."

"Thatís just great! Why donít you just sew me all over and bury me?" Ivy crucially remarks at Eve. "Seriously Ivy. This is not funny. You could have died if Pilar didnít have you here in time." Eve looks outside the door. Ivy cries even more. "All I ever wanted is for my son Ethan to live the life I never lived. The truth. I had to live a lie." Ivy covers her hands over face. "Ivy, he did lived a life like you, a lie." Eve responded. "Thatís just wonderful Eve. Just wash it in my face. How come your lies havenít caught up with you yet?" Ivy is perplexed by Eveís situation. Eve thinks to herself when Ivy made that statement.
Ivy, you really have no clue how my life has changed within one year from my lies. Eve thought.

"Just get your rest Ivy and take it easy. And donít worry Julian will get whatís coming to him." Eve assured Ivy. Ivy went to the emergency room to get her stitches. "Dr. Russell, whereís my mother?" Ethan asks. "Sheís in her room, go to 217D." Eve pointed to Ethan where Ivyís room is at. "Thanks Dr. Russell." TC creeps up behind Eve. "Hi sweetheart." TC kisses on Eveís neck. "Hi TC. Youíve scared the living daylights out of me. Donít ever do that or there will be a fee to pay tonight." Eve lowers her voice in a gentle tone. "Whatís wrong sweetie? A man canít even scare his wife just a little?" Eve stares at TC and gives him a sweet kiss. "TC, do you know how much I love you?"

TC gazes into her eyes. "Oh course I do Eve. No one can ever take your place. You will always be the one and only true woman in my life. You are so perfect. Youíre the perfect wife, the perfect mother. Who couldnít possibly love you?" He hugs Eve tight. "TC. I am not perfect. I wish you would stop saying that." Eve feels unease by TCís praise. "Iím sorry honey. But you are to me in my eye sight. Every one wishes to be like you. Not to have a dirty ounce of secrets hidden in their closet."
TC, you have no idea of how many secrets I have kept with me to keep my brand new life. I donít know what I would do if you found out my sordid past. Eve thought.

"When do you get off Eve?" TCís curiosity lurks around the room as his mind wonders away. "Iíll be getting off in two minutes. Why?" Eve is getting the suspicion that TC is up to something. "No need to sound so suspicious Eve. Canít a man just enjoy his wife when she gets off of work?" TC embraces Eve. "Of course TC. I just. . ." TC interrupts Eve. "Canít you get off two minutes early?" TC eyes are dancing for an evening of romance. "Sure why not. It doesnít make a difference." Eve said. "Iíll go check out and Iíll be with you in a second ok?" Eve touches TCís face. "Ok sweetheart."

Yes! Iíve finally get a night to myself with my beautiful wife! Eve you just donít know what I have in store for you. You will love tonight, Eve. I know you will, he thought. "Alright TC, Iím ready to go." Eve smiles slightly. "Perfect!" TC is excited like a kid is waiting to open a present on Christmas Day. "Where are we going? Eve asks, while they are stepping outside and entering in TCís car. "Youíll see sweetheart." TC smiles with greed. "What are you doing TC? Why are you blindfolding me?" Eve is wondering what is with TCís strange demeanor. "Donít worry so much. Trust me youíll like what will happen tonight." TC gets behind the steering wheel and takes off.

"Tabitha why are we here?" Timmy sips on a MarTimmy. "Because sugarplum. Weíre going to have front row tickets of whatís happening tonight. Trust me youíll love it." Tabithaís ambitious conduct is starting to scare Timmy. "Whatever it is Tabitha. Timmy doesnít like it." Tabitha rolls her eyes at Timmy. "You donít have to if you donít want to you dolt! You do want to see this." Tabitha grins ecstatically. "Why does Timmy gets the feeling it has something to do with Timmyís beloved Charity." Tabitha sighs. "Believe me Tim-Tim. It has nothing to do with your
beloved Charity. It has something to do with the Russells. Ha, ha!" Timmy knew it was going to be trouble tonight. Why couldnít Timmy stay home to sip on more MarTimmies? Then again Timmy is glad that Timmy is not at Tabbyís house cause that damn cat would eat Timmy alive! Timmy thought.

"Timmy stop wondering! And just get ready for your movie!" Tabitha shouts. "Alright old woman! Hold your horses! Timmyís coming!" Timmy sits beside Tabitha to enjoy the view. "Well TC, are we there yet?" TC opens the door for Eve and helps her out. "What do you think?" TC gets sarcastic in a sweet manner. "We are here. Are we outside?" Eve said dryly. TC takes the blindfold off of Eve. Eve is shocked. "Oh TC this is wonderful!" Eve hugs TC closely. "Ha! Thatís what Eve thinks!" Tabitha made a wry face. "Tabitha! Timmyís scared! Help!" Timmy snags on Tabitha firmly. "Will you shut the hell up Timmy? Do you want TC and Eve to hear us?" Tabithaís patient is starting to grow shorter. "No!" Timmy whines. "Well be quiet!" Tabitha frowns. "Okay Tabby. Timmy will stay quiet for the rest of the night." Timmy frowns. "Good!"

"So what are we celebrating on TC?" Eve wanders around the place. "Remember this is where we had our first kiss Eve 20 years ago." TC places his arms around her waist. "I sure do. I donít get it why we are here though?" Eve suddenly feels a draft coming over her. "Are you ok Eve?" TC is starting to worrying. "Of course I am. Itís just something seems different about this place from 20 years ago." TC kisses on Eveís neck. "Thatís right Eve. You just donít know how much it has changed." Tabitha speaks under her breath.
Timmy still doesnít like this, he thought.

"Why donít we just dance to the music ok?" TC dances with Eve slowly. "Alright TC, youíre the boss of this evening tonight." Eve said wryly. The wind is starting to pick up and it blows harder than ever before. "Here comes the fireworks Tim-Tim!" Tabitha smirks. "Oh no!!!!!" Timmy whines. "Timmy canít watch!" "TC maybe we should leave." Eve feels petrified about the wind. "Honey it will die down. You know how it is in Harmony." TC pulls Eve towards him. "Youíre right TC, itíll go down." Eve smile turns into a frown. "Let the rivalry begin!" Tabitha rejoices.

"Timmyís gonna hide behind Tabitha!" The wind is picking up even more except this time it feels like a turbulence when a plane is caught underneath a storm. "TC we should really go!" Eve tries to yell over the boisterous current that is coming through strongly. "Youíre right Honey we should go!" TC yells back. "WHY ARE YOU HERE????? HAVENíT YOU ALL LEARNED THAT THIS PLACE IS FORBIDDEN WHOEVER ENTERS HERE SHALL BE DESTROYED AND NEVER COME BACK ALIVE!!!!!!! GET OUT NOW WHILE YOU CAN!!!! OR ELSE!!!!!!!! YOUR LIVES WILL BE IN TURMOIL FOREVER!!!!!!!!!" The voice yelled from the south of the woods.

"Where is that coming from Tabby?" Timmy shouts. "Remember the voice youíve heard when Charity, Theresa and Ethan was around!" Tabitha screams. "Yeah!" Timmy whines aloud. "That is the same one who is yelling at TC and Eve, they donít like the Russells." Tabitha claps her hands with glee. "Why Tabby?" "Youíll see in due time Tim-Tim1 youíll see!" Eve screams. "Eve where are you?" TC yells. "Iím over here TC! Help me!" Eve cries aloud. "HELLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!" Eve yells and disappears into thin air. "EVE!!!!!!" TC cries out. The tree branch knocks TC over the head and he is unconscious. "Letís go Tim-Tim or weíre next!" Timmy and Tabitha escapes to go home. While they left TC behind drenched with blood. Until someone grabs him.





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