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The Time Has Come




















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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


The Time Has Come
by lovingpassions

Chapter 6

Ethan answers the door. "Theresa what are you doing here?" "What you are glad to see me Ethan?" Ethan gives Theresa a serious look. "Well Theresa. Actually I am not." "What?" Theresa gets all excited. "What do you mean? After you told me that you love me! Ethan how could you? Are you so ashamed of me? Because Ivy wonít accept me." Theresa cries. "Theresa relax. I am glad to see you. And you know that I love you. My mother adores you Theresa." He embraces Theresa with security. "Well why did you say it then?" "Cause I knew how you were going to react." he laughs. "Very funny Ethan." Theresa walks in Ethanís house. "Nice job Ethan. Oh wait I remember. I was the one who help decorated your house."

"Very funny Theresa. Do you want anything to drink?" "No thanks Ethan. So Ethan how are you holding up since you know that you are a not a Crane." "At first I was devastated, now, I am really not sure anymore. I still think of Sheridan as my aunt. And to think I almost marry Gwen. Theresa to be honest with you. I really donít know what took me so long to realize that I was in love with you. I wouldíve been a fool to marry Gwen and knowing all along my heart is with you." Theresa is bursting into tears. "That doesnít matter now Ethan. What really matters to me the most is that you are in love with me and we belong together from the start."

"Theresa. I am glad that youíve said that. There is something that I want to show you." "Like what Ethan?" Ethan could see that Theresa eyes are starting to get a certain glow. "Okay, first you must close your eyes." "Iím closing them." Theresa smiles with glee. Ethan places a blindfold over Theresaís eyes. "Take my hand." Theresa grabs Ethanís hand and follows him. "Are we there yet Ethan?" "Hold on Theresa. I know you are anxious. Be patient." "Iím sorry Ethan I am just so excited." "Itís okay Theresa. Alright now you can open your eyes." Theresa slowly open her eyes and she couldnít believe what she is seeing.

"Oh my gosh! Ethan this is so beautiful!" She hugs him tightly. "I figured you would like it. I know it is not what you have expected but I just feel that you deserve this gift I am about to give to you. "I love it Ethan. There is nothing you canít do will make me dislike what you are doing from your heart." He places this necklace around Theresaís neck. He brought this way before he found out that he is not a Crane. "Oh my God Ethan! where did you get this? How were you able to buy it when youíre not well you know." He smiles. "Well before I found out that I wasnít a Crane. I just thought you would like it. Because this is how much you mean to me. You are worth more than this necklace though."

"Oh Ethan." Ethan presses against Theresa and kisses her softly. "Theresa I love you with all of my heart and soul. Donít you ever forget it okay?" "I promise Ethan. I will never forget of what we do. Our moments will always last a lifetime with me." "Come on Theresa, put on your favorite dress and we have somewhere eventful to attend to." "Ethan? What are you up to?" Theresa slightly smiles. "Nothing. Just go in the room and get dress. Trust me I donít think you want to miss out on this event." "Whatever you say Ethan." Theresa closes the door and asked herself. "Ethan I know you are up to something but what exactly could it be?"

"I know Theresa will like this. Look at the time, I better get dressed as well. Donít want to be late for this extravagant present." Ethan gets dress and so does Theresa. "Theresa are you almost finished?" Ethan is getting impatient as the time winds down. Theresa exits from the door and Ethan is astonished by Theresaís presence. "You look lovely Theresa as usual." he kisses her on the cheek. "You are not looking bad yourself Ethan." "Thank you my fair lady. Shall we leave?" "Why yes we may?" Theresa says with excitement. Ethan and Theresa leaves from his house and begin to take off to Theresaís most unforgettable night.

Ethan and Theresa arrives there, she is definitely in the awe of how well this place is put together. "Ethan! You shouldnít have." Ethan cuddles closely to her. "Yes I should have because you deserve this Theresa. With the beautiful taffeta dress you have on is superlative." he kisses on her neck. "Oh Ethan, I know I will never regret our shining moment as long as I live." Tears flowing freely on her face. "Tonight is the night where we can begin on our new avenues of love Theresa. I know we will go through trials and tribulations but we are bonded together for eternity." Theresa had to pinch herself to see if this is all a dream.
Iím not dreaming, Ethan has finally see the light that we are destined to be together. Theresa you have finally got yourself a winner! "Theresa, I meant what Iíve said. No one will ever separate us."

Thatís right not even yucky Gwen can harm us. Theresaís thoughts are in delight. "Well, well, well. I never thought I would see you two here. Ethan itís nice to see you, even though I must say that you are not one of us anymore." Rebecca snorts with pleasure. "Mother. Ethan how are you?" Gwen smiles. "I am fine and you?" Ethan drinks his glass of vintage wine. "Fine. Theresa?" Gwen stated flatly. "Just fine and dandy Gwen. Whatís going on with you and Mrs. Hotchkiss?" That witch! She has enough nerve to attack Ethan then her cold hearted daughter has enough nerve to strike at me. I should pull both of their hairs out! Theresa says wryly.

"You have succeeded on getting Ethan, didnít you Miss Theresa?" Rebecca replied straight from the shoulder. "Mrs. Hotchkiss, with all due respect, you just canít talk to anybody in any way you please. Itís not fair. Theresa is human just like you." Rebecca is in incredulity. "You canít speak to me that way Ethan as you should know you need to refer it as she is human like you!" Rebecca laughs out with a shiver that sent through Theresaís spine. "Ethan, we can go elsewhere. Itís obvious that some people donít know the meaning of first class!"

Theresa grabs Ethan and leaves immediately. "Theresa. We really didnít have to leave. We could of enjoyed it. In spite of Rebecca and Gwen. You have every right to be there just like they do." "Ethan that is kind of you, people like them donít need to be around modest people who knows how to treat mankind. Besides we can go else where. Right? Our evening is not ruined. Itís just setting to. Letís go Ethan for our sake alright?" Ethan sighs with grief. "Oh alright Theresa since you make everything with sense. I will take heed to your recommendation, itís pretty obvious people like them canít handle genuine personalities which lasts a lifetime of enjoyment." Theresa gives him a sweet kiss and they enter to another place deep into the woods. They are making out on the grass, until a noise crushes through the bushes. "Ethan what was that?" Theresa jumps up. "Itís probably nothing Theresa, letís just get back to what we are doing."

"Ok Ethan if you insist." They went back to their little rendezvous of love. The noise trampled even louder and harder than before. "Ethan! Now tell me you didnít hear that!" "Alright Theresa if itís that bad. I will check it out for you ok?" Ethan insists. "No wait Ethan! I am coming along with you!" "No Theresa itís too dangerous out here. Stay right there. Please?" "No! Ethan I am coming with you and that is final! I am not getting hurt out here, staying by myself. I rather die with you than without you!" "Theresa, I get your point! Letís go." Ethan whispers.

"WHOEVER ENTERS HERE NEVER COMES OUT ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!" "Ethan we should get out of here!" Theresa grasp on tight to Ethan. "Maybe we should." Ethan is getting the same feeling Theresa is getting. "Iím just trying to wonder where is that voice coming from?" Theresa pulls Ethan even more. "Ethan letís go. Momma warned me about this part of Harmony! We need to get out of here!" Ethan pauses of what Theresa has said. "What?" he is baffled. "My mother believes that this part of Harmony is cursed! Itís filled with where witches do their evil deeds to harm good people of Harmony!"

"And you believe that Theresa?" Ethan is skeptical about the tale. "It must be true if we heard that voice of thunder!" Theresa is fretting about their lives. "Yeah letís go Theresa. We donít need to be here anyway." Theresa and Ethan drove off back to her place. Ethan kisses Theresa goodnight. Theresa sneaks in the back of the house cause Luis is about to come home any minute. Theresa sneaks into her room and closes the door. Until someone from behind grabs her.





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