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The Time Has Come




















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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


The Time Has Come
by lovingpassions

Chapter 5

"Miguel, may I talk to you?" Charity looks in Miguel’s eyes. "Sure Charity. You know I was actually wanting to talk to you. But Kay said you didn’t want to be bothered." "Kay?" Charity is confused. "Charity, why didn’t you want to tell me goodbye in person?" "Miguel? I never said I wanted to say good bye forever where would you get the idea from?" Miguel finishes on. "You wrote me a letter saying how you don’t want to do anything with me anymore. Cause you feel we shouldn’t be together." "Miguel. I love you. What made you think of such a thing?" She touches his face gently. "Kay gave me the letter." "Kay did what?" "Yes she did Charity."

"Since Kay love to pass messages to you from me. I would like to talk to her." Charity thinks to herself. ‘So Kay is definitely after Miguel. After I have a word with her let’s see how Kay would feel if I show Miguel the true evil girl she is.’ The pendant glows brightly on Charity. "Miguel can we finish this conversation later. I have something to do for Aunt Grace." "Sure Charity. Take all the time you need. I’ll call you." Miguel’s face light up with a glow. And he knows now that Charity is willing to be with him. Charity went back to her house. "Kay. We need to talk."

"Not now Charity. I am busy talking on the phone with Simone." "That phone call can wait!" Charity raises her voice with an intense anger that is about to rise even more if Kay doesn’t hurry and confront Charity. Kay comes out of her room. "What is it Charity?" "Bitch! I know what you did." Charity grabs Kay by the neck and begins to strangle her with one hand. "Charity I don’t know what you are talking about." "Don’t play dumb with me you back stabber. You seduced Miguel when I was looking for help to save him from dying." "Charity. He belongs to me! Not you! Miguel loves me Charity!" "Like hell he does! You’re going to pay for what you have done to our relationship Kay. You will get what’s coming to you. Until then take care."

Charity strangles Kay some more. Kay screams out. "Mom!!!!! Charity is choking me!" Jessica comes in. "Kay, mom is in the shop. Charity! Let go of Kay! What are you doing?" Charity looks at Jessica. "I am sorry Jessica but she deserves it." Charity faints. "Kay go get help. Charity has fainted!" Kay just watches. "Will you go get help!!!! gosh Kay." Reese has walked in. "Kay don’t just stand there let’s get Charity in her room." They all lifted Charity and carried her in her room. "What happened to your neck Kay?" "That girl tried to kill me Reese!" "Oh that is absurd Kay. You’ve always hated Charity and you know it." Jessica places a cold towel on Charity’s forehead. "Whatever. I swear to you Reese she was trying to kill me. Thank God Jessica came in when she did. Or I would have been dead."

Jessica pulls Kay to the side. "I know you have provoked Charity. You are the only one who detests her." "Will you move brat face! I gotta go over Simone’s house where I know I will be safe." "Fine Kay. Be that way. It will catch up with you." Kay sticks her tongue out at Jessica and she went over Simone’s house. "Simone you won’t believe what happened!" "What happened to your neck Kay?" "That’s what I was about to tell you Simone. Charity tried to kill me!" Simone examines her neck. "Maybe my mom should take a look at your neck Kay it looks pretty bad." "Remembered what happened on prom night?" "Oh yeah. What about it Kay." "Think Charity was trying to kill Miguel that night. And he said it was nothing. He lied."

"You actually believe that Charity would actually kill someone. She wouldn’t hurt a fly." "I know what I saw. Oh yes. Anyway. I’ve forgotten to tell you what happened last night." "What happened Kay?" "Miguel and I had made love!" "You what?" "Yes we did Simone." Kay smirks. "Did it hurt?" Simone looks with disgust. "Of course it hurts Simone. Only for a moment though. He was fantastic!" "I am happy for you Kay. Is he gonna be with you?" Kay walks away. "See Simone. I have the perfect plan to make Miguel be with me. "So in other words he is not with you Kay." "Simone give me a chance to explain." "Okay Kay."

"Once Miguel sees the marks on my neck. It should be able to trigger his memory of what Charity did to him." "What makes you so sure that it was Charity who tried to kill Miguel?" "Look at my neck Simone!" Kay yelled. "The girl got strength of ten men! If I didn’t scream for help I would be in my grave so to speak!" "I still say getting Miguel in bed with you have made you delirious." Simone walks downs stairs. "Give it up Simone. Charity is wacko and that is all to it!" "Whatever you say Kay." "Do you want anything to drink?" "No thanks Simone. I think I am not hungry or thirsty for anything after what Charity did to me." Kay touches her neck and the flashback of Charity choking reminded her not to have anything.

"Jessica what happened?" Miguel asked after rushing over their house. "Charity fainted. Miguel will you look after her please cause I have to go back to the shop or my mom will get on my case." "Yes Jessica. I sure will. Cause being next to Charity is right where I wanna be at this moment." Jessica closes the door to leave those two in peace. "Charity. I have loved you from the start and will love you till the end of time." He kisses her on the cheek while peacefully sleeping.

"That’s what Miguel thinks. He thinks Charity is the one wait until he sees what she did to me." Kay knocks on the door. "Hey Kay Charity is sleeping right now. I don’t think she wants to be disturbed." Miguel whispers. "I need to speak to you right now Miguel." "Can it wait Kay?" "No Miguel. I think is something you want to see this what Charity has done." "What did Charity do?" Kay takes the scarf around from her neck and showed him the marks that Charity has left behind. "Miguel, Charity tried to kill me!" Miguel looks at her neck even more. "You think Charity did it on purpose Kay?" "Well what would you call it?"

Miguel thinks to himself for a minute on prom night. "Charity.... help!!!!!!" Charity nearly choked Miguel to death. He touched his neck from the reminder of the marks she left him. "Miguel are you ok?" Kay touches him softly and Miguel holds Kay closely. "Miguel everything will work out. You’ll see." She smiles wickedly.





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