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The Time Has Come




















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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


The Time Has Come
by lovingpassions

Chapter 4

"Today is the day!" Theresa speaks in her sleep. "Yes. Finally all of my dreams are coming true!" Luis walks in and serves Theresa some breakfast because she is sleeping late like Miguel is. "Theresa. It's time to get your breakfast." "Not yet momma. Give me five more minutes." Luis shakes his head and laughs. "Theresa this is not momma, it's Luis." He smiles. "Luis." She whispers softly. Then she open her eyes slightly to see if it really was Luis. "Oh my God! Luis!" "Theresa calm down. Its not like I was about to attack you." "Sorry Luis. I didn't realize that you were there!" Theresa is shaking like a leaf. "Theresa, shhh... it will be okay." Luis hugs her. "Thanks Luis." "Now eat your breakfast before it gets cold. Oh and what were you dreaming about anyway? It bet not be that damn Crane, Ethan." "No Luis." Theresa said quickly while drinking her juice.

"I am telling you Theresa if you are not over that Ethan guy. You know the consequences." Theresa starts to cry a little bit. "But Luis. I got to tell you something!" "No Theresa, I don't

wanna hear it! Eat your breakfast!" He shuts the door. Theresa begins to cry. "Luis just doesn't understand right now. I had to tell him something important that would change his mind about

Ethan." "What would change Luis' mind about Ethan, Theresa?" Miguel peeps through the door. "Miguel would you close the door please?" "Sure. How are you Theresa?" Miguel hugs Theresa. "I am doing pretty good. How about you and Charity?" Miguel suddenly turn his eyes to the floor.

"I'll tell you about that later. But first you tell me what's going on with Ethan?" Theresa knows something is bothering Miguel and he didn't have to say much to her, it was the look upon his face. "Ok. If you insist? Well, Ethan is not a Crane." "What Theresa? What makes you say that? How do you know that for sure?" "I've found the documents that deals with Ethan's parentage and I was beginning to get curious and I wanted to do some investigation on his parentage, I decided to leave that alone because of Luis." "Yeah. You don't want Luis getting involved. It would get pretty ugly. But where is the proof?"

"It's right here Miguel. Take a look for yourself." Miguel grabs the documents and read them for himself. "So if Julian Crane is not the father of Ethan then who is?" "Take a look and see Miguel." "You mean to tell me that Sam Bennett is the father of Ethan? Oh no. No wonder Charity was telling me that something is going on with her family and it was major. Maybe fate is on your side after all Theresa." "That's not even the half of it." Miguel looks at Theresa.

"Oh really Theresa?" "Yes Miguel. Ethan finally told me that he loves me!" "Ethan what?" Miguel slightly smiles. "Yes Miguel. He finally said it!" "I am happy for you Theresa. But what about Luis and Momma?"

Theresa thinks to herself. "You're right Miguel. They'll get over it. I know they will." She smiles in relief. "I know Momma will Theresa but not Miguel." "That's the thing Miguel. Ethan is not a Crane so there is no reason for him to have anything against Ethan. Cause Ethan is a Bennett." "No wonder you two get along so well." Miguel said under his breath. "Enough about me Miguel. What's up with you and Charity?" Miguel's smile turns into a frown. "Theresa, she left me without giving me a reason or any explanation to hear what I have to say." "Oh Miguel." Theresa hugs Miguel. "That's not even half of it." "What do you mean Miguel?" Miguel thinks back to the night Kay told him that they had made love. "Miguel are you okay?" Theresa is really starting to worry about Miguel.

"Yeah, I am fine Theresa." "Are you going to see Charity or talk to Kay about her cousin?" "I don't think it would be a good idea for me to go see Charity. I think I will go out." "Where are you going?" "Somewhere private Theresa. I'll see you late. You take care okay?" "I will Miguel and you shall do the same." She smiles and gets out of bed. "Okay what to wear Theresa? You want to look presentable for Ethan today." Whitney walks in. "Hi Theresa." "Hi Whit. Perfect!" "Perfect what?" Whitney contemplates while Theresa is getting all excited. "What's wrong Whit?" "Nothing Theresa." "You are thinking about Chad huh?" "No Theresa. That is absurd. Chad irks me and besides what is so perfect? You never did answer my question?" "What I mean by perfect is that I am going to Ethan today." "Theresa you never learn do you?"

Whitney is in disbelief by Theresa's statement. "Whitney, Ethan has finally told me that he loves me and we are going to spend the rest of our lives together. "Why does this doesn't surprise me?" "Whitney. I don't want to get into this with you. You never wanted me happy. Forget it. I am going to see Ethan. Talk to you later Whit." "Wait Theresa. I am coming just in case he breaks your heart." Miguel walks to his favorite spot where he and Charity always go. Someone sneaks up behind Miguel. "Charity! I am so glad to see you." He hugs her with his eyes closed. "It's not Charity Miguel it's me Kay." "Kay? I am so sorry." "Miguel don't apologize. I love it when you put your arms around me."

"You do?" "Yes Miguel. Remember when we said that we would talk about what happened last night?" "Oh yes. Kay. I don't know what had happened between us, this, I have to admit. Is strange. I never thought I would kiss my own buddy." Kay begins to cry but she hold back her tears. ‘Why is that you can't see that I am not just your buddy? I am a girl Miguel. Just like Charity. I love you Miguel?' "Kay are you alright?" Kay snapped out of her trance. "Yes I am here. Is that how you think of me Miguel as a buddy?" "Well yeah. We would always spend so much time together on the baseball team and always play video games." "So you will never look at me like a lady huh Miguel." Her voice begins to fade and she starts to walk off. Miguel notices the look on her face.

He follows up behind her. "Kay wait." "No Miguel! After all we had made love to each other that night, you treat it like a one night stand! This was my first time too. It meant a lot to me! You are so into someone else. You never considered if somebody else loves you!" "Kay where is this all coming from?" Miguel is definitely confused by Kay's reaction. "You wanna know why Miguel! Cause I love you! There is that said for you clearly. I love you! And I was a fool to fall for you!" "What Kay? What did you just say?" "I said I loved you. That's not enough for you. If you want to go and see Charity then go ahead and be my guest! She is waiting for you!" Kay runs off and leave. "Kay wait!" Charity comes up to Miguel and she wants to say something to him.





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