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The Time Has Come




















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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


The Time Has Come
by lovingpassions

Chapter 7

"Theresa be quiet!" A voice whispered to her. "Donít be afraid itís me Miguel." Theresa turned around. "Miguel donít do that! For Heaven sakes! I thought you were Luis! Why are you in my room anyway?" Miguel turns on the light. "We need to talk Theresa." Miguel pauses. "About what Miguel?" Theresa is kind of scared of what her brother has to say. "Itís about Ethan." Theresa gazes outside her window. "Miguel if weíre here to bad mouth him. I really donít wanna talk about it." "Theresa hear me out before you jump the gun ok?" Miguel places his hand on her shoulder to reassure her there is nothing wrong. "Alright Miguel, what do you have to say?"

"I saw how Ethan treated you tonight. And I must say Iím very impressed. Heís not a bad guy after all." Theresa eyes lighten up with gladness. "So you mean to tell me youíre accepting him?" Miguel nods his head. "Oh Miguel, youíre the best brother a sister can in this whole wide world." Miguel smiles with delight. "Theresa, you know I want you happy. Thatís all I want from you is happiness. Donít you ever forget that." Theresaís expression changed a 180 on him. "Whatís wrong Theresa?" "I wish Luis and Momma would feel the same way." Miguel sighs a bit. "That is only because they love you Theresa. They only want whatís best for you. You know that."

"Youíre right Miguel. I just hope Luis and Momma will open their hearts to accept Ethan before itís too late." Theresa presses her body close to Miguel for comfort. "Everything will be alright Theresa. Youíll see." He returns a hug back to her. "Miguel, how could I ever thank you?" He smiles at her. "You donít have to thank me sis. Weíre family. Thatís what Iím here for to help you with whatever you need." "Thank you Miguel!" They heard a noise coming from the other room. "What was that Miguel?" Theresa asked while her heart is thumping so fast from her chest. "I donít know we better check it out. Come on Theresa."

They both went outside of her bedroom to see what is going on. The noise is steadily getting louder and louder. "Miguel. Iím getting scared." "Donít be afraid Theresa." He is trying to calm her down at the same time he was kind of afraid that someone would really try to break in their house. "Weíre getting closer Theresa. Stand back." Laughter is stirring around the living room. "Luis and Sheridan?" Theresa and Miguel said simultaneously while being confused. "Sorry kids. We didnít mean to scare you." Luis smirks. "So you and Sheridan are getting closer these days Luis?" They both asked. "Yes." Sheridan and Luis answered quickly.

"Iím glad that you and Sheridan finally put aside your differences and start seeing eye to eye with each other." Theresa said. Luis and Sheridan gazes into one anotherís eyes. "Love is beautiful." Sheridan replied. "Especially when you find the right person." Luis continued for her. "Before you know it Theresa there will be wedding bells ooh." Miguel jokingly replied. "Ha, ha very funny Miguel." Luis retorted. "It is true Luis. You and Sheridan may tie the knot sooner than you think." Theresa speaks with more of a serious tone. "You think?" Sheridan is baffled by Theresaís response.

"Yeah well. I think you two need to go to bed." Luis is sick of hearing their remarks. "Ok Luis." They both said and after the hugged Luis and Sheridan goodnight, they both hum the wedding hymn. "Goodnight you two!" Luis shouted and shakes his head while Sheridan giggles. "And what is so funny Ms. Crane?" Luis looks at Sheridan seriously. "Your brother and sister are too cute." Sheridan is still carrying on with laughter. "And Iím not?" Luis snorted. "Iím not saying anything Luis. I just find what they are saying is sweet." "Yeah, theyíre just goofing around." Luis shakes his head. "I donít what to do with those two." "I know what to do Mr. Lopez Fitzgerald." Sheridan speaks in a sexy tone.

"What might that be?" Luis smiles at her. Sheridan pulls closer to Luis. "Iíll show you what I mean." Sheridan sarcastically replies. "Wait a minute Sheridan, I donít want to wake up Miguel and Theresa." Sheridan moves back and sighs. "Well where do you want to go?" Sheridan sounds disappointed. Luis notices the look on Sheridanís face. "Donít have such a frown beautiful. We can do it, but not here. Why donít we go your cottage?" Sheridan sighs impatiently. "But Luis. I canít wait that long." She stomps her foot. "You want to go in my room?" Luisí voice lightens up dryly with shock. "Whatís wrong Luis? Canít take a risk?" Sheridanís sardonic behavior is actually appearing along with her fake smile. "I can take a risk! Itís just that this is my motherís house and it would be kind of rude to just do it here."

Luis points out. Sheridan contemplates for a moment. ĎYouíre right Luis. We should go to my cottage." Sheridan is disappointed. "I still donít see why we canít make love in your room." Luis sighs impatiently. "I told you why Sheridan. Itís too close to home. I mean everyoneís room is not that far. Itís not like anyone canít hear the sounds of making love. I donít want to expose it to Theresa and Miguel. I just wonít feel right." Sheridan looks outside the window and faces Luis while he sneaks up from behind. "I see your point Luis." Luis is kind of worried that Sheridan wonít agree. "Letís go to my cottage." She smiles and Luis sighs out of relief. They both exit out of his house and went to Sheridanís cottage.

Theyíve already arrived at Sheridanís cottage. Theyíre creating the moment by rushing through the door. Luis and Sheridan kicks their shoes off and went in the back in Sheridanís room. Luis slams the door. "Oh Luis. Iíve been waiting for this event. You just donít know how much this means to me. To have someone to finally love me. I am so sorry that I ever misjudged you." Luis places his finger over her lips to hush her down a little. "You donít have to be petrified or worry about any man taking advantage of you ever again. I am your introduction, body, and conclusion. No one will ever be your romance story but me. So relax and let nature takes it course."

Sheridanís heart is filled with joy when Luis stated his claim. "Let the games begin." Sheridan smiles with sweetness. Luis initiates by taking off Sheridanís clothes while she is doing the same. "Tonight is the alpha of our love. Sheridan we can celebrate for the rest of our lives together." "I agree Luis." Sheridan breathes softly from the heat that is drawing into their souls. The room is filled passion and desire.
So full of heat, not even Hank could come close to Luis. Sheridan thought. Finally, Sheridan and Luis admits of how they really feel after all of this time from the confusion that was cause around them for so long. No one can disturbed their perfect evening that is meant to be.





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